Blagojevich trial, Obama Rezko ties, Black Panther case dismissal, Blagojevich trial ending soon?, Citizen Wells open thread, July 5, 2010

Blagojevich trial, Obama Rezko ties, Black Panther case dismissal

Will the Rod Blagojevich trial end sooner than projected?

Will Tony Rezko or Stuart Levine be called as witnesses?

Will the focus of the Blagojevich trial continue to be on the senate seat?

We know this:

  • By the time Rezko was convicted in June 2008, the feds had enough to indict Blagojevich.
  • The US Justice Dept. waited until December 2008, after the election to arrest Blagojevich.
  • Federal prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald was given a supervisory assignment by Obama early in 2009.
  • The following statement, damning for both Blagojevich and Obama, was included in the Criminal Complaint and not in the final Indictment. “At the relevant time period, the Planning Board consisted of nine individuals.”
  • Judge James Zagel has referred to Rezko as a bad witness.
  • The trial may end in the next 2 weeks instead of lasting the projected 3 to 4 months.
  • Attorney J. Christian Adams resigned from the US Justice Dept. after the case against the New Black Panther party was dismissed.
  • Civil rights attorney Bartle Bull has critized the US Justice Dept. and referred to Obama as a “Hustler.”

Is the US Justice Dept. corrupt?

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  1. truthbetold11

    corrupt isnt the word. bought and paid for. the corporation will protect its own interests period. this trial will end weird and we will be scratching our heads. like huh?

  2. Is the US Justice Dept. corrupt? Yes

    Is the Executive Branch corrupt? Yes

    Is Congress corrupt? Yes

    Is the Third Circuit Court of Appeals corrupt? Yes

    Is the Supreme Court of the United States corrupt? We will know the answer depending upon how they handle Kerchner v. Obama…

  3. “The state’s last elected governor, Rod R. Blagojevich, is on trial for racketeering and extortion. But in 2003, he persuaded the legislature to let him float $10 billion in 30-year bonds and use the proceeds for two years of pension payments. ”

    And to think that once you would go to jail for stealing a loaf of bread!

    I weep for our once noble country.

  4. I know that Blago is corrupt, but I think that he is the fall guy in this whole mess. Bo has a much bigger role in this than is let on. Bo should be on trial right along with Blago. Bo lied to FBI and is getting away with it. Something has to give. I hope that Bo’s criminal activity will somehow catch up to him.


    “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men, even when they exercise influence and not authority: still more when you superadd the tendency or certainty of corruption by full authority. THERE IS NO WORSE HERESY THAN THE FACT THAT THE OFFICE SANCTIFIES THE HOLDER OF IT.”

  6. Free Speech

    It is evident from the specious arguments of the boBots who continually post disinformation about the Citizen Grand Jury process that bo is very afraid of Patriots forming Citizen Grand Juries.

    So be a part of bo’s worst nightmare. Form your Grand Jury. Indict bo & his co-conspirators, but if the DA refuses to prosecute then you need to file for Original Jurisdiction before SCOTUS.

    SCOTUS is not in session again until the First Monday in October. No cases will be heard until then, but We Patriots can still work to uphold our Constitution and form Citizen Grand Juries so that this is not our last 4th of July as a Free Nation. Time is running short, bo will make an all-out effort to shut down conservative internet sites before the Nov. 2010 elections.

    Even if you do not wish to form a Grand Jury yourself, you can serve your Country by posting the information about how to form a legitimate Grand Jury on Blogs & emailing it to all those on your email lists.

    For information on forming a Secret Grand Jury to investigate crimes go here:

    For information on Crimes committed by the bo campaign:

  7. articles Obama has U.S. economy in DEATH SPIRAL ARTICLE

    Need to demand iNVESTIGATION OF pANTHER
    Demand a no vote to KAGAN

  8. Pass this Far and wide, ASAP


    Have facts in article !


    Globe expose ILLEGAL PRESIDENT !!
    Takes Tabloids to EXPOSE THE TRUTH !!!!!!!
    TELL ALL TO BUY .Send to congress !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. speedy // July 5, 2010 at 9:15 am

    ” Bo lied to FBI and is getting away with it. Something has to give. I hope that Bo’s criminal activity will somehow catch up to him.”
    With a DOJ under Holder, Bo’s buddy, there is little chance that Bo will be indicted for lying to the feds. Anyone else – yes! Bo and his cohorts – no! We are supposed to be a nation of laws, not men. Instead we have become a nation of men, not laws. God help us!!

  10. Free Speech

    To paraphrase Euripides from the Phoenix, “Every man is like the company he… keep(s).”

  11. Free Speech

  12. Free Speech

  13. Free Speech

  14. Bill Cutting

    The Queen of England is coming to NewYork for a victory lap over US independence.

  15. Unless Blago is holding an ACE in the hole,he WILL BE HUNG OUT TO DRY. He could have an ACE,and is only waiting for a certain person to go out on a limb, at which point he will play his ACE and at the same time saw off the limb that the enemy is out on. This is really a little game of rotation. The ACE gets him a saw in hand. Then it is up to Blago to have the golf balls to saw off the limb. Get what I mean? Maybe Blago is like the JOINT CHIEFS…….AFRAID OF A PERVERT WITH A DRUG HABIT. I WONDER HOW THEY WOULD BEHAVE IF THEY ALL WERE HANDED A RIFLE AS THE ENEMY CLOSED IN ON THEM. WOULD THEY FIGHT OR …..RUN TOWARDS THE REAR, CRYING FOR THEIR MOMMIES, WITH A HUGE BROWN STAIN IN THEIR TROUSERS. WILL BLAGO CAVE?

  16. If Blago holds an ACE in the hole, and he plays it intelligently he could end up becoming a NATIONAL HERO to all conservatives,and resurrect his own butt at the same time. The next few days will tell the truth.

  17. There was once a an alleged song that was called “The Yellowstain Blues” It had become a popular tune during the movie “The Caine Mutiny”. Humphrey Bogart played the part of Captain Queeg who had sufferred from battle fatigue,and became paranoid. Captain Queeg assumed command of the USS Caine but the junior officers looked upon him as unfit for command. His subsequent behavior soon confirmed the suspicions of the junior officers.His erratic behavior caused the junior officers to coin a song which they called “The Yellowstain Blues”. He ultimately was court martialed after the ship was nearly lost during a storm at sea. While the story was fiction it had some grounding in a WW2 incident of the same type that did indeed occur.

  18. Philo-Publius

    Benaiah at 8:08 am

    Is the Supreme Court of the United States corrupt? We will know the answer depending upon how they handle Kerchner v. Obama…

    We already know when the court gets back in session…In April 2010, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas told a House subcommittee that the court is evading the eligibility question.

  19. Here is another twist.

    Mike Wallace is the narrator – Chris Wallace’s father. LOOK AT 57 seconds.

  20. Philo-Publius

    Dow Repeats Great Depression Pattern

    With the US trapped in depression, this really is starting to feel like 1932

  21. Remember the people in the Gulf are not out of the woods, not by a long shot.
    BP Oil Spill Loan Rises to $9 By CAROL DEAN
    LONDON—BP PLC’s standby loan has inched up to around $9 billion as more banks join the group of lenders supporting the company against possible claims related to the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, a person familiar with the situation said Monday.

  22. There will be no trial. There will be nothing done to remove the usurper by the very system that put him there. If there is, the entire corruption system in DC will come to a grinding halt.

    They are saving their POS system from crashing down. Nothing more. Nothing less.

