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Citizen Wells letter and warning to Edward Snowden, Do not return to Obama Justice Department controlled US, Avoid America until Obama leaves White House, There is no justice with Obama, One North Carolinian to another

Citizen Wells letter and warning to Edward Snowden, Do not return to Obama Justice Department controlled US, Avoid America until Obama leaves White House, There is no justice with Obama, One North Carolinian to another

“The Party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command. His heart sank as he thought of the enormous power arrayed against him, the ease with which any Party intellectual would overthrow him in debate, the subtle arguments which he would not be able to understand, much less answer. And yet he was in the right! They were wrong and he was right. The obvious, the silly, and the true had got to be defended. Truisms are true, hold on to that! The solid world exists, its laws do not change. Stones are hard, water is wet, objects unsupported fall towards the earth’s centre. With the feeling that he was speaking to O’Brien, and also that he was setting forth an important axiom, he wrote:

Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four. If that is granted, all else follows.”…George Orwell, “1984”


Citizen Wells to Edward Snowden.

I will make this short and sweet.

As one North Carolinian to another.

Truth seeker to truth seeker.

Under no circumstances should you return to the US as long as Obama is in the White House.

It was scary enough before Obama took control of the White House and Justice Department in January 2009.

The bias in US courts of all levels in 2008 was surprising and scary.

I will not burden you with details but there are plenty on this site.

However, the fact that numerous Justice Department attorneys assisted Obama with keeping his records hidden should be enough to frighten you.

Scan this website for court and Justice Department references.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me.

At your service Wells.

God bless.



Democrats blame Republicans for Democrat policy failures, Lack reason and accountability, End justifies the means, Democrat policies destroyed economy jobs family budgets

Democrats blame Republicans for Democrat policy failures, Lack reason and accountability, End justifies the means, Democrat policies destroyed economy jobs family budgets

“only 2 percent of the 3.5 million jobs gained since the recession ended in June 2009 are midpay. Nearly 70 percent are low-paying jobs”…AP, Kitsap Sun January 22, 2013

“With a 63.7% labor force participation, “conditions in the labor market are considerably worse than indicated” in July’s report”…economist Joshua Shapiro, WSJ August 3, 2012

A tax increase to a company results in some combination of the following:
Product and service price increases.
Employee and hours cutbacks.
Reduced hiring.”…Citizen Wells

I am not praising Republicans.

Many of the actions and policies of Obama liberal Democrats can be simply explained.

The end justifies the means.

They lack reason and accountability.

From the Mirriam Webster Dictionary.


2 a (1) : the power of comprehending, inferring, or thinking especially in orderly rational ways : intelligence (2) : proper exercise of the mind (3) : sanity


the quality or state of being accountable; especially : an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility or to account for one’s actions <public officials lacking accountability>

Yesterday I was informed of the following letter to the editors of the Greensboro Daily News. The author, an older gentleman, is someone that I know. He represents the old guard, those who follow the Democrat Party come what may, and blame Republicans for all that is wrong. Lack of reason and accountability.

“Obama is right to get tough on Republicans”

“Regarding “Obama warns GOP in debt ceiling battle” (news article, Jan. 15) and “Mr. Friendly Obama unveils tough talk” by Dana Milbank (column, Jan. 16):

So, President Barack Obama “warned” the GOP in his recent White House news conference. Applause!

From now on, I hope he will continue to brand Republicans in a way, and to a depth, that FDR did in 1932!

We already know that congressional Republicans cannot win the debt ceiling “battle,” and the only question now is, “how badly will they lose the fight?” The answer is, “How much they will be perceived as harming the American people.”

We also know that congressional Republicans seem determined to harm Americans by turning our nation into a Third World country where the majority of people live in poverty, are poorly educated (if at all), are without quality health care, without Social Security and without taxes — of course! — but with a massive military to protect the wealth of the powerful “2 percenters.” No doubt about it.

Yes, Mr. Milbank, “friendly Obama” recently spoke like Lincoln or TR, or FDR or Truman, or LBJ when he delivered the free, “tough and friendly advice” to the GOP. Again, applause!”

The last time that Republicans controlled the White House and Congress was December 2008.

The Labor Force Participation Rate in December 2008 was 65.8 %.

The Labor Force Participation Rate in December 2012 was 63.6 %.

Add that 2.2% drop in the labor force participation to the unemployment rate!

Reported here yesterday from the AP.

“But 42 months after the Great Recession ended, the U.S. has gained only 3.5 million, or 47 percent, of the 7.5 million jobs that were lost.”

“But only 2 percent of the 3.5 million jobs gained since the recession ended in June 2009 are midpay. Nearly 70 percent are low-paying jobs;”

In 2009 when Obama took office, 31.9 million Americans used Food Stamps.

The latest numbers from the USDA reveal that over 47 million Americans now use Food Stamps.

These economic failures from the Democrats have come with record spending and increased taxes for lower income Americans.

It is no wonder why Obama and so many on the left are anti religion.

“And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.”…Jesus, John 8:32

Kerchner v Obama and Congress, Update, April 8, 2010, Merits hearing scheduled, June 29, 2010, Newark NJ

Kerchner v Obama and Congress, Update, April 8, 2010

From Attorney Mario Apuzzo’s blog.

“There has been activity in the Kerchner et al vs. Obama & Congress et al Appeal before the U.S. 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals in Philadelphia Pa.

