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Vice President Mike Pence voter fraud commission revealed in Bill O’Reilly Super Bowl interview, Transcript, “take a look at the registration”, Dead people illegals non citizens are on registration rolls

Vice President Mike Pence voter fraud commission revealed in Bill O’Reilly Super Bowl interview, Transcript, “take a look at the registration”, Dead people illegals non citizens are on registration rolls

“What is your threshold for acceptable voter fraud since 1 vote can win most elections?”…Citizen Wells

“North Carolina is the latest state featured by Project Veritas in its series on how America’s electoral system is extremely vulnerable to voter fraud. During last week’s North Carolina primary, James O’Keefe and his colleagues demonstrated how easy it is to obtain ballots even if the person has publicly professed not to be a U.S. citizen.”
O’Keefe also tells WND about his group’s visit to the University of North Carolina, where a dean and a program director laugh off confessions of voter fraud and even seem to encourage it. Yet a day later, both officials tell conservatives that voter fraud never happens.”…WND May 15, 2012

“High importance. I met with Jim and Mike in Denver. They are both old friends of the Clintons and have lots of experience. Mike hosted our Boulder Road Show event. They are reliving the 08 caucuses where they believe the Obama forces flooded the caucuses with ineligible voters. They want to organize lawyers for caucus protection, election protection and to raise hard $.”…Podesta Wikileaks email leak



Voter fraud is real and widespread.

Even the Democrats were concerned about it as revealed in a Podesta email leak.

Donald Trump is setting up a voter fraud commission headed by Vice President Mike Pence.

From the transcript of the Trump Bill O’Reilly Super Bowl interview Sunday, February 5, 2017.

“O’Reilly: Let’s turn to domestic policy. I just spent the week in California. As you know, they are now voting on whether they should become a sanctuary state. So California, and the USA, are on a collision course. How do you see it?

Trump: Well, I think it’s ridiculous. Sanctuary cities, as you know, I’m very much opposed to sanctuary cities. They breed crime, there’s a lot of problems. If we have to, we’ll defund. We give tremendous amounts of money to California — California in many ways is out of control, as you know. Obviously the voters agree, otherwise they wouldn’t have voted for me.

O’Reilly: So defunding is your weapon of choice?

Trump: Well it’s a weapon. I don’t want to defund a state, a city.

O’Reilly: But you’re willing to do it?

Trump: I don’t want to defund anyone. I want to give them the money they need to properly operate as a city or state. If they’re going to have sanctuary cities, we may have to do that. Certainly that would be a weapon.

O’Reilly: Is there any validity to the criticism of you that you say things you can’t back up factually, and as the president, if you say, for example, that there are 3 million illegal aliens who voted and then you don’t have the data to back it up, some people are gonna say that it’s irresponsible for a president to say that. Is there any validity to that?

Trump: Many people have come out and said I’m right. You know that.

O’Reilly: I know, but you’ve gotta have data to back that up.

Trump: Let me just tell you. And it doesn’t have to do with the vote, although that’s the end result. It has to do with the registration. And when you look at the registration and you see dead people that have voted, when you see people that are registered in two states that voted in two states, when you see other things, when you see illegals, people that are not citizens, and they’re on the registration rolls. Look, Bill, we can be babies, but you take a look at the registration, you have illegals, you have dead people, you have this. It’s really a bad situation. It’s really bad.

O’Reilly: So you think you’re gonna be proven correct in that statement?

Trump: Well, I think I already have. A lot of people have come out and said that I am correct.

O’Reilly: But the data has to show that 3 million illegals voted.

Trump: Forget that. Forget all of that. Just take a look at the registration, and we’re gonna do it, and I’m gonna set up a commission, to be headed by Vice President Mike Pence, and we’re gonna look at it very, very carefully.”

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Sharyl Attkisson I Think I Know Who Hacked Into My Computer, Information might hurt Obama administration, Fast and Furious investigation, Bill O’Reilly interview

Sharyl Attkisson I Think I Know Who Hacked Into My Computer, Information might hurt Obama administration, Fast and Furious investigation, Bill O’Reilly interview

“At a lengthy hearing on ATF’s controversial gunwalking operation today, a key ATF manager told Congress he discussed the case with a White House National Security staffer as early as September 2010.”…CBS News July 26, 2011

“Why did Justice Department and White House staff yell and curse at CBS reporter Sharyl Attkisson over questions about Fast and Furious?”…Citizen Wells

“The Justice Department is trying to protect its political appointees from the Fast and Furious scandal by concealing an internal “smoking gun” report and other documents that acknowledge the role top officials played in the program that allowed firearms to flow illegally into Mexico, according to the head of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

Kenneth E. Melson, the ATF’s acting director, also told congressional investigators this month that the affidavits prepared to obtain wiretaps used in the ill-fated operation were inconsistent with Justice Department officials’ public statements about the program. Justice Department officials advised him not to raise his concerns with Congress about “institutional problems” with the Fast and Furious operation, Melson said.”…LA Times July 19, 2011

From Newsbusters June 17, 2013.

“Sharyl Attkisson: ‘I Think I Know’ Who Hacked Into My Computer”

“As NewsBusters previously reported, CBS News investigative correspondent Sharyl Attkisson announced last Friday that her computers had been hacked into “by an unauthorized, external, unknown party on multiple occasions in late 2012.”

On Monday, Attkisson told Fox News’s Bill O’Reilly that she thinks she knows who did it (video follows with transcript and commentary):”
“BILL O’REILLY HOST: Personal story segment tonight, CBS News announced on Friday that investigative correspondent Sharyl Attkisson’s computer was hacked into late last year. This combined with the James Rosen situation here at Fox News and the AP snooping causing a lot of concern. With us now in a Factor cable exclusive is Ms. Attkissoson. So when did you know that somebody was messing with your computer?

SHARYL ATTKISSON, CBS: Well there were signs probably around 2011, but I don’t think I recognized exactly what was going on until perhaps the fall of last year when so many things were happening in the Attkisson household, so many sort of strange electronic-related things that…

O’REILLY: Give me an example because I don’t know anything about computers. Give me an example.

ATTKISSON: I know very little too, but the computers coming on by themselves at night, my personal Apple desktop as well as my CBS-issued…

O’REILLY: Disappearing. You weren’t even there just popped on.

ATTKISSON: Right. I mean, I was sleeping, so they would come on in the middle of the night, sometimes one right after the other. By the time last fall came around they would sometimes both be starting up kind of a cacophony of computer music at night in the middle of the night.

O’REILLY: So you had a personal computer and you had a business computer and they both came on. Sounds like Poltergeist.

ATTKISSON: Right, right.

O’REILLY: So what were you working on that might have interested somebody to try to intrude on your computer? What were you working on?

ATTKISSON: Well you know the first thing I thought some time ago were my personal accounts, my finances, my passwords and so on. But nobody has intruded upon my finances although they had access to that material. So nobody stole my identity or got into my bank accounts which they could have. So I assume the reason they were in the CBS computer was something related to what I was working on.

O’REILLY: Which was what? What big stories were you working on?

ATTKISSON: Well, at the time I was doing Fast and Furious of course, some green energy debacle sort of stimulus spending stories, and then later on the Benghazi story.

O’REILLY: Alright, so they were all not complimentary to the administration. You weren’t working on why is Barack Obama so brilliant and ObamaCare is the best thing in the world?

ATTKISSON: I mean, that’s kind of what I do whichever administration is in office. That’s kind of what I do.

O’REILLY: I’m not saying you’re partisan, but I’m saying the stuff you were going after if the information came forth might hurt the Obama administration. Is that accurate?


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Thanks to commenter Observer.

Glenn Beck Obama birth certificate misinformation, Beck opens mouth inserts foot again, Beck has no credentials and does no research, Citizen Wells challenge to Beck, Put up or shut up

Glenn Beck Obama birth certificate misinformation, Beck opens mouth inserts foot again, Beck has no credentials and does no research, Citizen Wells challenge to Beck, Put up or shut up

“Why has Obama, since taking the White House, used Justice Department Attorneys, at taxpayer expense,  to avoid presenting a legitimate birth certificate and college records?”…Citizen Wells

“When asked where I believe Obama was born I answer, I don’t know. There is zero proof he was born in Hawaii. The only evidence of his birth location that we have is much circumstantial evidence and that points to Kenya.”…Citizen Wells

“Why does Glenn Beck continue to make uninformed attacks and insults upon Sheriff Joe Arpaio and millions of concerned Americans?”…Citizen Wells

Once again, before I let Glenn Beck have it, I would like to say that I like Glenn Beck and mostly agree with him.