  23. Philo-Publius

    Obama Goes Golfing For 8th Time Since Oil Spill & Explosion

  24. Philo-Publius

    In the video below, Charles Bolden, head of NASA, tells Al Jazeera that the “foremost” task President Obama has given him is “to find a way to reach out to the Muslim world and engage much more with predominantly Muslim nations to help them feel good about their historic contribution to science, math, and engineering.” Thus, NASA’s primary mission is no longer to enhance American science and engineering or to explore space, but to boost the self-esteem of “predominantly Muslim nations.”

  25. Free Speech

    SCOTUS is the last & probably the only hope we have left for a peaceful, legal removal of bo. Thus, it is self defeating to malign a Court that just issued one of many rulings upholding our Constitution.

    It is foolish to blame SCOTUS because lawyers failed to bring a proper case with standing before the Court on the eligibility issue.

    The present SCOTUS is the best, most conservative Court that this Nation has had, in at least, 50 years.

  26. Philo-Publius @ 12:23 pm
    Obama the delusional now thinks he is Tiger Woods, he certainly has Tiger Woods syndrome. I wonder if Rush was prescient when he blurted out that Obama will come crashing down like Tiger. Tiger was/is a very talented golfer (I am not into sports) but lived a life based on lies, and due to a support staff/people who looked the other way he got away with his insanity for a long, long time, the more he got away with, his bad behavior the more emboldened he became. Sad, this guy had it all-the best things a loving sweet little wife and 2 darling children-all gone due to even more selfish, uncaring mean and spiteful girl friends (so-called). Obama is a liar in the same vane, the more he got away with, the worse he got, but he is a lousy golfer and a worse and/or the worst potus (so-called) ever.

  27. Free Speech

    Even if you assume the boBots are correct about our justly Conservative SCOTUS, that is no excuse for the failure to exercise your Constitutional Rights.

  28. Day 76 and counting…

    This is scary stuff. Don’t know what to make of it…wild speculation or not anything is possible.

    RBN Radio Host Robert J Hender reports on Marshall Law and Potential Forced Evacuations. first

  29. Free Speech – 12:28 PM

    The present SCOTUS is the best, most conservative Court that this Nation has had, in at least, 50 years.
    You are absolutely right! In our disgust and frustration (fully understood) we need to be careful to not malign the highest court in the land. Sometimes all of us are too free with our scathing accusations, but we do not – I repeat, we do NOT know exactly how things are going to turn out. I have to remind myself of that fact constantly. A five to four decision, granted is slim, but nevertheless it is a majority. We need to be grateful for that. It could have been just the opposite. I need to be more thankful for the blessings we still have. How about a little Thanksgiving Day in July? Sounds good !

  30. Sorry sp. goof

    Worth the read, hope this works.

  31. This little poem was written approximately 100 years ago–

    How well it applies today


    A man must live. We justify.
    Low shift and trick to treason high,
    A little vote for a little gold
    To a whole senate bought and sold,
    By that self evident reply.

    But is it so? Pray tell me why
    Life at such a cost you have to buy?
    IN what religion were you told
    A man must live?

    There are times when a man must die.
    Imagine, for a battle-cry,
    From soldiers, with a sword to hold,
    From soldiers, with the flag unrolled,
    This coward’s whine, this liar’s lie–
    A man must live!

    by Charlotte Perkins Gilman

  32. I discovered that I was alleged to be a NUT CASE by one of our ALLEGED bloggers. To this allegation I simply LAUGH at him/her, because their accusations tell a story about him/herself as well. I stated what I believe to be the case with respect to the use of the COREXIT 9500 in the Gulf of Mexico. So I call upon them to …..PROVE their own allegations…..if they can. I presented what I only think is the case and I so stated that very plainly. I also presented the scientific aspects of what I believe could be the case at hand. Nothing more or nothing less. Nor do I expect everybody to fol;low what I have stated. You are all free to think and do as you believe is correct. I respect all of that. Nor do I implore anybody to believe what I have to say. This is based upon many years of experience in operating ship board STEAM PROPULSION machinery,and shipboard BOILERS. Apparently the person who is doing the ridiculing thinks that the LATENT HEAT OF EVAPORATION is BULLSH##. So to clear the air I will clarify the definition of this point. It is the amount of applied heat necessary to cause one pound of water to vaporise, at 1 atmosphere of pressure. This is only a very tiny part of the training administered to Class A school attendees for the Machinist’s Mate petty officer’s advancement in rate. This training was,and still is via the auspices of both the University of Wisconsin,and the University of Michigan. The person making the allegations that I am full of sh## should go to the President of both of these schools and tell them that they are full of shi#. They graduate hundreds of fully accredited junior engineers for both Naval service and US Maritime service every year. Tell all of the graduates that they are full of shi#. Then go to the Federal Maritime Administration (MARAD) and tell them that they are full of shi#. Lastly go to the Bureau of Naval Personell and tell them that they are full of shi#.In reality the only person who is full of shi# is the little person who makes such unsubstantiated allegations.
    I reiterate that IF COREXIT has more than one ingredient, then ALL ingredients will have to be derived or manufactured as volatile,or aromatic substances to have any ability to EVAPORATE into our atmosphere. In addition any mixing of aromatic fumes with atmospheric water vapor would have to occur AFTER eveporation. If Corexit contains any component chemistry made from a solid then this material will be left behind as the aromatic component evapotrates. Similarly with water. any impurities are left behind as it evaporates into the atmosphere. Anyone who didn’t sleep through their high school physics,and or science classes would know this. The process is called DISTILLATION, or are you too STONED on drugs to even know what the word means?
    I pray that there is NO component to Corexit which behaves in this manner. This is because the left behind residual component will become concentrated,and as such could become a new disaster to all marine life in the Gulf. I am sure that all of this was taken into consideration before it was put in use to help disperse the floating crude. If these facts were not considered then it was probably felt that there was no danger of the chemistry becoming an airborne toxin to animals ashore, when it rains. Rain ,in and of itself is also a CONDENSATE. The cooler air combined with a low barometric pressure causes the water vapor to condense (RAIN) this is the result of the latent heat of CONDENSATION). It occurs when enough heat has been extracted to cause the equivalent of one pound of water to change from a vapor into a liquid state at one atmosphere of ambient pressure. Not bullshi#, just a lifetime of learning! By all means call it what you want, this is after all a blog. If you resent what I have to say then simply scan on past my comment. I ain’t mad or upset. I am only trying to state my view point. I respectfully invite a constructive and enlightening exchange of information. At 79 years of age I still like to learn as much as I can whenever I can.

  33. Patrick Henry “Speech to the Virginia Convention 1775 ” Literary discussion animation

  34. This will fill you in on the latest as of July 2 in the Gulf-Anderson Cooper, Billy the president of the parish in LA, James Carville and many other citizens in the area. The Press is not happy with this media shut down and tricks BP is trying to pull in the Gulf.

  35. The first Liberty ship buit at Baltimore was named the SS Patrick Henry.

  36. oldsalt79 @ 1:15 pm
    Old Salt-trying to remember my high school Chemistry, but say I was a citizen of LA and I was curious, what would stop me from after a rain storm from going to a ditch and filling a bottle of water, to find out what is in it? That could be easily done all over LA by citizens. Where could a citizen go to get the water tested? or would some litmus strips tell the tale?

  37. Former MP George Galloway probed for ‘inflammatory’ speech at rally

  38. Free Speech

    To paraphrase Euripides from the Phoenix, “Every man is like the company he… keep(s).”

    BHO campaigned for his Luo Tribe “cousin” Raila Odinga during Odinga’s campaign for President of Kenya.

    Despite BHO’s best efforts to incite mobs of disgruntled Odinga supporters, his “cousin” lost. Immediately thereafter, Odinga incited mobs to engage in violent riots throughout Kenya. Thousands of Kenyan Christians were maimed or killed by Odinga’s murderous mobs. Women and Children were burned alive in their Christian Churches. Tens of Thousands of Kenyan Christians were driven from the homes.

