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DNC hypocrisy, Florida votes bypassed, 2000 election, “count all votes”, Obama influence spreads, no inclusion

We`have another example of the hypocrisy of the Democrat Party. The DNC has voted to not include all votes from the Florida primary. In the 2000 election, which also involved Florida, the democrats rally cry was “count all votes.” The is the height of hypocrisy. What else could we expect from delegates that lean toward Obama, the poster child for hypocrisy.


DNC vote on Florida votes, 100%, 50%, allow all votes, party of inclusion, “count all votes”

The DNC is allowing speeches prior to voting on allowing all Florida votes to count. It is apparent they will not allow all Florida votes to count even though a speaker was saddened because they believed the Democratic party  was one of inclusion. In 2000 they were screaming “count all votes.”

As expected, they just voted to reject allowing all Florida votes


Obama resigns TUCC, Obama further separates from Wright

Barack Obama has just resigned as a member of TUCC.

DNC meeting, Larry Sinclair, May 31, 2008, Sinclair and Obama, drug use, cocaine, Sinclair’s story being heard

Larry Sinclair has been in Washington DC since Wednesday. Today he has tried to get into the DNC meeting. He has spent a lot of time mingling with the crowds and Hillary protestors and handing out flyers about his allegations of drug use and gay sex with Obama in November 1999. I just spoke with Larry and he is having great success spreading his story. He has met some major MSM stars and it looks like there will be many more interviews. Larry even had his picture taken with Congressman John Conyers. To read more about Sinclair’s experience today with the DNC and to read more about Sinclair’s allegations, visit here:

Larry Sinclair, Washington DC, DNC meeting, FBI, Washington police, DNC security, Threats to Larry Sinclair

Larry Sinclair is in Washington DC and has met with the DNC, FBI, his attorney and has planned to attend the DNC meeting, May 31, 2008. Various groups independent of and connected with the Obama Campaign have made orchestrated attempts to discredit Sinclair and his allegations. Some of these groups have made threats to Sinclair. Larry Sinclair has been forthright about his past, including brushes with the law. Mitch and Nan, a consistent source of harrassment and threats toward Sinclair, are attempting to thwart Sinclair’s efforts in Washington. Here is their latest effort:

The following was just sent to the hotel where the meeting is located as well as the DC police department:

(A link to a phony charge about Larry was listed here)


A wanted criminal who has made some death threats against some Obama supporters, and DC Citizens is RIGHT NOW outside your door. Attached you will find a current warrant for his arrest and a current photograph of him.

His name is Lawrence Sinclair. He is an unstable man and I believe a possible danger to people there.

He is outside your meeting carrying a sign BUT away from the main group. The sign may have something about Obama on it.

If not there he may be at the ______________ hotel lobby.

I am a concerned citizen who has just learned this information and thought it urgent to inform you ASAP.


Larry Sinclair has a right to present his allegation and to
move about freely in Washington DC. Any attempts to hinder
his rights will be addressed by his attornies and also
by his legion of supporters, including me. I expect and
insist that Mr. Sinclair be afforded all the protection of
the law in accordance with his rights as a citizen. Nothing
short of this will be accepted. We will not tolerate Larry
Sinclair being bullied.

DNC meeting, Washington DC, May 31, 2008, 2000 election, count every vote, DNC count Florida Michigan votes?

In the 2000 election, when George Bush won the electoral vote and Al Gore won the popular vote, the popular vote was important to the Democrats. When the outcome of the Florida votes was in question, the popular vote was very important to the Democrats. This became the battle cry of the Democratic Party:

“Count Every Vote”

Is the Democrat Party the party of hypocrisy?

Will the Democrat Party and the DNC Count every vote?

