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Larry Sinclair going to trial in Delaware, Delaware Deputy Attorney General Susan Dwyer, Money orders, Fake emails, Abuse of power, Joe Biden, Attorney General Biden

Larry Sinclair has a new post up and he states he is going to trial in Delaware. Here is the Larry Sinclair article:

“Tuesday, August 26, 2008


After Delaware Deputy Attorney General Susan Dwyer and her supervisor falsely accused me and my supporters of sending her threatening and harassing emails, she (Dwyer) has finally provide to the defense copies of the “money Orders” that she alleges I knew to be fake. Ms. Dwyer has indeed been receiving calls and emails and photoshopped items from the Obama Blogoidiots (maybe Ms. Dwyer should look into Daniel Miglavs[right & below] activities before she accuses me or those supporting me of things we have not done) and they even sent one to my Attorney today.
On September 2, 2008 in the front of the New Castle County Courthouse I will make a statement concerning the Delaware Attorney Generals Office and their efforts to silence my claims about Barack Obama.

The Joseph R. Biden II and III’s abuse of power and use of public office for this purpose is a disgrace and I am confident, that in the end I will be vindicated.

I now must make arrangements to travel to Delaware for the September 2, 2008 Final Case Review and the September 11, 2008 trial.

Anyone with airline miles or other rewards programs that can and wish to assist in making these arrangements please contact ASAP at lws022737@aol.com

I will be selling everything I own to raise money to pay for the expenses that the Delaware Attorney Generals office has decided to force upon me for this ridiculous charade.”

Read more from Larry Sinclair here:
View the Petition to Impeach, expel Senator Obama here:


Attorney General Biden, Delaware, Susan Dwyer, Email atacks, Larry Sinclair, Delaware Warrant, Delaware Attorney Generals office, Obama camp diversions

Larry Sinclair has a new post up. Larry Sinclair was informed that Susan Dwyer of the Delaware Attorney Generals office allegedly received numerous disrespectful emails from Larry Sinclair supporters. Sinclair states that the emails are from the same Obama supporters who sent phony emails before. Here is the article from Larry Sinclair:

“Monday, August 25, 2008


Dear Attorney General Joseph R. Biden, III and DAG Susan Dwyer:

I have NEVER sent a single email to your office or to anyone employed by your office, nor do I appreciate being accused of doing so. Should I have deleted Ms. Dwyers email address from the email, maybe. But unlike the claims attributed to your office by the News-Journal and other internet sites, I prefer to make truthful statements as to what was said by your office.

In addition, NO one supporting me would ever email Ms. Dwyer or anyone else in your office being disrespectful. I submit that if you claim that is the case, the emails should be investigated and I do believe your office will find that any such emails will have originated from the same people who have for more than 2 months claimed to be in regular contact with Susan Dwyer, and who claim Ms. Dwyer has provided them, the “false” information that has been published about me and this case all over the internet since June 23, 2008.

The statements made by me concerning this matter are factual and necessary because of the untrue statements being reported and attributed to the Delaware prosecutors office.

Fact # 1: The Delaware Attorney Generals office has been requested three separate times to provide the defense with copies of the returned unpaid money orders, and the Delaware Attorney Generals office has to this date, yet to comply.

Fact #2: The Delaware Attorney Generals office did make the statement that their offer of a misdemeanor sounds good right now, in claiming they would seek Habit status after I refused to accept your offer. Which I had informed my attorney from day one I would not plead guilty to anything.

Fact # 3: I will submit to the Delaware Attorney General the same offer made to FBI Special Agent Brenda Born, which is if you are accusing me of sending emails to your office or to Ms. Dwyer, produce the alleged emails and I will cooperate with any independent investigator wishing to search my computer and or accounts.

I also am certain that any emails your office claims to be from my supporters, if investigated properly, will lead you back to the very individuals who claim Ms. Dwyer has been communicating with when they were publishing false information on this case along with News-Journal reporters.

Any communication between me and the office of the Delaware Attorney Generals office has, and will continue to be, done through my Attorney. Just as my Attorney has been directed to inform your office that your claims I have sent Ms. Dwyer emails is an out right lie and not appreciated in the least.