1st: Atty Apuzzo sent a letter on 2 Apr 2010 to the Court of Appeals requesting addition to the record the dissertation on natural born Citizenship written by David Ramsay and published in 1789, one of the founders of our nation.
2nd: A letter dated 6 April 2010 was received today from the Court of Appeals scheduling a hearing date for the case on Tuesday, June 29, 2010 in Newark NJ. The court indicated in the letter that it has not yet decided whether it will permit Oral Arguments and that the parties to the case will be notified on that decision at a later time. If Oral Arguments are not permitted the case will be decided on the written Briefs and documents before the court. The appeal will be heard by a panel of three Federal 3rd Circuit Judges the names of whom have not been provided at this time.

Atty Mario Apuzzo, time permitting given his active legal practice, will provide a fuller explanation about the filing he made and letter received today from the court later this evening or tomorrow.

Charles Kerchner
Commander USNR (Retired)
Lead Plaintiff
Kerchner v Obama & Congress







April 6, 2010
Mario Apuzzo Esq.

Eric Fleisig-Greene Esq.

RE: Charles Kerchner, Jr., et al v. Barack Obama, et al

Case Number: 09-4209

District Case Number: 1-09-cv-00253

Dear Counsel:

The above-entitled case(s) has/have been tentatively listed on the merits on


within the

The panel will determine whether there will be oral argument and if so, the amount of time

allocated for each side. (See Third Circuit Internal Operating Procedures, Chapter 2.1.) No later

than one (1) week prior to the disposition date you will be advised whether oral argument will be

required, the amount of time allocated by the panel, and the specific date on which argument will

be scheduled.

Counsel shall file an acknowledgment form

and advise the name of the attorney who will present oral argument. In addition, please indicate

whether or not s/he is a member of the bar of this Court. Bar membership is not necessary if

counsel represents a U.S. government agency or officer thereof or if the party is appearing pro se.

If the attorney is not a member of the bar of this Court, an application for admission should be

completed, which should be returned to this office without delay.

The hyperlinks for access to the

Tuesday, June 29,in NEWARK, NJ. It may become necessary for the panel to move this case to another dayweek of June 28, 2010. Counsel will be notified if such a change occurs.within seven (7) days from the date of this letter,acknowledgment form, application for admission, andappearance form
are provided for your convenience, and are also available on the Third Circuit

Please file your completed acknowledgment form through CM/ECF.

Very truly yours,

Marcia M. Waldron, Clerk


Tiffany Washington, Calendar Clerk-267-299-4905

Case: 09-4209 Document: 003110090637 Page: 1 Date Filed: 04/06/2010


Link to letter:

Florida Attorney General, Health care bill unconstitutional, State attorney generals, Lawsuits, State sovereignty, Congress no authority to mandate health insurance

 “We the people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution.”…Abraham Lincoln

The tax and control bill being forced down our throats is most certainly not health care reform and most assuredly unconstitutional. Here are some exerpts from a letter written by Florida Attorney General, Bill McCollum, on March 16, 2010.
“As you know, President Obama has announced that he will push forward with health care legislation that includes a living tax on Americans who choose not to purchase health care insurance. Congress may take actiopn as soon as this week to send a bill to the President. After a thorough analysis of the individual mandate to buy health care insurance, I reman convinced it would be unconstitutional if signed into law.”$file/AGHealthCare.pdf

The Post & Email has an article on this from March 21, 2010.

“Florida Attorney General promises lawsuit against unconstitutional health care bill”
“Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum has written a letter to Jon Bruning, President of the National Association of Attorneys General, inviting him to “join me in preparing a legal challenge to the constitutionality of whatever individual mandate provision emerges, immediately upon the legislation becoming law.”  The letter was sent March 16, 2010 and includes an analysis of what McCollum perceives as unconstitutional provisions of the bill being contemplated by Congress.
Among his many objections to the bill, McCollum cites:  “…the individual mandate, whether levied as a tax or as a tax penalty, is a capitation or direct tax that is not apportioned evenly among the states as is constitutionally required.”  The closing paragraph of the six-page document states, “While affected citizens of every state may pursue judicial relief from the individual mandate provisions, states have standing to sue the federal government to protect their sovereign and quasi-sovereign interests.”
According to his website, McCollum has also called for a group of state agencies to analyze the financial impact of any federal health care legislation on his state.  Participating would be the Office of Insurance Regulation, the Department of Children and Families, and the Department of Health, among others.
McCollum is a candidate for governor of Florida.  He has stated that the Florida Constitution has a provision which guarantees “the right to be let alone and free from governmental intrusion into [their] private life.”
On Thursday, March 18, South Carolina Attorney General Henry McMaster announced that he would join McCollum in legal action if federal health care legislation is passed.  McMaster reportedly said, “”It is my belief and that of other attorneys general that this is clearly unconstitutional. That’s why we’re moving forward. We need to protect the sovereignty of our states and the liberty of our people.””

 Read more:

Glenn Beck, Obama college records, Obama eligibility, Citizen Wells challenge to Glenn Beck, Obama student loans, Obama lies and deception, Obama attorneys, Percy Sutton, Khalid Al-Mansour, Saudis, O’Reilly, Orwellian lies

It is important for people like Glenn Beck, who have an enormous responsibility and large following to be careful what they say. “Loose lips sink ships.” It is also important to use caution when you “Hitch your wagon to a star.” Beck apparently has hitched his wagon to the blowhard O’Reilly.

