Parler surpasses Twitter in blocking anti mask vaccine message from Centner Academy, Parler changes  Parley message with no warning replaces text and image

Parler surpasses Twitter in blocking anti mask vaccine message from Centner Academy, Parler changes  Parley message with no warning replaces text and image

Twitter has a really bad reputation for suppressing any challenge to the accepted narrative.

That is why Citizen Wells left Twitter and began using Parler years ago.

Parler has been buggy for sure.

However there has been a disturbing trend of lost functionality and ridiculous responses from “tech support.”

What happened this morning may be the last straw.

I attempted to link to the following article:

This is what I entered:

Centner Academy ‘America’s Happiest School’ kept masks and vaccines out of school, Focuses instead on health, happiness and problem solving, Leila Centner co-founder

“It’s common sense to allow kids the right to breathe,”

Centner Academy ‘America’s Happiest School’ kept masks and vaccines out of school, Focuses instead on health, happiness and problem solving, Leila Centner co-founder … More

Image uploaded by CitizenWells

Idaho bill would make medical treatment for trans youth punishable by life in prison



No amount of editing rectified the replacement.

The following was posted as a warning:

More Parler bugs or intentional changing of anti mask & vaccine articles???
Read article then see image & text Parler used.

Parler infiltrated by Twitter dweezils or wolf in sheep’s clothing all along?


76 responses to “Parler surpasses Twitter in blocking anti mask vaccine message from Centner Academy, Parler changes  Parley message with no warning replaces text and image

  1. “We are being lied to on a scale unimaginable by George Orwell.”…Citizen Wells

  2. CW……..
    ………Parler is what it is. That said I personally have stayed away from posting there for several reasons…… of which is DISTRUST.

    ………there is another reason as well….!!!!!!

  4. CW, I have read this post a few times. I thought that Parler would be different than Twitter as far as free speech was concerned, but what they’ve done says it all. Have deleted my account and will rely on Substack (and other news sources) which is a much better platform.

    It looks as if free speech is selective according to Parler. Good riddance!

  5. Back on Twitter. Thanks Elon Musk.
    Hope President Trump comes back.

  6. AND NOW,
    ………….all we see and hear is the WHINING upper echelon, and the joint chiefs are now SHUDDERING IN their BOOTS that if they OFFEND the Russian PSYCHOPATH (who started the war) he will pull the pin on his NUKES. Why the hell do we even have any armed forces if they are so damn afraid of offending the ENEMY. This translates to the US posture in 1939…….which was APPEASEMENT of Hitler. When Hitler’s U boats torpedoed and sunk the Lusitania, Delano Roosevelt was FOAMING at the mouth, but he still DONE NOTHING. Over 1500 people died when the Lusitania was sunk. It wasn’t until the Japanese attacked Pearl (killing another 2400) that Roosevelt finally decided he needed to do something. He used the Pearl attack as his pathway to declare war on both Germany, and Japan.
    The Russian PSYCHOPATH is at this point is doing almost a carbon copy of Hitler’s murderous adventures. Had it not been for the RUSSIAN WINTER, and logistics problems it is probable that Mr. Putin, and Russia would not even exist today. US lend lease to Russia was part and parcel to Stalin’s gang chasing the remaining German SUPERMEN who hadn’t frozen to death back to Germany.

  7. MAYBE,
    ………a better word to describe the Russian leader would be “MANIAC”. In some ways he might even be a worse POS than was Stalin who murdered thousands of his own people.

  8. CW, Trump said he wouldn’t go back on Twitter (even with Elon at the helm) and will stick with Truth Social. I somehow have the feeling that he’ll be back on Twitter; look at the number of subscribers on each platform and you can see why.

    Don’t know about you, but I could use a couple of ‘mean tweets’ right about now :).

  9. CW…….
    ……unfortunately no social media platform can fix the sort of problems which are now upon us. Only intelligently applied FORCE will overcome the problems at hand. LOCK AND LOAD!!!!

  10. AND,
    ……….there are millions of SNOTNOSES who think TRUMP is an ENEMY of America. These are largely the pimply faced, drug fogged, low IQ, stinking assed street punks. I wonder if their values will change if, or when they find themselves staring at the muzzle of a rifle being carried by an invader of America. I am betting the street punks will JOIN THE ENEMY, and kill their own family to show the enemy they are sincere. Such punks are otherwise known as POS.