    The recent dismissal of the case against the New Black Panthers for voter intimidation and threats of violence at the polls in Philadelphia clearly signals BHO’s plans for the November 2010 elections in the United States.

    Being that BHO’s Department of “justice” has give its tacit approval of the violent tactics of the New Black Panthers, it is clear that the November 2010 elections in the United States are likely to be even more chaotic and violent than the elections in Kenya wherein BHO’s “cousin” Odinga merely represented an opposition party without control of the Kenyan Department of Justice.

    View the videos of Obama and Odinga in Kenya and judge for yourself.

  39. Free Speech

    Notice how Odinga uses the same language, the same talking points as bo.

  40. Schoolbook hunky-dory with Islam, but skunks Jesus?

    Parent: ‘Class presents version of history that never occurred’

  41. Here is what I found Oldsalt,,,,

    Corexit 9500 doesn’t enter the atmosphere though distillation or evaporation .

    Warm water, as in the Gulf of Mexico in summer, changes the molecular structure of Corexit 9500. It turns it into a gas which is readily absorbed into the atmosphere.

    In relatively low concentrations (2.61 PPM), it is lethal.

    There can only be one reason for dumping tons of toxins into the ocean combined with all the other gases and toxins already there .

  42. >>>>>JeffM // July 5, 2010 at 12:23 pm
    There will be no trial. There will be nothing done to remove the usurper by the very system that put him there. If there is, the entire corruption system in DC will come to a grinding halt.
    They are saving their POS system from crashing down. Nothing more. Nothing less.<<<<

    What the United States of America needs to survive is the truth. We the people need a press that investigates and tells the truth. We need a government that investigates and seeks out the truth.

    World Trade Center 1993–Al Queda operation funded by Iraq and supported by Iran. Facts cover-up by Bill Clinton for political reasons.

    Oklahoma City 1995-Al Queda operation supported by Suddam Hussien, and likely Iran. Facts cover-up by Bill Clinton for political reasons.

    Word Trade Center 2001—Still not sure of the facts here. Somebody explain building #7 for me sometime.

    Bogus POTUS–may not even be US citizen

    Christmas underwear bomber—? CIA operation

    Gulf Oil Spill- Did BP blow the well ? Did Obama and Vanguard know? Did Godman Sachs know?

    I got more questions than answers. I am certain that you are correct, there will be no truth, no investigations, no trial. To many bodies are buried to start digging. The result is no United States of America. Corruption and Lies have already destroyed the great gift of our forefathers.


  43. This former Dem now tea party, who I will be voting in November.
    LTC Allen West speaking before the Tea Party Fort Lauderdale before the July 3, 2010 Tea Party of Fort Lauderdale

  44. Citizen Carlyle (FUBO)

    To all – here is why I fault SCOTUS:

    Sure they can wait for a perfect case with all the i’s dotted and t’s crossed. And they can claim to be righteous to do so. “Just bring us a good case and we will hear it”.

    However, their discretion is wide. Even the most hard-nosed definition of “standing” has a gray area big enough in the middle to almost make the whole concept meaningless. The concept of “standing” can be used as a wide filter to “allow” or a narrow filter to “prevent” – all up to the jurists in question.

    There has been at least two cases already at SCOTUS that they could have chosen to hear. Given the critical and constitutional nature of the issue at-hand, they should have heard the cases.

    Further – as evidenced by their actions after the Gore/Florida debacle – they have the ability to “clear the decks” and move very rapidly if they want to. Obama eligibility should have been one of these occasions even more than Gore/Florida.

    Therefore one can only conclude that they are part of the conspiracy – i.e. part of the problem and not part of the solution!

    Why don’t any of “them” (courts, congressmen, media) realize that aiding, abetting, and cover-ups of treason are themselves treason? Are they willing to bet their lives on a speculation that he will never be found out? Or with extreme hubris are they all intertwined in a grand non-prosecute pact?

  45. I think the most important thing we can do right now is write/call/email each and every one of our own state governors to INSIST that for every name placed onto the 2012 ballots there is a thorough check for proof that someone is a United States citizen – that a birth certificate with seal, hospital name & doctor’s name be shown TO THE GOVERNOR. Not too soon to start writing now because this might need to become some sort of state law between now and then.

    Mine is NJ Governor Chris Christie (Illinois & other states could use a no-nonsense guy like him right now!).

  46. James Fox reports Gulf Oil Spill Media Blackout and Arrests being made.

  47. Free Speech

    Cabby – AZ // July 5, 2010 at 12:53 pm

    Free Speech – 12:28 PM

    The present SCOTUS is the best, most conservative Court that this Nation has had, in at least, 50 years.
    You are absolutely right! In our disgust and frustration (fully understood) we need to be careful to not malign the highest court in the land. Sometimes all of us are too free with our scathing accusations, but we do not – I repeat, we do NOT know exactly how things are going to turn out. I have to remind myself of that fact constantly. A five to four decision, granted is slim, but nevertheless it is a majority. We need to be grateful for that. It could have been just the opposite. I need to be more thankful for the blessings we still have. How about a little Thanksgiving Day in July? Sounds good !
    Yes, Cabby, we should all be grateful for the 5 Justices who upheld our Constitution. I am very grateful that we have the conservative, constitutionalist SCOTUS that we now have.

    Instead of complaining about the glass being 4/9 empty, we should be thankful that it is 5/9 full.

  48. This article describes some of the effects of Corexit 9500.

    In my opinion, the effects of Corexit will lead to bioaccumulation of its toxic compounds and byproducts in sea life. I anticipate there will be disruption of the endocrine functions and nervous system functions of affected sea life. At a minimum, these effects may disrupt the reproductive cycle of affected sea life, and at the extreme end, there will be damage to the central nervous system and death. The ingredient propylene glycol is known to deplete oxygen and this will lead to the death of sea life in the areas acutely exposed to Corexit. There will be a number of un-anticipated outcomes to humans and other land animals that come into contact with sea life exposed to byproducts of Corexit 9500, whether through eating contaminated sea food, or through other secondary effects.

    The following are comments from the article cited above.

    “Several news sources, including the NYT, are reporting today that the Naperville, Illinois-based company is defending the safety of Corexit, “when used as directed,” although Nalco advises that BP’s direct application of Corexit to the spewing oil well is “unprecedented.” The Naperville Sun Times says that 993,000 gallons of Corexit have been sprayed or dumped in the Gulf of Mexico as of yesterday. In May, the EPA asked BP to back off on its use of Corexit in the Gulf spill.

    So what’s in Corexit? It’s hard to know exactly, because part of the formula is proprietary. According to the material safety datasheet for Corexit 9500, the “clear, hazy, amber” liquid contains

    10%-30% hydrotreated light petroleum distillates (a mineral spirit-type solvent, as far as I can tell);
    1%-5% propylene glycol (a widely used solvent and chemical cousin of ethylene glycol); and
    10%-30% “organic sulfonic acid salt,” which is proprietary (the EPA evidently has the full formula, according to the NYT).
    For humans, Corexit appears to be merely a short-term irritant; it is not defined as hazardous or toxic by EPA standards. Safety precautions (eg, gloves, splash goggles) are intended to keep the product away from the skin and eyes. Filter masks are recommended when air concentrations are expected to reach a certain threshold.”

    “Ramachandran et al (2006). Influence of salinity and fish species on PAH uptake from dispersed crude oil. Water salinity reduced PAH exposure (by reducing PAH solubility) and the efficiency of dispersants (but only at the highest tested salinity). The Canadian authors concluded that the risk of PAH exposure from dispersed oil will be greatest where salinity is lowest—that is, in coastal waters.”

    “06/07/10 addendum: BP’s use of 1 million or so gallons of dispersant may also confound the cleanup effort in the Gulf. It’s certainly to BP’s advantage to obscure the scope of the spill, and Admiral Thad Allen of the Coast Guard says that dispersants “have succeeded at fragmenting one giant spill into ‘hundreds of thousands’ of mini spills,” reports today’s Politics Daily. BP’s use of dispersant directly on the wellhead is also likely to prevent crude oil from rising to the surface, where it is easier to spot and clean up. “

  49. CA Patriot

    JeffM // July 5, 2010 at 12:23 pm

    There will be no trial. There will be nothing done to remove the usurper by the very system that put him there. If there is, the entire corruption system in DC will come to a grinding halt.

    They are saving their POS system from crashing down. Nothing more. Nothing less.

    Thanks Jeff,

    My take: They will continue to badger and push the American people around, just daring us to try and challenge them legally or otherwise. “Whatcha gonna do about it?” Just like the typical schoolyard bully. And when someone does try something (and it will happen sooner or later), they will declare martial law, shut down the internet, and move to permanently silence the dissenters in the name of “country unity and justice.”

    What have we created America? We handed the keys to the kingdom over to the left, and they are intent on crushing us now and forever. It’s up to us American Patriots to take the country back from them.

    I can see November from my front porch………..

  50. It looks like some of the Corexit being sprayed in the Gulf has been carried via wind currents to land areas in Mississippi and is affecting various crops.

    I also question why Corexit was chosen as the dispersant of choice. Could it be that corrupt Illinois politics is rewarding one of their own. Someone needs to look into Nalco and see who is on their board. I smell a rotten fish.

    Quote begins.

    Corexit 9500 is a solvent originally developed by Exxon and now manufactured by Nalco of Naperville, Illinois. Corexit is four times more toxic than oil (oil is toxic at 11 ppm (parts per million), Corexit 9500 at only 2.61ppm).

    In a report written by Anita George-Ares and James R. Clark for Exxon Biomedical Sciences, Inc. titled “Acute Aquatic Toxicity of Three Corexit Products: An Overview” Corexit 9500 was found to be one of the most toxic dispersal agents ever developed. According to the Clark and George-Ares report, Corexit mixed with the higher gulf coast water temperatures becomes even more toxic.

    The UK’s Marine Management Organization has banned Corexit so if there was a spill in the UK’s North Sea, BP is banned from using Corexit. In fact Corexit products currently being used in the Gulf were removed from a list of approved treatments for oil spills in the U.K. more than a decade ago. The Environmental Advisory Service for Oil and Chemical Spills at IVL, Swedish Environmental Institute, has, upon request of the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency evaluated Corexit extensively and recommended it not be used in Swedish waters. The Swedish study concludes:

    “The studies suggest that a mixture of oil and dispersant give rise to a more toxic effect on aquatic organisms than oil and dispersants do alone… The research on toxicity of oils mixed with dispersants has, however, shown high toxicity values even when the dispersant per se was not very toxic.”

    Quote Ends.

  51. Janet

    Birth certificates alone are not good enough , need SS # and background checks .

    It would take years to teach them the difference between Certificates and Certifications .

    The dear leader and his ministry has it unlawful to ask someone for their paper work .

  52. The ingredient list for Corexit 9500 is posted at the Nalco webpage:

    Nalco in conjunction with the US EPA has found no toxicity of any of the ingredients found in Corexit 9500.

  53. Reichstag building was set on fire by Hitler to take power. But I wonder what would’ve happened if Hitlers men screwed up and the fire got away from them and burnt half of Germany to the ground ?.

  54. Free Speech

    Crystal // July 5, 2010 at 3:11 pm

    Please note that the Television Station that did this report is in Memphis and they refer to crop contamination in North Mississippi not South Mississippi. If this is Corexit poisoning then it has spread approximately 600 miles inland from the bo oil disaster site. This would mean that the people of Houston, Memphis, Atlanta, Orlando, Tampa could all be affected, and if it gets into the Gulf stream then Miami and beyond could be affected.

    It looks like bo & bill ayers may get their wish to kill millions of Americans.

  55. Free Speech

  56. Crystal @ 3:11 pm
    I kept thinking why does that name Nalco sound familiar to me , then I remembered I knew it as Nalco Chemical out of OakBrook, Illinois-near Naperville, I was working for an auditing firm helping to audit their books.
    Nalco was founded as National Aluminate Corporation in 1928 through a merger of Chicago Chemical Company and Aluminate Sales Corporation, two Chicago-based companies selling sodium aluminate to treat water. Chicago Chemical Company sold mainly to municipalities and industrial plants for boiler feedwater treatment. Aluminate Sales Corporation sold to the railroads to condition water used in steam locomotives.

  57. Philo-Publius

    Imagine being an American that hates the Fourth of July.

    Seems impossible, right?

    Apparently not for the editor of the uber-liberal magazine The Progressive proudly wrote Saturday, “It’s July 4th, my least favorite holiday…You see, I don’t believe in patriotism.”

    Maybe we should take up a collection and buy this commie a one way ticket to Moscow.

    BP remains key Pentagon supplier
    by DFX July 05, 2010 08:01
    .[link to]
    BP remains key Pentagon supplier
    Jul 4 10:20 PM US/Eastern
    Despite its role in the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, energy giant BP remains a…
    Despite its role in the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, energy giant BP remains a key supplier of fuel to the Pentagon, The Washington Post reported.
    Citing data from the Defense Logistics Agency, the newspaper said BP had contracts with the US Defense Department worth at least 980 million dollars in the current fiscal year.

  59. ” Breathes there a man with soul so dead.
    Who never to himself has said.
    This is my own my native land!Whose heart hath ne’re within him burned.
    As home his footsteps he hath turned .From wandering on a foreign strand!
    If such there breathe go mark him well.
    For him no Mistral raptures swell.
    Though high his titles, proud his name.
    Boundless his wealth as wish can claim.
    Despite those titles power and pelf.
    The wretch concentrated all in self.
    Living for it fair renown.
    And doubly dying shall go down.
    To the vile dust from whence he sprung.
    Unwept unhonoured and unsung. ”

    Sir Walter Scott

  60. Philo-Publius

    Elena Kagan admired a National Socialist/Marxist

    One of the longest standing and most respected conservative journals Human Events, recently uncovered some shocking information on Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan. She repeatedly cited a 20th century European Marxist-turned-Nazi Werner Sombert in her college thesis paper. And the references were not academic, but rather supportive and even hopeful. From HE:

  61. These are the Marxist radicals from the sixties , they will stop at nothing to destroy America , nothing.

    Gulf could gush oil for 30 to 100 yrs. There is no way to stop the flow . How many years would it take to kill the planet , 2 , 3 years ?.

    BTW : I saw another video about crop damage in Ohio .

  62. Free Speech

    The Globe Magazine Report on bo’s foreign birth.

  63. Free Speech @ 4:28 pm
    I wonder why the Globe Magazine decided to print this now? Waiting for just the right time? I can’t believe they didn’t have this information prior to this publication. They sensed a change in the wind direction? I just feel like something is going on behind the scenes-that an the Enquire Gore material, hmmm.

  64. Free Speech

    I can only hope that even the demRATS who forced bo on us, want to avoid the riots that bo & ayers have planned for November 2010. Surely even the dimmest demRATS must know that the bo “presidency” is no longer tenable.

    I don’t have a kind way of saying that the only way to communicate with many of the morons who voted for bo is in the checkout lanes at the grocery store, and that is where the Globe comes into play. It is a way to discourage the bMobs so that they don’t riot if bo is arrested.

  65. Free Speech

    Even the dimmest demRATS must know that this is what bo & ayers have planned for the November 2010 elections.

  66. Free Speech


    Perhaps it is mere coincidence, but I have noticed a marked decrease in the boBot disinformation campaign in the past few days.

  67. Free Speech @ 5:06 pm
    Free Speech I hadn’t thought of that angle. I was downtown during the riots after the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. was murdered. I’m so glad I went. The riots lasted 3 days-old Mayor Daley instituted dawn to dusk curfews immediately-somewhat like home when you’re in big trouble with your father. There was rioting, looting, shooting-somewhat out of control. I remember my date driving from our suburbs to city of Chicago 40 miles approx. with no vehicles on the roads-none except an occasional military vehicle. It was creepy a vibrant, busy city shut down completely. The party we were going to was on the near North Side (Chicago expression for I don’t know where the he** we were at) since I grew up in the suburbs-turn right at the barn I understand that. I think the buildings burned out hulks that they are-are still standing that’s what the gang-bangers, drug dealers and criminal elements of all kinds to over, I think the locations are South Side and West Sides of Chicago. What a waste of prime property. This is probably where Obama and minions thieves though they may be wanted the Olympics to be built.

  68. Free Speech @ 5:13 pm
    That’s good to hear. Our beyond stupid government has no idea all the people in the Gulf States have friends, family co-workers who are wondering what the heck is going on also. Do they think we live in a little vacuum? I’m in FL, and Palm Beach, after seeing what LA had to go through went pro-active immediately-barring unforseen circumstances-like a Hurricane they are prepared. I am looking forward to see what A Whale can do, that and all the great inventions WE THE PEOPLE came up with. In my opinion re: Gulf Oil Spill BP and government (so-called) got more in the way than to do anything remotely helpful and people noticed.

  69. Free Speech

    My guess is that the demRATS & rinos who forced bo on us have finally figured out that the bp rig explosion & the subsequent corexit contamination was all planned by bo, ayers & hugo chavez.

  70. Philo-Publius

    But given the reality that white voters — again — almost certainly hold the key to Obama’s and the Democrats’ chances in the fall, they would be even crazier not to try.

    You can read between the lines to see the Obama media is swinging into White House mode to blame Democratic losses on racists while people.

  71. Free Speech @ 5:30 pm
    Well if they did that makes them all murderers and co-conspirators to commit murder 11 counts and that’s just for starters.

  72. Philo-Publius

    Gallup surveys Tea Party supporters, opponents, and neutrals in order to find out what issues matter most to them. And despite the media’s portrayal of Tea Party activists as bigots, it turns out that there is little difference between all three groups on the importance of addressing discrimination. You’d never know that from watching CNN or MSNBC coverage of the Tea Party movement. News cameras search for the most provocative signs that they can find at rallies and then give viewers the impression that everyone at the rallies supports it. In truth, as Gallup and Winston Group have repeatedly found, the Tea Party movement reflects the general American population very closely indeed.

  73. Philo-Publius @ 5:31 pm
    One thing missing from this equation is the campaign ads, if the Republicans are smart they will show all the information that the Dems have been hiding from the citizenry-9/12 March-2 million Americans in DC, citizens insulted at town hall meetings if they were not locked out-Breitbart’s video’s re: ACORN-SEIU corruption
    Obama’s parties (constant) during the Gulf Oil Spill. I think many folks are not aware of all of this and you could probably add a lot more. Former Dem now Tea Party, because of Obama/Pelosi corruption and abuse of power.

  74. I was unaware until now that the Corexit was being sprayed upon the gulf by pressurised mechanical atomisation nozzles.. Now I am forced to agree with all of the prior atmospheric concerns relating to the product. While there still is NO way for the product to get into the atmosphere by virtue of evaporation, there certainly is a way for this to occur as a result of being applied either by crop dusting aircraft, or other pressurised mechanical spraying systems that finely atomise the product. Dependent upon the intensity of the surface winds alone the finely atomised droplets could be propelled thousands of miles without even losing it’s strength. I am certain that it could do heavy damage to both produce crops,and grain. Secondarily I am wondering what the results would be if it was ingested into our respiratory systems. My guess is that it would effect people more who already have respiratory problems. The application at the well head below the surface is not one that would necessarily generate any atomised droplets in the atmosphere. It is already dispristubited through the surface oil. If there is certain chemical ingredients that are acidic, or if the product contains any levels of phosphates.It could then endanger marine life,or if there is a oxygen depleting agent it again could pose a serious threat to marine life at all levels,including coral.
    I thank Crystal for the information update. It is very enlightening and if accurate a serious threat.. There is a need to find some of this product and have a complete toxicity test done on it by a independent lab. It is even possible that people who have severe allergies could ingest this material into their respiratory system and it could trigger a severe allergic reaction with life threatening consequences. There are a lot of UNKNOWNS at this point. People who live in close proximity to the gulf are probably at the greatest risk. If the product is being sprayed onto the surface of the Gulf then I have to say that doing this does endanger ALL living things probably for over a 500 mile radius. The wind predominates for a large part of the year out of the Southwest across the central gulf states,upwards northeasterlyclear across many states,and even into New England. So why the hell are the maniacs spraying it on the surface.? I have a gut feeling that it is being injected at the well hed largely out of these health risk concerns that would indeed be there with spraying. I knew it was being injected at the wellhead,but I really did not know that it was being sprayed over the surface. I look upon that as total lunacy.

  75. Army DAV………………………………………..
    I would have to agree to your assessment. However if this potential was known before the Corexit was used then there could be a really disasterous result. Perhaps it is time to lay in some emergency breathing appareatus, along with plenty of oxygen.Especially for people who already have respiratory problems. It would seem that the people in and around the gulf could file a civil laqwsuit against any further use of Corexit, but given the outcome of over 100 lawsuits against Soetoro, what would be the chances of a successful civil suit against BP.. I would say probably poor at best. Talk about a tiger by the tail,and we may have one in the gulf.

  76. Army DAV…………………………………………
    The PPM rating that you quoted as being lethal is extremely SMALL.. Hell this is even deadlier than some of our anti personell mass death airborne gasses. Perhaps it is time to start using this product as an offensive weapon.

  77. Jacqlyn Smith

    God Bless America – Celine Dion (With Lyrics & History)

  78. Free Speech

    In light of the revelations of the life threatening effects of the oil spill and corexit use in the Gulf, Grand Jurors should add the charges of Reckless Endangerment, Criminal Negligent Homicide and Depraved Indifference Homicide to you Indictments of bo & his co-conspirators.

    Negligent homicide is a criminal charge brought against people who, through criminal negligence, allow others to die.

    Negligent Homicide is a lesser included offense to first and second degree murder, in the sense that someone guilty of this offense can expect a more lenient sentence, often with imprisonment time comparable to manslaughter.

    Criminally negligent homicide is where death results from serious negligence, or, in some jurisdictions, serious recklessness.

    Depraved-indifference Homicide, is the charge for a “callous disregard for human life” that results in death. In most states, depraved heart killings constitute second-degree murder.

    If no death results, such acts would generally be defined as Reckless Endangerment and possibly other crimes, such as Assault.

    For information on forming a Secret Grand Jury to investigate crimes go here:

    For information on Crimes committed by the bo campaign:

  79. Michelle……………………………………………..
    Given what I just learned about how the Corexit is now being applied to the oil, I find myself highly alarmed . Even being a “NUT Case”it is easy to see the dangers in this one. I for one if I was in LA would if for no other reason than peace of mind probably do just exactly as you stated.

  80. Old Salt – You have a great talent for assimilating information and presenting it in a very readable fashion. My PhD research was in the area of neuro-toxicology so I know a little bit about the potential for toxic effects. I doubt people will acutely die from exposure to the droplet form of corexit, however, it could target vulnerable neuron populations and lead to various neurological complications. I also believe it has the potential to alter the endocrine system.

