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Regarding the alleged Kenyan birth certificate of Barack Obama

  • Firstly, when I became aware of Dr. Orly Taitz filing the Kenyan birth certificate, I reported the news along with other information that was relevant.
  • I do not know if the birth certificate is legitimate. I will wait for validation by the proper experts.
  • I have many reasons to believe that Barack Obama was born in Kenya.
  • Obama is hiding many facts about his past and there is a reason for that.
  • Obama is guilty of crime and corruption, including, but not limited to his involvement in rigging the IL Health Planning Facilites Board.
  • Obama is guilty of multiple counts of fraud, including, but not limited to lying on his IL bar application and misrepresenting his involvement with the criminal organization Acorn.
  • The biggest crime Obama has committed, is the treasonous, fraudulent takeover of the office of POTUS.
  • The hallmark of the Obama campaign and camp is diversions. This may be another attempt to divert attention away from Obama’s eligibility and plummeting popularity and influence.
  • We do not know where Obama was born but irrespective of his birthplace, he is not a natural born citizen.
  • Obama’s life is a lie. It is time to remove this fraud, this usurper from office.
  • Obama is not a legitimate president. No impeachment is necessary. An arrest will suffice.
  • The rats are beginning to scurry.
  • Fellow Americans, debating the Kenyan birth certificate is ok. However, do not let the Obama camp divide or divert you from your primary goals.



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Larry Sinclair has a new post up. Larry Sinclair was informed that Susan Dwyer of the Delaware Attorney Generals office allegedly received numerous disrespectful emails from Larry Sinclair supporters. Sinclair states that the emails are from the same Obama supporters who sent phony emails before. Here is the article from Larry Sinclair:

“Monday, August 25, 2008


Dear Attorney General Joseph R. Biden, III and DAG Susan Dwyer:

I have NEVER sent a single email to your office or to anyone employed by your office, nor do I appreciate being accused of doing so. Should I have deleted Ms. Dwyers email address from the email, maybe. But unlike the claims attributed to your office by the News-Journal and other internet sites, I prefer to make truthful statements as to what was said by your office.

In addition, NO one supporting me would ever email Ms. Dwyer or anyone else in your office being disrespectful. I submit that if you claim that is the case, the emails should be investigated and I do believe your office will find that any such emails will have originated from the same people who have for more than 2 months claimed to be in regular contact with Susan Dwyer, and who claim Ms. Dwyer has provided them, the “false” information that has been published about me and this case all over the internet since June 23, 2008.

The statements made by me concerning this matter are factual and necessary because of the untrue statements being reported and attributed to the Delaware prosecutors office.

Fact # 1: The Delaware Attorney Generals office has been requested three separate times to provide the defense with copies of the returned unpaid money orders, and the Delaware Attorney Generals office has to this date, yet to comply.

Fact #2: The Delaware Attorney Generals office did make the statement that their offer of a misdemeanor sounds good right now, in claiming they would seek Habit status after I refused to accept your offer. Which I had informed my attorney from day one I would not plead guilty to anything.

Fact # 3: I will submit to the Delaware Attorney General the same offer made to FBI Special Agent Brenda Born, which is if you are accusing me of sending emails to your office or to Ms. Dwyer, produce the alleged emails and I will cooperate with any independent investigator wishing to search my computer and or accounts.

I also am certain that any emails your office claims to be from my supporters, if investigated properly, will lead you back to the very individuals who claim Ms. Dwyer has been communicating with when they were publishing false information on this case along with News-Journal reporters.

Any communication between me and the office of the Delaware Attorney Generals office has, and will continue to be, done through my Attorney. Just as my Attorney has been directed to inform your office that your claims I have sent Ms. Dwyer emails is an out right lie and not appreciated in the least.


Lawrence Sinclair”

Read more from Larry Sinclair here: