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Gallup poll 62 percent of Americans believe media favors Democrats, 27% media unbiased, 51 percent believed bias in 2003, 55 percent believe media “often inaccurate”

Gallup poll 62 percent of Americans believe media favors Democrats, 27% media unbiased, 51 percent believed bias in 2003, 55 percent believe media “often inaccurate”

“If I had my choice I would kill every reporter in the world but I am sure we would be getting reports from hell before breakfast.”… William Tecumseh Sherman

“Nothing can now be believed which is seen in a newspaper.
Truth itself becomes suspicious by being put into that
polluted vehicle.”…. Thomas Jefferson

“We are being lied to on a scale unimaginable by George Orwell.”…Citizen Wells


From Gallup April 5, 2017.

“Six in 10 in US See Partisan Bias in News Media”


62% say news media favors one political party over the other
More believe media favors Democrats than Republicans
Clear majority of Americans say media is “often inaccurate””
“In a contentious political landscape, Americans increasingly believe the news media generally favors one political party over the other. Sixty-two percent of U.S. adults say the media has a favorite, up from about 50% in past years. Just 27% now say the media favors neither major party.

When Gallup last asked this question in February 2003, Americans were about evenly divided on the issue. Americans were also evenly split when the question was first asked in April 1995. In December 2000, in the midst of the election results recount between George W. Bush and Al Gore, slightly more Americans perceived partisan bias in the news media (51%) than believed the news media was politically neutral (41%).

Republicans are mostly responsible for the increase in perceptions of partisan media bias since 2003. Currently, 77% of Republicans say the media favors one party over the other; in 2003, 59% of Republicans said the same. By comparison, 44% of Democrats now say the media plays favorites, unchanged from the 44% who said so in 2003.

Americans Believe News Media Favors Democrats

Gallup asked those who perceive political bias in the news media to say which party the news media favors. Almost two-thirds (64%) of those who believe the media favors a political party say it is the Democratic Party. Only about a third as many (22%) believe the media favors Republicans.”

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NC governor race update November 21, 2016, 339 convicted felons voted early or absentee, McCrory: “Why is Roy Cooper so insistent on circumventing the electoral process and counting the votes of dead people and felons?”, Bladen County fraud also in Durham County?

NC governor race update November 21, 2016, 339 convicted felons voted early or absentee, McCrory: “Why is Roy Cooper so insistent on circumventing the electoral process and counting the votes of dead people and felons?”, Bladen County fraud also in Durham County?

“Other payments which are disclosed on Bladen County Improvement Association PAC contribution reports include
the following:

Mary Johnson, witness for 74 ballots, $450;
Lola Wooten, witness for 58 ballots, $500;
Deborah Cogdell, witness for 45 ballots (including both witnesses on 1 ballot), $300; and
Bridgette Keaton, witness for 16 ballots, $630.”…Bladin County NC election protest

“The end justifies the means, the template of the left.”…Citizen Wells

“We control life, Winston, at all its levels. You are imagining that there is something called human nature which will be outraged by what we do and will turn against us. But we create human nature. Men are infinitely malleable.”…George Orwell, “1984″



I listened to the entire NC State Board of Elections emergency meeting yesterday, November 20, 2016.

And guess what, as best as I can determine, so far the mainstream media is underreporting what took place.

For example, the IT Manager did a query on his own initiative and discovered that over 300 felons had voted illegally.

I also learned that some counties had not begun their canvass yet. One of the reasons apparently is the delay in getting data from the DMV.

Many counties will take at least until Tuesday to complete their canvass.

It is my opinion that it will take longer.

The board addressed the McCrory request to consolidate the review of county protests and after much discussion decided to wait.

They approved hiring legal counsel.

They unanimously agreed to take over the Bladen County protest after revealing they already had personnel investigating there and that it probably will rise to the level of a criminal investigation.

Durham County protests were brought up but it was decided they will wait and allow normal channels to prevail.

Before making further decisions about the scope of their involvement in protests, they agreed to get further input from the counties and citizens and another meeting was scheduled for Tuesday, November 22, 2016.

From the McCrory for Governor website November 21, 2016.

“Roy Cooper Should Stop Trying To Circumvent Electoral Process

The Pat McCrory Committee issued the following statement in response to Roy Cooper’s desperate press conferences attacking Governor McCrory:

“Why is Roy Cooper so insistent on circumventing the electoral process and counting the votes of dead people and felons? It may be because he needs those fraudulent votes to count in order to win. Instead of insulting North Carolina voters, we intend to let the process work as it should to ensure that every legal vote is counted properly.” – Ricky Diaz, Governor McCrory’s campaign spokesman

Fact: The State Board of Elections discovered over 339 convicted felons who voted early or absentee. This total does not include numbers from Election Day. (News & Observer on Twitter, 11/20/2016)

Fact: Over 90 counties have yet to complete their county canvases and finalize their vote totals.

Fact: Protests are being filed in over 50 counties to challenge fraudulent absentee ballots and votes by felons, double and dead voters.(Charlotte Observer, 11/17/2016)

Fact: The State Board of Elections agreed to take up the Bladen County protest involving hundreds of potentially fraudulent absentee ballots – all apparently including votes for Cooper.”

Roy Cooper Should Stop Trying To Circumvent Electoral Process

There is a protest in Durham County about absentee ballot fraud similar to the one filed in Bladen County.

More on the Bladen County protest.

The NC Governor race between Governor Pat McCrory and Attorney General Roy Cooper is still tight. So tight that after the canvassing Friday there are reported to be only 6,600 votes separating them. That allows a recount under NC Law.

However, the much bigger story is voter fraud being documented, investigated and protested.

From Pat McCrory’s Facebook account.


From the McCrory website.

“Hundreds of Fraudulent Cooper Ballots Discovered, Challenged In Bladen County

N.C. Democrat Party-Funded PAC Involved In Apparent Massive Voter Fraud Scheme”

“A formal protest has been filed with the Bladen County Board of Elections to challenge several hundred apparently fraudulent absentee ballots cast for Roy Cooper and other Democrats in Bladen County. Initial evidence laid out in the protest suggests a “massive scheme to run an absentee ballot mill involving hundreds of ballots, perpetrated by and through the Bladen County Improvement Association PAC,” a political action committee funded by the N.C. Democrat Party and other prominent statewide Democrats.

The protest, filed by Bladen County Soil and Water Conservation District Supervisor McCrae Dowless and corroborated by a forensic handwriting expert, notes “shocking evidence resulting from a blatant scheme to try to impact the voting results of an entire county and perhaps even sway statewide and federal elections,” including the gubernatorial race.”

“According to disclosure reports, among the largest contributors to the Bladen County Improvement Association PAC are the North Carolina Democratic Party and candidates for statewide and countywide offices, such as: Mike Morgan, Wake County district court judge and Supreme Court justice-elect; June Atkinson, superintendent of public instruction; Ken Spaulding, former gubernatorial candidate; Dan Blue III, state senator and former candidate for state treasurer; Chris Rey, mayor of Spring Lake and former candidate for U.S. Senate; G. Michael Cogdell, Bladen County commissioner.”


From the protest.

“6. Does this protest involve an irregularity or misconduct not described in number 5 above? If so, please give a detailed description of such misconduct or irregularity and name those who committed such action.
Yes. The voters of Bladen County, North Carolina, appear to be the victims of a massive scheme to run an absentee ballot mill involving hundreds of ballots, perpetrated by and through the Bladen County Improvement Association

Upon in-person visual review of mail-in absentee ballots by a forensic handwriting expert, it appears that literally hundreds of fraudulent ballots were cast. These ballots all appear to have been cast in support of a ticket of
candidates, but in particular for a write-in candidate for the Bladen County Soil and Water Conservation District Supervisor. Despite the unusually large number of ballots cast for a particular write-in candidate named Franklin
Graham, it appears that out of the hundreds of ballots reviewed that voted for Mr. Graham, the handwriting on hundreds of those ballots matches only about a dozen handwriting styles.

In particular, one very active absentee ballot “witness,” Deborah Monroe, who was apparently personally validating validated at least 67 mail-in absentee ballots, appears to have written in “Franklin Graham” as a write-in candidate at
least 71 times. In further shocking evidence of this scheme, the Bladen County Improvement Association PAC filed reports with the North Carolina State Board of Elections admitting they that it paid Ms. Monroe multiple payments
totaling $550 for “G.O.T.V.” See Attachment at 8, 23, 47.

Other payments which are disclosed on Bladen County Improvement Association PAC contribution reports include
the following:

Mary Johnson, witness for 74 ballots, $450;
Lola Wooten, witness for 58 ballots, $500;
Deborah Cogdell, witness for 45 ballots (including both witnesses on 1 ballot), $300; and
Bridgette Keaton, witness for 16 ballots, $630.

While the Bladen County Improvement Association PAC has many funders, its single largest funder is the North Carolina Democratic Party, supporting the organization with a $2,500 contribution. See Attachment at 7. Not only
was the Democratic Party itself an active supporter of this organization, a number of Democratic campaigns for North Carolina state office made financial contributions to the PAC. These include the Michael Morgan Committee
contributing $1,500, backing the recently-elected Democrat North Carolina Supreme Court Justice; the Committee to Elect Dan Blue III contributing $1,000, backing the unsuccessful Democratic nominee for North Carolina
Treasurer; the Committee to Elect Robert Wilson contributing $1,000, backing the unsuccessful candidate for the Democratic nomination for Lieutenant Governor, and the Committee to Elect Judge Vince Rozier, contributing
$250, backing the unsuccessful Democratic nominee for North Carolina Court of Appeals.

Several other batches of mail-in absentee ballots of between 5 and 15 have handwriting samples that appear to match.

These are not simply helpful individuals who have attempted to assist a large swath of Bladen County’s voters to cast their ballots. This is the shocking evidence resulting from a blatant scheme to try to impact the voting results of
an entire county and perhaps even sway statewide and federal elections. This is clear from the fact that only a very few of the voter assistance sections of these mailed-in absentee ballots have been completed, despite being
completed by just a few individuals.

Therefore, it appears that a surprisingly small number of individuals were responsible for casting a very large number of ballots. Few of these ballots were properly indicated as having been completed with assistance by a third

I will also be submitting a report from a Forensic Document Examiner that details much of the handwriting analysis outline above. That will be submitted under separate cover as soon as the report is completed.”



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NY Times deal with devil, Times endorses Hillary Clinton, Bob Herbert 2001 Democratic Party … made a pact with Mr. Clinton that was the equivalent of a pact with the devil, Lost its bearings and maybe even its soul, “The devil’s in that woman.”

NY Times deal with devil, Times endorses Hillary Clinton, Bob Herbert 2001 Democratic Party … made a pact with Mr. Clinton that was the equivalent of a pact with the devil, Lost its bearings and maybe even its soul, “The devil’s in that woman.”

“Millions of cretinous and amoral Americans still admire Bill and Hillary Clinton, the two foulest amoral slimebags that have ever besmirched the White House. These two foulmouthed and lying psychopaths have been, and still are, blindly supported by masses of non-clinical morons, diehard Democrats, and whorish liberal journalists and their editors.

The Clintons’ habitual lies, gutter language, anti-Semitic outbursts, and anti-black slurs have been documented by reliable writers but have been — and still are — routinely suppressed by the so-called liberal media.”…Reinhold Aman, Ph.D.

“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”…Ephesians 6:12

“The devil’s in that woman.”…Miss Emma, Clinton’s cook, governor’s mansion


The NY Times has made a deal with the devil and endorsed Hillary Clinton.

“Running down the other guy won’t suffice to make that argument. The best case for Hillary Clinton cannot be, and is not, that she isn’t Donald Trump.

The best case is, instead, about the challenges this country faces, and Mrs. Clinton’s capacity to rise to them.

The next president will take office with bigoted, tribalist movements and their leaders on the march. In the Middle East and across Asia, in Russia and Eastern Europe, even in Britain and the United States, war, terrorism and the pressures of globalization are eroding democratic values, fraying alliances and challenging the ideals of tolerance and charity.

The 2016 campaign has brought to the surface the despair and rage of poor and middle-class Americans who say their government has done little to ease the burdens that recession, technological change, foreign competition and war have heaped on their families.

Over 40 years in public life, Hillary Clinton has studied these forces and weighed responses to these problems. Our endorsement is rooted in respect for her intellect, experience, toughness and courage over a career of almost continuous public service, often as the first or only woman in the arena.

Mrs. Clinton’s work has been defined more by incremental successes than by moments of transformational change. As a candidate, she has struggled to step back from a pointillist collection of policy proposals to reveal the full pattern of her record. That is a weakness of her campaign, and a perplexing one, for the pattern is clear. It shows a determined leader intent on creating opportunity for struggling Americans at a time of economic upheaval and on ensuring that the United States remains a force for good in an often brutal world.

Similarly, Mrs. Clinton’s occasional missteps, combined with attacks on her trustworthiness, have distorted perceptions of her character. She is one of the most tenacious politicians of her generation, whose willingness to study and correct course is rare in an age of unyielding partisanship. As first lady, she rebounded from professional setbacks and personal trials with astounding resilience. Over eight years in the Senate and four as secretary of state, she built a reputation for grit and bipartisan collaboration. She displayed a command of policy and diplomatic nuance and an ability to listen to constituents and colleagues that are all too exceptional in Washington.

Mrs. Clinton’s record of service to children, women and families has spanned her adult life. One of her boldest acts as first lady was her 1995 speech in Beijing declaring that women’s rights are human rights. After a failed attempt to overhaul the nation’s health care system, she threw her support behind legislation to establish the Children’s Health Insurance Program, which now covers more than eight million lower-income young people. This year, she rallied mothers of gun-violence victims to join her in demanding comprehensive background checks for gun buyers and tighter reins on gun sales.”

“As secretary of state, Mrs. Clinton was charged with repairing American credibility after eight years of the Bush administration’s unilateralism. She bears a share of the responsibility for the Obama administration’s foreign-policy failings, notably in Libya. But her achievements are substantial. She led efforts to strengthen sanctions against Iran, which eventually pushed it to the table for talks over its nuclear program, and in 2012, she helped negotiate a cease-fire between Israel and Hamas.

Mrs. Clinton led efforts to renew diplomatic relations with Myanmar, persuading its junta to adopt political reforms. She helped promote the Trans-Pacific Partnership, an important trade counterweight to China and a key component of the Obama administration’s pivot to Asia. Her election-year reversal on that pact has confused some of her supporters, but her underlying commitment to bolstering trade along with workers’ rights is not in doubt. Mrs. Clinton’s attempt to reset relations with Russia, though far from successful, was a sensible effort to improve interactions with a rivalrous nuclear power.

Mrs. Clinton has shown herself to be a realist who believes America cannot simply withdraw behind oceans and walls, but must engage confidently in the world to protect its interests and be true to its values, which include helping others escape poverty and oppression.

Mrs. Clinton’s husband, Bill Clinton, governed during what now looks like an optimistic and even gentle era. The end of the Cold War and the advance of technology and trade appeared to be awakening the world’s possibilities rather than its demons. Many in the news media, and in the country, and in that administration, were distracted by the scandal du jour — Mr. Clinton’s impeachment — during the very period in which a terrorist threat was growing. We are now living in a world darkened by the realization of that threat and its many consequences.”

“Through war and recession, Americans born since 9/11 have had to grow up fast, and they deserve a grown-up president. A lifetime’s commitment to solving problems in the real world qualifies Hillary Clinton for this job, and the country should put her to work.”

Read more if you can stomach it.

“The devil’s in that woman.”

From NewsMax March 22, 2001 via Citizen News.

“Falwell said he thought ex-first lady Hillary Clinton was a prime mover behind much of the corruption that permeated the White House during her husband’s tenure.

“You know, Hillary – it’s amazing to me, she not only knew about all these things, Bill Clinton didn’t really have the time to do all those mean things because he would have interrupted his love affairs,” Falwell said.

“I think that it was Hillary all the way. I think that she’s the mean-spirited one. She’s the ideologue, she’s the flaming left-wing socialist liberal. She’s a bad person with a criminal mind.”

The former Moral Majority chief said it was his personal belief that Mrs. Clinton will stay married to her husband only as long as the relationship furthers her own political ambitions.”

Hillary has Criminal Mind, Clinton Scandals Need Probing, Jerry Falwell Newsmax March 22, 2001, “I think that it was Hillary all the way. I think that she’s the mean spirited one. She’s the ideologue, she’s the flaming left wing socialist liberal. She’s a bad person with a criminal mind.”

From NewsMax February 26, 2001 via Citizen News.

“New York Times Left-Winger: Shun Corrupt Clinton

Bob Herbert, identified today by Fox News Channel as the most liberal columnist at the New York Times, is belatedly joining in on the anti-Clinton bandwagon. But his vehemence is making up for his tardiness.

Herbert writes today that the Democratic Party made “the equivalent of a pact with the devil” in supporting Clinton and “in the process it lost its bearings and maybe even its soul.”

“Now, with the stench of yet another scandal polluting the political atmosphere, some of Mr. Clinton’s closest associates and supporters are acknowledging what his enemies have argued for years – the man is so thoroughly corrupt it’s frightening.”

“The Clintons may or may not be led away in handcuffs someday. But whatever happens with the criminal investigations, it’s time for the Democratic Party to wise up. Ostracism would be a good first step. Bill Clinton should be cut completely loose.”

Democratic Party made “the equivalent of a pact with the devil” in supporting Clinton and “in the process it lost its bearings and maybe even its soul”, NewsMax article February 26, 2001, Bob Herbert NY Times

Hillary’s accomplishments.

  1. Hillary enabled Bill in Rapegate which led to the White House and country’s distraction and arguably led to the 9/11 attacks.
  2. Hillary engineered the Commercegate selling of seats in exhange for campaign contributions. This also led to the death of Ron Brown.
  3. ISIS formed and grew under the Obama/Hillary watch.
  4. Benghazi.
  5. The further collapse and subsequent emigration in Syria happened on the Obama/Hillary watch.

The above are perhaps the top 5 Hillary “accomplishments.”

There are plenty more.



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Greensboro News Record lies about Obama birth certificate Clinton birther role and Trump statements, Repeats lies of Washington Post, Citizen Wells challenge to media, News Record and Post awarded 5 Orwells for lying to their readers

Greensboro News Record lies about Obama birth certificate Clinton birther role and Trump statements, Repeats lies of Washington Post, Citizen Wells challenge to media, News Record and Post awarded 5 Orwells for lying to their readers

“Why has Obama, since taking the White House, used Justice Department Attorneys, at taxpayer expense,  to avoid presenting a legitimate birth certificate and college records?”…Citizen Wells

“#CNN says #Hillary team in 2008 never raised #birther issue. #SidBlumenthal, long-time #HRC buddy, told me in person #Obama born in #kenya”…James Asher, Twitter

“And if all others accepted the lie which the Party imposed
–if all records told the same tale–then the lie passed into
history and became truth. “Who controls the past,” ran the
Party slogan, “controls the future: who controls the present
controls the past.”…George Orwell, “1984″



I delivered the Greensboro News Record when I was 12.

I have friends and family who subscribe.

The newspaper was bought by Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway several years ago.

I believe that is one of the factors in the News Record becoming extremely liberal and biased.

Their front page and mid first section coverage of the Hillary campaign in Greensboro was disgusting.

The News Record today, Saturday September 17, 2016, on the front page regurgitated a Washington Post article that is full of lies.

“Trump flip-flops on Obama birthplace.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump on Friday acknowledged for the first time that President Obama was born in the United States, ending his long history of stoking unfounded doubts about the nation’s first African-American president but also seeking to falsely blame Democratic rival Hillary Clinton for starting the rumors.

“Hillary Clinton and her campaign of 2008 started the birther controversy. I finished it. I finished it, you know what I mean,” Trump said at his newly opened luxury hotel in Washington on Friday morning. “President Barack Obama was born in the United States. Period.”

This is not the first time that Trump has accused Clinton of first raising questions about Obama’s birthplace, an assertion that has been repeatedly disproved by fact-checkers who found no evidence that Clinton or her campaign questioned Obama’s birth certificate or his citizenship.

“For five years, he has led the birther movement to delegitimize our first black president,” Clinton said. “His campaign was founded on this outrageous lie. There is no erasing it in history.”

For years, Trump has been the most prominent backer of the so-called birther movement, which lurked in the dark corners of the Internet until Trump forced it into the mainstream. While drumming up publicity for his own possible run for the White House during the last election cycle, Trump began to aggressively question Obama’s qualifications for office. Trump never came out and said where he thinks the president was born, but he demanded to see the president’s longform birth certificate and other records. Trump also claimed to have hired investigators.

In April 2011, Obama released his longform Hawaiian birth certificate in the name of putting all of the conspiracy theories to rest, and Trump congratulated himself and said that he “accomplished something that nobody else has been able to accomplish.”

But Trump didn’t revise his position and repeatedly questioned the validity of the document Obama released. In an October 2011 interview with CNN, Trump said that if “you check out the Internet, many people say it is not real.” In August 2012, Trump tweeted that “an ‘extremely credible source’ has called my office and told me that @BarackObama’s birth certificate is a fraud.”

Obama and his allies have repeatedly said they have never had any doubt about where the president was born. “I was pretty confident about where I was born,” Obama told reporters Friday in the Oval Office.

Days before the 2012 election, Trump posted a video online that labeled Obama “the least transparent president in the history of this country” and demanded that Obama release his college records, college applications and passport records. Trump said that if he ran for president, he would release his tax returns — something that he now refuses to do because he says several years of his returns are under audit by the Internal Revenue Service. Trump is the first nominee from a major party since 1976 to not release his returns, and he has also declined to release documentation of his wife’s immigration from Slovenia, full medical records and other documents typically shared by nominees.

When Trump launched his long-shot presidential bid in June 2015, he continued to say in interviews that he didn’t know if Obama was born in the United States, but he didn’t dwell on the issue as he once did. On the campaign trail, Trump repeatedly suggested that the president might not be Christian or that he might sympathize with Islamic State terrorists. In January, Trump said on CNN that he doesn’t know where the president was born.

“Who knows? Who knows? Who cares right now,” Trump said on Jan. 6 on CNN. “We’re talking about something else, okay? I mean, I have my own theory on Obama. Someday I’ll write a book. I’ll do another book, and it will do very successfully.”
A sizable number of voters agreed with Trump. A 2010 Washington Post-ABC News poll found 20 percent saying Obama was born in another country while 77 percent said he was born in the United States.

Such attacks have caused many black voters to turn sharply against Trump, offended that he would challenge the qualifications of the country’s first black president. As Trump began to make an aggressive pitch to minority voters in August, there was renewed debate over Trump’s prominent role in the birther moment. On Labor Day, reporters aboard Trump’s plane asked him where the president was born, and Trump refused to answer.

“I don’t talk about it because if I talk about that, your whole thing will be about that,” Trump said. “So I don’t talk about it.”

Earlier this month, former Republican candidate Ben Carson — who now advises Trump on race issues — said on CNN that Trump could immediately improve his relationship with African American voters by apologizing for questioning the president’s place of birth.”

Washington Post article.

Obama has never presented a certified copy of an original birth certificate!

From Citizen Wells September 16, 2016.

“Minimally, one must be a US citizen at birth to be eligible for the presidency.

There is no mention of a birth certificate.

What passes for a birth certificate in Hawaii does not pass muster in most if not all states.

Let’s pretend for a moment that the image placed on is considered a birth certificate in Hawaii.

It does not prove US birth.


First of all it is not a certified copy of an original birth certificate.

Birth certificates did not look like that when Obama was born.

Secondly, at the time of his birth, one could be born elsewhere and have the birth recorded in Hawaii.

Family friend and Governor Abercrombie stated that he could find no birth certificate only a recordation.

Tim Adams signed an affidavit, a legal document, stating that there was no birth certificate for Obama.

Lastly, look at the bottom of the image.


It states or abstract.

Abstract: “The term abstract is subject to different meanings, but in a legal sense, it refers to an abbreviated history of an official record.”

There is apparently a notation of Obama’s birth recorded in Hawaii.

Where he was born is anyone’s guess.

However, there is extensive, compelling evidence that he was born in Kenya.

When people ask me, I honestly tell them I don’t know.

If I were a judge and had to make a ruling, in the absence of proof of US Birth, I would rule based on the vast circumstantial evidence and rule he was born in Kenya.

I defy anyone, the Clinton Campaign, Obama camp, media outlet to challenge me.

Now for the lies coming from Hillary, her campaign and the mainstream media.

From the Huffington Post September 16, 2016.

“Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump falsely claimed Friday that his opponent Hillary Clinton started the conspiracy theory that President Barack Obama was born in Kenya.”

From the NY Times September 16, 2016.

“Trump Drops False ‘Birther’ Theory, but Floats a New One: Clinton Started It”


Bettina Viviano is a respected Hollywood Producer and a friend of mine.

By early 2009 she told me her story and part of it was hanging out with the Clintons in 2008. Her story about the Clintons telling her that Obama was not eligible directly to her has not changed over the years and has been consistent in multiple interviews.

From Citizen Wells March 21, 2012.

“I consider Bettina Viviano, a Hollywood Producer, a friend and a patriot. I have not spoken to her in a while so I left her a message a few minutes ago to thank her for her work and the interview.”

“1:00:15 – The ORIGINAL BIRTHERS were Bill & Hillary Clinton. Bettina heard it DIRECTLY out of their mouths.”

“1:44:30 – I heard it out of Bill Clinton’s mouth that Obama wasn’t legitimate.””

Bill Clinton Barack Obama Not Eligible, Bettina Viviano Hollywood Producer interview, DNC Pelosi Dean Reid committed fraud, Obama stole 2008 election


So there you have it.

No proof of Obama US birth.

The Clintons were the first “birthers.”

Donald Trump, if you have any questions, I am at your service.

Don’t let them castrate you.


More evidence that the Clinton were the first birthers.

From Citizen Wells September 17, 2016.

From James Asher former Washington Bureau Chief for the McClatchy Co.

  1. says team in 2008 never raised issue., long-time buddy, told me in person born in

  2. says team in 2008 never raised ‘s birth in. Who is closer to than , who told me face-to-face.

I challenge the News Record, Washington Post or any other media outlet to dialogue/debate.

Citizen Wells

For lying to their readers, on a scale unsurpassed in “1984”, I award the Greensboro News Record and Washington Post 5 Orwells.



More here:




Donald Trump truth serum suggestion, What if Trump has a dose of truth serum Thursday?, Citizen Wells what if News Record media Obama and Hillary get a dose of truth serum, Obama biggest liar to ever occupy White House, News Record gets 5 Orwells

Donald Trump truth serum suggestion, What if Trump has a dose of truth serum Thursday?, Citizen Wells what if News Record media Obama and Hillary get a dose of truth serum, Obama biggest liar to ever occupy White House, News Record gets 5 Orwells

“The function of the press is very high. It is almost Holy.
It ought to serve as a forum for the people, through which
the people may know freely what is going on. To misstate or
suppress the news is a breach of trust.”
…. Louis D. Brandeis

“The (American) press, which is mostly controlled by vested
interests, has an excessive influence on public opinion.”… Albert Einstein

“We are being lied to on a scale unimaginable by George Orwell.”…Citizen Wells



Are so called journalists getting paid a bonus to go after Trump?

You all have no doubt observed the mainstream media unfairly attack Donald Trump and continue to prop up Obama and Hillary Clinton. It is escalating.

Obama is the biggest liar to ever occupy the White House. He has gone unchallenged by the mainstream media.

The Clintons for the most part, when Slick Willy was president, were minimally challenged.

Hillary, the sociopath, has gotten away with murder.

So Doug Clark, writing in the Greensboro News Record today, took it to the next level, implying what Donald Trump would say if given truth serum.

From the Greensboro News Record July 20, 2016.

“If someone slipped Donald Trump a big dose of truth serum before his speech Thursday night:

Welcome to the greatest reality TV show ever broadcast. I have to tell you, I pulled it off, and even I doubted myself this time.

I did not get into this campaign to win it. Really. It was for publicity. The brand. The name. Trump. Good for business. Mybusiness. It wasn’t ever about becoming president. Believe me.

What do I know about politics? Nothing. I’ve made mistakes that would have sunk the chances of some nobody running for the state legislature.

Just take my slogan: Make America Great Again. Imagine if Barack Obama tried to run on that slogan in 2008. He would have been crucified. Think about it. They would have said, “He’s saying America isn’t great! He hates our country! We’re not going to vote for this guy!” And remember, back in 2008, our country was practically in a depression, but still Obama couldn’t have gotten away with saying America’s not great.

But I can. You love it! You love it when I say our military’s a disaster. You love it when I say I know more about fighting ISIS than our generals do. You love it when I say crime is out of control, and you don’t notice the contradiction when I say our police are doing a great job.

For months and months after I got into this thing, I wasn’t trying to win. Believe me. But you wouldn’t let me lose.”

“So after a while, I figured why not? Why not become president? Maybe it’s no harder than running a campaign. Well, it might be a little harder because you can’t just say stuff when you’re president. You have to do stuff. No matter what I sound like up here, I’m not really an idiot. I’m in business. I know you can’t just say “I’m going to build this building and so-and-so’s going to pay for it.” That doesn’t work in real life. I get that.

I also know it’s not so easy to build a big wall — Rick Perry has told me that — and Mexico sure isn’t going to pay for it. I know I can’t just stop American companies from moving their factories overseas. I wish they wouldn’t but, you know, I manufacture my own products overseas because it’s cheaper. That’s what you do when you’re in business. Duh! Free enterprise!

I’ve promised to build up our military and bomb the hell out of ISIS and protect Social Security, while cutting taxes and still somehow wipe out the deficit. I know that doesn’t make sense, but you don’t.

You don’t even care that I won’t release my taxes. You know why I won’t? Because I’ve never paid my fair share! I’ve got the smartest tax lawyers and accountants and, I admit it, I don’t like to pay taxes. I also don’t make half the charitable gifts I promise.

I’ll tell you another secret. I don’t hate Hillary half as much as you do. We were friends. We’re not friends now, I guess, but there’s nothing really personal going on. Sure, I call her Crooked Hillary, but in my world, if someone is crooked, it doesn’t mean you can’t get along. But you can believe me about this — I think she’d be a lousy president.

So, yeah, I’ve decided I want to be president. I mean, I’ve come this far and I don’t want to let you down. Believe me.

And I’m going to win. I didn’t think so before, but things are turning my way. All this terrorism, and these demonstrations and shootings. The cops being killed. Terrible.

It plays right into my hands: Make America Safe Again. The angrier and more afraid the American people get, the more they’re going to turn to me. And if they’re not angry and afraid yet, I’m going to tell them why they should be — even if I have to make it all about “us against them.” As long as there’s more of us than there are of them, we win.”

Read more:

Mr. Clark claims at the end that he is going to write the same kind of truth serum article about Hillary.

I did an internet search for truth serum articles by Doug Clark.

I could find none from the past.

Where is his truth serum article about Obama, the biggest liar ever?

And what about Hillary Clinton. She was involved in scandal after scandal with Bill. Ran for POTUS in 2008. Was Secretary of State. Just investigated again.

No truth serum article about Hillary Clinton before now?

To the Greensboro News Record, for giving Obama and Hillary a free ride, for not reporting the truth about the real jobs situation and economy, for not questioning Obama’s eligibility, for lying to your readers and for stooping to a new low to misrepresent Donald Trump, I award 5 Orwells.



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Remembering Otis Chad Tucker Facebook post honoring his dog Otis, Local WGHP 8 news anchor, Post had received thousands of likes shares and comments

Remembering Otis Chad Tucker Facebook post honoring his dog Otis, Local WGHP 8 news anchor, Post had received thousands of likes shares and comments

“Dog is God spelled backwards”


Occasionally an article in print is worth reading and sharing.

This is one of those occasions.

I was dumping newspapers in the recycle bin when an image caught my eye.

One that I did not recognize.

One from last Friday’s edition of the Greensboro News Record.

I was both sick and extremely busy last week so I apparently set aside this issue.

I read it today and must share it.

From the Greensboro News Record Friday July 8, 2016.

“Remembering Otis”


“Chad Tucker knew the Facebook post honoring his dog Otis, who had recently died, had struck a chord when he started receiving messages from as far off as London, Sydney and Budapest.

Less than 24 hours after posting photos and a long tribute to Otis and his final “bucket list weekend” with his family, the post had received thousands of likes, shares and comments.

“Everybody has that dog that meant so much to them,” Tucker said.

Tucker, a local news anchor with WGHP-8, is well-known for sharing much of his life with his viewers through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Otis was a frequent star of such posts, whether it was photos of him in a bow tie serving as the ring bearer at Tucker’s wedding when he married Meredith, his wife, in 2012, or videos of him and their daughter, 2-year-old Carson Parry, having a tea party. For nearly 10 years, Otis was also an occasional guest of broadcasts and always accompanied Tucker on appearances in parades and at children’s events.