  11. AND NOW,
    ………we discover that New York City, is fast becoming another Baltimore. PRIMITIVE MINDED folks are now controlling New York City, and it will continue to spiral, out of control just like the cities of Baltimore, Chicago and Atlanta. People with PRIMITIVE, HATEFUL MINDSETS, compounded upon extremely low intellectual acuity have become elected leaders and is now slowly destroying the values of the major cities in America. Obviously our primitive minded elected leaders believe America should be a carbon copy of the corrupted small Congo countries.

  12. AND NOW,
    ………so called transgenders can now legally change the gender duly recorded on their ORIGINAL birth certificate. In truth altering an original birth certificate makes the document legally INVALID and negates the attending physician’s signature on the document. This is being done so that stinking SHE-MALES can legally participate in female sports. Such people are classic examples of deranged perverts of the human race. Such people are practitioners of deviant sexual activity and are otherwise filthy people.

  13. AND,
    ………as we watch, America itself is spiraling downward because American values NO LONGER EXIST. Soon America will be little more than a mass of mixed humanity, fighting with each other, murdering each other, and/or stealing from each other……and nobody will have a job because our necessities will be manufactured by CHINA.

  14. ONLY……..
    ……….billionaires, and trillionaires will exist……..the lower classes will no longer have legal status.

  15. AND,
    ………..the working class will slowly disappear from America.

  16. AND NOW
    …….Bill Barr has shown his true colors……..and it AIN’T RED. Cowardly POS.

  17. Would love to see Trump tweets

  18. WHY,
    ……….have so many Americans become so IGNORANT of the truth. No matter the issue there is millions who either IGNORE the TRUTH or without any proof go into a rage saying it is ALL LIES. When fantasy rules our lives we are probably very close to MASS BABBLING LUNACY. It seems as though the only vocabulary left in America is FILTHY EXPLETIVES. This suggests the prevalence of extremely WEAK MINDS….made that way by increasing drug use, decreasing intellectual acuity, deteriorating moral values, and failing Christian participation. AMERICA IS DYING A HORRIBLE DEATH !!!!!

  19. AND NOW,
    ………a raging black female district attorney in New York has publicly implied she will not rest until she has put Trump IN PRISON FOR LIFE. SHE IS AN ABSOLUTE LUNATIC!!!!!!


  21. AND NOW,
    ……….Trump being “MILKED” by NY judge for $10,000.00 per day. Time for APPELLATE COURT INTERVENTION. SLIMY DEMOCRATS!!!!!

  22. AND TODAY,
    ………..a stinking, IS Islamic radical received a life sentence today in a Virginia Federal Court. He was one of the POS who done the beheadings of four people, two of whom were Americans. He along with another of his crowd were finally captured in Syria and were extradited to the US to stand trial. In reality he should have received the DEATH penalty……….by “OLD SPARKY” = (electric chair). The second bastard will be sentenced in August. He too will receive life in prison. I am sure that each will be given plenty of attention among the general prison population. Hopefully neither will make it to the 2 year mark. The general population know exactly how to deal with
    odorous BASTARD GOAT HUMPERS, and people like them.

  23. AND NOW,
    ……….Americans will soon be hearing from the “THOUGHT POLICE”. A new DISINFORMATION department is being formed by DHS to clean up everything that Americans say to each other. There is one big problem……… is called the FIRST AMENDMENT to our Constitution. This is almost in parallel with Herman Goebbels propaganda of the 1930s = BS.

  24. oldsailor88

    AND NOW,
    ………..the FILTHY LBGTQ POS who have infiltrated the classrooms of America’s grade schools are now actively trying to psychologically turn our children into TRANSGENDERS all across America. This is being done behind closed doors, and without the knowledge of a child’s parents. It is now time to either enroll the child in a SAFE PRIVATE school system, or to file class action civil lawsuits against any school system who actively perpetrates such CRIMINAL ACTS against tiny children who are NOT AWARE of the circumstances that are being brought to bear against them. In truth ONLY a child’s parents hold the LEGAL RIGHT to allow such psychological programming of their children by a public school system. For a public school system to perpetrate such activity, is a CRIMINAL VENTURE. Perpetrators need to be HEAVILY PROSECUTED and IMPRISONED for their criminal acts. In addition, any public school system engaging in this sort of behavior needs to be HEAVILY SUED by the parents of a children who have undergone suggestive gender orientation by an illicit, or unauthorized school officials. LOCK AND LOAD!!!!!!!!