    I did find the ingredient list to corexit and posted the link, but what is difficult to do is to mimic the exact conditions the compound would enter the systemic circulation. You are correct in saying that if it is inhaled, it could be more damaging than ingesting some of the byproducts of corexit. The point is, we don’t know what will happen when large numbers of humans and animals are exposed. This is criminal and should be investigated by state and federal prosecutors, but I doubt this will happen. I read somewhere there is a connection of the company that makes Corexit 9500 (Nalco) to BP, so what’s new under the sun?

  81. Benaiah………………………………………………….

    Often times it is possible to accurately assess a situation resultant of what is NOT DONE. If closely watched it is possible to get really accurate information in this manner. What is NOT done often carries greater significance than what IS done,and certainly tells an accurate story at the same time.

  82. Free Speech

    The Jury Charge, Falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus, in which the Judge instructs the Jury that if they find that the Defendant lied about one thing, then the jury may infer that the Defendant lied about everything, will be a big problem for bo when he is brought to trial. That jury instruction will probably get him convicted on all charges brought against him.

  83. Is this Barry’s Secret Plan for America???

    Overwhelm the system to create a systemic failure, causing economic failure and social chaos, thereby destroying capitalism and our country from within.

    I find that Obama may be following the plan set out by Cloward and Piven, two college professors. These two professors have been working on a plan with the Democrats to socialize America by overwhelming the system with government spending and entitlement demands.

    Add up the clues and they are alarming.

    This appears to be the classic Machiavellian plan to turn the US into a socialist/Marxist state. This plan centers on a permanent majority of it’s citizens to desperately need the government for survival…and can be counted upon to always vote for bigger government.


    Universal Health Care.

    Cap and Trade.

    Legalized Immigration.

    Stimulus and Bailout Monies.

    Raise taxes on small business.

    The Gulf Crisis (this may well be the activator for Obama to set things in motion)

  84. Free Speech………………………………………….

    Do you think that the prosecuting attorney/attornies would have to all be really quick witted people? I personally think that they would at least have to be quite nimble to go head to head with Soetoro, if he was ever put on the witness stand. He is a really skilled liar. One of the few who seem to have the ability to remember what he said yesterday. Maybe it is more a case that he seems to have a pat answer for any question asked of him. But we all know that even the most skilled liar on earth will have a bad day sooner or later, and if we are paying attention that is when he is VULNERABLE.

  85. oldsalt79

    I guess will have to wait for a thousand people to start coughing up blood and getting skin lesions before anyone stands up to these evil people.

    How many American lives are worth hiding Soetoro’s identity as a illegal alien ?.

    Is this not how Communist countries react to disasters , news blackouts and cover-ups and refusing help.

  86. Since necessity is usually the “mother of invention” maybe she will reward us with a means of shutting off the oil spigot on the floor of the gulf. Surely there is some bright guy out there who has a gut feeling about how to stop the flow but needs only a little incentive to induce him/her to go forward and invent a real prize winning solution.

  87. Free Speech

    bo would be a fool to take the witness stand, but if he did even an average prosecutor would make mince meat of bo. bo would not do well being grilled by a prosecutor without notes or a teleprompter. It is not like doing a press conference where you know the questions in advance and have a teleprompter.

    Remember the line from the movie, “Body Heat?”

    “When you contemplate committing a crime, there are at least 50 things that can go wrong. If you can think of one of them, you are a genius and you are no genius.”

    bo is no genius, just a two bite chicago hustler.

  88. Army DAV…………………………………………………….

    If we can still find any clean air it is probably time to stand and inhale the deepest breath possible, about four or five times in quick sucession. and exhale slowly after each deep breath. Builds the oxygen in the system and clears the mind. Taught to me by a UDT member during the Korean war. Works for me!. UDT IS NOW called SEALS.

  89. DAV……………………………………….

    Why the sam hill would the people using the Corexit be SPRAYING it? Especially if they knew the toxic level ofit before hand. That is shear insanity, or a determined try at killing thousands of people. Here is a thought for you……… What if Soetoro is in fact a terrorist who is still assembling his grand killing machine right under our noses. Could he be another Major HASSAN? Perhaps he is simply biding his time so as to take out a million people at once. Hell, Allah would probably give him all of the virgins in his inventory for having done such a grand deed.

  90. Free Speech…………………………………….
    Maybe he wouldn’t do well because his teleprompter might not be up and running.

  91. Free Speech…………………………………………….
    Didn’t he allegedly teach law at University of Chicago?

  92. oldsalt79 // July 5, 2010 at 8:49 pm

    Free Speech…………………………………………….
    Didn’t he allegedly teach law at University of Chicago?


    Helen Thomas: Why is the president blocking habeas corpus from prisoners at Bagram? I thought he taught constitutional law. And these prisoners have been there . . .

    Robert Gibbs: You’re incorrect that he taught on constitutional law.

    All propaganda.

  93. Guess who’s covering sensational claim on Obama’s birth

    National magazine publishes story about alleged White House cover-up

  94. LM // July 5, 2010 at 9:12 pm

    Former Justice Attorney Set to Testify in New Black Panther Case

    Thanks for the link. I’m noticing an incessant usage of the word democracy lately. Apparently the fascist regime wants to turn the nation into one. After all it’s the largest, most effective gateway to socialism and dictatorship.

  95. oldsalt79 @ 7:23 pm
    Old Salt-this is called argonite-I saw a video re: argonite sprinkled on the oil and it bonds and hardens-biodegradable. I just loved all the different inventions so many guys came up with. What I don’t understand re: oil spill why chance something potentially lethal when you have so many biodegradable substances to choose from?

  96. Free Speech @ 7:45 pm
    I tried real hard to believe in one sentence Obama uttered.
    Good point, and I’m not sure what his real name is, start with that Sir Judge. I think we have identified 4 for sure that he used, and there is a possibility of more, how many we don’t know.

  97. truthbetold11

    Lm, they do that to distract because no one believes the globe so its like ha ha yeah right. and no one bats a eye lash.

  98. Free Speech


    I am an independent who voted for democrats in the past. I considered voting for bo until I read about his involvement to heinous criminals like odinga in kenya and bill ayers. Then Phil Berg filed his lawsuit and I read the Presidential Qualifications Clause in the Constitutional and Vattel’s Law of Nations. Then I read about his homosexual relationship with Frank Marshall Davis in bo’s own words and the picture of bo was simply to vile for me to vote for him.

    It became abundantly clear that the most consistent character trait of bo’s is dishonesty.

  99. Michelle // July 5, 2010 at 9:50 pm,

    Not to mention how many SS#’s he has. What are we up to now? 20?

  100. BLAGOJEVICH: I think President Obama can help prove my innocence.


    BLAGOJEVICH: Let me say this, before anybody says I’m interested in bringing everybody down with me. That’s completely not the case. I’ve done nothing wrong.

    What I’m interested in is for the whole truth to come out that neither did I do anything wrong, President Obama didn’t do anything wrong, the senators that I talked to didn’t do anything wrong either. And so they should come into court and tell the truth as they know it. Swear on the Holy Bible as I’m looking forward to do —
    Does everyone here get the point???


  101. JeffM @ 10:06 pm
    Free Speech @ 10:02 pm
    Every time I think about all the lies it makes me crazy-Jeff -20 for sure-possible more but they weren’t sure and also there is the fraudulent registration for the draft, multiple names-lies about Blago and all those people he didn’t know in Chicago (that’s a good one) the Rev Wright’s Church-hardly knew him either, Ayers the murder just a guy from the neighborhood , who just happened to write his biography. Obama believes if you’re going to lie LIE BIG and he did. I couldn’t vote for Obama since I’m from Chicago, you don’t get presidential candidates from the cesspool of corruption the South Side of Chicago, that’s really insulting-re: Phil Berg I felt no citizen should have doubts about a candidate for one billionth of a second-Phil found a lot of information in a very short time and Obama’s story just didn’t make sense and then that ding-bat Oprah (the world’s greatest vetter) sells him as the ONE, she shares in the responsibility for this fool and all his bad acts. She could have vetted him, but she didn’t, or she did and gave Mr. Wonderful a pass.