Larry Sinclair interview, Jeff Rense interview, Thursday, May 29, 2008, threats to Sinclair, Sinclair’s mother, DNC visit

Larry Sinclair has been in Washington DC since Wednesday, May 28, 2008. During this time he has visited the DNC, FBI, been interviewed by a major media reporter and was interviewed by Jeff Rense on Thursday, May 29, 2008. Sinclair talks about his visit to the DNC, his visit to the FBI, interviews and about the many threats made to him. Listen to the Jeff Rense interview:

Larry Sinclair press conference, Friday, May 30, 2008, Washington DC, Attorney Sibley, Obama cocaine, gay sex

Larry Sinclair is in Washington DC to call the bluff of the many that are trying to discredit him. Sinclair and his attorney, Montgomery Sibley will be available for a press conference, Friday, May 30, 2008. The organized efforts to discredit Larry are so desperate that they are making threatening posts that appear to be from Sinclair. This further lends credence to Sinclair’s allegations. Here is an exerpt from Larry Sinclair’s blog:

“May 30, 2008 I will be available to Media along with my Attorney Montgomery Blair Sibley in Washington, DC.  This press conference will be Friday afternoon and the location is being sent to media by Mr. Sibley.

Now, I am being threatened yet again with arrest by the Obama supporters.  It appears the Obama supporters are claiming I have threatened someone in a comment on their blog.  Well allow me to make it perfectly clear, I have not commented on any blog other than my own and the posting of an article accusing me of threatening Mr. Levy has been saved and is being sent to Law Enforcement and the Court to show what these people are willing to say and post to try and stop me from appearing before the PC and the DNC Meeting Saturday.  It is not going to work. ”

To read more about this visit:

Larry Sinclair, Obama, cocaine, gay sex, November 1999, Chicago, Washington DC, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, MSM wake up, Sinclair’s story

I have been following and reporting on the Larry Sinclair allegations of drug use and gay sex with Obama in November 1999. My initial skepticism led to my indepth investigation of not just Sinclair’s allegations but also Obama’s past actions and associations. The more I examined Obama, the more credible Larry Sinclair’s allegations have become.

So, you are still a skeptic? Well, Sinclair is in Washington DC for interviews, to find out why the DNC has ignored him and some associated with the DNC have attacked him, and to visit the FBI in regard to death threats he has received. Sinclair is persistent and sincere in his crusade to reveal the truth about Obama.

When I first began evaluating Sinclair’s claims, I went to the Official Illinois Senate records for November 1999. Sinclair was in Chicago from November 3 to November 8, 1999. Obama was absent from the Senate on November 4, 1999. The Senate did not reconvene until November 16, 1999. It turns out that Obama was at least in Chicago by November 8, 1999. Obama was at Northwestern Law School for a speech on November 8. That puts Obama and Sinclair in Chicago at the same time.

Still not convinced? Several months ago I discovered that a former Chicago restaurant owner and chef heard persistent rumors from the gay community that Obama was on the down low. I am in regular contact with this person, who happens to be very intelligent and articulate.

Still not convinced? Reverend James Manning  stated in a video and 2 interviews that Obama and Jeremiah Wright are closet homosexuals. He claims to have solid proof. Reverend Manning has stated that his further announcement and proof will be forthcoming soon.

Larry Sinclair has contacted many major players in the MSM and has offered to answer any questions. Sinclair will be interviewed tonight by Jeff Rense and there is reason to believe he will be interviewed by a network soon.

Many in the public have only made a cursory examination of the claim by Sinclair and have dismissed the allegations after reading the many attempts at discrediting him. There has been a mass effort to discredit Larry Sinclair. If you are in the MSM, you had better wake up.

Larry Sinclair, DNC, Washington DC, Delegates making threats, Howard Dean, Sinclair visits DNC

Larry Sinclair is in Washington DC. He is available for interviews and will be interviewed by Jeff Rense today. Larry visited the DNC headquarters in Washington to get answers as to why he has been ignored. Last fall, Sinclair attempted to contact the DNC regarding his allegations about Obama and drug use. Since then Sinclair has attempted to contact Howard Dean as well as delegates. In some cases, Larry and others following this story have received insults and personal attacks from those associated with the DNC. Larry has documented his visit to the DNC and you can watch the video and follow the story on his blog: