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Larry Sinclair contacted me earlier today. Sinclair was provided
with confidential information from an insider that Sinclair and I
have both been in contact with for months. This insider, who will
remain nameless, revealed that Joe Biden told his son, the Attorney
General of Delaware, to dismiss the case against Larry Sinclair.
He stated that the arrest and warrant had served it’s purpose to
affect and discredit Larry Sinclair’s news conference at the
National Press Club. This source has demanded anonymity. I have
used this source before. Check my track record covering Larry Sinclair versus, say Politico, you know, the one Greta Van Sustern
relied on. Greta quoted an article by Ben Smith of Politico in her
decision to dismiss Sinclair as having no credibility. I wrote an
article weeks ago blasting Greta for doing this.

Who has no credibility now!

Many of us were sure that this was set up by the Obama camp in
conjunction with the Bidens. Now we know. Why did we suspect the
Obama camp and the Bidens? Consider the following:

Two attorneys checked Larry Sinclair’s records early in the year.
There was no warrant in Delaware.

Larry Sinclair found out after his arrest that the Delaware warrant
was fabricated several weeks after his Youtube video came out about
his encounter with Obama in November 1999.

Vicious attacks were made against Sinclair after the video came out
and they escalalated to attacks on his family and death threats.

Shortly before his news conference, Jane Hamsher of Firedoglake
blog, a huge Obama supporter with ties to David Axelrod, initiated
a petition asking the National Press Club to not allow Sinclair
to speak.

Immediately after Larry Sinclair finished his news conference,
Sinclair was arrested on an alleged warrant from Delaware, but
he was not shown the warrant.

Larry sinclair was kept in a local jail for a few days and then
transported to delaware. Sinclair was denied access to his
prescribed medication.

Sinclair appeared before a judge in Delaware and was released on a
unsecured bond. That was the first clue there was no serious charge.

Larry Sinclair learned while he was in Delaware that someone
contacted the Social Security Administration with false information
to cut off Sinclair’s disability payments. This was done in such
a rapid manner that someone in power with connections was involved.

Larry Sinclair secured the services of former Attorney General of
Delaware, Richard Wier. The evening before the next court
appearance, Richard Wier abandoned Sinclair.

The Delaware Journal published several articles about Sinclair that
were total fabrications, lies.

Numerous blogs, in bed with the Obama camp, published lies about
Larry Sinclair.

Larry Sinclair secured the services of attorney Francis Farren.

The charges against Larry sinclair were recently dropped by the office
of the Attorney General of Delaware.

Is the kind of change you want?

Do you want to live in a police state, governed by thought police,
that is no differnt from Nazi Germany?

This is the kind of change Obama and Biden will bring.

First Sinclair, next you.

Ask Jon Voight, Jerome Corsi and anyone else questioning Obama,
his associations and his past.

Now read what Larry Sinclair posted:

“Friday, August 29, 2008

Just Another Campaign Attempt to Save Obama/Biden

Today I received the following information. While I am not disclosing the source of this information, unlike the Obama Blogoidiots, I know the source to be on the inside and to be factual.

The Obama/Biden efforts have been acknowledged to admitting the purpose of the FALSE CHARGES AND ARREST orchestrated out of Delaware.

I am in talks with Attorneys as we speak to bring civil action against 1) The Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden and Susan Dwyer, 2) Suran Patel, 3) DC Metro Police, 4) US Attorney for DC, 5)DC Superior Court Magistrate Judge A. Melendez, 6) Richard R. Weir, Jr, 7) Esteban Para et al.

DEL AG was taken into a private meeting with a handful of senior campaign heads a couple days ago. He was told to drop this issue immediately. Because of the publicity fact, at this point, going into the fall campaign season. They agreed the incident had effectively discredited your press conference.

I’ve had two casual conversations with members of the
main stream media in Denver, who is aware of your story. Who both admitted by appearance this was to coincidental.

