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Blagojevich trial, US Justice Department corruption, Protecting Obama, Part 5, Tony Rezko and Stuart Levine are best witnesses, Where is Tony Rezko?, Why hasn’t Rezko been sentenced?

Blagojevich trial, US Justice Department corruption, Protecting Obama, Part 5

“The last thing Sen. Barack Obama and Gov. Rod Blagojevich needed was that letter written by convicted Illinois influence peddler Tony Rezko promising he’d never rat out his pals.”…John Kass, Chicago tribune

“Federal authorities have obtained an arrest warrant for Rezko, who is believed to be traveling abroad.”..Rezko indictment press release
“That was when U.S. District Judge Amy St. Eve learned he had received a $3.5 million wire transfer from a business associate abroad.”…Rezko trial transcripts

Blagojevich trial

Protecting Obama

Part 5

Where is Tony Rezko?

What unholy alliance prevented Tony Rezko from being called as a prosecution witness? Was it a pact between Rezko, Blagojevich and Obama? Is the US Justice Department complicit in a coverup? Was there pressure from entities in the Middle East? Perhaps a combination of those forces. In Blagojevich’s own words.

Citizen Wells August 28, 2008
“As his sentencing nears, pressure is mounting on Tony Rezko to cooperate with federal investigations into some of the highest-profile politicians in the state — including Gov. Blagojevich.”

“Now, sources tell the Chicago Sun-Times that Rezko has been seen at the federal courthouse as many as a dozen times since his June conviction. He’s been held since then at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in downtown Chicago.”

“If Rezko’s cooperating, that would be a major development in “Operation Board Games,” the government’s ongoing probe into state boards that’s widened into a broader corruption probe.”

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From the Chicago SunTimes October 9, 2008
“A federal judge this morning officially postponed the sentencing of political fund-raiser Tony Rezko as he continues his discussions with the government.

U.S. District Judge Amy St. Eve indefinitely delayed Rezko’s Oct. 28 sentencing date and told the parties to meet again for a status in the case in December.
The sentencing, originally scheduled for Oct. 28, just before the election, was likely to bring unfavorable publicity to Rezko’s onetime friend Democratic Presidential nominee Barack Obama.

Prosecutors and Rezko lawyers said this morning they did not want to set a future date for sentencing.

Rezko lawyer William Ziegelmueller said they sought the delay to “work together to agree to otherwise narrow differences at sentencing.”

The agreement comes as Rezko is talking to federal prosecutors. The Sun-Times first reported Rezko’s meetings with the feds in August and sources close to the investigation later confirmed the talks last month.”

Read more:,rezko100808.article

From the Chicago SunTimes February 3, 2009

“Convicted businessman Tony Rezko — who is poised to become a crucial witness in the massive corruption case against ex-Gov. Blagojevich — was quietly moved out of a downtown jail and into another facility last month, the Sun-Times has learned.
Authorities seeking Rezko’s cooperation pushed for the move after Rezko complained about being held in the tough confines of solitary imprisonment, known as “the hole,” even as he was providing information to prosecutors, sources said.”

“Rezko’s relocation is a sign that even with thousands of taped conversations of the governor, investigators still highly value Rezko’s potential as a witness.”
“Rezko, who served as an adviser and fund-raiser to Blagojevich, provided authorities with substantial information involving the governor and bolstered pay-to-play testimony by former Illinois Finance Authority director Ali Ata, as well as talking about other alleged deals.”

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From the Washington Examiner April 20, 2010.

“Where in the world is Tony Rezko?”

“Why is Antoin “Tony” Rezko under lock and key at an undisclosed location, like some sort of CIA-renditioned al Qaeda operative? And why hasn’t he been sentenced yet?

As the June 3 corruption trial of former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich for allegedly trying to sell Obama’s former Illinois Senate seat approaches, the whereabouts of the former Blago and Obama fundraiser is literally a state secret.”

“Rezko’s not listed on the federal Bureau of Prisons’ inmate locator, either.”

“Randall Samborn, spokesman for Fitzgerald, told The Examiner that Rezko “remains in federal custody,” although admitting that he didn’t know exactly where the convicted businessman was being held. Samborn also confirmed that “there is no sentencing date,” but would not elaborate. Sources in Chicago tell us that the long delay is “very unusual.””