Glenn Beck continues to insult concerned Americans, many of whom are military or retired military. Beck either speaks out of ignorance, influence of O’Reilly or pressure from Fox via the Saudis. I wonder if Glenn Beck has the guts to confront someone like me who is not bought by any entity and is well armed with facts.

The Obama camp and Orwellian left have tried to paint Obama’s eligibility issues as a monolitihic conspiracy theory espoused by right wing idiots and for some reason Glenn Beck has signed on. The truth (you know facts, Beck) is that Obama’s eligibility crisis is a puzzle piece in a much larger puzzle. That is one of the reasons that this blog has presented a question that a fifth grader could pose and answer.
Why has Obama employed a legion of private and government attorneys to avoid presenting a legitimate birth certificate and college records?

Why have we done this? The answer is simple. It is obvious why Obama has done this. Also, the issue of college records is simple. There are no confusing constitutional issues (they are only confusing for those with an un American agenda and those who do not care) and no grey areas for debate. There are other issues about Obama’s past that are suspicious such as his lies/ommissions on his IL bar application and his suspect Selective Service Application. But let’s keep this simple for the far left and Glenn Beck.

Obama’s extensive campaign to keep his college records sealed is a book unto itself. This blog will be revisiting the myriad components of this conundrum. The following will reveal why it is crucial for those who truly care about this country to question everthing and not take something spoken or written as gospel.

Newsmax, on the whole, has done a decent job of covering Obama. In the following article, these suspicious components of Obama’s college education are presented:
Obama allegedly obtained student loans for Harvard.

Percy Sutton stated that Khalid Al-Mansour was “raising money” for Obama.

Percy Sutton stated that Khalid Al-Mansour was trying to help Obama get into Harvard Law School.

Percy Sutton stated that Khalid Al-Mansour was an advisor to Saudi prince Alwaleed bin Talal. reported “a spokesman for Sutton’s family, Kevin Wardally” stated that Sutton was mistaken.

Sutton’s family denied Wardally’s claims to

“Al Mansour said that he was determined to keep a low profile to avoid embarrassing Obama.”

Obama has refused to release Harvard Law School records.

Obama came up with more than $32,000 over three years from sources other than loans.

In April 2008, Michelle Obama, “just paid off his loan debt” for his Harvard Law School education.

Chicago Sun, Obama borrowed $42,753 for Harvard Law School, “tens of thousands” more for Columbia.

NewsMax found no trace of any outstanding college loans, going back to 2000.

US Senate candidates are required to file a financial disclosure form detailing liabilities.

Obama listed “zero” under liabilities in 2004 and in all subsequent US Senate financial disclosure forms.

Senate ethics rules require disclosure of any loan, including credit card debt, of $10,000 or more.

Apparently, Michelle Obama misspoke, per the Obama campaign.

Campaign spokesman Ben LaBolt,  Harvard Law School loans “were repaid in full” during senate campaign.

Campaign spokesman Ben LaBolt, “the modest outstanding balance he repaid was not reportable as a liability”

Obama didn’t report income from the book until 2005, how was he able to repay his student loans in 2004.

Obama released seven years of tax returns on March 25 of 2008.

The returns, dating back to 2000, indicate no interest on their student loans. The interest was deductible.

2000 through 2004, student loan interest is a deduction on line 24 form 1040. After 2004, Line 33.

Obamas never declared a dime of interest in student loans on their return.

“most likely because they simply earned too much money to be able to take the deduction under the IRS rules.”

This article from NewsMax, September 23, 2008, covers a lot of ground and stands on it’s own merits. The facts contained in this article alone, would have shut down the campaign of any other presidential candidate in pre Orwellian America. But there is at least one more observation to be made. From the last comment above.
“most likely because they simply earned too much money to be able to take the deduction under the IRS rules.”
Oh really.
From the LA Times, April 27, 2008.

“In his book “The Audacity of Hope,” Obama tells how his finances had deteriorated to such a point that his credit card was initially rejected when he tried to rent a car at the 2000 Democratic convention in Los Angeles. He said he had originally planned to dedicate that summer “to catching up on work at the law practice that I’d left unattended during the campaign (a neglect that had left me more or less broke).”

Read more:,0,6789688.story

So, Glenn Beck, et al, the eligibility issues really are vastly more fact based and far reaching than you have portrayed. The simple question for you and the world is, why has Obama gone to such expense in money and resources to keep his college records hidden. I believe even a third grader could answer this one.
Glenn Beck, are you smarter that a third grader?

Obama college records, Obama campaign contributions, Glenn Beck, Bill O’Reilly, US Constitution, Saudi contributions, Harvard and Columbia paid for by Saudis

 Why has Obama employed a legion of private and government attorneys to avoid presenting a legitimate birth certificate and college records?…Citizen Wells and millions of Americans

To anyone who has an agenda, is simple minded, not paying attention or does not care, including, but not limited to, Bill O’Reilly and Glenn Beck. Obama’s eligibility issues, his intentional withholding of a legitimate birth certificate, college records and other records from his past and his decision to not receive federal matching election funds are all tied up in a web of deception. One cannot refer to one dubious aspect of Obama’s secrecy without bringing to light another. So it is with the hidden birth certificate. Much has been made about the significance of this fact. For people like Glenn Beck, who preach adherance to the US Constitution out of one side of their mouth while insulting concerned Americans who question Obama’s eligibility out of the other. For people like Beck who appear to be either hypocritical or doing the bidding of the Saudis via their ownership of Fox, I am going to make this real simple.

Why has Obama kept hidden his college records?

It is a certainty that the Saudis played a large role in Obama’s education. Just how much? We will be reopening that can of worms. But first let’s revisit contributions to Obama’s presidential campaign and why Obama chose to not receive federal matching funds.

From NewsMax, September 29, 2008.

“Secret, Foreign Money Floods Into Obama Campaign”

“More than half of the whopping $426.9 million Barack Obama has raised has come from small donors whose names the Obama campaign won’t disclose.

And questions have arisen about millions more in foreign donations the Obama campaign has received that apparently have not been vetted as legitimate.

Obama has raised nearly twice that of John McCain’s campaign, according to new campaign finance report.

But because of Obama’s high expenses during the hotly contested Democratic primary season and an early decision to forgo public campaign money and the spending limits it imposes, all that cash has not translated into a financial advantage — at least, not yet.

The Obama campaign and the Democratic National Committee began September with $95 million in cash, according to reports filed with the Federal Election Commission (FEC).

The McCain camp and the Republican National Committee had $94 million, because of an influx of $84 million in public money.

But Obama easily could outpace McCain by $50 million to $100 million or more in new donations before Election Day, thanks to a legion of small contributors whose names and addresses have been kept secret.

Unlike the McCain campaign, which has made its complete donor database available online, the Obama campaign has not identified donors for nearly half the amount he has raised, according to the Center for Responsive Politics (CRP).

Federal law does not require the campaigns to identify donors who give less than $200 during the election cycle. However, it does require that campaigns calculate running totals for each donor and report them once they go beyond the $200 mark.

Surprisingly, the great majority of Obama donors never break the $200 threshold.

“Contributions that come under $200 aggregated per person are not listed,” said Bob Biersack, a spokesman for the FEC. “They don’t appear anywhere, so there’s no way of knowing who they are.”

The FEC breakdown of the Obama campaign has identified a staggering $222.7 million as coming from contributions of $200 or less. Only $39.6 million of that amount comes from donors the Obama campaign has identified.

It is the largest pool of unidentified money that has ever flooded into the U.S. election system, before or after the McCain-Feingold campaign finance reforms of 2002.”

Read more:


By An Authorized Committee of a
Candidate For the Office of President or Vice President
(Summary Page, FEC FORM 3P)



      PO Box 8102
      Chicago, Illinois   60680

2. FEC Committee ID #: C00431445

3. This report contains activity for a General Election

4. Report Type: Pre-General

This IS an amended REPORT

Filed 02/27/2009 


By An Authorized Committee of a
Candidate For the Office of President or Vice President
(Summary Page, FEC FORM 3P)



      PO Box 8102
      Chicago, Illinois   60680

2. FEC Committee ID #: C00431445

3. This report contains activity for a General Election

4. Report Type: Pre-General

This IS an amended REPORT

Filed 02/27/2009


5. Covering Period 10/01/2008 Through 10/15/2008

6. Cash on Hand at BEGINNING of the Reporting Period   135,560,349.00
7. Total Receipts This Period   39,026,983.95
8. Subtotal (6 + 7)   174,587,332.95
9. Total Disbursements This Period   105,599,963.76
10. Cash on Hand at CLOSE of the Reporting Period   68,987,369.19
11. Debts and Obligations Owed TO the Committee   0.00
    Itemize all on SCHEDULE C or SCHEDULE D
12. Debts and Obligations Owed BY the Committee   2,302,457.50
    Itemize all on SCHEDULE C or SCHEDULE D
13. Expenditures Subject To Limitation   0.00
14. NET Contributions (Other than Loans)   582,402,895.62
15. NET Operating Expenditures   547,640,218.12

Treasurer: Martin H. Nesbitt
Date Signed: 02/27/2009

(End Summary, FEC FORM 3P)

Let’s revisit a Pastor James Manning video.

Glenn Beck, O’Reilly and others who pretend to cover important news, the eligibility issue is either above your comprehension level or US Constitution adherance level or you are purposely avoiding or denigrating it for some agenda. So here it is, simple enough for a third grader.

Why has Obama employed countless attorneys to avoid presenting his college records?

Stay tuned. More to come.

Judge Gloria Dumas, Attorney Leo Haffey, Nashville TN, Political prisoner, Dumas rogue judge?, Nashville corruption, Obama thugs, Disciplinary action

In an effort to get to the truth about the arrest, incarceration and withholding of bond for Nashville attorney Leo Haffey, I have explored the facts and major players surrounding this troubling case. Since one of the players is Gloria Dumas, a Nashville judge, and Leo Haffey requested that she be recused for biased behaviour and we have been at the mercy of so many bad judges, exposing the truth about Judge Dumas became more important.
Someone else investigating this case indicated that Judge Gloria Dumas may have a feminist agenda. Since that is hearsay, I wanted more tangible evidence. First examine the charges filed against Leo Haffey.