I admire him for being in recovery and admitting it.

There are 2 quotes that come to mind.

“A man’s got to know his limitations”…Clint Eastwood.

“The road to hell is paved with good intentions.”…Karl Marx.

I listen to Glenn Beck’s radio show when I can. Often when I am driving.

A few days ago I heard Beck downplay Obama’s birth certificate again. He states that it is not an important issue and that Obama was born in Hawaii. Aside from not being qualified to make a determination about any documents alleged to be a birth certificate for Obama, Beck by his own admission does not personally do research. He also apparently relies heavily on the bloviator Bill O’Reilly who is almost as big a narcissist as Obama.

Without pretense, expressed or implied, I am imminently more qualified than Beck to evaluate and comment on issues such as the image placed on . I have credentials and I have done the hard work, the intensive research to enable me to state the following.

A disturbing picture puzzle of Obama has emerged. Many pieces are in place. Natural Born Citizen status (irrespective of his birth location), birth certificate, Chicago corruption ties and involvement, Muslim influences, radical influences, abuse of power, etc.

Would anyone assembling a puzzle intentionally leave out a large gap or piece?

Such it is with the birth certificate, college records and other records.

Here is the bottom line on the Obama birth certificate and proof of US birth.

The following in no way is meant to detract from the efforts of the Sheriff Joe Arpaio investigation and other efforts to determine the validity of the purported birth certificate.

Best case scenario for the image placed on

Fact: The image is not a copy of an original Hawaii birth certificate of the era.

The verbage “or abstract” at the bottom therefore implies that the data came from databases.

The data from the databases could have been provided some time after the birth.

By HI statutes (there were 4 rules at the time of Obama’s birth), Obama could have been born outside the US and had his birth recorded as Hawaiian.

The state of Hawaii could recognize the data and use it to produce what they call a COLB or birth certificate.

Under no circumstances does this prove a Hawaii birth, even if the data is authentic or sanctioned by the state of Hawaii.

Glenn Beck, I will be glad to explain this further.

Glenn, for someone who claims to be in recovery, a little more humility and admitting you are wrong would go a long way.

Citizen Wells

Bill O’Reilly Obama college records, Typical lame O’Reilly question, Which governments helped Obama and how much?, Justice Dept. Attorneys help Obama hide college records, Taxpayers pay

Bill O’Reilly Obama college records, Typical lame O’Reilly question, Which governments helped Obama and how much?, Justice Dept. Attorneys help Obama hide college records, Taxpayers pay

“Why has Obama, since taking the White House, used Justice Department Attorneys, at taxpayer expense,  to avoid presenting a legitimate birth certificate and college records?”…Citizen Wells

“Khalid Al-Mansour was “raising money” for Obama.”
“Khalid Al-Mansour was trying to help Obama get into Harvard Law School.”…Percy Sutton

“Barack Obama, show me the college loans.”…Citizen Wells

Bill O’Reilly, on Fox News, has asked lame questions about Obama for years and one could certainly make a strong point that he has protected Obama.

Recently O’Reilly once again lamely raised the spectre of Obama’s hidden college records.

“How much the system helped President Obama is unknown, as his college records have been kept private.

To be fair to the president, it would be helpful to know how much the government subsidized his climb to the top.”

College records kept private?

Obama used Robert Bauer of Perkins Coie and other private practice attorneys prior to January 2009 and a long list of US Justice Dept. attorneys, at taxpayer expense, afterwards, to keep his college and other records hidden from the public.

How much the government subsidized him?

Bill O’Reilly, how about which governments helped Obama and how much?

We know that Obama had a full scholarship to Occidental, which was not academic or athletic. This came after a self admitted poor performance in high school.

Who paid for Obama’s free ride at Occidental?