Do not be fooled and rest comfortable… this is just beginning. Be on guard for the next 68 days

I will not rest comfortable, but in fact will push even harder now for the TRUTH to be exposed. ”

Read more from Larry Sinclair here:
Listen to Larry Sinclair’s blog radio show:
Sign the Petition to Impeach, expel Senator Obama

Attorney General Biden, Delaware, Susan Dwyer, Email atacks, Larry Sinclair, Delaware Warrant, Delaware Attorney Generals office, Obama camp diversions

Larry Sinclair has a new post up. Larry Sinclair was informed that Susan Dwyer of the Delaware Attorney Generals office allegedly received numerous disrespectful emails from Larry Sinclair supporters. Sinclair states that the emails are from the same Obama supporters who sent phony emails before. Here is the article from Larry Sinclair:

“Monday, August 25, 2008


Dear Attorney General Joseph R. Biden, III and DAG Susan Dwyer:

I have NEVER sent a single email to your office or to anyone employed by your office, nor do I appreciate being accused of doing so. Should I have deleted Ms. Dwyers email address from the email, maybe. But unlike the claims attributed to your office by the News-Journal and other internet sites, I prefer to make truthful statements as to what was said by your office.

In addition, NO one supporting me would ever email Ms. Dwyer or anyone else in your office being disrespectful. I submit that if you claim that is the case, the emails should be investigated and I do believe your office will find that any such emails will have originated from the same people who have for more than 2 months claimed to be in regular contact with Susan Dwyer, and who claim Ms. Dwyer has provided them, the “false” information that has been published about me and this case all over the internet since June 23, 2008.

The statements made by me concerning this matter are factual and necessary because of the untrue statements being reported and attributed to the Delaware prosecutors office.

Fact # 1: The Delaware Attorney Generals office has been requested three separate times to provide the defense with copies of the returned unpaid money orders, and the Delaware Attorney Generals office has to this date, yet to comply.

Fact #2: The Delaware Attorney Generals office did make the statement that their offer of a misdemeanor sounds good right now, in claiming they would seek Habit status after I refused to accept your offer. Which I had informed my attorney from day one I would not plead guilty to anything.

Fact # 3: I will submit to the Delaware Attorney General the same offer made to FBI Special Agent Brenda Born, which is if you are accusing me of sending emails to your office or to Ms. Dwyer, produce the alleged emails and I will cooperate with any independent investigator wishing to search my computer and or accounts.

I also am certain that any emails your office claims to be from my supporters, if investigated properly, will lead you back to the very individuals who claim Ms. Dwyer has been communicating with when they were publishing false information on this case along with News-Journal reporters.

Any communication between me and the office of the Delaware Attorney Generals office has, and will continue to be, done through my Attorney. Just as my Attorney has been directed to inform your office that your claims I have sent Ms. Dwyer emails is an out right lie and not appreciated in the least.


Lawrence Sinclair”

Read more from Larry Sinclair here:

Larry Sinclair, Delaware warrant, Rodeway Inn, Sonny Patel, Attorney General Biden, Warrant fabricated, What really happened in Delaware

Larry Sinclair has revealed the details of what really happened in Delaware last year regarding his stay at the Rodeway Inn and transactions with the motel manager, Sonny Patel. A warrant issued out of the office of Delaware Attorney General Biden, was fabricated just a few weeks after Larry Sinclair came out with a YouTube video with allegations of drug use with Obama in November 1999.

When you read Larry Sinclair’s facts consider the following:

After Sinclair was arrested after the New Conference at the National Press Club, more lies and smears began. A prominent Delaware news source began stating fabricated details. Obama affiliated bloggers took the story and ran.

Attorney General Biden is the son of Senator Joe Biden, a frontrunner for Obama’s VP position.

When Larry Sinclair went before the Delaware judge, he was released on an unsecured bond. This hardly looks like a situation requiring Sinclair being arrested after his news conference.

Larry Sinclair told me this exact story over the phone, just after his arrest in June 2008. Despite many attempts to spread lies about Sinclair, he has been consistent and forthright with me.

Here are the facts fromLarry Sinclair:


“Monday, August 4, 2008

??’s 4 News-Journal, DE AG’s and DE State Police

Questions for Delaware News-Journal; Delaware Attorney General & State Police

In October 2007 while looking for an apartment in the Wilmington, Delaware-Philly, PA area, I stayed at the Rodeway Inn at 3 Memorial Dr. I spent a total of three (3) weeks at the Rodeway Inn. The first week was paid with my visa card at the weekly rate (tax included) of $300.00

While working with housing officials in Texas and Delaware to transfer from Texas to Delaware, the Delawarr Center approved housing assistance up to $1200 issued by voucher with each voucher being for a two week period. The first two (2) week voucher was issued for the Rodeway Inn.