“Is Rezko being held at another prison facility for his own safety? There are plenty of people in Chicago and Washington who might not want Rezko on the witness stand. They include:

Democratic Senate candidate Alexi Giannoulias.

Rezko was such an enthusiastic customer of Giannoulias’ failing Broadway Bank that he wrote $450,000 in bad checks against his account to pay off gambling debts.

Alderman Eddie Burke

Rezko hired Burke’s law firm to get a 77 percent reduction in the real estate taxes of a 62-acre property along the Chicago River he planned to develop using $140 million in city subsidies. After assuring the Chicago Board of Ethics that he would abstain from any Council votes on Rezko’s project, Burke voted for it anyway, blaming his conflict of interest on “an error.” The project was later abandoned.

President Barack Obama

Rezko was the president’s “real estate fairy,” as one Chicago columnist likes to put it. Remember how they bought a house together in Chicago? Rezko was one of Obama’s earliest and biggest fundraisers and donors. Obama was one of his go-to guys for housing legislation in the Illinois state Senate.

If I were Tony Rezko, I’d be hiding, too.”

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It is understandable why the Blagojevich defense team does not want Rezko on the stand. Judge Zagel’s comment about Rezko being a bad witness is at least horsecrap and reeks of conspiracy. Convicted felons of all categories are regularly used as witnesses. Stuart Levine, the key witness in the Rezko trial was not only enmeshed in corruption but was a long time drug user.
Here are the approximate number of times that “Rezko” is mentioned in US Justice Department documents.

Indictment:  100 times.

Criminal complaint:  170 times.

Evidentiary Proffer:  288 times.
Even if a strong argument is made against using Rezko as a witness, and good luck with that argument, Stuart Levine was used extensively as a witness in the Rezko trial, and his name was mentioned approx. 146 times in the Blagojevich Criminal Complaint. And don’t forget, Blagojevich’s name was mentioned at least 30 times on one day of the Rezko trial.

Patrick Fitzgerald, I am damn angry and am speaking up about US Justice Department corruption.

The Chicago Tribune just reported this:
“”I felt all along and believed all along that I was going to testify,” he said. But he said the government case wasn’t as they presented it, without calling witnesses  Antoin “Tony” Rezko and Stuart Levine, both convicted in the federal probe.”

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Blagojevich trial, Obama Rezko ties, Black Panther case dismissal, Blagojevich trial ending soon?, Citizen Wells open thread, July 5, 2010

Blagojevich trial, Obama Rezko ties, Black Panther case dismissal

Will the Rod Blagojevich trial end sooner than projected?

Will Tony Rezko or Stuart Levine be called as witnesses?

Will the focus of the Blagojevich trial continue to be on the senate seat?

We know this:

  • By the time Rezko was convicted in June 2008, the feds had enough to indict Blagojevich.
  • The US Justice Dept. waited until December 2008, after the election to arrest Blagojevich.
  • Federal prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald was given a supervisory assignment by Obama early in 2009.
  • The following statement, damning for both Blagojevich and Obama, was included in the Criminal Complaint and not in the final Indictment. “At the relevant time period, the Planning Board consisted of nine individuals.”
  • Judge James Zagel has referred to Rezko as a bad witness.
  • The trial may end in the next 2 weeks instead of lasting the projected 3 to 4 months.
  • Attorney J. Christian Adams resigned from the US Justice Dept. after the case against the New Black Panther party was dismissed.
  • Civil rights attorney Bartle Bull has critized the US Justice Dept. and referred to Obama as a “Hustler.”

Is the US Justice Dept. corrupt?

Rod Blagojevich trial opening statements, Day 4, June 8, 2010, How soon will Obama’s name be mentioned?, Open thread

Rod Blagojevich trial opening statements, Day 4, June 8, 2010

From Citizen News.

“Today, Tuesday, June 8, 2010, jury selection is almost complete and opening statements should begin. How soon will Obama’s name be mentioned? You have heard this before. During the Tony Rezko trial Rod  Blagojevich had not been indicted yet his name kept popping up. The same thing should happen for Obama.

From the Chicago Tribune.

“As courtroom styles go, it is hard to imagine a more stark contrast than the ones that will be on display Tuesday when prosecution and defense lawyers make their opening statements in the federal corruption trial of former Gov. Rod Blagojevich.”

