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I spoke to Larry Sinclair over an hour ago. He discovered that the so called fake money orders that were the basis for the fabricated warrant on him by Delaware Attorney General Biden, were received by Delaware on August 24, 2008. The warrant from Attorney General Biden’s office was issued on February 4, 2008, just a few weeks after Sinclair went public with his allegations of a drug and sex encounter with Obama in November 1999.  The warrant on Larry Sinclair from the State of Delaware was dismissed last week. Larry Sinclair was notified by a Washington DC insider, that both he and I have communicated with, that Senator Joe Biden instructed his son, Attorney General Biden, to dismiss the warrant because it had served it’s purpose in affecting Larry Sinclair’s news conference. Here are some exerpts from Larry Sinclair’s new article about the money order evidence:

“Friday, September 5, 2008


The Delaware News-Journal today continued its knowingly publishing outright lies against me in its favored coverage of Barack Obama and the Bidens (Delaware’s royal family).

This afternoon Greg Burton, Assistant Executive Editor for the Delaware News-Journal (in a recorded phone conversation) refused to print a retraction stating ” Jeff Witmarsh, of the Delaware state police did inform News-Journal reporters that I paid for a three week stay at the Rodeway Inn with fake money orders.” Repeated calls to the Delaware State Troopers (Troop2) offices of Jeff Witmarsh have not been returned.

It also seems that in addition to the knowingly false statements by the News-Journal in three separate articles (after being informed their information was untrue) Mr. Burton still stands by the papers claim that both “police reports and Superior Court records” stated the same information. Well Mr. Burton, you and the News-Journal are LIARS, because I have in my hand the police reports and the entire Court file and nowhere is there any such claim.

What makes you wonder even more, is the un-reported fact that (based on the fax transmission date on the attached copies of the money orders in question) it appears the Delaware Attorney Generals office, under sealed Grand Jury who’s foreman was an active Delaware State employee and Obama supporter, brought a criminal indictment and warrant without ever having produced the money orders into evidence!”

“It seems the reason the AG’s office took so long in providing my Attorney, Francis E Farren and myself copies of the items, was they Delaware Attorney Generals office had not ever had them. The copies of the money orders (with no indication that they have been returned unpaid) were faxed to the Delaware AG’s office on August 24, 2008 by one ABC Detective Agency. Now how can this be if the Grand Jury issued an indictment on Feb 4, 2008???”
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Larry Sinclair has just responded to Joe Biden being selected as Obama’s vice presidential candidate and to Joe Biden’s son, the Attorney General of Delaware. Attorney General Biden of Delaware is threatening Larry Sinclair with a life sentence based on multiple offenses. The warrant in Delaware was fabricated and created shortly after Larry Sinclair came out with the YouTube video about his drug and sex encounter with Obama in November 1999. Joe Biden bought this vice presidential position by attempting to silence Larry Sinclair.

Here is the response from Larry Sinclair:

“August 23, 2008


Joseph R. Biden III, (right) son of presumptuous Democratic Vice Presidential nominee Joseph R. Biden II, through his Deputy Attorney General Susan Dwyer, threatens to seek a life sentence in a Delaware case that the Attorney General for Delaware has repeatedly refused to provide any documentation or discovery as requested and as is required by Delaware law.

From: Dwyer Susan (DOJ) [mailto:Susan.Dwyer@state.de.us]
Sent: Wednesday, August 20, 2008 5:11 PM
Subject: RE: Larry Sinclair

FYI…in talking with John Barber about the case today I realized that
Mr. Sinclair is actually habitual eligible. That means I need written
approval from a superior in order to offer anything less the charge and
habit. Makes my misdemeanor offer seem really good, doesn’t it? I am
working on it, but not sure I will get approval for a straight up NP.
If that is the case, why not take the chance at trial. Mr. Sinclair not
willing to take a misdemeanor even if it means I am seeking habit status
if I win at trial?


No, Mr. Sinclair is NOT willing to plead guilty to a crime that the Delaware Attorney Generals Office KNOWS has not been committed, and Mr. Biden KNOWS was brought against him simply to try and shut up the TRUTH about Barack Obama.