While staying at the Rodeway Inn, a UPS overnight envelope addressed to me was sent to my former Texas address, and forwarded to me via FedEx (using my FedEx account) by my best friend and former landlord in Texas. This envelope contained three (3) money orders made payable to me for $910.00 each.

Upon receiving the FedEx delivery, Sonny Patel, the owner of the Rodeway Inn was aware that I had not yet opened an account with any local bank. Sonny Patel and his swing-shift employee (who I had been driving to and from work daily at the request of Mr. Patel) asked me if I wanted either of them to cash the money orders for me. Both offered to do so for a FEE of $300.00

The following day in the early afternoon Sonny Patel invited me to go to the bank with him where he would deposit the money orders, in his personal account at Wachovia Bank on DuPont HWY. At the bank I endorsed the money Orders and wrote out a statement saying I would not received any funds from the deposit until Patel had been notified by his bank that the items had cleared the bank. I also included a statement that I would be responsible for any bank charges should the items be returned unpaid. Both of the statements were witnessed by the bank employee.

Several days after the deposit I was called into the Office of the Rodeway Inn by Mr. Sonny Patel. Patel informed me that the money orders had clear Wachovia and that he was ready to pay me my money. Mr. Patel had the original statement out and noted on it that I had been paid the funds from the Money Orders in full minus the $300.00 fee charged me.

On October 13, 2007 I did move out of the Rodeway Inn and into the Riverview pending the signing of the lease on a residence on Topaz Dr., in Claymont. On the day I moved I informed Sonny Patel exactly where I was moving to, Patel had the phone number for the Riverview as well as my cell phone. Further Mr. Patel asked me if I would continue to drive Daisy home from work each night as I had been and told him I would. I continued to see Sonny Patel on an almost Dailey basis when dropping off/picking up his employee fro/from work (this is supported by statements made by the employee to Wilmington Police on 10/27/07.) Despite almost daily contact with Sonny Patel, His Brother Sam and or his wife; his knowledge of my cell phone number and place of residence, Sonny Patel never once contacted me or informed me that the money orders had been returned un-paid. In an interview with Wilmington Police on 10-27-07 I had inform the police I was told by Sonny Patel that the money orders had cleared the bank and that I had not been told anything to the contrary (not even by the Wilmington Police)

Now on Feb 5, 2008, Delaware Attorney General Joseph R. Biden III’s office called for a Grand Jury to issue a Felony Theft Indictment. Feb 5, 2008 would have been 19 days after my Youtube Video went up on the internet and starting to become somewhat popular in my allegations against presidential candidate Barack Obama.

In requesting this indictment, the Delaware Attorney Generals Office failed to note that they money orders were payable to me; that Sonny Patel made the request to cash them at a fee of $300; that I signed an agreement not to receive the funds until Sonny Patel informed me they had cleared the bank; and that Sonny Patel (based on the Wilmington Police Depts. report of 10-27-07) lied about not seeing me again, or knowing how to contact me; the fact that Wilmington Police did not at anytime during the 10-27-07 interview, ever advise me that said money orders had been returned; or that no one ever attempted to mail summons to my address (which I had placed a forwarding order on when I moved) that the Wilmington Police report dated 10-27-07 did contain along with the name of my landlord.

NOW, THESE ARE THE FACTS, so I ask this of the Publisher of the Delaware News-Journal:

1 Why did your paper repeatedly publish outright false claims against me and cite as your sources; Delaware State Police Reports; New Castle Superior Court Files; and Delaware Prosecutors???

2.Why did your newspaper publish these outright false claims against me a second time after being asked to publish a retraction after publishing them the first time?


1 Why did the Delaware Attorney Generals office present incomplete evidence to a Grand Jury (that it is clear from the police reports your office was IN FACT aware of?)

2 Why did your office make claims to a Grand Jury that (based on your own Police Reports) was false and misleading?

3 What is your true motivation for seeking an indictment in Feb 2008 against me for a crime your office knows I did not commit?