Lawrence Sinclair”

Read more from Larry Sinclair here:

Joe Biden, Obama, Larry Sinclair, Delaware Gulag, Attorney General Biden, 9/11/08, Socialism 08, New Castle County Delaware Superior Court, Biden Country

Larry Sinclair has a new post about Joe Biden, Delaware Attorney General Biden, the trumped up warrant against him and his treatment by the Bidens and the Obama camp. Someone with lots of power and influence was able to affect his social security benefits. Was that person(s) the Bidens? Here is Larry Sinclair’s post:

“August 23, 2008

OBAMA/BIDEN PLAN THEIR OWN 9-11: Obama & Biden Hope To Silence Sinclair on 9-11

September 11, 2008 has been set as the date in which the Obama/Biden railroad plans on shooting to shut me and my claims against Barack Obama and the Bidens up once and for all.  That’s right, the scheduling order by the New Castle County Delaware Superior Court (Biden Country), and Joseph R. Biden III Delawares Attorney General has set 9/11/08 as the trial date for me and the charge of “Theft” which the office of Joseph R. Biden III knows full well to be an abuse of his office.

So now the presumptuous Democratic Presidential and Vice Presidential nominee’s intend to use September 11, 2008 to try and silence the truthful charges made against Barack Obama. It isn’t enough that these guys had an arrest made in DC without ever producing a warrant, or a US District Judge held me without ever showing warrant in court.  It is not enough that Delaware knows the charges they filed against me i a sealed Grand Jury are bogus, or that they assisted the Delaware News-Journal and web bloggers in publishing false charges about the matter, it is not enough that Delaware has cost me an my supporters more than $8000.00 to date on this fabricated charge and attempted to help Daddy’s new boss!  These are crimes in and of themselves people.

Do I have faith in the American Justice system?  YES.

Do I have faith in the “You scratch my back, I scratch yours” political environment in Biden Country? NO DOUBT AT ALL THAT THIS IS GOING TO BE BIDEN DICTATED DOWN TO THE TRIAL JUDGE (Who by the way, will not be known to us until September 11, 2008.) 

Does the Delaware Attorney General comply with the laws he is sworn to uphold and enforce? NO

Does Joseph R. Biden II need to answer for his using false information to have me arrested and have SSA discontinue my benefits in a 24 hour time period? YES. 

Does Joseph R. Biden III need to answer to why his office has continue to push a charge that THEY know is without merit and lacking of any criminal intent or basis? YES.

Is Delaware bringing this matter in an effort to assist Barack Obama shut me up?  YOU BET YOUR ASS THEY ARE.

Here is a link to the first article I posted on the Delaware Attorney Generals actions:


Below is an interesting argument by another blogger who has been following this story from the beginning:

I guess we now know who John McCain’s choice will be as Vice President in a guard from his Vietnam POW days beating on American Soldiers as Barack Obama has chosen his chief thug whose family has been joyously bashing, torturing and terrorizing a gay invalid in Lawrence Sinclair.

I had honestly thought Biden had shot his wad when David Plouffe took over for David Axelrod in dealing with Lawrence Sinclair and “smilin‘ Joe” decided not to bribe Mr. Sinclair, but to send in the storm troopers in everyone from the Federal Marshal’s, DC Police, Social Security and the entire state of Delaware justice system led by his bouncing baby boy, Beau Biden was complete overkill like nuking an ant.
Apparently though, the stomach turns both ways like in the mafia, because when Barry Obama came asking for a favor, Joe Biden made him an offer he couldn’t refuse.

“It’s like this Barry. I get your sodomite keester out of hot water by tossing Lawrence Sinclair in prison and you make me Master of the Obama plantation or I happen to pass this onto the FBI and you end up in prison.
You may kiss the ring now”, quote the Biden.

For Barack Obama to choose Biden is simply Watergate suicidal. For Biden to willingly jump on a ticket considering the outright un-American thuggery he has had his boy carrying out against Lawrence Sinclair in the biggest gay bashing in history, is just begging for impeachment and prison time for him.

For a review of Joe Biden’s accomplishments:

1. He had the Delaware Attorney General’s office create a bogus Grand Jury indictment.

2. He had the DC police illegally arrest and detain Lawrence Sinclair.

3. While in custody he deprived Mr. Sinclair of his needed medications as he has a brain tumor.

4. While in custody he had the DC police “loose” Mr. Sinclair so legal counsel could not find him.

5. While in custody he deprived Mr. Sinclair of phone access.

6. While in custody he had the Federal Attorney attempt to hold Mr. Sinclair indefinitely on outrageously high bail.

All of those facts are human rights violations against international law which belong in The Hague.

Out of custody, Joe Biden, as this was coming out of Delaware was sending out forged legal papers to Social Security to get Mr. Sinclair’s benefits cancelled which he depends on and then had him terrorized in threatening to make him repay all benefits.

Out of custody, the Delaware Attorney General’s office has been seeding false stories into the press.

Out of custody, the Delaware Attorney General’s office via Susan Dwyer has refused to provide Mr. Sinclair’s legal counsel with evidence of charges which they are illegally quoting to the press.

Currently, Joe Biden, via his son, Delaware Attorney General and the above deputy, Susan Dwyer, are attempting to imprison Mr. Sinclair for life on a misdemeanor, blackmailing him to plead guilty on the twisting of the law “he is a career criminal”.
That charge is meant for criminals who are committing ceaseless crimes in the said state in violent crimes, not for petty theft. (Note Mr. Sinclair has shown proof there was no crime in Delaware and in fact by the outrageous “check cashing charges” he was made to pay he in this is the victim which Delaware should be investigating.)”

Read the entire article here:  http://lamecherry.blogspot.com/2008/08/sinclair-joins-obama-biden-ticket.html

Read more from Larry Sinclair here:



Larry Sinclair response to Joe Biden, Attorney General Biden, Delaware, Bidens and Obama Camp, Silence Sinclair, Larry Sinclair political prisoner

Larry Sinclair has just responded to Joe Biden being selected as Obama’s vice presidential candidate and to Joe Biden’s son, the Attorney General of Delaware. Attorney General Biden of Delaware is threatening Larry Sinclair with a life sentence based on multiple offenses. The warrant in Delaware was fabricated and created shortly after Larry Sinclair came out with the YouTube video about his drug and sex encounter with Obama in November 1999. Joe Biden bought this vice presidential position by attempting to silence Larry Sinclair.

Here is the response from Larry Sinclair:

“August 23, 2008


Joseph R. Biden III, (right) son of presumptuous Democratic Vice Presidential nominee Joseph R. Biden II, through his Deputy Attorney General Susan Dwyer, threatens to seek a life sentence in a Delaware case that the Attorney General for Delaware has repeatedly refused to provide any documentation or discovery as requested and as is required by Delaware law.

From: Dwyer Susan (DOJ) [mailto:Susan.Dwyer@state.de.us]
Sent: Wednesday, August 20, 2008 5:11 PM
Subject: RE: Larry Sinclair

FYI…in talking with John Barber about the case today I realized that
Mr. Sinclair is actually habitual eligible. That means I need written
approval from a superior in order to offer anything less the charge and
habit. Makes my misdemeanor offer seem really good, doesn’t it? I am
working on it, but not sure I will get approval for a straight up NP.
If that is the case, why not take the chance at trial. Mr. Sinclair not
willing to take a misdemeanor even if it means I am seeking habit status
if I win at trial?


No, Mr. Sinclair is NOT willing to plead guilty to a crime that the Delaware Attorney Generals Office KNOWS has not been committed, and Mr. Biden KNOWS was brought against him simply to try and shut up the TRUTH about Barack Obama.

Joseph R.Biden II, Senator from Delaware did in June 2008 use his power in the US Senate to have the Social Security Administration stop my disability benefits two days before I was arrested in Washington, DC on a totally baseless warrant.  In addition it turns out that Senator Biden not only used his office and the office of his son, Joseph R Biden III, the Attorney General of Delaware, he had the SSA violate their own regulations which states benefits cannot be terminated if the charging State refuses to Extradite.  Delaware by way of a sealed Grand Jury Rule 9 Warrant, (for which the Delaware Attorney Generals Office has still failed to provide any copy of any returned money order) had an extradition range of 250 miles listed according to court documents.  Senator and AG Biden’s puppet News-Paper the Delaware News-Journal of Wilmington, DE even went so far as to publish two completely false reports of the charge and case against me.  Senator Joseph Biden and Delaware AG Biden’s personal friend and contributor’s, former Delaware Attorney General Richard Weir, even tried to create problems for me with the court by walking away from a sign retainer agreement and stated after entering said agreement he would “not represent” me “when you are saying all those things about Obama and the Bidens.”

Both Biden’s have abused their office’s for political favors from Barack Obama.  In addition Barack Obama has used the Biden’s to try and shut me up, it will not happen.  Joseph R. Biden II, the poster child for the “same old Washington insider” who cast his 10,000th vote in the US Senate in 1999, the same year Barack Obama smoked crack cocaine and engaged in gay sexual encounter in the back of a Limo and a Gurnee, IL hotel room with me, contradicts the very mantra of the Obama Campaign’s call for a “New Politics in Washington.”

It is now time that the American Media stop this protection of Barack Obama and lets report the truth.   

I will expect Joseph R. Biden III to withdraw his office from this case immediately and to immediately produce the discovery that has been requested of his office now three times since August 11, 2008 alone.”

Read more from Larry Sinclair here:




Obama picks Joe Biden, Obama associations, Biden Plagiarism, Joe Biden Ethics, Larry Sinclair attacks, Attorney General Biden, Delaware chicanery

Barack Obama has picked Senator Joe Biden of Delaware as his vice presidential candidate. Obama has a history of associating with the wrong people. Joe Biden is no exception. Joe Biden was guilty of plagiarism on multiple occassions and was forced to exit the 1988 presidential campaign due to plagiarism.

Look up plagiarism on Wikipedia and here is what you will find:

“Public figures commonly use anonymous speech writers. If a speech uses plagiarized material, however, it is the public figure who may be cast in a bad light. For instance, Delaware Senator Joe Biden was forced out of the 1988 U.S. Presidential race (but remained in the U.S. Senate) when it was discovered that parts of his campaign speeches were plagiarized from speeches by British Labour party leader Neil Kinnock and Robert Kennedy.”


From the Washington Post:

“Democratic presidential candidate Joseph R. Biden Jr., a U.S. senator from Delaware, was driven from the nomination battle after delivering, without attribution, passages from a speech by British Labor party leader Neil Kinnock. A barrage of subsidiary revelations by the press also contributed to Biden’s withdrawal: a serious plagiarism incident involving Biden during his law school years; the senator’s boastful exaggerations of his academic record at a New Hampshire campaign event; and the discovery of other quotations in Biden’s speeches pilfered from past Democratic politicians.”


From famous plagiarists:

“A proven accusation of plagiarism can have serious repercussions for a candidate’s political ambitions. Just ask Joe Biden. His borrowing of a British politician’s campaign speech is perhaps the most famous instance of political plagiarism


Joe Biden is the father of Attorney General Biden of Delaware. Larry Sinclair was arrested after his news conference in June 2008 on a fabricated warrant out of the office of Attorney General Biden. Larry Sinclair has been treated like a political prisoner by the state of Delaware. Joe Biden is typical of the type of politician that Obama would pick. I believe that Joe Biden, in cahoots with his son and other Obama operatives, conspired to silence Larry Sinclair. We will provide more information on this story soon.

Voice your concern about Obama here:


Larry Sinclair, Delaware warrant, Rodeway Inn, Sonny Patel, Attorney General Biden, Warrant fabricated, What really happened in Delaware

Larry Sinclair has revealed the details of what really happened in Delaware last year regarding his stay at the Rodeway Inn and transactions with the motel manager, Sonny Patel. A warrant issued out of the office of Delaware Attorney General Biden, was fabricated just a few weeks after Larry Sinclair came out with a YouTube video with allegations of drug use with Obama in November 1999.

When you read Larry Sinclair’s facts consider the following:

After Sinclair was arrested after the New Conference at the National Press Club, more lies and smears began. A prominent Delaware news source began stating fabricated details. Obama affiliated bloggers took the story and ran.

Attorney General Biden is the son of Senator Joe Biden, a frontrunner for Obama’s VP position.

When Larry Sinclair went before the Delaware judge, he was released on an unsecured bond. This hardly looks like a situation requiring Sinclair being arrested after his news conference.

Larry Sinclair told me this exact story over the phone, just after his arrest in June 2008. Despite many attempts to spread lies about Sinclair, he has been consistent and forthright with me.

Here are the facts fromLarry Sinclair:


“Monday, August 4, 2008

??’s 4 News-Journal, DE AG’s and DE State Police

Questions for Delaware News-Journal; Delaware Attorney General & State Police

In October 2007 while looking for an apartment in the Wilmington, Delaware-Philly, PA area, I stayed at the Rodeway Inn at 3 Memorial Dr. I spent a total of three (3) weeks at the Rodeway Inn. The first week was paid with my visa card at the weekly rate (tax included) of $300.00

While working with housing officials in Texas and Delaware to transfer from Texas to Delaware, the Delawarr Center approved housing assistance up to $1200 issued by voucher with each voucher being for a two week period. The first two (2) week voucher was issued for the Rodeway Inn.

While staying at the Rodeway Inn, a UPS overnight envelope addressed to me was sent to my former Texas address, and forwarded to me via FedEx (using my FedEx account) by my best friend and former landlord in Texas. This envelope contained three (3) money orders made payable to me for $910.00 each.

Upon receiving the FedEx delivery, Sonny Patel, the owner of the Rodeway Inn was aware that I had not yet opened an account with any local bank. Sonny Patel and his swing-shift employee (who I had been driving to and from work daily at the request of Mr. Patel) asked me if I wanted either of them to cash the money orders for me. Both offered to do so for a FEE of $300.00

The following day in the early afternoon Sonny Patel invited me to go to the bank with him where he would deposit the money orders, in his personal account at Wachovia Bank on DuPont HWY. At the bank I endorsed the money Orders and wrote out a statement saying I would not received any funds from the deposit until Patel had been notified by his bank that the items had cleared the bank. I also included a statement that I would be responsible for any bank charges should the items be returned unpaid. Both of the statements were witnessed by the bank employee.

Several days after the deposit I was called into the Office of the Rodeway Inn by Mr. Sonny Patel. Patel informed me that the money orders had clear Wachovia and that he was ready to pay me my money. Mr. Patel had the original statement out and noted on it that I had been paid the funds from the Money Orders in full minus the $300.00 fee charged me.

On October 13, 2007 I did move out of the Rodeway Inn and into the Riverview pending the signing of the lease on a residence on Topaz Dr., in Claymont. On the day I moved I informed Sonny Patel exactly where I was moving to, Patel had the phone number for the Riverview as well as my cell phone. Further Mr. Patel asked me if I would continue to drive Daisy home from work each night as I had been and told him I would. I continued to see Sonny Patel on an almost Dailey basis when dropping off/picking up his employee fro/from work (this is supported by statements made by the employee to Wilmington Police on 10/27/07.) Despite almost daily contact with Sonny Patel, His Brother Sam and or his wife; his knowledge of my cell phone number and place of residence, Sonny Patel never once contacted me or informed me that the money orders had been returned un-paid. In an interview with Wilmington Police on 10-27-07 I had inform the police I was told by Sonny Patel that the money orders had cleared the bank and that I had not been told anything to the contrary (not even by the Wilmington Police)

Now on Feb 5, 2008, Delaware Attorney General Joseph R. Biden III’s office called for a Grand Jury to issue a Felony Theft Indictment. Feb 5, 2008 would have been 19 days after my Youtube Video went up on the internet and starting to become somewhat popular in my allegations against presidential candidate Barack Obama.

In requesting this indictment, the Delaware Attorney Generals Office failed to note that they money orders were payable to me; that Sonny Patel made the request to cash them at a fee of $300; that I signed an agreement not to receive the funds until Sonny Patel informed me they had cleared the bank; and that Sonny Patel (based on the Wilmington Police Depts. report of 10-27-07) lied about not seeing me again, or knowing how to contact me; the fact that Wilmington Police did not at anytime during the 10-27-07 interview, ever advise me that said money orders had been returned; or that no one ever attempted to mail summons to my address (which I had placed a forwarding order on when I moved) that the Wilmington Police report dated 10-27-07 did contain along with the name of my landlord.