“Blagojevich’s side, as presented by the often volcanic lawyer Sam Adam Jr., might resemble a passionate plea from a televangelist as much as a legal presentation.

With the preliminaries in the trial all but over after three days of vetting potential jurors, the final panel is set be seated early Tuesday, then the main event will get under way — with an estimated four months of testimony to follow.

At long last, prosecutors will unveil the full weight of the case against a former governor whose administration came under federal scrutiny not long after his election in 2002. It culminated in the bugging of Blagojevich’s campaign office and the tapping of his phones as he allegedly tried to trade official acts for campaign cash and sell the U.S. Senate seat vacated by President Barack Obama.

Hamilton is part of the same three-member prosecution team that secured the 2008 corruption conviction of Blagojevich’s fundraiser and friend Antoin “Tony” Rezko.

At her opening in that trial, she exhibited a biting tone of indignation as she explained how Rezko allegedly used his influence with Blagojevich to manipulate state regulatory panels so he and others could pocket kickbacks. On Tuesday, she will go a step further and claim that Rezko was acting on behalf of Blagojevich in an alleged conspiracy that the government has dubbed “the Blagojevich Enterprise.”

“The primary purpose of the Blagojevich Enterprise was to exercise and preserve power over the government of the state of Illinois for the financial and political benefit of defendant Rod Blagojevich, and for the benefit of his family members and associates,” the indictment against the governor states.

Adam will open for Blagojevich’s defense, and his statement promises to be delivered with all the calm of a gospel preacher in full fire and brimstone fury. Arguing with animated passion and sometimes belly-busting humor has become a trademark for the 37-year-old Adam at the Cook County Criminal Courts Building at 26th Street and California Avenue, where he has spent most of his legal career.

“The more you try to say things the way you think people want to hear them, the more you get away from what got you there in the first place,” Adam said in a recent interview.””

Blagojevich trial day 2, June 4, 2010, Jury selection, Judge James Zagel, Prosecutors and defense attorneys question jurors, Open thread

Blagojevich trial day 2, June 4, 2010, Jury selection, Judge James Zagel

From CBS 2 in Chicago June 4, 2010.

“Day Two Of Blagojevich Jury Selection Set To Begin”

“Before U.S. District Judge James B. Zagel begins questioning the next pool of potential jurors, prosecutors and defense attorneys will argue whether any of the 29 jury candidates who were interviewed Thursday should be dismissed because of bias.

Once that process is finished, Zagel will bring in another group of potential jurors for questioning.

Ultimately, the judge and attorneys expect to whittle down an original list of 100 potential jurors to about 45 likely jurors.

Then each side will be allowed to exercise peremptory challenges, which allow them to dismiss jurors without giving a reason. Defense attorneys get 13 such challenges; prosecutors get nine. The attorneys get unlimited challenges “for cause,” meaning there is a reason to believe a potential juror is biased.

The end result will be a panel of 12 jurors and likely six alternates to hear what is expected to be a three- to four-month trial. Jurors are paid $40 a day plus transportation costs for the entire trial.”

“Defense attorneys said both Rod and Rob Blagojevich will testify. They also said Patti Blagojevich will take the stand.

The defense has also subpoenaed White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel, White House senior advisor Valerie Jarrett, U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin, U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. and U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.”

Read more:

For complete Blagojevich trial coverage:

Blagojevich trial, Obama camp, Huffington Post, Orwellian efforts to defend Blagojevich and Obama, Obama paid bloggers spread disinformation, Attempts to discreit prosecution

Blagojevich trial, Obama camp, Huffington Post, Orwellian efforts

“And if all others accepted the lie which the Party imposed
–if all records told the same tale–then the lie passed into
history and became truth. “Who controls the past,” ran the
Party slogan, “controls the future: who controls the present
controls the past.”…George Orwell, “1984″


I performed a Google search on ” blagojevich trial day 1″ this morning and got the following results:

The Sum of Its Parts Is Not Greater Than …‎ – 2 hours ago

“The defense asked for a 30-day delay of trial, in anticipation of the Supreme Court’s “honest services” rulings on July 1. The judge denied the one-month …
Huffington Post (blog)”