  25. oldsailor88

    ………America’s FEM-A-NAZIS are behind much of the insanity which is now going on in America. In many cases America’s public-school systems are run by mentally disturbed people. In the recent past many teachers have been convicted of having either attempted or actually engaged in sex acts between themselves and students. Any licensed teacher who perpetrates CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR against a child should be prosecuted, and IMPRISONED. That person should also permanently lose their teacher’s license and be legally forbidden to teach school in all 50 states.

  26. oldsailor88

    ………America’s licensed teachers should be required to POST A MONETARY PERFORMANCE BOND at the time of hiring. This would go a long way towards guaranteeing that the teacher will be teaching the THREE R’s ONLY, AND NOT TOUCHING OR FONDLING STUDENTS IN HIS/HER CHARGE.

  27. oldsailor88

    AND NOW,
    ………..the infamous Pocahontas in Massachusetts is once again FOAMING AT THE MOUTH as she RAGES her maniacal abortion drivel. In addition, she stomped upon freshly planted decorative flowers as she ORALLY RAGED. REAL HALF WIT!!!!!

  28. oldsailor88

    AND SO,
    ………somebody has leaked a rough draft of one of the associate judges at the SCOTUS. LEFTIST PSYCHOTICS EVERYWHERE, without waiting to learn the validity of the draft, IMMEDIATELY WENT OFF THE DEEP END. ALL AMERICAN FEM-A-NAZIS IMMEDIATELY SWORE TO AVENGE THE OVERTURN OF ROE VS WADE.

  29. OS
    Here we go!
    Another headline???

    Oregon forces all schools — elementary and up — to put ‘menstrual products’ in boys’ bathrooms with ‘instructions on how to use’ them

  30. oldsailor88

    ……….it is plain to see that more and more people in America are becoming PSYCHOPATHS.

  31. oldsailor88

    AND NOW……
    ………..the new WHACKY HOUSE PRESS SECRETARY, has already made history………she is GAY, and black. I fail to look upon any of her qualifications as HISTORIC. I personally view her as PSYCHOTIC.

  32. oldsailor88

    ………how’s the water supply where you live?

  33. oldsailor88

    ……….I read that the law is going to try to learn the identity of the body discovered in the barrel at lake Mead. DNA might still be able to aid in learning the ID. The local law enforcement is expecting to find more such barrels as the water level continues to fall.

  34. oldsailor88

    AND NOW,
    ……Massachusetts votes to give DRIVERS LICENSES to illegals in the state. This is easy to see through. It is being done so illegals can vote in the state elections. This is exactly the same BS perpetrated by the state of New York last year. In addition, most of the illegals are driving WITHOUT certifiable financial liability insurance coverage. All other vehicle operators are by law required to have such insurance coverage. Seems a bit unfair!

  35. oldsailor88

    AND NOW,
    ………Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Blasey Ford is back in the news…….and she alleges to REMEMBER her childhood…..but can’t remember where, or exactly when Kavanaugh attacked her. More than likely the attack happened during one of her SEX FANTASIES, in which Brett Kavanaugh was the principal player.

  36. oldsailor88

    ………America might be feeling another “NACHT DER LANGEN MESSER.” (Night of the long knives) something which occurred in 1934. This came not long after Hitler was appointed Chancellor. The Nazi party was behind the murders of so- called POLITICAL UNDESIRABLES. The American LUNATIC LEFT is turning into another NAZI PARTY. They are following a path similar to that of the Nazi party of the 1930s.

  37. oldsailor88

    …….in 1938 came the “Crystal Nacht”. (The hundreds of smashed windows of Jewish shops which were then looted by the Nazis.) Many Jewish store owners were severely beaten……some were murdered, and their bodies left where they fell.

  38. oldsailor88

    GO AHEAD……….

  39. oldsailor88

    …………in his deranged mind Mr. Putin thinks he is fighting WW2 Nazis! REAL PSYCHOPATH !!!!!!

