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Larry Sinclair vindicated, Robert Braddock Jr. Sinclair lie detector administrator indicted, Sinclair Obama 1999 sex encounter allegations, Parisi claims

Larry Sinclair vindicated, Robert Braddock Jr. Sinclair lie detector administrator indicted, Sinclair Obama 1999 sex encounter allegations, Parisi claims

“Why was Obama absent from the opening session of the IL Senate on November 4, 1999, the start date of Larry Sinclair’s visit to Chicago?”…Citizen Wells

“Why did Barack Obama attempt to bribe Jeremiah Wright with $ 150,000?”…Citizen Wells

“Why did Donald Young, Bill Gwatney, Christopher Kelly, Andrew Breitbart and others with information about Obama all die under mysterious circumstances?”…Citizen Wells

From WND June 5, 2012.


Democrat who conducted polygraph indicted for campaign fraud”

“Last week, Robert Braddock Jr. – the Democratic Party operative who taped the lie detector test administered to Sinclair in February 2008 – was indicted in an unrelated matter by federal authorities and charged with conspiring to conceal campaign donations.

Braddock’s polygraph concluded Sinclair was lying.

But Sinclair continues to insist the charges in his book against Obama are true and that he has been a victim of a White House-organized campaign to discredit him.

Amazon claims

As WND reported, U.S. District Court Judge Richard J. Leon dismissed a libel case against Sinclair for Sinclair’s claim that top Obama adviser David Axelrod paid $750,000 to rig the results of the polygraph test.

Leon ruled in his Feb. 28 opinion dismissing the case that the plaintiffs, Daniel Parisi and his Internet porn site Inc., failed to show Sinclair had published any knowingly false statements. The judge concluded Sinclair had taken appropriate steps to verify information before publishing it.

Parisi filed March 30 jointly with Sinclair a “Stipulation and Order of Voluntary Dismissal,” which effectively ended Parisi’s claims against Sinclair.

Parisi, however, decided to appeal Leon’s March 31 order dismissing the libel case against

“The issue before this Court is narrow and straightforward: Must an online bookseller stop selling a book based on mere allegations that its content is defamatory?” the lawyers for wrote in a brief filed with the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia May 17. “The answer is no, particularly where, as here, a separate unchallenged ruling of the District Court determined the book was not defamatory.”

Noting that Leon’s opinion had established a standard of “actual malice” in the case, the lawyers argued that the case against the online bookseller could not be sustained because it could not be proved that Sinclair’s book was false or that Sinclair had written the book in reckless disregard of whether it was false or not – a definition of “actual malice” set in the famous 1964 Supreme Court case, New York Times Co. v. Sullivan.

“I believe Amazon attorneys prepared a very strong and correct brief,” Sinclair told WND. “And I agree with Amazon’s reference that the Parisi brief appears to be more for the purpose of further publishing vicious attacks against me personally than it is to challenge the legal findings of the District Court in their March 31, 2012, dismissal of Parisi claims as they relate to Appellee/Defendant Inc.”

The U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit has scheduled Parisi’s appeal against for oral argument on Sept. 20 at 9:30 a.m.

Sinclair told WND he plans to be present for the oral arguments.

Lie detector

Meanwhile, the campaign for U.S. House of Representatives conducted by Connecticut Speaker of the House Chris Donovan was rocked last week with the arrest of his campaign finance director, Robert Braddock Jr.

Braddock recorded the Sinclair lie detector test in his capacity as the director of business development for the website

According to an affidavit FBI Special Agent William B. Aldenberg filed last week in federal court in Connecticut, Braddock arranged for Donovan’s campaign to accept “conduit contributions” from individuals, “the purpose of which was to conceal the fact that the individuals actually financing the payments had an interest in legislation which was expected to and did come before the Connecticut General Assembly during the 2012 legislative session.”

Specifically, Braddock solicited campaign contributions from “roll-your-own,” or RYO, smoke shop owners who sought to defeat a proposed Connecticut law that would have imposed on them a tobacco manufacturers’ designation requiring a substantial licensing fee and tax increase.

Aldenberg’s affidavit detailed a series of recorded calls and meetings with undercover FBI officers in which Braddock arranged at least two payments of $10,000 to Donovan’s campaign. The payments consisted of four $2,500 checks in one instance and three checks amounting to $10,000 in the second. The contributions were made in the names of “conduit contributors,” or payments made by one person in the name of another.