NOW, THESE ARE THE FACTS, so I ask this of the Publisher of the Delaware News-Journal:

1 Why did your paper repeatedly publish outright false claims against me and cite as your sources; Delaware State Police Reports; New Castle Superior Court Files; and Delaware Prosecutors???

2.Why did your newspaper publish these outright false claims against me a second time after being asked to publish a retraction after publishing them the first time?


1 Why did the Delaware Attorney Generals office present incomplete evidence to a Grand Jury (that it is clear from the police reports your office was IN FACT aware of?)

2 Why did your office make claims to a Grand Jury that (based on your own Police Reports) was false and misleading?

3 What is your true motivation for seeking an indictment in Feb 2008 against me for a crime your office knows I did not commit?

4 Where did I at any time in any way commit theft of anything from The Rodeway Inn?

5 Why would your office be the source for the News-Journals false claims that were published?

Why would the Delaware News-Journal and others publish outright false claims and why would the Delaware Attorney Generals Office, The Delaware State Police and The Superior Court be repeatedly cited as the source of the false information?

Posted by Larry Sinclair, 2:50 AM, Permalink

Read more of the Larry Sinclair story here:

Delaware and Chicago corruption, Attorney General Biden, Delaware News Journal lies about Larry Sinclair, Smears in Delaware from Bidens and Obama camp

The Delaware News Journal continues to print lies about Larry Sinclair, even after they have been asked to print a retraction. I posted an article, several days ago, about the attempts coming out of Delaware to discredit and silence Larry Sinclair. Despite being notified the information they were supplying was false, despite Larry Sinclair providing copies of court documents on his blog, the forces in Delaware have joined the dark side of the Obama Camp to discredit Sinclair. Larry Sinclair has stated that he did not pay for motel stays with money orders. In fact Larry Sinclair gave me this information several weeks ago and he has been consistent. I spoke to Larry a few minutes ago and his attorney plans to sue the Delaware News Company and the parent company Gannett.

Here are the latest statements from Larry Sinclair regarding the smears coming out of Delaware:


Posted by Larry Sinclair on Saturday, July 12, 2008

It appears that even after the News Journal, a Gannet News Paper was sent written documentation along with a request for a retraction to their publishing false information, they have decided to continue to publish false statements.  It is for this reason that I will direct an Attorney who has agreed to sue the News Journal on my behalf at no charge to me whatsoever, to file suit against the News Journal, its parent Company Gannet, and its reporters who have continued to write this false information.


I ave not entered any plea as claimed by the News Journal dealing with any thing to do with “counterfiet money orders.” In fact that is absolutely nothing in the New Castle County Superior Court file alleging anything to do with “money orders” as has been publish twice now by the News Journal.  I entered a NOT GUILTY PLEA to the charge of “Theft” as stated on the only charging document in the court file which is published below:

Blogger says he’s innocent of theft

Frequent critic of Obama stayed in Del. hotel

By ESTEBAN PARRA • The News Journal • July 12, 2008

Larry Sinclair, frequent critic of Barack Obama, pleaded not guilty Tuesday to charges he used counterfeit money orders to pay for a three-week stay at a New Castle hotel last year.

Sinclair’s plea was entered by Newark attorney Fran E. Farren, who said he was retained by the Duluth, Minn., resident last week. Farren said he was hired to defend Sinclair and was unwilling to say anything about his client’s Internet activities, which have brought Sinclair some notoriety in the blogosphere.

Sinclair has been making charges about Obama involving sex and drugs on his blog. Messages to the Obama campaign headquarters were not returned.

“Lawrence Sinclair’s political beliefs are not on trial here,” Farren said. “Simply put, his political views are not relevant in this case.

“Mr. Sinclair has been charged with one count of theft [a felony]. As such, he is certainly entitled to defend himself vigorously against that charge. I am here to do everything within my power to provide Mr. Sinclair with a strong defensive effort in that regard and that’s what I intend to do.”

Sinclair was arrested last month on an outstanding warrant after a Washington, D.C., press conference.