How did Obama pay for Columbia, that is, if he actually attended?

From the St. Petersburg Evening Independent November 6, 1979.


Vernon Jarrett

What about those rumored billions of dollars the oil rich Arab nations are
supposed to unload on American black leaders and minority institutions?
“It’s not just a rumor. Aid will come from some of the Arab states,”
predicted a black San Francisco lawyer who has close ties to officials of
the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC).

“The first indications of Arab help to American blacks may be announced in
December.” said Khalid Abdullah Tariq Al-Mansour, formerly known as Donald
Warden, of the Holmes and Warden law firm.

Al-Mansour is the lawyer who filed a friend-of-the-court brief in support
of OPEC last winter when the International Association of Machinists and
Aerospace Workers (IAM) filed an antitrust suit against the 13 OPEC
countries in U.S. District Court in Los Angeles.”

We know how Obama attended Harvard.

A picture is worth a thousand words.


Sheriff Joe Arpaio Cold Case Commander Mike Zullo interview, June 13, 2012, Media Fox CNN Soledad O’Brien O’Reilly, 5 Orwells awarded for Owellian reporting

Sheriff Joe Arpaio Cold Case Commander Mike Zullo interview, June 13, 2012, Media Fox CNN Soledad O’Brien O’Reilly, 5 Orwells awarded for Owellian reporting

“Why has Obama, since taking the White House, used Justice Department Attorneys, at taxpayer expense,  to avoid presenting a legitimate birth certificate and college records?”…Citizen Wells and millions of concerned Americans

“As soon as all the corrections which happened to be necessary in any particular number of the Times had been assembled and collated, that number would be reprinted, the original copy destroyed, and the corrected copy placed on the files in it’s stead. This process of continuation alteration was applied not only to newspapers, but to books, periodicals, pamphlets, posters, leaflets, films, sound tracks, cartoons, photographs–to every kind of literature or documentation which might conceivably hold any political or ideological significance. Day by day and almost minute by minute the past was brought up to date. In this way every prediction made by the Party could be shown by documentary evidence to be correct; nor was any item of news, or expression of opinion, which conflicted with the needs of the moment, ever allowed to be on record.”…George Orwell, “1984″ 

“And if all others accepted the lie which the Party imposed
–if all records told the same tale–then the lie passed into
history and became truth. “Who controls the past,” ran the
Party slogan, “controls the future: who controls the present
controls the past.”…George Orwell, “1984″

The results of the Sheriff Joe Arpaio Hawaii and other locations investigation of Obama’s birth certificate, Selective Service Application and other records will be presented soon. Mike Zullo, Cold Case Commander, was recently interviewed. This is one of the best video presentations that I have encountered.

The usual Orwellian mouthpieces for the Obama Administration were exposed and a few others written about here.

Real journalist Lou Dobbs contrasted with Big Brother spokesman Bill O’Reilly.

I questioned the Jana Winter Fox story about Jean-Claude Tremblay the Adobe-certified expert before I discovered he repudiated Winter’s version.

From Citizen Wells April 30, 2011.

“I am a computer and business systems expert. Of the many aspects of computer systems and data I was involved in, I worked for a software company in the early 1980′s that dealt with OCR software and readers. I provided my analysis of the document placed on yesterday.

“When you view the document placed on remember it was computer generated. It is not an image file of a complete original birth certificate. It is a composite of data entered into a database(s) in the Hawaii computer systems. The data is as good as the source and the procedures and personnel who controlled the entry and maintained the integrity. From a legal standpoint it proves, if authenticated as having come from the state of Hawaii, that Obama is a US Citizen. It does not prove that he is a natural born citizen.””

“The article heading is at least misleading or an outright lie.

“Expert: No Doubt Obama’s Birth Certificate Is Legit”

  • Jean-Claude Tremblay ia a Adobe-certified expert. He only addressed the issue of document manipulation.
  • No mention was made of whether or not Tremblay was a birth certificate expert.
  • Tremblay has not been given access to an original birth certificate.
  • Tremblay did not say that the document was an authenticate presentation of Obama’s original birth certificate.

Why does the article contain these statements?