The scheme was designed to hide the fact that the RKO smoke shop owners were making the campaign contributions in exchange for Donovan’s agreement to kill the revenue measure.

The affidavit recommended Braddock be indicted for conspiring to unlawfully conceal campaign contributions in violation of federal statutes.

Braddock was fired by the Donovan campaign after his arrest.

According to, Donovan temporarily relinquished some of his duties as speaker of the Connecticut House of Representatives in the wake of Braddock’s arrest but has not abandoned his congressional bid.

The tax measure effectively died May 9, when the Connecticut legislative session ended without either chamber calling for a vote.

In reporting the incident, the Connecticut Post described Braddock as “a hired gun from North Carolina who over a short career has raised millions for several campaigns” and “is known as a savvy, cool-under-pressure operative,” who once worked “for an adult entertainment website.”

The Connecticut Post further reported that Donovan’s campaign had been selected from a pool of prospective candidates recommended by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

Sinclair noted on his website that Braddock, since his indictment, has scrubbed from his social networking Web postings his prior links to Brook Colangelo, chief information officer at the executive office of President Obama and the CIO of the Democratic National Committee from 2007 to 2009.”

Computer readings revealed that Larry Sinclair passed the lie detector test.

Read more:


Larry Sinclair book, Citizen Wells review, Status update, August 6, 2009, Barack Obama & Larry Sinclair, Cocaine, Sex, Lies & Murder?, Donald Young murder

I have spoken to Larry Sinclair several times over the past several days. His new book, “Barack Obama & Larry Sinclair, Cocaine, Sex, Lies & Murder?” is doing well. The book is available at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Books a Million and other book stores nationwide and internationally. I have had the book review ready for several days, but thought it fitting to make it the first article on my .com. The review is up at

The Obama camp is still at it, broadcasting lies, creating diversions and still trying to discredit Larry Sinclair and his book. Notice that Obama has never filed a lawsuit against Larry Sinclair. The reasons are obvious. The evil, Orwellian weasels of the Obama camp are going online, en mass, to create lower ratings for Larry’s book as well as file false book reviews.

Larry is requesting that anyone that buys his book  go online and rate it. It is the least we can do. Larry has risked his life and spent what little money he had to keep this important story alive. We owe this to Larry and especially the American public, to know the truth about the real Barack Obama.

Very few people know this, but Larry Sinclair has never been in this for the money. I know this for a fact. I covered this story in detail, had hundreds of conversations with him, controlled his blog when he was illegally arrested and watched from a front row seat as thousands tried to stop him. What very few people really know is that I tried on numerous occassions to convince Larry to make money off of his enormous web traffic. His answer was always the same:

“I am not doing this for the money.”

Larry Sinclair book, update, July 13, 2009, Barack Obama & Larry Sinclair Cocaine, Sex, Lies & Murder, Citizen Wells copy of book

Early in January of 2008, there were two things that I consistently stated to my friends.

1. I intended to be more involved in this presidential election.

2. I knew little about Barack Obama, a candidate who was increasingly gaining support. 

Shortly after stating this, I ran across a link on the internet to someone who purported to have engaged in sex and drug use with Obama in 1999. The allegation appeared to be nonsense, but I wanted to know more about this mysterious candidate, so I followed up on the story. I listened to Larry Sinclair’s Youtube video and was curious. There was something about Sinclair that appeared sincere. I had to know more.

I next found interviews of Obama by Tim Russert, the Chicago Tribune and the Chicago Sun-Times. There was a pattern in all of the interviews. Obama was asked about his records during his tenure in the IL Senate. In all of the interviews Obama gave evasive answers and refused to provide records. Hillary Clinton late in 2007 asked Obama about his senate records. A pattern was emerging.

I then went to the official IL Senate records for November 4-8 and what I saw next caused my jaw to drop. Obama was not present for the opening fall session of the IL Senate on November 4, 1999. I later found out that Obama was present for a speaking engagement on November 8, 1999, the day after Larry Sinclair alleged that they had their last encounter. The IL Senate is located in Springfield, IL, the capital, several hours south of Chicago.

I then knew that something was wrong with Obama and that Larry Sinclair may be telling the truth.

I have looked through the book. As many of you know, I had already read most of the chapters and covered the Larry Sinclair story more than any other source. The book is true to everything that I know and everything that Sinclair has consistently told me. It is extremely important that as many people as possible read the book and tell as many people as possible. Larry Sinclair has fought against insurmountable forces to get this book written and published. The really big part of his story is the great lengths the Obama camp has gone to to silence him. We must not let that happen.

After I had reached the point of no return in spending countless hours to attempt to expose the usurper, Obama, I resolved to do my part to make sure that Sinclair’s story was kept alive. The Obama camp was not only trying to silence Sinclair, but they were attempting to deprive the American public of the truth about Obama, something they had done so well with the MSM.

I will be providing some detailed reviews and corroborating comments over the next several weeks.

Stay tuned.





Let your favorite book store know that you want them to stock the book.

You can order the book in the interim at:

Larry Sinclair live Florida radio interview, Thursday, October 9, 2008, 8:30 – 11:00 PM Eastern Time, Take it to the Streets Tour, Obama, November 1999, Donald Young

Larry Sinclair will give a live radio interview from Florida tonight, Thursday, October 9, 2008. Larry Sinclair is on his Take it to the Streets Tour to tell his story of a drug and sex encounter with Barack Obama in November 1999. Sinclair will also share his knowledge of Donald Young, the gay choir director at TUCC, who was murdered in December 2007 and also inform the public about the Philip J Berg lawsuit.

Check back here tonight for details of the radio interview.

* Update *

I tuned in to the show and it does not meet my minimum standards for quality. The language was repulsive and I draw the line there.

To read more from Larry Sinclair and contribute to his tour, visit:

Delaware and Chicago corruption, Attorney General Biden, Delaware News Journal lies about Larry Sinclair, Smears in Delaware from Bidens and Obama camp

The Delaware News Journal continues to print lies about Larry Sinclair, even after they have been asked to print a retraction. I posted an article, several days ago, about the attempts coming out of Delaware to discredit and silence Larry Sinclair. Despite being notified the information they were supplying was false, despite Larry Sinclair providing copies of court documents on his blog, the forces in Delaware have joined the dark side of the Obama Camp to discredit Sinclair. Larry Sinclair has stated that he did not pay for motel stays with money orders. In fact Larry Sinclair gave me this information several weeks ago and he has been consistent. I spoke to Larry a few minutes ago and his attorney plans to sue the Delaware News Company and the parent company Gannett.

Here are the latest statements from Larry Sinclair regarding the smears coming out of Delaware:


Posted by Larry Sinclair on Saturday, July 12, 2008

It appears that even after the News Journal, a Gannet News Paper was sent written documentation along with a request for a retraction to their publishing false information, they have decided to continue to publish false statements.  It is for this reason that I will direct an Attorney who has agreed to sue the News Journal on my behalf at no charge to me whatsoever, to file suit against the News Journal, its parent Company Gannet, and its reporters who have continued to write this false information.


I ave not entered any plea as claimed by the News Journal dealing with any thing to do with “counterfiet money orders.” In fact that is absolutely nothing in the New Castle County Superior Court file alleging anything to do with “money orders” as has been publish twice now by the News Journal.  I entered a NOT GUILTY PLEA to the charge of “Theft” as stated on the only charging document in the court file which is published below:

Blogger says he’s innocent of theft

Frequent critic of Obama stayed in Del. hotel

By ESTEBAN PARRA • The News Journal • July 12, 2008

Larry Sinclair, frequent critic of Barack Obama, pleaded not guilty Tuesday to charges he used counterfeit money orders to pay for a three-week stay at a New Castle hotel last year.

Sinclair’s plea was entered by Newark attorney Fran E. Farren, who said he was retained by the Duluth, Minn., resident last week. Farren said he was hired to defend Sinclair and was unwilling to say anything about his client’s Internet activities, which have brought Sinclair some notoriety in the blogosphere.

Sinclair has been making charges about Obama involving sex and drugs on his blog. Messages to the Obama campaign headquarters were not returned.

“Lawrence Sinclair’s political beliefs are not on trial here,” Farren said. “Simply put, his political views are not relevant in this case.

“Mr. Sinclair has been charged with one count of theft [a felony]. As such, he is certainly entitled to defend himself vigorously against that charge. I am here to do everything within my power to provide Mr. Sinclair with a strong defensive effort in that regard and that’s what I intend to do.”