  40. oldsailor88

    AND NOW,
    ……….American females have become totally enraged because they think Roe vs Wade has been overturned. A LEAKED DRAFT IS CERTAINLY NOT PROOF OF ANYTHING. In truth there is NO CERTIFIABLE proof of any final SCOTUS RULING yet available. As usual American women are raging and foaming at the mouth long before they are even injured. COW BELLS FOR BRAINS!!!!!!

  41. oldsailor88

    …………inasmuch that the SCOTUS has temporarily ceased to meet it becomes plain to see that NO OFFICIAL DRAFT will be created until the person who done the leaking is brought to justice. PURE AND SIMPLE!

  42. oldsailor88

    ……….WOW, Lake Mead has become a CEMETERY. Another steel barrel with a body has been found. As the lake dries up will MORE be found? Where does the city of RENO get its water supply?

  43. oldsailor88

    ………it is beginning to look like Souther California might be FORCED to invest in DESALINATION systems for every major city in the state. COULD GET REALLY EXPENSIVE. With so many folks now leaving the state the remaining taxpayers could be on the hook to pay for the desalination plants. Probably a LOT MORE folks will be going EAST.

  44. oldsailor88

    …….past decades California was told by some pretty savvy folks that ONE DAY the SNOW CAP would disappear. The California leaders laughed at them. Some were even called LUNATICS. OF COURSE, THE SNOW CAP WOULD ALWAYS BE THERE. Desalination plants could have been built for pennies when compared to the cost of such plants today. The fuel for the plants (HEAT) was to come from several faults having vents close to the surface of the Earth. It was calculated that millions of gallons of fresh water could have been produced, almost for FREE from sea water each week. That was using 1950s technology. Simple AND CHEAP!!! SO WHY INVEST IN BUILDING DESALINATION PLANTS WHEN YOU DON’T NEED THEM. HAR HAR LOOK NOW!!!!!

  45. oldsailor88

    ………persistent evidence that Michelle Obama is really Michael LaVaughn Robinson is still on the internet. Michelle is really a male. Barry Soetoro is a gay person who married Mr. Robinson.

  46. oldsailor88

    ……….YES, Barry Soetoro (Obama) was in fact born in Kenya. He is NOT a US citizen to this day, hour and minute, and has never been a US citizen. Had he been a naturalised citizen he would never have legally been able to become a POTUS. He along with his alleged wife have left a horrible indelible stain upon our White House. It will never again hold the level of prestige it held prior to the arrival of the PRETENDER POTUS and the transgender who occupied it for the next 8 years. Americans really no longer care where the POTUS comes from or whether he/she is a US citizen or not……just so long as he/she is C-O-O-L. This sort of childish mentality will eventually bring America down. TAKE A LONG LOOK AT WHAT WE HAVE FOR A POTUS AND VP TODAY…….I REST MY CASE!

  47. Dinesh D’Souza’s movie ‘2000 Mules.’ Free broadcast. It’s being taken down by many outlets as soon as it’s posted. Dinesh must be over the target:

  48. oldsailor88

    …….I read today that Joe Knucklehead was in your town visiting a Technical University. Wondering if he LEARNED ANYTHING.!

  49. oldsailor88

    AND NOW,
    ………….Joe GAFFE, is sending pallet load after pallet load of baby formula to ILLEGALS everywhere in America, leaving many supermarkets without any on their shelves. TIME FOR SOME HELL RAISING by US CITIZEN mothers.

  50. oldsailor88

    AND NOW,

  51. oldsailor88


  52. oldsailor88

    AND NOW,
    …………Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz “Jen dipstick” (the whacky house) MOUTHPIECE, departs to other endeavors, while those who IDOLIZE her are teary, and bleary eyed. The new “whacky house mouthpiece” has a severe suntan. Time will tell us about her mentality.

  53. oldsailor88

    AND NOW,
    ………..I have watched “2000 Mules” in its entirety and find myself in full agreement with the content of the presentation. Reality is what it is!

  54. oldsailor88

    AND NOW,
    ………Mayor Pete’s transgender wife has been unable to find baby formula for the infant HE recently gave birth to. Perhaps the wife should consider BREAST FEEDING the INFANT!!!!!!!

  55. oldsailor88

    AND NOW,
    ………..I believe that one day soon there will be another civil war in America. But this time it will begin with massive attacks upon white and Asian folks by hordes of raging black folks. Ultimately millions of people will be senselessly murdered on both sides…….all because of their beliefs in the words of lunatics on both sides. I pray that this doesn’t happen, but as each day passes both sides become more and more solidified in their twisted human beliefs. Hate is becoming the guiding principle in America. I believe that America is already past the point of no return.

  56. oldsailor88

    AND NOW,
    ………”WEAK-NOOS INC” thinks they can say anything they choose to say, but alternatively try to cause Roger Stone to be imprisoned for doing the same exact thing. This tells a sad story about the subhuman sort of people who operate the “ODOROUS, AND OTHERWISE SLIMY SCANDAL SHEET”. They compare with the VOCAL JERKS AT “NNC”…….REALLY SICK AND TWISTED POS. (I cite my First Amendment Rights in posting this viewpoint).

  57. oldsailor88

    AND NOW,
    …………the so-called GAY FOLKS in America are saying that “everybody in America will be GAY by 2024.” Making a statement like this exposes the glaring level of deviant mental illness which seems to dwell in the cranial interior of alleged GAY folks.

  58. oldsailor88

    ………..anyone who believes that either putting his mouth upon the genitals of another person or believes that inserting his penis into the anus of another person is NORMAL HUMAN BEHAVIOR then it is THESE FOLKS THEMSELVES whose minds are seriously twisted, and otherwise deviant. Such folks were once DESPISED in America.!!!!!

  59. oldsailor88

    AND NOW,
    ……….America’s homosexual community is considered to be mentally, and morally SUPERIOR to straight folks.

  60. OS
    Received this……

    this post by a woman hits the nail on the head – all this gender crap is just that CRAP !! there are only TWO genders – the rest are sickies , flakes & nut cases !! Why is so much attention being paid to less than 1 percent of our population !!!

  61. oldsailor88

    ……….couldn’t agree more with your point of view. Hope you still have a water supply! Betting that gasoline is really expensive where you are! $4.59 where I am. Thank you Joe Malarkey. I am holding a special gift for Mr. Malarkey. I will be voting a straight Republican ticket in 2024. I nearly puke whenever I see a picture of Mr. Malarkey, Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Pelousy, or Chucky Baby. Be especially watchful for slithering snakes like Mr. “OHH-CON JOB”……..he is a classic example of ONE of the reasons why folks in the old west used to carry .44 caliber SAA Colt “persuaders” when they were out and about.

  62. Hope Citizen Wells is doing great with his recovery.
    Prayers your way for all involved; family, health care, etc.

  63. oldsailor88

    Jay Jay……..
    ………..I would be a liar if I said that I AIN’T concerned about CW as well. I haven’t seen anything on the blog which would indicate his progress. Very concerned.

  64. oldsailor88

    Jay Jay……..
    ………will you send me a blank email page? In that my condition is worsening, I would like to share some information which you might be interested in. In about 1 week I will be 90 years of age. In the male of our species bad things happen after 90. The info I want you to have will be quite useful. If you want the info send a blank email page….. to Have a great day!

  65. OS
    These people are SICK

    First photos of Texas school shooter… He was transgender…

  66. CW — is all well?

  67. oldsailor88

    ………all MAY NOT BE WELL !!!!!!

  68. oldsailor88

    ………I was placed in moderation three times, and it is now clear that all IS NOT WELL @ CW……..that is to say where I AM CONCERNED!!!!!

  69. oldsailor88

    ……….gonna start using email in replying !!!!!!

  70. OS — to be honest, I’m a little concerned for his health. It’s never been his way to be absent from the board for long. I’d be satisfied just to know that he’s OK.

  71. oldsailor88

    ……..I too am concerned. Send me an email I will give you some pertinent information I have. email

  72. hapnHal, et al.
    I have been active at:

    WordPress became a huge pain n the ass prior to my stoke.
    Substack is much more user friendly.
    Been back om Twitter for 2 months, goin well.

    Not sure what I do here long term.
    Still just have use of r hand.

  73. CW — so glad to see that you’re OK. This crazy world is better with you in it than not in it. 🙂

    Will bookmark your Substack. Take care, and thanks again for the update. Best, AFB

  74. oldsailor88

    ………great to hear that you are still among the living. The primary reason why WordPress has been a pain in the ass is in part because of my many posts. To compensate everyone I will no longer post at CW.

  75. oldsailor.
    Have no idea what you are talkink about.
    WP complicated their software & provided happiness engineers to answer questions.
    Got nothing to do with you.

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