Otis died three weeks ago after a brief illness. He spent a week at the Surry Animal Hospital and, after little improvement, Tucker made the decision to bring Otis home for one last weekend filled with all his favorite things.

“I picked him up on Friday and our first stop was Pilot Mountain,” Tucker said.

The weekend was filled with picnics, long car rides, ice cream, a visit with Otis’ favorite bank tellers and playtime with Carson Parry.

“We wanted him to know how much we loved him,” Tucker said. “We thanked him for all he did.”

On Sunday, after the better part of a day spent on the Blue Ridge Parkway, Tucker said it was clear that Otis’ time was nearly up. He had stopped eating, drinking and going to the bathroom.

Tucker and Meredith dropped Carson Parry off with a friend and arranged to meet their veterinarian at his office and say goodbye. Their 3-month-old daughter, Pearl Monroe, slept through the entire thing.

“You go in with this little guy that just means so much to you,” Tucker said, “and all you have when you leave is a collar.””

“Tucker adopted Otis in 2006 at the behest of neighbors looking for a home for the Jack Russell terrier-bichon frise mix, who was just 6 weeks old. Tucker said Otis helped him get through some tough years early on, and they spent a lot of time together on long car rides. In more recent, happier times, Otis had become a big brother to Lucy, another rescue Tucker and his wife adopted in 2012, and a best friend to Carson Parry.

Ralph Ketner obituary May 31, 2016, Founder of Food Lion, Out of money dropped out of college, Child of the depression no money but blessed with an attitude point of view, I saw problems as opportunities in disguise, Example for young people and management

Ralph Ketner obituary May 31, 2016, Founder of Food Lion, Out of money dropped out of college, Child of the depression no money but blessed with an attitude point of view, I saw problems as opportunities in disguise, Example for young people and management



When I read the Obituary this morning in the Greensboro News Record I had to share it.

I have a connection to Mr. Ketner beyond where I was born.

His story should be an inspiration to anyone, especially young people and to modern day business management.

“SALISBURY Ralph W. Ketner, whose generous spirit created, inspired and encouraged generations of phi lanthropy in Salisbury; and whose business acumen created employment, wealth and security in our region and across the nation, went home to God on Sunday, May 29, 2016. Although a business icon, it was his kind, loving essence that made him so special and beloved by those who called him father, brother, hero, mentor or friend. Mr. Ketner’s wit and heart sparkled through his eyes and smile, and he exuded something special that always sought the good in those he met.Mr. Ketner was president, and the last of a trio of men who founded Food Town (later Food Lion) in 1957. He, his brother Brown and their friend Wilson Smith wanted to start a grocery store in Salisbury, but they had no money. They called friends and strangers from the phone book, to invest $10 a share, and ended up with 125 original investors. An original share of Food Town stock eventually split 19,440 for 1. Each $28 of original investment created a million-dollar return during Mr. Ketner’s tenure. Not only did the Ketners and Smith succeed, they made millionaires of their friends and neighbors. This extraordinary success didn’t happen overnight. In 1967, deciding that “you can’t buy people’s business you’ve got to earn it,” Mr. Ketner, a mathematics whiz, locked himself in a Charlotte hotel room for days, determined to figure out a way to lower prices on grocery items. His book, “Five Fast Pennies,” describes his process of drastically reducing prices and profits and counting on dramatic increases in volume, or “five fast pennies instead of one slow nickel,” to be successful. Food Town had to increase sales by 50 percent to break even, so Mr. Ketner “bet the company” and convinced his board to take the risk. In combination with exceptionally skillful buying and operations, that risk paid off and Food Town/Food Lion became the fastest growing supermarket in the nation, with the stock outperforming Microsoft, Walmart, and even Warren Buffet’s company, Berkshire Hathaway. In the 1970s, the grocery chain grew by 35 percent a year. It expanded across North Carolina and the nation. The Belgian company Delhaize purchased stock in Food Lion during this time period. That relationship continues today. Always looking for cost savings, when it became necessary for Food Town to change its name as it grew, Mr. Ketner came up with the name Food Lion because he’d only need to buy two new letters for store signs.Mr. Ketner’s philosophy was customers first, employees second, stockholders third and management last. Food Town/Food Lion had a profit-sharing program for employees from day one. Twenty percent of pre-tax profits went into the plan and enabled many hourly workers to send their children to college and enjoy a comfortable retirement. True to his philosophy of “management last,” and unlike almost all CEOs, Mr. Ketner never gave himself a stock option which would have made him a billionaire.Mr. Ketner knew firsthand what he called, “the privilege of being underprivileged.” Born September 20, 1920 to the late George Robert Ketner (also a grocer) and Effie Yost Ketner, he lost his mother at age five and his father at age eleven. His stepmother, Allene Ketner, did the best she could during the depression, but young Ralph worked from an early age.Mr. Ketner sold newspapers, learned how to pluck chickens from his grandfather, split logs with a wedge and mallet, worked in brother Glenn’s “Ketner’s” supermarkets and “hopped curb” at Dan Nicholas Ice Cream Parlor. As recently as this May, he still delighted in easily reeling off the 14 flavors of ice cream he sold as a youngster. Having honed the skills in arithmetic he’d use the rest of his life, Mr. Ketner graduated from Boyden in 1937 and enrolled in Tri-State College in Angola, Indiana the college farthest from Salisbury that had sent him a catalog. He later served as its commencement speaker in 1982 where he was awarded an honorary doctorate. Mr. Ketner, by then well known for his colorful language, presented a speech entitled: “Four-Letter Words, the Keys to Success: Home Work, Hard Work, Team Work, Good Luck, Good Lord, and a Good Idea.” Out of money in 1939, he dropped out of college and returned home to work in his brother Glenn’s store in Kannapolis, and later worked for Cannon Mills as an auditor. He volunteered for the army after the attack on Pearl Harbor, serving in North Africa and Italy from 1942 to 1945. Upon his return from the war, Mr. Ketner did everything possible to stay out of the grocery business, working nine jobs he didn’t like before ultimately returning to work for Glenn. When Glenn sold his chain of 25 stores to Winn-Dixie in 1956, Ralph and brother Brown worked briefly for that chain before starting Food Town with former co-worker, Wilson Smith, in 1957. Upon his retirement from Food Lion, Mr. Ketner embarked on a second career of philanthropy that has been nearly unparalleled in this community, both in his personal contribution and in his engendering that spirit in others. Catawba College became a frequent recipient of Mr. Ketner’s giving. The Ketner School of Business opened at Catawba in 1989 and Mr. Ketner, executive in residence, established a third-floor office there where he provided services as “LPCINC” (the Lowest Paid Consultant in North Carolina), providing free consultation to anyone seeking his counsel. He especially loved talking with students about their ideas, and never missed an opportunity to meet with classes. In the early ’90s, Mr. Ketner offered the North Carolina County Association a deal that they couldn’t refuse: each year, he would give a $10,000 cash award to the employee who came up with the best idea of how to improve efficiency of operations in state government. Twenty-five years later, the NC County Association estimated that Mr. Ketner’s $250,000 investment had saved taxpayers more than $38,000,000.Other entities which Mr. Ketner faithfully supported include, but are by no means limited to: Rowan Helping Ministries, Livingstone College, the City of Salisbury, Nazareth Children’s Home, Trident Community Foundation, Charleston Interfaith Crisis Ministries, Queens University, New Horizons, 4-H, Happy’s Farm Inc. and Duke University. His list of awards and honors includes: National CEO Award (Wall Street Journal), USA Entrepreneur of the Year (Price Waterhouse), Who’s Who in Supermarketing, Who’s Who in Finance and Industry, Top Entrepreneurs in U.S. (Venture Magazine), Top Visionaries in the Supermarket Industry (Supermarket News), Lifetime Achievement and Entrepreneur of the Year (Ernst & Young and Merrill Lynch). He was the subject of numerous national magazine articles, among which were: “What’s an LFPINC?” (Forbes, Feb. 16, 1981); “Making Them Rich Down Home,” (Fortune, Aug. 15, 1988) and “You Can Make A Million” (Readers Digest, July 1996).A lifelong member of the First Presbyterian Church of Salisbury, he served as both deacon and elder over his 83-year membership. In 1989, he built 14 homes for low-income families, and did the same in 2002 for ten families in Rowan County. He was N.C. Grocer of the Year in 1972-73; N.C. Retailer of the Year in 1977; received an honorary degree from Catawba in 1981; was Salisbury’s Man of the Year in 1985; received the Adrian L. Shuford Award from Catawba in 1987; bought and renovated Salisbury’s seven-story downtown anchor building, then graciously donated it to the City. Mr. Ketner was an original inductee of the National 4-H Hall of Fame in 2002; and was an original inductee of the Entrepreneurs’ Hall of Fame at Queen’s University in 2011. That same year, he was inducted into the Supermarket News Hall of Fame. In 2015, Catawba and Food Lion produced the documentary “Lessons in Leadership: The Story of Food Lion Co-Founder Ralph W. Ketner.” That same year, he received the State of North Carolina’s top honor, “Order of the Long Leaf Pine,” for extraordinary service to the state. In the forward to his book, “Five Fast Pennies,” Mr. Ketner wrote:”Throughout my life, I faced an uncommon number of obstacles orphan, child of the depression, no money. But I was blessed with an ‘attitude,’ a point of view. I saw ‘problems’ as ‘opportunities in disguise.’ I saw a ‘lemon’ and made ‘lemonade.’ I started ‘thinking’ before ‘starting to work.’ I have never had ambitious goals for myself, but have always done my very best on every job.” To this, a grateful family and community say, “Well done, thou good and faithful servant.”Survivors include: a daughter, Linda Ketner, of Charleston; a son, Robert (Leslie) Ketner of Greensboro; grandchildren Robert (Rebecca) Ketner Jr. of Winston-Salem, Andrew Ketner of New York City, Margaux Ketner of Philadelphia, and Madeline Ketner of Greensboro; sisters Virginia Petty of Greensboro and Dorothy Swing of Salisbury; his former wives, Ruth Hope (mother of his children) of Georgetown, SC and Anne Ketner of Salisbury; multiple nieces and nephews; and in-laws Wayne and Claudette Jones, and, Gary and Cathy Boggs all of Faith, NC.Along with his parents, he was preceded in death by his brothers, Glenn, Ray and Brown Ketner.The funeral will be held at 2:30 p.m., Sunday, June 5, 2016, at Keppel Auditorium, Catawba College, Salisbury, NC, Reverend James Dunkin of First Presbyterian officiating. A reception in the adjacent Crystal Lounge will follow. A private burial service will be held with immediate family. In lieu of flowers, memorials may be made to: Rowan Helping Ministries, 226 N. Long St., Salisbury, NC 28144; Hospice of Rowan County, 720 Grove St., Salisbury, NC 28144; Glenn A. Kiser Hospice House, 1229 Statesville Blvd., Salisbury, NC 28144.Summersett Funeral Home is serving the Ketner family. Online condolences may be made at     ”