Details of Leo Haffey arrest 

The consistent theme in this surreal case is that Leo Haffey has openly spoken out about and questioned Barack Obama. I believe that Haffey wrote the first motion for Orly Taitz. The Haffey family has emphatically stated they were pressured and Harrassed by Obama supporters. Some of these people are involved in the legal profession. When one considers that a very high percentage of attorneys  and law firms voted for and supported Obama, this is more believable. Leo Haffey also spoke out about corruption in Nashville.

Attorney Leo Haffey, arrested based on suspicious affidavits and held without bond and benefit of witnesses and records, prepared this motion in jail and filed it.




Leo Haffey states in the motion:

  • He was not allowed to call any witnesses.
  • His bond was revoked.
  • He was kept in jail without access to his records.
  • He believes that judge Dumas is biased based on her statements and rulings.
  • He requests that Judge Dumas be recused

So why should anyone believe Leo and Question Judge Dumas?

  • All of those close to this case have consistently stated they were pressured by Obama supporters.
  • A request was submitted to the Nashville District Attorney’s office regarding pressure from legal professionals who suppport Obama.
  • Judge Dumas has supported the Democrat party, including monetary gifts.
  • Judge Dumas, as reported on this blog yesterday, was cited by News Channel 5 for unprofessional and illegal activities.
  • Judge Dumas was presented with formal charges on September 21, 2009 by the Investigative Panel of the Tennessee Court of the Judiciary. Exerpts of the charges are presented below.


The following text was extracted from the PDF file. The original PDF file link below should be used to insure accuracy.

“1. Following a full investigation authorized under the provisions of Tennessee Code Annotated 9 17-5-304(b)(3), the three judge investigative panel composed of the Honorable Pamela Reeves, the Honorable Jean A. Stanley, and the Honorable Dwight E. Stokes found, pursuant to Tennessee Code Annotated 5 17-5-304(d)(2)(A), that there is reasonable cause to believe that the Honorable Gloria Dumas has committed judicial offenses alleged herein in violation of Tennessee Code Annotated 5 17-5-302, and directed disciplinary counsel to file formal charges pursuant to Tennessee Code Annotated § 17-5-304(d)(2) (A).

2. The Honorable Gloria Dumas, at all times relevant herein, was a judge of the General Sessions Court of Nashville and Davidson County, Tennessee, having taken the oath of office following her election in 1998. Therefore, General Sessions Judge Dumas is subject to judicial discipline by the Court of the Judiciary pursuant to Tennessee Code Annotated 8 17-5- 102.
Disciplinary Counsel charges Honorable Gloria Dumas as follows:

Count I

3. The complainant alleges that Judge Gloria Dumas in exercising her authority as a General Sessions Judge of Nashville and Davidson County is persistently late in attending court sessions and fails to open court at 9:00 a.m. or other designated times for the litigants that appear before her.

Count II

4. Judge Dumas has consistently failed to attend her dockets and extensively used special judges to hold her dockets. These special judges were appointed in a fashion that fails to meet Tennessee law. These appointments fail to comply with Tennessee Code Annotated 5 16-1 5-209.
Tennessee Code Annotated $ 16-1 5-209 provides, in pertinent part, as follows:”


“(2) Notwithstanding the provisions of subsections (e) and (f), a general sessions or juvenile court judge shall have the authority to appoint a special judge as provided in this subsection.
It is alleged that in 2008 that Judge Dumas made at least thirty-three (33) such invalid appointments with multiple appointments being made to one attorney. In 2009 through March, Judge Dumas has made twelve (12) such appointments with many of these appointments being made to the same attorney. All of these 2009 appointments were made after notice to Judge Dumas that such appointments failed to meet state law and evidence intentional misconduct.”


“5. Tennessee Code Annotated tj 16-15-5002 provides, in pertinent part, as
5 16-15-5002. Outside practice of law
(a) All general sessions judges in Class 1,2 or 3 counties shall devote full time to the duties of such office and shall be prohibited from the
practice of law or any other employment which conflicts with the performance of their duties as judge.
It is alleged that by her frequent absence from her duties as General Sessions Judge, Judge Dumas has willfully failed to “devote full time to the duties of such office.. .”
6. The above-described conduct, actions andlor inactions of Judge Dumas set forth in Counts I and 11, inclusive, constitute multiple violations of the Code of Judicial Conduct, and as such, subject her to the sanctions provided by the provisions of Tennessee Code Annotated 5 17-5-30 1, including violation of the following:”


“7. In addition, the above-described conduct, actions and/or inactions of Judge Dumas set forth in Counts I and 11, inclusive, constitute multiple statutory violations of Tennessee Code Annotated as hereinabove described, and as such, subject her to sanctions due to the misconduct provisions of Tennessee Code Annotated 5 17-5-302, including violation of the following:
fj 17-5-302. Misconduct
Offenses of which the court may take cognizance shall include the following:
(1) Willful misconduct relating to the official duties of the office;
(2) Willful or persistent failure to perform the duties of the office;
(3) Violation of the Code of Judicial Conduct as set out in the rules of the supreme court of Tennessee;
(5) A persistent pattern of intemperate, irresponsible or injudicious conduct;
(7) A persistent pattern of delay in disposing of pending litigation; and
(8) Any other conduct calculated to bring the judiciary into public disrepute or to adversely affect the administration of justice.”