According to Delaware State Police and Delaware Superior Court records, Sinclair allegedly paid for a three-week stay at a Rodeway Inn with $2,400 in money orders. The hotel manager later told police Wachovia refused to honor them.

Sinclair said he had been living in Delaware for about two months.

“I was actually living there and I was looking to remaining in the area, but the rents were just too high,” he said.


To this day there has not been a single Court document or charging document provided to me, my attorney or even found as part of the court file making the allegations that the News Journal has now made twice in less than two weeks.  Furthermore, the News Journal was faxed documentation showing their claims to be false.  I guess any coverage of the Obama matter is better than no coverage at all.  Guess the News Journal having papers served on them will make them think twice about repeating false claims that they were shown to be untrue about what I have been served with.  In fact now I challenge anyone in Delaware to produce a single item deposited into a Rodeway Inn account with my name on it.”

Read more about this story here:


Visit Larry Sinclair’s new website. It will be live soon:


Larry Sinclair Delaware warrant, persecution, political prisoner, Joe Biden, Attorney General Biden, Richard Weir, Francis E. Farren, Delaware Online, Delaware Journal, MSM, Lies, Smears, Greta, Hannity, O’Reilly

The Larry Sinclair story lives on. Where has the MSM been?
The MSM has either ignored the story, insulted Larry Sinclair
or misrepresented the story. Greta Van Sustern, recently gave
a response as to why she had not interviewed Larry Sinclair.
She referred to one blog, that is biased, and used rumors and
lies as a basis for her decision. Her reaction is typical
of the MSM. Where is Sean Hannity? Bill O’Reilly, are you
running a gossip show too? Fox News is looking too much like

The following comment from a blog speaks volumes:

“Look what is being done to Larry Sinclair. I “NEVER” believed this man. Now I believe every word. Or why would they be going out of their way to silence him? Denying him legal counsil? False arrest? Delaware is denying him his civil rights! “Joe Biden” has sat back and allowed it to happen. Or has he been in on it? I don’t hear Joe speaking. Civil Liberty groups are where??? Oh that’s right Obama is not a Republican. They’ve taken away the man’s Social Security, the only means he had to support himself! They’ve arrested him. Not a lawyer in Delaware will represent him. Yet he’s still standing by his story. That speaks a plethora of who is telling the truth in this case. They should have let it go, very few were listening. Now they’ve brought it to the attention of so many with their persecution of this man. Where’s the MSM coverage on this? Even if they don’t believe what the man is saying. What’s being done to him should be covered!!”

This was posted by:

Posted by: Diana | July 3, 2008 5:23 PM


Is the whole state of Delaware corrupt? The Attorney General of
Delaware is the son of Senator Joe Biden. Larry Sinclair was arrested
at the conclusion of his news conference in Washington DC on
June 18, 2008. Several days later Sinclair was transported to
Wilmington Delaware and appeared before a judge. There was some
confusion about what Sinclair was charged with and he was released
on his own recognizance.

Larry Sinclair secured former Attorney General of Delaware, Richard
Weir, for his attorney. On July 2, 2008 at 5:15 PM, Mr. Weir
backed out as Sinclair’s attorney. Sinclair appeared before the
judge on July 3 and was given a continuance to procur another
attorney. Sinclair has obtained a new attorney, Francis E. Farren,
and a plea of not guilty has been entered.

On June 29, 2008, The Delaware Journal, on their site Delaware
Online, posted an article titled:
“Facts deflate conspiracy theory”
Since so many articles are being scrubbed off the internet by
the Obama Camp, I am including the entire article:

“Depending on what blogs you read, Delaware is at the center of a major conspiracy orchestrated to protect presumptive Democratic nominee Barack Obama by silencing a critic.

But like many rumors about a candidate during a presidential election year, this one just isn’t true.

While we are certain this will do little to deter conspiracy theorists, we thought it would be worthwhile to inject some verifiable fact where we find it.

The rumor suggested that former Democratic presidential candidate and Delaware Sen. Joe Biden — who has been named as a possible vice president running mate for Obama — worked with his son, Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden, to have Obama critic Larry Sinclair arrested at the conclusion of a press conference Sinclair held in Washington earlier this month.