“Expert: No Doubt Obama’s Birth Certificate Is Legit”

“But a leading software expert says there’s no doubt about its authenticity, and he dismisses claims of fraud as flat-out wrong.”

A disturbing trend has developed at Fox. Bill O’Reilly misled the American people for several years by stating that he had done research and that Obama was born in Hawaii. We recently got confirmation that he relied on the birth announcements. Now Jana Winter misrepresents what the Adobe software expert has said.

Did Fox make a deal with the devil?”

Remember John Woodman?

From Citizen Wells September 2, 2011.

“Mr. Woodman spends much of his efforts trying to debunk the layers and anomalies pointed out by others. He may be correct about some of his assertions. His explanation for most of this is a software program. By doing so, he is in fact proving that the image is not a photostatic copy.

He further compares the image to that of certified copies for the Nordyke twins. He states that they are from the same type of forms. However, the biggest difference between the 2 images is that the Nordyke twins certificates have a stamped seal and verbage that states:

“This certifies that the above is a true and correct copy of the original record on file.”

The image has the following:

“I certify this is a true copy or abstract of the record on file in the Hawaii State Department of health.”  Alvin T. Onaki, Ph.D.

Abstract: “The term abstract is subject to different meanings, but in a legal sense, it refers to an abbreviated history of an official record.””

“From commenter Pete:

“Citizen Wells,
No expert can verify an internet document as legitimate, but you can declare it a fraud. Hawaiian law states that public display of private records removes the Hawaiian obligation to protect them. Simply put, if Obama displays his Birth Certificate copy on the internet or on a Federal Government website, he has no right to privacy.

Here are undisputed facts:
1. The Federal Government, via the Executive Branch, has published a Document they claim is Obama’s Hawaiian BC. Not disputed.
2. There is no legal chain of Custody for the document published by the White House.
3. The DoH (Department of Health) in Hawaii REFUSED a legal subpeona to review the Document by experts in person after pre-arrangements had been made.””

To the mainstream media, to CNN, To Fox News, to Soledad O’Brien, to Bill O’Reilly, to Wolf Blitzer, et al. You are awarded 5 Orwells for your Orwellian behaviour in propping up the Obama Administration and attacking anyone who challenges Obama.

Thanks to commenter Ron.

God bless Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

God bless Lou Dobbs.

Obama lies deception and disregard for US Constitution and American people is the story, O’Reilly media ignore story, Birth certificate symptom

Obama lies deception and disregard for US Constitution and American people is the story, O’Reilly media ignore story, Birth certificate symptom

“I do not know where Barack Obama was born. I do know that he has used taxpayer dollars to keep his records hidden.”…Citizen Wells

“Why is Obama now employing private attorneys to keep his name on state ballots, despite compelling evidence that he is not a natural born citizen?…Citizen Wells

“The (American) press, which is mostly controlled by vested
interests, has an excessive influence on public opinion.”… Albert Einstein

My gut feeling was strong when I first crafted this question & continued to publish it.

“Why has Obama, since taking the White House, used Justice Department Attorneys, at taxpayer expense,  to avoid presenting a legitimate birth certificate and college records?”…Citizen Wells

It is ultimately about Obama’s pattern of lies and deception and his disregard for the US Constitution and American people.

It is all about Obama.

Why wouldn’t any legitimate, earnest news organization question Obama on using taxpayer dollars to hide his records?

Isn’t this a big news story

Here is a list of some of the US Justice Department attorneys who have assisted Obama in keeping his records hidden. Their representation of Obama is a matter of public record. This list does not include the support staffs.

Eric Fleisig-Greene

Elizabeth A. Pascal

Neal Kumar Katyal Acting Solicitor General

R. CraiG Lawrence

Mark B. Stern

Andre Birotte Jr.

Leon W. Weidman

David A. Dejute

Roger E. West

George S. Cardona

Tony West

Paul J. Fishman

Robert Bauer, who as an attorney with Perkins Coie helped Obama keep his records hidden before Obama took the White House, and afterwards was hired as general counsel, is not included in the list as well as numerous private practice attorneys

Obama continues to engage numerous Justice Department and private attorneys to keep his records hidden. It may be because Obama pretended to be from Kenya to get foreign student aid and benefits. There are quite a few references to Obama being from Kenya including the recently released bio from his 1991 book publisher.

As to the alleged Hawaiian birth certificate.

I still do not know where Obama was born.

Obama, unlike John McCain in 2008, has never presented a certified, legitimate copy of a birth certificate.

Tim Adams, who worked in an elections office in Hawaii in 2008, was told then that there was no birth certificate for Obama.

Neil Abercrombie, the governor of Hawaii and a family friend of Obama, soon after taking office made inquiries and stated that he could find no birth certificate for Obama.

The Sheriff Joe Arpaio cold case posse investigation, along with other experts have stated that the image placed on is fraudulent.

Even if the image on appeared authentic, it could not be used in a court of law under scrutiny and questioning due to the following:

The phrase “or abstract” disqualifies it as proof of a certified copy.

Once again we see Alvin Onaka’s name in the “verification of birth” from Hawaii to Arizona on May 22, 2012.

Is this another case of Orwellian semantics or more Hawaiian corruption?

I.E., we know for a fact that someone can be born elsewhere and still get a Hawaii birth certificate, hence the term abstract, a collection of data from sources.

Hawaii corruption?

“Hawaii Corruption Risk Report Card”

Public Access to Information….. D

Executive Accountability…………C+

Legislative Accountability………..C-

Judicial Accountability…………….D+

Ethics Enforcement Agencies…….C senior management state Andrew Breitbart never Birther, Tom Ballantyne Jr letter nails Breitbart staff and Arianna Huffington legacy senior management state Andrew Breitbart never Birther, Tom Ballantyne Jr letter nails Breitbart staff and Arianna Huffington legacy

“If in the opinion of the People, the distribution or modification of the Constitutional powers be in any particular wrong, let it be corrected by an amendment in the way which the Constitution designates. But let there be no change by usurpation, for through this in one instance, may be the instrument of good, it is the customary weapon by which free governments are destroyed.”…George Washington


“Nothing can now be believed which is seen in a newspaper.
Truth itself becomes suspicious by being put into that
polluted vehicle.”…. Thomas Jefferson
“The function of the press is very high. It is almost Holy.
It ought to serve as a forum for the people, through which
the people may know freely what is going on. To misstate or
suppress the news is a breach of trust.”…. Louis D. Brandeis

From The Western Center for Journalism and Tom Ballantyne, Jr. May 23, 2012.

“An Open Letter To The “Senior Staff” At”

“Let’s get a few things straight here. As much as we all loved Andrew Breitbart’s moxie, he, like virtually every other national Conservative who was or is a part of the “establishment” (read, those who have established themselves financially, and been acknowledged by their peers) had avoided the issue of the Constitutional eligibility of the president of the United States. Much like Sewanee, the University of the South, has avoided gridiron rematches with Texas, Tennessee, Texas A&M, Georgia, Georgia Tech, Auburn, LSU, and Ole Miss since beating all eight (along with four other schools) in their 12-0 1899 season. Far better to boast that they had once proved their mettle on the playing field than to have to do it again…in real time.

So, like the mythically-fearless Michelle Malkin, or the once-cocky and courageous Ann Coulter, the “Senior Staff” at Breitbart prefers to live off of past – and in their case, borrowed – glory. And, given their namesake’s own calculated denial of this historic issue, the youngsters at Breitbart apparently believe they can get away with it. But it’s tough trying to be all things to all people – especially when the views encompassed are diametrically opposed.

So here come the princes of political archeology – they can hardly be called monarchs in their own right – and they have a find…but it’s a sticky one. You see, the recognized king of sequestration, the billionaire financier of burying (not excavating) the past, has declared certain digs “off limits.” Those would be any that might uncover relics from the entombed past of the current Occupier-in-Chief. So…to disclose or not to disclose? Such a dilemma! The heady thrill of breaking a story of potentially enormous national interest, as well as consequence…but on an officially quarantined (and hermetically-sealed) topic…. How to proceed?