  102. Jacqlyn Smith

    Citizen Carlyle (FUBO) // July 5, 2010 at 12:11 pm

    Well, SIGH, the 4th has come an gone.
    And NOTHING happened.
    (In spite of a certain group promising
    yet again and failing to come through!)
    I certainly don’t smell any freedom.
    I only smell the bottom of the boot on my neck.

    And if you like it that way….continue to do nothing except complain… are sure to get your wish!

  103. Jacqlyn Smith

    The Restore America Plan News

    To all Freedom-Loving Americans:

    Starting this week, we will be holding RESTORE AMERICA INFORMATION CALLS each week, indefinitely. (Starting tonight!)

    These calls are for all the jurors and supporters of Restore America Plan to invite their friends, relatives – everyone to phone in to these calls and be introduced to and learn about the Restore America Plan and to sign up on the website.

    These calls will be:

    There will be two calls each evening.
    These calls will be kept short – 20 minutes long (30 min. at the max.)
    Times: 7:00 AND 9:00 pm Central Time
    Phone No: 712-432-0075 pin: 793323

    We all recognize the need to get the word out to the masses.
    We are excited about what is happening and want everyone else to know….This will be an effective way to do that.

    These “RESTORE AMERICA INFORMATION CALLS” are not a part of the grand juries. They are NOT a part of the grand jury training (which is held on Mondays and Thursdays); these are for the spreading and the enlargement of the Restore America Plan.

    Don’t come to these calls expecting to hear any juicy updates because there will be none; we are here ONLY to introduce all Americans to the brilliant plan (which IS WORKING) to restore our great land.

    We welcome jurors to listen in, but after you have heard it a couple times, we want you to be spending your time and energy INVITING others to dial in.

    One great thing about our calls is that we are NOT asking for money (like so many other various conference calls done every night!). What we have to offer is FREEDOM for our fellow man, a NORMAL FUTURE for our CHILDREN and GENERATIONS to come. We are not here to “take” but to “give” by teaching people the TRUTH of how we have been robbed and lied to and what we should expect of our government!

    We are people who are absolutely finished with the status quo, we’ve had enough and we are not taking any more!

    Sound familiar??? Don’t cheat your friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, etc… Help them out of the snares

    (The calls are set up so that the first call is conveniently timed for those in the Central and East Coast times, 7 CDT and 8 EDT. And the second call is conveniently timed for those in the Pacific and Mountain times, 7 PDT and 8 MDT).

    Thanks! for YOUR Support!

  104. The GLOBE Magazine did an excellent job reporting the latest informant to come forward
    in the fake birth certificate saga.

    Funny how years ago the tabloids covered bizarre and ridiculous stories. But now our mainstream
    media is so censored, the tabloids are actually providing a small window into some of the backstage political drama!

    I know Roseanne sued the Enquirer in the 90’s and that really straightened them out. Now lawyers go over every word of their stories.

    Support the GLOBE this week! Great article,
    and another excellent Patriot newspaper is

  105. An Army of One

    As a natural born citizen of the United States of America, I hereby declare that a state of war exists between me and the illegal administration of Barry Soetero, an illegal alien and usurper to the Presidency. I will never surrender and my terms of surrender for this foe will be unconditional. I encourage all like-minded Patriots who love this land and honor our forefathers, to make a similar declaration and dedicate your life, honor and treasure to this battle. We the People, citizens of the United States, shall overcome tyranny once again.

  106. Jacqlyn Smith


    Eric // July 5, 2010 at 10:57 pm

    The GLOBE Magazine did an excellent job reporting the latest informant to come forward
    in the fake birth certificate saga.

    Funny how years ago the tabloids covered bizarre and ridiculous stories. But now our mainstream
    media is so censored, the tabloids are actually providing a small window into some of the backstage political drama!

    I know Roseanne sued the Enquirer in the 90′s and that really straightened them out. Now lawyers go over every word of their stories.

    Support the GLOBE this week! Great article,
    and another excellent Patriot newspaper is

    More important support RAP….this magazine article is not going to get your freedoms and rights resurrected….the time to act is now…..get involved or continue the slavery!

  107. JJ // July 5, 2010 at 10:12 pm

    That’s what Blago wants the jury to buy. I pray everyone on the jury is like Michelle; they already recognize the stink of those cesspool fumes.

    I’m with Blago on one thing, though. I want to see o. swearing on a Bible in that courtroom. Oh, yeeeaaah.

    Blago’s got the right idea on that one.

  108. Michelle // July 5, 2010 at 2:10

    If I say this man makes my heart glow………can I stop being labeled a racist??

  109. JJ // July 5, 2010 at 10:12 pm ,

    Blago is being coached extremely well by his attorneys. They know that in order for Blago to be indicted, they have to ensure all the other players who haven’t been indicted must be indicted for him to be convicted.

    I remember back when I worked for a company where I was drafting Warranty information. I remember when the boss took a look at the one phrase stating “Do not attempt to void the warranty by daisychaining dongles together in order to bypass the security features of the program.”

    He responded “you can do that?” We all had a belly laugh but taught everyone an important lesson that way about side step communication.

  110. Eric @ 10:57 pm
    Years ago when the Star was somewhat like the Globe, I read a little article that was one of the most informative and profitable articles I ever read. It was about paying down a mortgage-if you put an extra 50 or 100 dollars per month on your mortgage payment (it has to applied directly to principle) you can save thousands of dollars over the life of the mortgage. 30 yr mortgage cut to 15-a 15 year mortgage cut to 7.50. They used an example then if you were getting 7.75 per cent on your savings, doing this was 644 per cent was what you earned on your mortgage (their figures not mine, I could not do that much math). This presumes that you purchased a reasonable house, not like so many people did within the past 7 years with the insanity the banks were pulling off, I’m still shocked anyone went along with it. My point is you can get some good information from the magazines that were referred to as rags.
    When I re-read this heck if this works on a mortgage it should work on the Federal debt….hmmmm

  111. !?!! @ 11:05 pm
    JJ @ 10:12 pm
    Don’t let that racism nonsense stop you from speaking the truth. I loved the Lt Col’s bright yellow shirt, he is such a good speaker too. If the Lt. Col was the best qualified candidate at the time I could vote for him to be President. He was in Ft. Lauderdale-a couple of towns south of here. You have to wear your sun glasses in FL all the time, the glare is so bright.
    What I don’t understand about the Blago trial is someone other than Obama is missing. Like Banquo’s ghost young Mayor Daley is in this equation somewhere, nothing gets done in City of Chicago that the Mayor’s office is not aware of. As far as I know it has always been that way.

  112. Free Speech @ 10:02 pm
    “Then I read about his homosexual relationship with Frank Marshall Davis in bo’s own words and the picture of bo was simply to vile for me to vote for him. ”
    I wonder-since Obama has been “outed” some of the web-sites have Obama dressed as a woman, (scary ugly) that is getting to be a joke too, I mean he is really catching it on this subject.
    Anyway–we know about Obama’s constructed biography–I wonder if he started his career on the South Side of Chicago as a female impersonator/prostitute person-and that is where the scar on his head came from a disappointed and/or surprised john. We girls used to date some cops and they would tell us these outlandish stories-you just never saw stuff like these in the suburbs.
    The cops told us they beat the living daylights out of these guys.

  113. I suggest that anyone arrested under the new unconstitutional “law” about the oil spill clean-up, sue law enforcement for false arrest and sue the o. administration for personal injury resulting from false arrest.

    I also suggest they plaster the blogs with their stories (including names of arresting officers and the administration officials behind this non-law) to muster patriot support, hound (that word works for me, Cabby-AZ), and enlist family, friends, and others to hound, all their state and federal officials and the media about the unjust treatment, get their stories on the talk shows, do everything possible to make this law just not worth enforcing.

    No one is allowed to make up and declare a law overnight.

    Great opportunities to get the o. administration into court.

  114. Michelle —

    Daly. Yeah. He’s part of the cesspool mix. Let’s get him in there, too.

    I say, subpoena o. Let’s get the whole sordid story out in front of the jury.

  115. Bill G // July 5, 2010 at 11:00 pm

    I’ll join you.

    I declare, in Jesus Name, that the usurper has neither power nor authority over me or mine. Likewise, I declare, in Jesus Name (by His power and authority), that, as a natural born citizen of the United States, I am neither under obligation to o. or his appointees, nor bound by any legislation, executive orders, directives or any other issuance signed by o. or verbally authorized by o.

    I further declare, by the authority of the Lord Jesus, that since o. never was the authentic, duly elected POTUS, o.’s power, authority, and all issuance signed or otherwise authorized by him is void and without effect upon me or mine, or upon the American people, for that matter.

    I have the right to a Consitutionally eligible president who has proved his or her eligibility by authenticated legal documents. I stand unyeilding on that right.

  116. Obama and Supreme Court may be on collision course

    The president’s agenda on healthcare and financial regulations sets the stage for a clash with the Supreme Court’s conservative majority.,0,7184862.story

  117. Muslim girls set themselves on fire to escape Islam

  118. A new, updated, Dr. Seuss book.

    I do not like this Uncle Sam,
    I do not like his health care scam.

    I do not like these dirty crooks,
    or how they lie and cook the books.

    I do not like when Congress steals,
    I do not like their secret deals.

    I do not like this speaker, Nan ,
    I do not like this ‘YES WE CAN.’

    I do not like this spending spree,
    I’m smart, I know that nothing’s free.

    I do not like your smug replies,
    when I complain about your lies.

    I do not like this kind of hope.
    I do not like it, nope, nope, nope!

  119. Support Arizona’s New Illegal Immigration Law

  120. I thought it might be interesting to look at Obama’s timeline in setting up the Health Facilities Planning Board and how he benefitted from it (well, before money was traced back to him anyway and allegedly donated to charity.)

    Personally, I think we should demand that any politician that donates corrupt funds should be required to note what charity those funds were given to, so it can be verified and the organization can be checked to ensure it’s a valid charity with a clean record.

    January – August 2003 – Obama was Chairman of the Senate HHS Board…just long enough to get the corrupt board in place for Rezko/Blagojevich.

    He pushed Senate Bill 1332 “Illinois Health Facilities Planning Act” – which reduced Board members from 15 members to only 9 members…this is what made it possible for Rezko to have control over the board’s voting.

    The bill was filed February 20, reviewed February 27th and Obama sent word that the bill should be passed by March 13th. On May 21, 2003, House and Senate passed the bill. The only Senator with “Yes” vote mentioned during the Rezko trial was Obama. Another change that Obama made in the bill was to remove the power to appoint board members from the board itself and give it to the Governor (Blagojevich).

    Blagojevich then made the effective date of the bill – JUNE 27, 2003 after already having lined up the corrupt board members to fill it. Maybe it’s just an odd coincidence that Obama got TONS of donations from recently appointed board members on JUNE 30, 2003…only 3 (THREE) days after Blagojevich made this corrupt board “legal”?

    On June 30, 2003…

    Obama gets $5000 after Ali Ata was appointed as Director at IFA

    Obama gets $6000 after Alison Davis gets appointment on Investment Board

    Obama gets $15,000 after Dr. Michael Malek gets appointment on Hospital Facility Board

    Obama gets $5000 after Abdelhamid Chaib’s wife gets appointment on Employee Security Board

    Obama gets $10,000 from Elie Maloof – Rezko used him as one of several strawmen to donate funds to certain politicians.

    Obama gets $1000 after Phil Cacciatore (one of Auchi’s Riverside Park Investors) gets seat on Board

    Obama gets $1000 after Velma Butler (one of Auchi’s Riverside Park Investors) was recommended for Board

    Obama gets $1000 after Martello Pollack (Vegas Crystal Comm) received Iraqi Construction contracts

    Obama gets $1000 after Jack Carriglio gets appointed to Board

    Obama gets $500 (with an additional $1250 the following year) after Anthony Abboud gets appointed to Board

    Obama gets $3000 from Michael Winter, who helped Rezko in funneling kickbacks through investment firm

    Obama gets $1000 after Talat Othman gets appointed to Board

    Obama gets $1000 from both David Gustman and another $1000 from Gustman’s wife after he is appointed Board Chairman

    But no….I’m sure it’s ALL JUST A COINCIDENCE, right??

    Also…had to laugh when Wright was complaining again about rich white folk – how much is that mansion he’s living in again??

  121. Cabby - AZ

    Is America’s root problem economic?

    Our founding fathers vision is alive today – moral renewal not just political

    By Joseph Farah , WND

    The materialistic worldview of the left needs to be answered with God-centered worldview of our founders, not with another materialistic view. Quite literally, if we don’t have God on our side, the battle is pointless we’ve already lost.

I know this is not what many people want to hear.

Some people really think that we can just talk about free enterprise and limited government and lower taxes and win.

You might win an election.

You might win a battle.

But you will not win the war for America’s soul and that’s the real
conflict being waged today in the press, in Hollywood, in the schools,
in the universities, even, believe it or not, in America’s churches.

    So, don’t fall for the temptation to rally around economic issues. Rally
instead around the vision that touched off the greatest freedom
experiment in world history the vision of “life, liberty and the pursuit
of happiness.” Rally instead around the idea that we are endowed by our
Creator with certain unalienable rights.

    Rally instead around the idea

That vision proved effective. That vision proved to be inspired. That
vision, along with a lot of prayer and providence, can help us take
America back.

  122. TruthSeeker

    LM @ 12:24 a.m.

    I came to that conclusion years ago,

    We can only imagine a “civilization” so oppressive it’s no wonder their young people are throwing their lives away for “Allah”…

  123. TruthSeeker

    Tru;y the girls here didn’t do it for “Allah” but I hope you get my point.

  124. TruthSeeker



    Typing in the dark here.

  125. I just read on another blog that Oprah’s friend Gayle King is tired of hearing about the oil spill. I am just mad about it because you know she and Oprah and into their African heritage. There was a huge (largest) oil spill in Africa and it got no attention, no one cleaned it up. It was an American company that just walked off. So is essence maybe this is why Obama, Gayle and Oprah aren’t / don’t care about the oil spill because no one in american cared about the one their homeland. Maybe this is why Obama has helped as much as he should of?? Afterall, its like this “eye for an eye and a oil spill for a oil spill. Doesn’t that fit Obama’s profile…didn’t he give back Churchill’s bust on the first day because of an old feud between his great-grandfather and the British??? Why would he care about a oil spill here, when we did not care about the one in his homeland. Our chickens have come home to roost and Obama, Oprah and friends are going to make sure we feel every bit of the pain they think we dished out to their generations.

    This is why dual citizenship is allowed to be Potus. Human nature to go after the one that hurts your family or your country.

  126. 68Truthseeker

    OBAMA – The Con-Man In Chief – Movie Trailer (Spoof)
    Eddie Murphy lands the starring role in the new documentary portraying the life and crimes of Barry Soetoro aka Barack Obama. This film will highlight Obama’s elusive birth certificate, sealed records and multiple social security numbers

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