Count III

“8. It is alleged that in November of 2005 Judge Dumas hired as her court officer her daughter and authorized her to be paid a salary commensurate with her assigned duties when she had no experience or training for this position and this selection was made without competitive consideration of qualified applicants. Judge Dumas’ daughter served in this position for approximately one year.”

“9. The above-described conduct, actions and/or inactions of Judge Dumas set forth in Count I11 constitute multiple violations of the Code of Judicial Conduct, and as such, subject her to the sanctions provided by the provisions of Tennessee Code Annotated tj 17-5-301, including violation of the following:
CANON 3. A Judge Shall Perform the Duties of Judicial Office Impartially and Diligently
C. Administrative Responsibilities.. .”

“10. In addition, the above-described conduct, actions and/or inactions of Judge Dumas set forth in Count 111, subject her to sanctions due to the misconduct provisions of Tennessee Code Annotated $ 17-5-302, including violation of the following:

5 17-5-302. Misconduct

Offenses of which the court may take cognizance shall include the following:
(1) Willful misconduct relating to the official duties of the office;

(3) Violation of the Code of Judicial Conduct as set out in the rules of the supreme court of Tennessee;

(8) Any other conduct calculated to bring the judiciary into public disrepute or to adversely affect the administration of justice.

Read the entire formal charges here:

I will be contacting the Tennessee judiciary committee members and Nashville District Attorney’s office to demand that Leo Haffey be released immediately on bond.

Leo Haffey, Nashville TN attorney, Arrested, Obama thugs, Nashville corrupt?, District Attorney Torry Johnson, US Constitution, Haffey family threatened

I am posting this in full from the Free Leo the Lawyer blog. I have some inside knowledge of this case. I have talked to a close family member and someone with credentials and a knowledge of court cases. I do not have all the facts, but this still smells really bad to me.

“Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Excerped Notes From Leo’s Jail Letters

Sept 28-29, 2009

Admittedly I am in a minimum security cell block, but I only see a handful of the 50+ who deserve to be in Prison. Far too many are falsely accused and many other simply have mental problems that make it impossible for them to navigate the Helter-Skelter Brothers Johnson “judicial” system. I trust that good Patriotic Americans like the 2 million who marched on DC on 9/12 will be appalled by what they see of Brothers, Johnson, Dean & Serpas. As I have always said, the seemingly petty crimes of the crooked politicians of Nashville will make Watergate look like an insignificance. Can you imaging the audacity of letting the BO campaign steal computers from the Nashville Election Commission and then covering it up, not to mention covering up for the child molesters at Al Farooq? Keep the Faith! Leo

I am shocked at the level of corruption in the “legal” system in Nashville. I never dreamed it was this bad. The Duke Lacrosse case pales in comparison and the North Carolina Supreme Court did the right thing, and disbarred DA Nifong. It is so perverse and entrenched here that the reckoning will be very long and messy and don’t have time for it. If I had known 25 yrs ago what I know now, I would never have moved here.

I am ready to go public with all I have on Brothers, Dean, Serpas & Johnson. I will not tolerate having my family, especially, my 11 year old daughter, terrorized by these criminals. I tried to give Terry Johnson a chance to do the right thing. All he did was ignore the child molestation of BO supporters at Al Farooq, as you know. I can’t fathom why he would want to continue to cover up those crimes but I will not. I feel it is my Duty to our Country to do everything I can to protect our Constitution. At this point my primary motivation is to prevent my daughter from having to grow up in a country without Liberty; a country with no Civil Rights. I am prepared to stay in jail until my case is fully publicized nationally. Life outside of jail is no better than life inside jail if we have no Bill of Rights. The criminals in charge of the present government will simply arrest you wout probably cause if you exercise your rights. No Free Speech, Assembly, etc. as they did with me. I never imagined that I would be a Political Prisoner in America. If I had known how diabolical these criminals are I would have simply left the US. It is clearly too late for that now & I fear that the fears of Patriots are about to be realized. I believe that the Citizens Grand Jury is the best, and indeed the only way to restore order, and I hope the CGJ’s are continuing to flourish, according to the Texas model.

So, feel free to publish any and all of the content of my prior emails, letters, posts & comments. It is my most sincere hope that my writings have inspired a few good men & women to save our National form this dangerous peril.

Always the optimist, I am still hopeful that a strategy of bringing an Indictment from a Citizen’ Grand Jury of particularly egregious crimes by BO & co-conspirators, coupled with my original Jurisdiction Brief directly to SCOTUS can result in the LRBO. Keep the Faith! Leo

Sept 30, 2009

Let me emphasize again that the Nashville Judicial System is a Mother Lode for lawsuits for malicious prosecution cases. I am collecting names of other individuals who are innocent and being maliciously prosecuted by the DA, Torry Johnson. As you know, Johnson refused to prosecute known child molesters who were associated with the BO campaign in Nashville. Yet he prosecutes innocent men, based upon false accusations by disreputable people. Also he is covering up for the theft of two computers from the Nashville election commission by the BO campaign…

… The tipping point seemed to e when I wrote about Citizen Grand Juries and exposed DA Torry Johnson’s cover up of Sex Crimes at Al Farooq. Despite all the hardship that has befallen me, I am glad that I spoke out for a peaceful revolution for our Legal Systems. I have just now realized how horribly corrupt the Legal System is.

Sept 30, 2009

I am going to need an out of state attorney. The local attorneys are more or less controlled by the DA & the judges. Lin Woods of Atlanta, Ga is a good one. He defended Richard Jewell, the man who was falsely accused of the Atlanta Olympic Bombing. I will want to have a change of venue to Chattanooga, Tn, since Tom Brothers & DA Johnson are known for rigging juries.

Oct 1, 2009

Another issue for which I may be able to get some support for the NRA, of which I am a member, is that when I was arrested in May, the police confiscated my 12 guage shotgun & my hunting rifle from my home in Nashville without my permission….

…Please thank Phil Berg, Carl Swenson & Citizen Wells, & all the others who are reporting on my predicament. All I ever wanted was to practice entertainment law & exercise my rights to free speech, etc, under the Bill of Rights, but it looks like I have become a Political Pawn…

…There was something gloriously mysterious about a Mass in Latin.. Faith is one of the few refuges that we inmates have. Today the Chaplain led us in a song from Godspell; “See Thee more clearly…Love Thee more dearly…Follow Thee more nearly… Day by Day…”

My case should be a warning to Grand Jurors who want to go pubic; DON’T! Just get the Indictments, serve them on the foreman of the Conventional Grand Jury & on the judiciary and the press ANONYMOUSLY! They can’t arrest you if they don’t know who you are!

If you don’t hear from me again tomorrow night, 10/1/09 then that means that they have sent me back to MTMHI. I could not call you from there last time, but hopefully the bad guys now realize that falsely imprisoning me must makes it worse for them by getting my case publicized by OBAMA CRIMES, CITIZEN WELLS, RISE UP, THE STEADY DRIP, etc. Keep the Faith! Leo the Lawyer.

Oct 6, 2009 Sam speaks: We got a call today from Leo in prison saying he received notification that they will not deliver any of his mail to him. Thus far he has been able to send mail, which has been stamped “unopened.”

Posted by Aristotle The Hun at 12:59 PM :”
Free Leo the Lawyer blog
I have just gathered more information on this case and may report on it tomorrow.

Obama records, IL bar application fraud, Obama lies, deception, Obama not natural born citizen, Andy Martin complaint letter to Illinois, IL Supreme Court, Illinois Board of Admissions

There is much controversy regarding Barack Obama being eligible to be president. What we know is that Obama has not produced an actual birth certificate, his father was a British citizen, Obama is not a natural born citizen, Obama has kept hidden almost all official documents related to his past. One of the records Obama was not completely able to hide was his IL bar application. Here is data from Obama’s bar application that was saved in 2008.


The Attorney Registration & Disciplinary Commission
An agency of the Illinois Supreme Court

Rules of the Board of Admissions and Committee on Character and Fitness
“Rule 6.4. The revelation or discovery of any of the following should be treated as cause for further detailed inquiry before the Committee decides whether the law student registrant or applicant possesses the requisite character and fitness to practice law: (a) unlawful conduct; (b) academic misconduct; (c) making false statements, including omissions;

(d) misconduct in employment; (e) acts involving dishonesty, fraud, deceit or misrepresentation; (f) abuse of legal process; (g) neglect of financial responsibilities; (h) neglect of professional obligations; (i) violation of an order of a court; (j) evidence of conduct indicating instability or impaired judgment; (k) denial of admission to the bar in another jurisdiction on character and fitness grounds; (l) disciplinary action by a lawyer disciplinary agency or other professional disciplinary agency of any jurisdiction; (m) acts constituting the unauthorized practice of law; (n) failure to comply with the continuing duty of full disclosure to the Board and the Committee subsequent to the date of registration or application.”

Barack Obama fraudulently applied to the Illinois Bar.

  • Obama had 17 unpaid parking tickets from his days at Harvard.
  • Obama omitted his aliases of Barry Soetoro and Barry Obama.
  • Obama admitted to drug use when he was younger and there is strong reason to believe he was still using drugs.

Read the complete IL bar rules:,%20Character

From the Somerville News, March 7, 2007.

“Before Barack Obama was a United States senator and a presidential hopeful, he was a Harvard University law student living in Somerville who parked in bus stops and accumulated hundreds of dollars in parking tickets. And for nearly two decades those parking tickets went unpaid, until a representative of Obama’s settled all his outstanding debts with Cambridge’s Traffic, Parking and Transportation Department Jan. 26.

 Obama attended Harvard Law School from 1988 to 1991. During his time at Harvard, Obama lived at 365 Broadway in Somerville, according to his parking tickets. Records from the Cambridge Traffic, Parking and Transportation office show that between Oct. 5, 1988 and Jan. 12, 1990 Obama was cited for 17 traffic violations, sometimes committing two in the same day. The abuses included parking in a resident permit area, parking in a bus stop and failing to pay the meter.

Twelve of Obama’s 17 tickets were given to him on Massachusetts Avenue.

 In one eight day stretch in 1988, Obama was cited seven times for parking violations and was fined $45. Thirteen of the 17 violations occurred within one month in 1988.

 Obama’s disobedience of the rules of the road earned him $140 in fines from the City of Cambridge. The tickets went unpaid for over 17 years and $260 in late fees were added to the tab. On Jan. 26, the fines and late fees were paid in full. The final tally for Obama’s parking breaches was $400, according to Cambridge Traffic, Parking and Transportation.