Sinclair, who has been making charges about Obama involving sex and drugs, allegedly was taken away at the conclusion of his remarks by U.S. marshals on an outstanding warrant from Delaware.

Some — perhaps only those on Sinclair’s Web site — suggested this was concocted to embarrass Sinclair because there had been no record of a Delaware warrant after a detailed background check in January.

Well, yes, but no.

There was no warrant in January because it was issued in February after an October incident at a New Castle hotel involving Sinclair.

According to the Delaware State Police and Delaware Superior Court records, Sinclair allegedly paid for a three-week stay at the Rodeway Inn with $2,400 in money orders. The hotel manager later found they were counterfeit and called police.

In February — long before Obama became the presumptive nominee — a New Castle County grand jury indicted Sinclair for felony theft and a warrant was issued.

According to state prosecutors, Sinclair was released on $8,000 unsecured bond this week and is due back in court in July for an arraignment.”

In the above article, there is another attempt to discredit
Larry Sinclair with lies.

The Biden’s involvement is very suspect. The suspicious warrant
was produced a few days after Larry Sinclair’s allegations came
out in a Youtube video. The warrant came from the office of the
Attorney General of Delaware.

Larry Sinclair has stated, and the warrant confirms, that he
did not pay for a stay at the Rodeway Inn with money orders.

The unsecured bond was for $ 5000 not $ 8000.

Larry Sinclair has requested that a retraction be printed.

No retraction or correction has appeared.

Larry Sinclair’s new attorney, Francis E. Farren has stated that
there are no documents on file, with data they produced that the Delaware Journal could have accessed.

The court stated that the original summons was mailed, yet
there was no address on the summons.

It is apparent that this article was crafted to discredit Sinclair
and do damage control for the Biden’s and Obama Camp.

Why did Sinclair’s attorney, Richard Weir, the former Attorney
General of Delaware, drop Sinclair’s case at the last minute?

There is political chicanery of the highest level going on,
attempting to stop Larry Sinclair. Why should we not believe that
Joe Biden, his son the Attorney General of Delaware and the
Obama camp are not involved?

Read more about this story and miscarriage of justice here:


Delaware warrant, Richard R. Wier, Jr, former Attorney General of Delaware, Attorney General Biden, Joe Biden, No justice in Delaware, Obama corruption

Larry Sinclair is being persecuted for questioning Barack Obama. From Sinclair’s arrest in Washington DC after his press conference, to the dubious warrant from Attorney General Biden’s office, to Richard R. Wier, Jr, former Attorney General of Delaware, backing out of his agreement to represent Sinclair. Is the Obama Campaign behind this? Is Senator Joe Biden, the father of the Delaware Attorney General behind this?

There has been a severe miscarriage of justice. Is this the kind of change that you want?

Larry Sinclair was interviewed by Jeff Rense on July 2, 2008. Listen to the interview here:


Larry Sinclair Delaware arraignment continued, Richard R. Wier, Jr backs out, Delaware Bar Association, Joe Biden, Attorney General Biden, Obama Campaign pressure?

Larry Sinclair’s arraignment in Delaware Superior Court has been continued. Wilmington Attorney Richard R. Wier, Jr, former Attorney General of Delaware, notified Sinclair yesterday at 5:15 PM, that he was withdrawing as Sinclair’s attorney. Here is Larry Sinclair’s statement on this:

Delaware Arraignment Continued/Official Complaint To Be Filed Against Attorney Wier

Posted by Larry Sinclair on Thursday, July 3, 2008

The arraignment scheduled in the Delaware Criminal Case for this morning at 8:30 AM has been continued to July 18, 2008.  I did provide the Court with a copy of the agreement entered into by Wilmington Attorney Richard R. Wier, Jr and myself on July 2, 2008 as well as informed the Court of Mr. Wier’s actions at 5:15 PM yesterday afternoon.

I have also contacted the Delaware Bar Association concerning the filing of a formal complaint in regards to Mr. Wier’s acts of the afternoon of July 2, 2008. Including the voice messages concerning the posting of the Detainer from Mr. Wier.

As an added note I would like to state that all the Obamablogonots who were threatening to appear at the Court House for the purpose of harassment and intimidation, did not show.”

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