Joseph R.Biden II, Senator from Delaware did in June 2008 use his power in the US Senate to have the Social Security Administration stop my disability benefits two days before I was arrested in Washington, DC on a totally baseless warrant.  In addition it turns out that Senator Biden not only used his office and the office of his son, Joseph R Biden III, the Attorney General of Delaware, he had the SSA violate their own regulations which states benefits cannot be terminated if the charging State refuses to Extradite.  Delaware by way of a sealed Grand Jury Rule 9 Warrant, (for which the Delaware Attorney Generals Office has still failed to provide any copy of any returned money order) had an extradition range of 250 miles listed according to court documents.  Senator and AG Biden’s puppet News-Paper the Delaware News-Journal of Wilmington, DE even went so far as to publish two completely false reports of the charge and case against me.  Senator Joseph Biden and Delaware AG Biden’s personal friend and contributor’s, former Delaware Attorney General Richard Weir, even tried to create problems for me with the court by walking away from a sign retainer agreement and stated after entering said agreement he would “not represent” me “when you are saying all those things about Obama and the Bidens.”

Both Biden’s have abused their office’s for political favors from Barack Obama.  In addition Barack Obama has used the Biden’s to try and shut me up, it will not happen.  Joseph R. Biden II, the poster child for the “same old Washington insider” who cast his 10,000th vote in the US Senate in 1999, the same year Barack Obama smoked crack cocaine and engaged in gay sexual encounter in the back of a Limo and a Gurnee, IL hotel room with me, contradicts the very mantra of the Obama Campaign’s call for a “New Politics in Washington.”

It is now time that the American Media stop this protection of Barack Obama and lets report the truth.   

I will expect Joseph R. Biden III to withdraw his office from this case immediately and to immediately produce the discovery that has been requested of his office now three times since August 11, 2008 alone.”

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Larry Sinclair Story, Fact Versus Fiction, Larry Sinclair Arrest, Attempts to Silence Sinclair, Larry Sinclair Political Prisoner, Joe Biden, Attorney General, Delaware

I posted the following on Larry Sinclair’s blog this morning:

1. Story – Larry Sinclair alleges a drug and gay sex encounter with Barack Obama in November 1999. Larry Sinclair has provided records. Obama has supplied none.

2. Larry Sinclair contacted the Obama Campaign and David Axelrod in 2007. After multiple attempts, Sinclair got no response.

3. In January 2008, Larry Sinclair presented a YouTube video to tell
his story. The personal attacks began attempting to discredit Sinclair.

4. In February 2008, Internet pornographer Dan Parisi, who runs the website WhiteHouse.com, made a polygraph challenge to Sinclair.

Polygraph tests are inherently unreliable.

Larry Sinclair volunteered to take the polygraph test.

The computer readings showed that Larry Sinclair passed the test.

Edward I. Gelb, who has a phony PHD, claimed that Sinclair failed the

Dan Parisi, in violation of the contract with Sinclair, set up a
news conference at the NPC, on June 18, 2008.

Dan Parisi canceled his news conference for alleged technical problems.

My reliable source indicates Parisi canceled his news conference
after notification of Sinclair’s arrest.

5. In February 2008, Larry Sinclair set up a blog to tell his story and to answer questions. The personal attacks escalated and led to multiple
death threats. * Note * The saying “follow the money” applies.
Larry Sinclair does not make money off of his blog. Many of the blogs attacking Sinclair (Let’s use the Obama word, smearing) make money off of their blogs. The Citizen Wells blog does not make money either.

6. Larry Sinclair announced a News Conference at the National Press
Club for June 18, 2008. The attacks escalated more. Jane Hamsher,
who I am told from reliable sources has ties to Axelrod, promoted
a petition on her website to block Larry from speaking at the NPC.
Jane Hamsher, by the way, makes money off of her website.

7. Larry Sinclair was arrested at the end of the news conference.
Here are some interesting facts associated with the arrest:

Larry Sinclair addressed the outstanding warrants in CO and FL
several months ago.

I have information from two reliable sources that Sinclair’s
record was thoroughly checked in January 2008 and there were no
other outstanding warrants.

The arrest warrant was from Delaware, not Colorado.

Internet sites known for lies and smears reported they were
responsible for the arrest and that the warrant was from Colorado.

Sylvia Smith of the NPC was seen talking on the phone as Sinclair
was escorted out of the building. I am not accusing Sylvia Smith,
the President of the NPC, of anything. However, it does smell a little.
This is what I believe she said:
“they are bringing  him down now”.

The arrest warrant is from Delaware. The Attorney General of
Delaware is Joe Biden’s son. Joe Biden has been mentioned as a
front runner for Vice President.


What has happened to Larry Sinclair’s right of Habeas Corpus?

Why has Obama not provided records after repeated efforts by
people such as Tim Russert?

Why did a warrant suddenly appear from Delaware?

Why are so many trying to silence and discredit Larry Sinclair?