“Blagojevich trial coverage, Day 1, June 3, 2010, Jury selection …Jun 2, 2010 … 1 Comment for “Blagojevich trial coverage, Day 1, June 3, 2010, Jury selection, Judge James Zagel, Blagojevich attorneys Michael Ettinger ……/blagojevich-trial-coverage-day-1-june-3-2010-jury-selection-judge-james-zagel-blagojevich-attorneys-michael-etti… – 14 hours ago”

“The Rod Blagojevich Trial: Battle Over Wiretap Tapes Will Shape …Jun 2, 2010 … The feds will use Blagojevich’s own voice caught on wiretap tapes in an effort to convict him. … June 01, 2010 | 1 day ago ……/the-rod-blagojevich-trial-battle-over-wiretap-tapes-will-shape/ – 8 hours ago”

“Tamara N. Holder: The Blagojevich Trial: The Sum of Its Parts Is …Jun 3, 2010 … Rod Blagojevich goes to trial today. By now, you know who he is: the … 1. Eight (8) of the Government’s potential witnesses have been convicted … The defense asked for a 30-day delay of trial, in anticipation of the ……/the-blagojevich-trial-the_b_598749.html – 4 hours ago”

I, of course, was pleased to find the Citizen Wells article positioned as number 2 on this search.

I, of course, was not surprised to find the Huffington Post article listed at number 1.

The Huffington Post has far more resources.

I am not receiving a lot of money from Obama.

I am not receiving free advertising from Obama.

Reported here May 25, 2010.

“In 2008, the Obama Campaign used a great deal of money from undocumented donors, a legion of paid bloggers, internet thugs and a complicit press to spin their Orwellian lies. The Obama Campaign paid The Huffington Post $ 55,354 in 2008. That of course is what was reported to the FEC and  is the tip of the iceberg. I have heard Obama refer to The Huffington Post on several occasions. The last time was the last straw. The Citizen Wells blog has written about The Huffington Post acting as an arm of the Obama camp to smear opposition to Obama. You can expect more.
Listen to the following Obama speech, if you can stomach it. He mentions The Huffington Post at around 1 minute 57 seconds. The speech is cleverly (in the wicked sense) written. It mixes truths, half truths and lies.”

Read more

Here are some exerpts from the Huffington Post article. read the entire article and let me know what you think.

“The Blagojevich Trial: The Sum of Its Parts Is Not Greater Than The Whole”

“Rod Blagojevich goes to trial today. By now, you know who he is: the self-proclaimed “blacker than Barack Obama”, former Illinois Governor, well-known for his perfectly coiffed hair, nylon jogging suits and FBI-recorded potty mouth.

The information in this case is overwhelming — that is why I am shocked that Blagojevich is required to begin trial just a year and a half after his arrest. Keep in mind, his attorneys’ (led by the fabulous father-son team, both named Sam Adam) last big victory was the case of R & B singer, R. Kelly. In that case, the Adams had six, I repeat six, years to prepare for trial in a criminal case that hinged mainly on a single piece of evidence: a videotape.

Let me make this short and sweet: I am truly baffled that the defense was barred from so much and that the trial is going today. Here are some key points to keep in mind during the biggest circus in the nation…

1. Eight (8) of the Government’s potential witnesses have been convicted of major federal crimes, yet they have not been sentenced. (Stuart Levine pleaded guilty in July 2009, yet he remains to be sentenced; also, John Harris, Tony Rezko and 5 others await sentencing.) Christopher Kelly’s suicide is off limits for the defense too. (He was a co-defendant and close friend of Blago.)

2. The yet-to-be-sentenced witnesses have an incentive to tell the jury what the Government wants. Not until after these people testify will the Government determine the quality of and “truthfulness” of the person’s testimony in its decision to recommend a favorable sentence for their own crimes.

3. Government witness Stuart Levine’s drug abuse is not allowed before the jury, even though he admitted to abusing Ketamine, a horse tranquilizer, among other illegal drugs. How can the jury not consider one’s zombie-like state-of-mind when determining whether he is a credible witness? (A judge in the same court found that such evidence was “fair game” yet Judge Zagel ruled it inadmissible!)

4. Stuart Levine says he’s been committing crimes since 1972, yet the defense cannot impeach him by asking about his lengthy criminal past. A tranquilized criminal. Lovely.”