4 Where did I at any time in any way commit theft of anything from The Rodeway Inn?

5 Why would your office be the source for the News-Journals false claims that were published?

Why would the Delaware News-Journal and others publish outright false claims and why would the Delaware Attorney Generals Office, The Delaware State Police and The Superior Court be repeatedly cited as the source of the false information?

Posted by Larry Sinclair, 2:50 AM, Permalink

Read more of the Larry Sinclair story here:

Delaware warrant, Richard R. Wier, Jr, former Attorney General of Delaware, Attorney General Biden, Joe Biden, No justice in Delaware, Obama corruption

Larry Sinclair is being persecuted for questioning Barack Obama. From Sinclair’s arrest in Washington DC after his press conference, to the dubious warrant from Attorney General Biden’s office, to Richard R. Wier, Jr, former Attorney General of Delaware, backing out of his agreement to represent Sinclair. Is the Obama Campaign behind this? Is Senator Joe Biden, the father of the Delaware Attorney General behind this?

There has been a severe miscarriage of justice. Is this the kind of change that you want?

Larry Sinclair was interviewed by Jeff Rense on July 2, 2008. Listen to the interview here:


Attorney General Biden of Delaware, Joe Biden, Larry Sinclair, Delaware warrant, DC fabricated warrant, Biden, Obama Camp chicanery

I just spoke to Larry Sinclair. The Delaware warrant that initiated Sinclair’s questionable arrest in Washington DC, came straight from the office of Delaware Attorney Biden, the son of Senator Joe Biden. Senator Joe Biden, is of course, a front runner for VP with Barack Obama.

Larry Sinclair has documentation and facts regarding this politically motivated chicanery. This arrest scenario, reminiscent of the Soviet Union Gulags, smelled bad enough before I got the details from Sinclair. Now the stench will be smelled by average Americans as they ponder the possible regime of Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

In the absence of response from either Attorney General Biden or Senator Joe Biden, I am charging the Bidens with corruption and tampering with the judicial system for political gain. What else would you expect from someone mentioned in the same sentence as Obama. Obama comes from the epicenter of crime and corruption in Illinoiis, as evidenced by his close, long time ties to the criminal Rezko.

Larry Sinclair news conference, Larry Sinclair arrest, DC Police, Delaware warrant, Political Prisoner, FBI, death threats, DC Judge, What Really Happened

The events leading up to, during and after Larry Sinclair’s news conference seem Orwellian or scripted from Nazi Germany or the Soviet Gulags. You have heard the lies, smears and hypocrisy. You have heard the lies about taking credit for Sinclair’s arrest and about the Colorado warrant. Now for the truth, from Larry Sinclair. I can corroborate much of what Sinclair says. Sinclair is free and here is the experience in his own words:

 “What Really Happened At The National Press Club
Posted by Larry Sinclair on Tuesday, June 24, 2008

First allow me to explain that on Monday, June 16, 2008 I was contacted by Special Agent Brenda Born of the DC FBI informing me that the FBI had identified and located the individual who threatened to kill me, my lawyer and my mother at the NPC.  Agent Born confirmed the individual was a resident of the DC area and was an adult.  What was shocking to me is that Agent Born informed me that the US Attorney in DC had decided not to file charges against this individual and that the identity of the person could not b provided to me or my attorney without the approval of the US Attorney.

As for my arrest at the NPC on Wednesday June 18, 2008 after the conclusion of the PC, I see that no one has bothered to print the truth so allow me.  First, the PC was in fact packed with PRESS contrary to the bloggers who want others to believe otherwise.  Shortly before 1:00 PM a line had formed causing the NPC to ask us to begin sign in because the lobby was filling up.

At the conclusion of the PC, NPC Security head had brought three (3) plain clothed DC Police Detectives into the room and introduced them to me.  All three identified themselves as DC Police detectives and that they had a “Fugitive from Justice” warrant from Delaware.  These detectives did not escort me out in hand cuffs as reported by others.  All three were very professional, polite and respectful.  When asked for a copy of the warrant, they stated they had it in the car.