 Obama spokeswoman Jennifer Psaki said the presidential candidate’s parking violations were not relevant.”

Read more:

“not relevant”??

Apparently they were relevent to the IL bar and running for president.

Andy Martin filed a formal complaint with the Illinois Board of Admissions, Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission and Illinois Supreme Court on March 13, 2007.

“March 13, 2007

Illinois Board of Admissions to the Bar
625 S. College Street
Springfield, IL 62704
via fax (217) 522-3728
with copies to:

Attorney Registration and
Disciplinary Commission
Suite 1100
130 E. Randolph Street
Chicago, IL 60601
via fax (312) 565-1806

Illinois Supreme Court
Supreme Court Building
Springfield, IL 62706

Re: Barack Hussein Obama (see attached)

Dear Board, Commission and Clerk’s Office:

I am addressing the following complaint to all three of your offices because
I am not sure which of you has jurisdiction to review the matters submitted

Please deem this letter a formal complaint and request for investigation
submitted to all three of your offices, although I understand that only one
office will likely have authority to proceed with an actual investigation.

1. Background facts

a. Bar admission of Barack Hussein Obama
Mr. Obama was admitted to the Illinois Bar on December 17, 1991 (see
attached ARDC page). He is currently inactive.

b. IBAB requirements
The IBAB requires that bar admission applicants disclose whether they have
outstanding parking tickets (see attached excerpt from current application).
Obviously, in so far as the admission of Mr. Obama is concerned, the form of
the 1991 IBAB application would be controlling.

c. Outstanding parking tickets of Obama
Mr. Obama recently paid outstanding parking tickets that were unpaid at the
time of his admission to the bar (see attached news stories).

2. Legal issues
If in 1991 Mr. Obama signed an application to IBAB and denied that he owed
outstanding parking tickets, he falsified his application and gained
admission to the bar by fraud.

3. Request for relief/investigation/action
I would respectfully submit that Mr. Obama’s 1991 application should be
scrutinized to determine whether he falsified his answers and whether he
gained admission to the bar on the basis of fraudulent representations.
If the investigating authority determines that Mr. Obama’s answers were
deceptive, I believe an appropriate sanction should be imposed. It obviously
should not be a major sanction but a public reprimand or other appropriate
sanction should be imposed to protect the integrity of the admissions

Respectfully submitted,

Here is an email exchange from 2008 between Citizen Wells and Andy Martin.

From: Citizen Wells
To: Andy Martin

Sun, Sep 21, 2008 7:37 PM

What was the outcome of your March 13, 2007 complaint to the Illinois Supreme Court
regarding Obama’s application?

From: Andy Martin
To: Citizen Wells

Sun, Sep 21, 2008 at 7:40 PM
Nothing. Obama had already resigned as a lawyer and so they had no jurisdiction over him.

From: Citizen Wells
To: Andy Martin

Sep 21, 2008 at 7:45 PM
Thanks for the rapid response.
However, is there not a penalty for supplying false information?

From: Andy Martin
To: Citizen Wells

Sep 21, 2008 at 7:48 PM
Not if they have lost jurisdiction over the individual. They can’t punish someone who has resigned, which is why so many corrupt lawyers in Illinois resign before they are disbarred.

Obama, Acorn, Patrick Fitzgerald, Rezko, Voter fraud, corruption, Captain Connie Rhodes letter, Chicago, Catholic Bishops, USDOJ, Justice Department, Main stream media corruption

I am on the road and following multiple big stories. There is so much happening at the moment that it is difficult keep up with breaking news. Those following this blog are aware that Larry Sinclair and I are trying to get some straight answers on the alleged Captain Connie Rhodes letter and apparent deployment to Iraq. Larry & I have both emailed Captain Rhodes. This entire sequence of events beginning with attempts to prevent Rhodes from initially appearing in court to Judge Land attacking the motives of this military officer to this suspicious letter all smell to high heaven. It appears to this observer that forces above in the chain of command are at work. More on this soon, hopefully.

There is a common thread to much of what I have been researching lately and going way back into 2008. That is Patrick Fitzgerald and the US Department of Justice, particularly the Chicago office. The common denominators of this common thread are Obama, Rezko and Acorn. There is so much substance, so much corruption, that before I can finish an article, another ugly head pops up. That has been so true over the past few days. Hopefully, with the attention being focused on Acorn regarding their monetary and moral corruption, the voter fraud that they were so entrenched in will be taken more seriously. After all, as I and many others pointed out in 2008 and years before, Acorn’s many consistent corrupt actions are known to many. Where in the hell was the Main Stream Media? Their inaction is criminal and un American. And where were many of the jackasses in Congress? Two of the facts I presented in 2008 and recently, the well researched Catholic Bishops report from 1997 and the complete cutoff of funds to Acorn in 2008 by the Catholic Church, should have been more than enough for a congressional investigation.

Now back to Patrick Fitzgerald. The Obama camp cleverly or in cahoots with Fitgerald, did not remove Fitzgerald from office when Obama seized control of the White House. What they soon did was give Fitzgerald a “temporary” supervisory assignment. Patrick Fitzgerald and the USDOJ waiting until after the election to arrest Blagojevich, when they clearly could have done so several months earlier, and from what I can discern, not following up on some other corruption, makes the Obama move stink even more.

I am aware of more, but obviously cannot yet write about it. All in due time.

Stay tuned