Read more:

At first, with much incredulity, I thought this had to be satire. I read it again. The author is apparently serious!

Correct me if I am wrong, but this appears to be an effort to discredit the prosecution of Rod Blagojevich and consequently Barack Obama.

If you are as disgusted as I am by this attempt to cover for Obama, spread this fertilizer far and wide.

Blagojevich trial bigger than Watergate, Nation at mercy of prosecutors, White house must be checked, Archibald Cox defied Nixon, Will Patrick Fitzgerald defy Obama?

Blagojevich trial bigger than Watergate, Nation at mercy of prosecutors

I have stated for some time that the current situation with an ineligible president who is deeply tied to Chicago and Illinois corruption is much bigger than Watergate. Richard Nixon attempted to bypass the US Constitution and separation of powers. Thank God for people like Barry Goldwater, who ignored party affiliation, and Special Prosecutor Archibald Cox who stuck to their principles.

We are rapidly approaching another crisis with the Blagojevich trial starting this week on June 3. Except this time the situation is worse. We have the trial of former IL Governor Blagojevich that will most certainly, if prosecutors do their job,  tie Obama to much of the same Chicago corruption. At least with Nixon, we had a natural born citizen not tied to Chicago corruption.

The trial has not begun yet and there are well founded suspicions that continued chicanery, pay to play Chicago style, is going on. It is believed that Obama met with Patrick Fitzgerald recently in Chicago. The question is, will Fitzpatrick and the US Justice Department perform their constitutional duty to check abuse of power in IL and the White House? God help us if they don’t.

Read more:

Blagojevich trial, AP article, Fluff article on Blagojevich, Journalism or adulation?

Blagojevich trial, AP article, Fluff article on Blagojevich

“The past is whatever the records and the memories agree upon.
And since the party is in full control of all records, and in
equally full control of the minds of it’s members, it follows
that the past is whatever the party chooses to make it. Six
means eighteen, two plus two equals five, war is peace,
freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength.”…. George Orwell “1984”

I shook my head in disbelief as I read the following article. Is there a gameplan scripted by the Obama camp controlling articles written by the AP? The AP article written in 2008 regarding the announcement by HI Health Department Director Dr. Fukino was at best misleading and at worst an outright lie. Read the following exerpts and then full article and compare them to the legal documents describing Rod Blagojevich’s activities over many years. See how they mesh.

From the Chicago tribune May 30, 2010.

“Former Ill. governor faces fight of his life”

“In the year and a half since his arrest, Rod Blagojevich has lost his job and become a political pariah and a comic punch line. But he’s maintained the bravado that defined him as governor with repeated declarations of innocence that are vintage Blago: Confrontational. In the limelight. Never giving an inch.

“There has always been a damn-the-torpedoes aspect to his personality,” says State Rep. John Fritchey, a friend-turned-critic.

That’s been obvious as the impeached governor has popped up everywhere: Early morning radio, late-night TV. On stage with Second City comic actors lampooning him. At a block party where the avid Elvis fan crooned one of The King’s songs.

And most recently, Blagojevich, now 53, was on “The Celebrity Apprentice,” where he seemed baffled by a computer, and was, for the second time in a year, fired.

“I think people are intrigued by him, fascinated by him,” claims Glenn Selig, his Florida-based publicist.

So is it wise for Blagojevich to be clowning around while facing serious charges?

“I think he has a great sense of humor and he’s willing to laugh at himself,” Selig says. “Self-deprecation is not necessarily a bad thing. He’s the real deal.””

“”His ego won’t allow him to give up the stage,” says Kent Redfield, a professor emeritus of politics at the University of Illinois-Springfield. “He has this supreme confidence in his ability to win people over.”

Blagojevich’s loose-lipped style has some former associates wondering if the ex-governor’s endless patter is designed to show potential jurors he’s full of political bluster, not criminal intent.

Blagojevich has his own explanation.

“I … have this need to tell everyone and anyone who would listen that I didn’t do anything wrong and that I am innocent of any criminal wrongdoing … ,” he wrote in “The Governor.”

Blagojevich maintains he wasn’t trying to sell or trade Obama’s Senate seat and was trying to arrange a deal in which he’d appoint Lisa Madigan, the state’s attorney general. In exchange, her father, House Speaker Michael Madigan, his nemesis, would push through a public works bill the governor wanted.”

“Milorad “Rod” Blagojevich has long regarded himself as a fighter for the little people.
He sees his life as an American dream that unraveled into a tragedy of Shakespearean proportions: The son of a Yugoslav-born steelworker, he was raised in a blue-collar family, attended law school and climbed the political ladder, he says, only to fall victim to betrayal and jealousy.”

“”He’s personable,” Green says. “He speaks well on his feet. He’s good-looking. … And he was able to raise an awful lot of money.”

When Blagojevich was elected in 2002, he already was eyeing a bigger prize: the White House.

Democrats were thrilled to have one of their own in the governor’s chair for the first time in 26 years. But Blagojevich soon made enemies on both sides of the aisle.

“He enjoyed the sexy part of government, the glad-handing, the attention of followers,” says Fritchey, the state lawmaker. “But at a certain point, you’ve got to get out of campaign mode and into governing. That’s where he had difficulty.””

“Blagojevich claims in his book that he’s a “big picture” guy who didn’t want to be “slowed down by having to spend my time mired in a bureaucracy that could be like quicksand.” ”

“Still, Blagojevich, bolstered by a Democratic majority, racked up a list of accomplishments: He raised the minimum wage (angering some business groups), provided state-subsidized health insurance to every child in Illinois, banned discrimination of gays and lesbians, increased education spending, won approval to expand preschool and increased mammogram and cervical cancer screening for uninsured women.

“He did a lot of good,” says Clifford Kelley, a former Chicago alderman who now is a talk show host on a black radio station and has welcomed Blagojevich as a guest. “Once two ladies called to thank him for saving their lives” with mammograms, he says.”

“Blagojevich plans to testify at his trial, one more step in his high-profile campaign. Will it succeed?

“I don’t know if it’s a plan or it’s just goofy,” Green says. “… If it does work, he’s a genius … and I guarantee you he’ll run for office again — as a victim.””

Read more:,0,2339978.story?page=1

Sharon Cohen, a national writer for The Associated Press based in Chicago, wrote this article. I wonder if Sharon read the criminal complaint or indictments against Blagojevich?

Blagojevich documents can be found here:

Blagojevich trial, May 29, 2010, Obama controls Justice Department, Blagojevich plea?, Obama is guilty of corruption, Chicago pay to play politics, Who will throw who under the bus?, Patrick Fitzgerald controlled?

Blagojevich trial, May 29, 2010, Obama controls Justice Department, Blagojevich plea?

“We control life, Winston, at all its levels. You are imagining that there is something called human nature which will be outraged by what we do and will turn against us. But we create human nature. Men are infinitely malleable.”… “1984″ by George Orwell


Citizen Wells May 11, 2010
“I have given this much thought. Given the amount of evidence, the number of witnesses, the suicides and other questionable deaths of those connected to Blagojevich and ultimately Obama. Given the power Obama has over the Justice Department. Given the fact that the Blagojevich team seems desperate to delay the trial. I believe that it is highly likely that Blagojevich may cop a plea.

The question remains.

Who will throw who under the bus?”

Read more

Citizen Wells, yesterday, May 28, 2010
“Obama administration opposes Blagojevich request to delay corruption trial”

“The Obama administration says the Supreme Court should let the corruption trial of ousted Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich move forward.

Acting Solicitor General Neal Katyal told the high court on Friday that he sees no reason for a delay.”

Read more

Extent of corruption and media coverup

“We have a trial, a story, about Rod Blagojevich, his numerous corrupt cronies including Tony Rezko, Stuart Levine, Barack Obama and a host of others involved in long time crime and corruption in Chicago and IL. We have a story, far bigger and more far reaching than Watergate. We have a story including businessmen, attorneys, state and local officials, the Governor of Illinois, the occupant of the White House and his long time associates, and it is barely being covered by the mainstream media. And worse than that, it is being covered up. Even our last refuge of information access, the internet, is being manipulated.”

Read more

Is this part of the setup?