Ah, the obvious approach…to break the story, but make sure that the purse-strings-that-be know that you yourselves don’t take it seriously. Heaven forbid! Bittersweet, but what could be more important at this point than one’s Arianna-approved “intellectual” (press) credentials – even if such a notion is in its very essence oxymoronic…or, just plain moronic? So here we have it, in their own contortionist’s attempt at simultaneously claiming credit for, and dismissing, the obvious implications of a recently unearthed find:

Note from Senior Management:

Andrew Breitbart was never a “Birther,” and Breitbart News is a site that has never advocated the narrative of “Birtherism.” In fact, Andrew believed, as we do, that President Barack Obama was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, on August 4, 1961.
Yet Andrew also believed that the complicit mainstream media had refused to examine President Obama’s ideological past, or the carefully crafted persona he and his advisers had constructed for him.

It is for that reason that we launched “The Vetting,” an ongoing series in which we explore the ideological background of President Obama (and other presidential candidates)–not to re-litigate 2008, but because ideas and actions have consequences.

It is also in that spirit that we discovered, and now present, the booklet described below–one that includes a marketing pitch for a forthcoming book by a then-young, otherwise unknown former president of the Harvard Law Review.

It is evidence–not of the President’s foreign origin, but that Barack Obama’s public persona has perhaps been presented differently at different times.

Wow! Where to begin…? Let’s start with disclaimer #1: “Andrew Breitbart was never a ‘Birther,’ and Breitbart News is a site that has never advocated the narrative of ‘Birtherism.’”

Reading this makes me want to ask in bemused wonder: How old are you? (I could, of course, ask the same question of Anderson Cooper, Bill O’Reilly, Mark Levine, Neal Boortz, or Glenn Beck – who are clearly much older to a man.) But seriously, how immature – or insecure, at least – must one be to be so concerned with what the cultural elites think of them? Young Ben Shapiro (twenty-eight, and reportedly the youngest nationally syndicated writer in the country) went to Harvard Law. One wonders if he had been president of the Law Review if we would have ever seen one of his publications…but I digress. Joel Pollak…sure enough, went to both Harvard and Harvard Law – just as I had expected.

While I must congratulate the two on emerging from that milieu with any non-collectivist values, it seems that neither of them escaped with a penchant for identifying and confronting the Alinsky staple of marginalization…or, they accept the practice so fully that they simply can’t bear the thought of being on the receiving end thereof. Well, grow up, boys! If what Media Matters says about you is a concern (and it clearly is), then perhaps you should choose another line of work.

(I recently observed with some pride that the highly-irrelevant New Times – I believe it was – a radical statist rag, no doubt printed in an abandoned warehouse somewhere near the ASU campus, had called me a “birther.” I wouldn’t have known it except that in checking up on the circulation of some recent video productions I stumbled across it. My point being that it made me laugh…not cry. Why would I – or anyone over the age of, say, thirteen – care? Short answer? He wouldn’t…that is, if he had any sense of his own self-worth; and I thought that was all they taught in school these days!)

So, the timorous teens immediately jump on the pejorative (and proverbial) bandwagon with “Birther” and “Birtherism.” What does that mean, Joel? Are you referring to those who not only profess to believe in the Constitution, but are actually willing to defend it? I suppose we should just cut to the chase then, and call John Jay “the original birther” – rather than Hillary supporter, Phillip Berg. (It was – they were – actually, Lawrence Turley and Gabriel Chin, two highly regarded law professors, from Georgetown and the University of Arizona, who originally raised the issue with respect to Senator John McCain with the full support of the national media…and without derision, just respectful awe for this serious Constitutional inquiry, which they said must be undertaken. According to Chin, nothing less than “the rule of law” was at stake! See Chapter 17: “The Final Word from Professors Turley and Chin,” in the newly-released Oh Really, O’Reilly! – Part I of II.)

Why John Jay? Because it was he who, in a letter penned to Constitutional Convention President George Washington, on July 25, 1787, queried: “Permit me to hint whether it would not be wise and seasonable to provide a strong check to the admission of foreigners into the administration of our national government ; and to declare expressly that the command in chief of the American army shall not be given to, nor devolve on any but a natural born citizen.” (Emphasis added.)”

Read the rest of the article here:

Thanks to The Western Center for Journalism and Tom Ballantyne, Jr. for this well written and much needed letter!