On Thursday June 19, 2008 I appeared before Judge Melendez in the DC Superior Court.  I asked that the court release me and allow me to immediately report to Delaware authorities which the US Attorney and the Judge refused to do.  Further, even though the Judge and the US Attorney was informed of my being denied access to my medication and medical treatment, the US Attorney demanded a bail of $75,000.00 which was completely inappropriate considering that Delaware did not have a “Fugitive from Justice” warrant against me, and the Judge and US Attorney both KNEW this was in fact the case.

I was ordered held for Delaware which I waived extradition, and I was held in the DC Jail [from 6-19-08 until approximately 10:30am Monday June 23, 2008] and deny access to phone, medication, and medical treatment.  When picked up on Monday June 23, 2008 by Delaware officials, I asked why there would be a “Fugitive from Justice” warrant for my arrest.  I was informed that there was no such warrant issued by Delaware, but that in fact DC had made that charge against me in order for them to arrest me on the “Rule 9″ warrant that was pending from a Delaware “SEALED” Grand Jury warrant.  I was told that what DC should have done was advise me to report to Delaware.  This rule 9 warrant was explained to me as being nothing that anyone could call me a “Fugitive from Justice” on because I had never been served the notice, taken into custody or formally charged on as yet.

Upon my return to Delaware, I appeared before a Superior Court Judge at 2:30 pm at which time I was released on PR bond and released.  I will say that the charge is questionable at best and after speaking with my Attorney I will allow him/her decide what can and cannot be posted here.

So to all those reporting I was taken out in hand cuffs, I assure you I walked out with no cuffs, carrying my bags from the NPC.  I also feel it important to state that the NPC staff conducted themselves with nothing short of kindness and professionalism from the moment I arrive to the moment I left.

Yes there are some questions for the US Attorney’s Office in the FBI investigation of the death threats, the arrest on the Delaware matter and the denying of phone access, medication and medical treatment while being held in custody in DC.  Just as there are some questions as to Judge Melendez’ refusal to allow me to report to Delaware and her holding me over on a DC produced warrant that did not reflect the Delaware issue appropriately, and her failure to order my being provided my prescribed medications and phone access even to my attorney.  There are some questions for the US Marshall’s Office and the way I was treated when I repeatedly requested access to my medication and/or medical treatment.”

Read more here:


Larry Sinclair news conference, Sinclair arrested, Successful news conference, Delaware warrant, Another attempt to block Sinclair, Sinclair provides facts, Obama camp desperate

Late this after noon I received an email from a trusted associate of Larry Sinclair who told me that Sinclair had been arrested. Larry Sinclair held a news conference at the National Press Club today, Wednesday, June 18, 2008. After the news conference ended, Sinclair was approached, apparently by federal marshalls. Sinclair’s attorney looked over the warrant  and it appeared authentic. Sinclair has an attorney in Delaware and is awaiting the setting of bail.

Here are some comments from Larry Sinclair’s blog from reliable sources:

“Wednesday, June 18, 2008 at 5:09 pm e
As unfortunate as it may be, it is confirmed. A representative for the D.C. Metro Police Warrant Division, delivered a warrant for the arrest and detainment for Mr. Sinclair soon after he had finished his press conference at the NPC today.

Although the details of the warrant are unknown at this time, please remember that as long as Mr. Sinclair is in Police custody his safety and security are assured. Likewise, Mr. Sibly has taken the step of making sure all of Larry’s belonging have been secured and taken care of.

It is know this was more than likely a set up created very quickly, as the FBI and DC Metro Police had no prior intelligence or information of this happening ahead of time. They too were rather surprised when this transpired. However, when a warrant is issued and delivered, they too have to follow the rule of law and step aside so they don’t trample State’s Rights. I ask that all of you not speculate on this matter further until it is resolved.

The press conference did go off as scheduled, and without much incident.”

“Mr. Sibley has completly filled me in. The PC went well. Over 100 attended & many camereas. A DVD will be posted tomorrow afternoon. Pastor Manning was there.”

“two US Marshals did appear out of no where & presented a warrant from Del & Mr. Sibley viewed & questioned but felt they were for real. DC pd verified & made the arrest.”

Apparently this warrant appeared suddenly and apparently the DC police had no prior knowledge.

The Obama camp will stop at nothing to block questioning of Obama and revealing the real Obama.

The post Tony Rezko trial atmosphere is getting interesting. Apparently there are more indictments to come. I wonder when Obama will be led off to jail?