Sinclair was arrested last month on an outstanding warrant after a Washington, D.C., press conference.

According to Delaware State Police and Delaware Superior Court records, Sinclair allegedly paid for a three-week stay at a Rodeway Inn with $2,400 in money orders. The hotel manager later told police Wachovia refused to honor them.

Sinclair said he had been living in Delaware for about two months.

“I was actually living there and I was looking to remaining in the area, but the rents were just too high,” he said.


To this day there has not been a single Court document or charging document provided to me, my attorney or even found as part of the court file making the allegations that the News Journal has now made twice in less than two weeks.  Furthermore, the News Journal was faxed documentation showing their claims to be false.  I guess any coverage of the Obama matter is better than no coverage at all.  Guess the News Journal having papers served on them will make them think twice about repeating false claims that they were shown to be untrue about what I have been served with.  In fact now I challenge anyone in Delaware to produce a single item deposited into a Rodeway Inn account with my name on it.”

Read more about this story here:

Visit Larry Sinclair’s new website. It will be live soon:

Attorney General Biden and Delaware persecute Larry Sinclair, No preliminary hearing, Political prisoner, Bidens and Obama Camp try to silence Larry Sinclair, Delaware Online lies

I spoke to Larry Sinclair last night about the status of the warrant in Delaware, Attorney General Biden and the lies told about him in the Delaware Journal and Delaware Online. Sinclair elaborated about how his motel room was paid for and he commented on this blog and on his blog. Attorney General Biden, the state of Delaware, the press in Delaware and certainly the Obama Camp are going to a lot of time and expense attempting to silence Larry Sinclair. If you have been following this story you will remember that Larry Sinclair was arrested on June 18, 2008 after his news conference in Washington DC. He was later transported to Delaware, went before a judge and was released on his own recognizance. A warrant was issued from the office of the Attorney General of Delaware on February 5, 2008, just a few days after Larry Sinclair’s allegations came out in a Youtube video.

Now I ask you to think about this. Larry Sinclair has admitted to his past brushes with the law. He was released on his own recognizance in Delaware. Does this sound like a serious offense committed by a hardened criminal? Does this resemble in any form the criminal acts of Tony Rezko or Stuart Levine, close, long time associates of Obama? 

Why did Attorney General of Delaware, Biden, the son of Senator Joe Biden, issue a warrant for Larry Sinclair’s arrest a few days after his allegations of using drugs with Obama in November 1999? Why did the press in Delaware lie about the charges against Sinclair? Why did Richard Weir, the former Attorney General of Delaware, drop Larry Sinclair as a client the evening before his arraignment. The answer is obvious. The Obama Camp is behind this and the Bidens are deeply entrenched in the Obama Camp.

Here are Larry Sinclair’s latest comments on this matter:

Posted by Larry Sinclair on Thursday, July 10, 2008

First I want to point out that there have been pro-Obama Bloggers as well as Delaware’s largest newspaper (The News Journal) publishing reports accusing me of paying for hotel stays with bad money orders and/or stealing a car by paying with bad money orders. Both of which are completely untrue.


According to the Delaware State Police and Delaware Superior Court records, Sinclair allegedly paid for a three-week stay at the Rodeway Inn with $2,400 in money orders. The hotel manager later found they were counterfeit and called police.

ADDED 7-10-08 @ 11:30 pm CDT By Larry Sinclair

When this News Journal article was first published I made a statement on this blog that I never paid for one day, much less a three week stay with money orders.  Well Now I feel comfortable making clear why I said that.  You will see from the blow photo that the first week of my stay at the Rodeway Inn was paid for on my Visa Card, Card Number 4183 0707 0009 0008


Now lets address the other two weeks once and for all as well.  The other two weeks I stayed at the Rodeway Inn while working with Texas and Delaware officials to transfer my housing from Texas to Delaware was infact paid by a housing Voucher issued through the DELAWARR SSC (Social Service Center) 500 Rogers Rd, New Castle, DE.   All of this is known to Delaware officials and to Delaware Prosecutors so to imply otherwise and to mislead as the News Journal has done is beyond reckless.  I believe this demonstrates that the News Journal has published out right lies.

In February — long before Obama became the presumptive nominee (added by Larry Sinclair since the News Journal conveniently left this little detail out: And several weeks after making public Obama’s 1999 crack cocaine use and sexual encounters with Sinclair)– a New Castle County grand jury indicted Sinclair for felony theft and a warrant was issued.
According to state prosecutors, Sinclair was released on $8,000 unsecured bond this week and is due back in court in July for an arraignment. (emphasis added in bold)

June 29, 2008 News Journal

Lets us not forget that my statements about Barack Obama were posted on YouTube on January 17, 2008.

The only information I have been provided on the charge I personally obtained from the court records myself on June 26, 2008 which is the Rule 9 which is posted on this blog

These reports have been credited as being from court files yet there has been nothing to date filed in the court file, provided to me or even provided to my attorney in-which the State of Delaware states what I am accused of stealing, how I am accused of stealing, etc…  Yet the News Journal  claims they were provided their information by the court and the Delaware Prosecutors?

Pro-Obama bloggers last week were publishing claims that they were personally discussing the case details and obtaining information directly from the alleged victim and Prosecutor in the Delaware Attorney Generals Office. (Note these are claims published on the internet by Pro-Obama bloggers inwhich the prosecutor is specifically named, I have no reason at this time to believe that these claims are in fact true)

I have recently learned that the Attorney Generals Office (Delaware AG Joe Biden III, left)of Delaware used the Grand Jury system to bring about this charge against me.  This Grand Jury was provided nothing more than the claims by the State of Delaware.  Had Delaware simply brought the charge normally I would be entitled to a Preliminary Hearing in-which the State of Delaware would have to demonstrate before the Judge that there was cause to bring the charge, and there was enough to take me to trial.  Under the Grand Jury System this is not necessary, in fact you can bring about a charge uncontested before a Grand Jury and the State is not even required to disclose who was seated on the Grand Jury.

The above causes me to again ask who brought this matter before the Grand Jury and why?  By all accounts, according to most everyone spoken with in Delaware, this is not a charge that would normally be filed under the Grand Jury.  Why would the State of Delaware circumvent the normal judicial process and the Preliminary hearing process?

While I cannot answer these questions at this time, I can state that “IF” the News Journal and pro-Obama bloggers reports are even close to be accurate as to the details of what I am being accused of, the answer to the above questions is “Delaware used the Grand Jury System because they KNEW that this matter would never have survived a preliminary hearing before a Judge when based on law.”

Maybe you are asking yourself, why I say that?  Well I say that because claims that I paid for a hotel with “fake” money orders is easily shown to be false. There are other reason which unfortunately I cannot state right now, after all, you don’t want to show your hand to those who are trying to defeat you right?

I will say that the Delaware Attorney Generals Office using the Grand Jury system to prevent me from having a preliminary hearing (in my opinion) is an abuse of the system and a denial of due process which all Americans are entitled too.  The fact that Pro Obama bloggers and Delaware’s News Journal are publishing claims and details that are attributed to the Court file which does not contain any such claims, and the Prosecutor’s office (which to the best of my knowledge has yet to provide any such claims to counsel) raises serious questions for me anyway as to the true reason’s for all of this.

In the mean time, Barack Obama continues to get away with lying to the American people, continues to be given a free pass on his involvement with Donald Young, continues to be allowed to operate an illegal raffle to solicit contributions, continues to be given a free pass on accountability for his own actions of purchasing cocaine for others, smoking crack cocaine while engaging in sexual encounters with other men (while married to Michelle).  Why?  After all Delaware may be a small state, but it is a MONIED state in the game of US Politics.  Just check out the list of corporations incorporated in the State of Delaware!”

Read more about the Larry Sinclair story here:

Larry Sinclair arrested illegally, DC arrest illegal, Obama controls Justice Dept, Attorney General Biden, Senator Joe Biden, Jeffrey A. Taylor, ATTORNEY FOR THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, Obama change like Hitler change

Larry Sinclair was arrested on June 18, 2008 just after his news conference at the national Press Club. To anyone with the IQ above a squirrel and any knowledge of this miscarriage of justice, the obvious conclusion is that Larry Sinclair became a political prisoner at the biding of the Obama Campaign and Obama operatives. This is the kind of change Obama is trying to bring about. Change that is all too reminiscent of the Brown Shirts of Nazi Germany. Here is Larry Sinclair’s account of what happened:

DC ARREST WAS ILLEGAL IN EVERY WAY/ US Attorney for DC Ignores Law in Death Threat

Posted by Larry Sinclair on Saturday, June 28, 2008


Jeffrey A. Taylor, USA
Judiciary Center Building
555 Fourth Street, NW
Washington, DC 20530  

My arrest in Washington, DC at the National Press Club on June 18, 2008 was in fact illegal in every way.