“These questions beg for an answer and we deserve one.
Why wasn’t Rod Blagojevich indicted soon after the Rezko trial ended in June 2008? He was wreaking havoc on the citizens of Illinois.
Why was the arrest of Blagojevich delayed until December 2008, after the 2008 elections?
Why was prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald given this assignment by Barack Obama?
August 5, 2009
“I was preparing a new article, a more detailed version of an earlier article about Obama’s role in rigging the Illinois Health Planning Facilities Board (you know, the board mentioned in the indictments of Rezko, Levine, Weinstein, Blagojevich, et al). The events leading up to the Blagojevich trial are dragging on in typical fashion and I did not want the American public to forget about Obama’s strong ties to Chicago corruption. The Citizen Wells blog has for many months stated that Obama should be indicted next. The question was, would Patrick Fitzgerald do his duty or be controlled by the Obama camp.

Now we have the answer.”

“At the relevant time period, the Planning Board consisted of nine individuals. State law required an entity seeking to build a hospital,
medical office building, or other medical facility in Illinois to obtain a permit, known as a “Certificate of Need” (“CON”), from the Planning Board prior to beginning construction.”
Why was the above left out of the Indictment?

Why is this not being shouted from the rooftops?

“At the relevant time period, the Planning Board consisted of nine individuals.”

The following sentence is one of the clearest connections of Obama to the rigging of the Planning Board. Obama was chairman of the IL Senate committee that changed the number of members from 15 to 9.”

Read more

Why would the Obama administration want to get this over quickly?
Citizen Wells and many other internet sites are presenting the truth about Blagojevich and his ties to long time corruption in Chicago and IL and his ties to

Obama. This has struck a nerve. The Obama camp in cooperation with entities like Google have been trying to hide these stories.
We have a synergy coming into play.

  • Blagojevich’s cocky, overconfident attitude.
  • The Obama camp wanting this put to rest, oversimplified and not implicating Obama in the corruption.
  • The US Justice Department. Will they do their job or is the Obama Administration calling all of the shots.

I believe that Blagojevich will plead guilty. I believe that he has no choice.
If Rod Blagojevich pleads guilty and gets a light sentence, you will know that Obama has controlled this and that there is no justice. No Justice Dept.

Blagojevich trial breaking news, May 28, 2010, Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens refused to delay the June 3 trial

Blagojevich trial breaking news, May 28, 2010

From the Chicago tribune May 28, 2010.

“Supreme Court rules against delaying Blago trial”

“Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens refused today to delay the June 3 trial of former Gov. Rod Blagojevich.

Stevens, who handles emergency appeals from the 7th Circuit Court, turned down a motion from Blagojevich’s lawyers who sought a 30-day delay.

The defense team had argued the trial should be put on hold until the high court rules in several pending cases on constitutional challenges to the law that makes it a crime to deprive the public of “honest services.

Blagojevich faces 24 counts of corruption, including bribery, extortion and racketeering, but several counts include charges of honest services fraud.

Earlier today, Justice Department lawyers urged Stevens to allow the trial to proceed on schedule.

In a 15-page filing, they noted that the judge presiding over the trial has told lawyers not to even mention the term “honest services” in their opening statements to the jury.”

Read more:

Blagojevich trial, May 28 2010, Blagojevich mug shot released, Prosecutor response to trial delay?, Blagojevich trial delayed?

Blagojevich trial, May 28 2010, Blagojevich mug shot released

From the Chicago Tribune May 28, 2010.

“Blagojevich arrest mug shot released”

“The United States Department of Justice has released the official booking photo of Rod Blagojevich, who was arrested at his Chicago home on Dec. 9, 2008 and later impeached and removed from office.

The release came in response to a Freedom of Information Act request made by WGN-Ch. 9.

The then-governor is seen in the jogging suit he was wearing on the morning of his arrest, when federal agents picked him up in the early hours.

Blagojevich is to go to trial on June 3 on federal charges of trying to sell the U.S. Senate seat vacated by Barack Obama, and leveraging the powers of his office to enrich himself and a close ring of associates.

The charges include racketeering, attempted extortion, bribery, conspiracy to commit bribery and conspiracy to commit extortion. ”

Read more:

Note from above:

“The charges include racketeering, attempted extortion, bribery, conspiracy to commit bribery and conspiracy to commit extortion. ”

Maybe we are being heard.

I am still waiting to hear if the prosecutors responded to the request to delay the trial.