The detective’s who entered the NPC and stated I was being arrested on a “Fugitive from Justice” warrant from Delaware, failed to produce any warrant of any kind when asked by Mr. Sibley or myself, inside the NPC nor when we reached the Detective’s vehicles.


The Detectives did not at any time advise me of my Miranda Rights.


The Detectives with the DC Metro Police, The US Marshall’s nor the US Attorney nor DC Superior Court Magistrate Judge A. Melendez never produced nor provided to me or to the Public Defender a single document showing any “Fugitive from Justice” warrant from Delaware nor any other authorizing arrest document for the District of Columbia.


DC Police booked me claiming my date of birth was July 26, 1963 and when I advised them that was incorrect I was told that is what the FBI says and therefore that is what they are going by.


I was detained from June 18, 2008 thru June 23, 2008 in DC Jail without ever being shown a single document charging me with a single crime, nor a single warrant asking me if said warrant was in fact me.


Now people can say oh well “he” is an ex con so it had to be him, or any number of such comments.  But the fact remains that the US Constitution does not work that way. 


The US Attorney for the District of Columbia, knowing beyond a reasonable doubt the name and address of an individual who clearly threatened to kill me, my attorney and my mother at the National Press Club, refused to fulfil his duties as the US Attorney, when he decided not to press charges and instructed the DC FBI Office NOT to take this person into custody.

SA Brenda K Born, Cyber Crimes Unit of the DC FBI office confirmed to me and Mr. Sibley on Monday June 16, 2008 that the individual who threaten to murder myself, Sibley and my mother was identified and questioned by the DC Police and FBI on that date.  Agent Born further confirmed that per the US Attorney’s office NO charges would be filed.  Agent Born further confirmed to me and Sibley that the US Attorney for DC would not authorize the disclosure of the identity of this individual. 

Now how can the US Attorney ignore the fact that laws had clearly been broken, how can the US Attorney decide that myself, Mr. Sibley nor my mother had the right to know who was saying they would MURDER the three of us?  Who is the US Attorney for the District of Columbia protecting?  And why?

These are questions that people need to ask and demand to be answered.  Since when does the US Attorney have the right to ignore the law in one instance and make up the law in the next?”

Read more about Larry Sinclair’s constitutional rights be abused here:


Joe Biden, Attorney General of Delaware, Obama Campaign, Social Security Administration, Larry Sinclair persecution, We will hold you accountable

I am posting the remarks from Larry Sinclair as a followup to my conversation with him. Larry Sinclair has been made a political prisoner and has been persecuted by Attorney General Biden of Delaware, The DC Police, the Social Security Administration and ultimately the Obama Campaign. Here are Larry Sinclair’s latest remarks on his ill treatment:

Posted by Larry Sinclair on Thursday, June 26, 2008

I am writing this article to inform you all, that their are 10,000+ reason’s why this is over.

I met with the Attorney in Delaware this afternoon and he has asked for a retainer of $10,000 which I do not have, and I am not going to stress over this between now and next Thursday.

I have gone to the Clerk of the Court in Delaware and I have obtained copies of what little there actually is in the file.

         1.  The Indictment was ordered and the warrant issued by The Attorney Generals Office of the State of Delaware, not the New Castle County DA as would be the normal process.

         2.  The Indictment is dated February 4, 2008 and the Rule 9 Warrant ordered and issued by the Delaware State Attorney Generals Office signed by Susan S Dwyer.

         3.  The Court file states that  on February 6, 2008 a Summons was mailed to me for Arraignment on Feb 15, 2008 (a copy of this summons from the court file shows that this did not in fact was not mailed as they did not include any address)

         4.  On February 11, 2008 the court file shows “SUMMONS SENT BY MAIL RETURNED.  INSUFFICIENT ADDRESS, UNABLE TO FORWARD


         6.  June 23, 2008, “RULE 9 WARRANT RETURNED, BAIL SET AT UNSECURED BOND 3,000, ARS 7/3/08

         7.  June 23, 2008, ” RULE 9 WARRANT RETURNED, BAIL SET AT UNSECURED BOND 5,000, 7/3/08 ARS

The following is the content of the RULE 9 WARRANT (I do not have access to a scanner to scan the document but as soon as I do I will scan it and upload it)





The Grand Jury charges Lawrence W Sinclair with the following offense, a Felony:

THEFT, in violation of Title 11, Section 841 of the Delaware Code of 1974, as amended.

LAWRENCE W. SINCLAIR, on or about the 16th day of October, 2007, in the County of New Castle, State of Delaware, did take, exercise control over, or obtain property of ************************, or another person, consisting of United States Currency or other miscellaneous property valued at $1000.00 or more, intending to deprive that person and/or owner of same, or to appropriate same.





Signed by Susan S. Dwyer

Deputy Attorney General

I know for a fact that the charge stated in the above is not true, but I do not have nor am I going to ask anyone for the funds to retain this attorney.  I will appear at the hearing set for July 3, 2008 and I will return to my home in Duluth as best I can and let the process take its due course.  For the first time in my life, short a miracle from happening, it looks as if I will indeed engage in my first jury trial.  As I have stated before, if I did it, I have admitted it, but this I did not do and I am not going to be harassed, intimidated, or scared into admitting to something I did not do.

It should also be noted that the letters from Social Security terminating my benefits was sent by James F Martin, Regional Commissioner, Chicago Region

So to all of you who believe that the truth is what is important here, you need to go forward and tell the truth.  I cannot financially fight this battle and I am not going to be forced into homelessness and/or an earlier death for lack of medical access over this.  I have tried to do what was right and I have been beaten up, slandered, attacked, threatened, and more and the powers to be now want to try to put me in the street.

I have been arrested and jailed under outright fraudulent warrants in DC, that came from the US Attorney’s office in DC, I was denied medical treatment and access to medication by a United States Federal Court Judge in DC on a warrant that she knew was non existent, all in the name of protecting a fraud of a presidential candidate.”

Read more here:

So what does this mean? The Obama Campaign has been trying to silence Larry Sinclair for months. Sinclair, to his credit, despite having few resources, has fought on against a highly, well funded campaign to discredit him. He has also had no help from the idiot MSM. Let me repeat myself. The press has been in bed with Obama. There are two parts to Larry Sinclairs allegations. The story and Larry Sinclair the person. We will make sure that Larry Sinclair is taken care of. The story lives on and is not going away.

So all of you elitist, so called caring, left wing fanatics that blindly follow the new age Hitler, Obama, you have failed. There are too many of us that want and seek the truth about Obama. The MSM has failed and we are the future of citizen journalism.

Attorney General Biden, you will be forever tied to this story. I hope that it was worth it.

Citizen Wells

Attorney General Biden of Delaware, Joe Biden, Larry Sinclair, Delaware warrant, DC fabricated warrant, Biden, Obama Camp chicanery

I just spoke to Larry Sinclair. The Delaware warrant that initiated Sinclair’s questionable arrest in Washington DC, came straight from the office of Delaware Attorney Biden, the son of Senator Joe Biden. Senator Joe Biden, is of course, a front runner for VP with Barack Obama.

Larry Sinclair has documentation and facts regarding this politically motivated chicanery. This arrest scenario, reminiscent of the Soviet Union Gulags, smelled bad enough before I got the details from Sinclair. Now the stench will be smelled by average Americans as they ponder the possible regime of Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

In the absence of response from either Attorney General Biden or Senator Joe Biden, I am charging the Bidens with corruption and tampering with the judicial system for political gain. What else would you expect from someone mentioned in the same sentence as Obama. Obama comes from the epicenter of crime and corruption in Illinoiis, as evidenced by his close, long time ties to the criminal Rezko.

Larry Sinclair arrest, National Press Club, Delaware Fugitive from Justice Warrant, DC fabricated warrant, Rule 9, Larry Sinclair interview, Jeff Rense June 25, 2008, Is Biden responsible?

Larry Sinclair was arrested at the National Press Club on June 18, 2008 for an alleged Delaware fugitive from Justice warrant. Sinclair was kept in a local DC jail and later transported to Delaware. Sinclair appeared before a judge in Delaware and was released on his own recognizance. The Attorney General of Delaware is the son of Senator Joe Biden. Senator Biden is often mentioned as one of the front runners for the VP slot of Barack Obama.

Listen to the events surrounding Larry Sinclair’s arrest in his own words: