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Delaware warrant, Richard R. Wier, Jr, former Attorney General of Delaware, Attorney General Biden, Joe Biden, No justice in Delaware, Obama corruption

Larry Sinclair is being persecuted for questioning Barack Obama. From Sinclair’s arrest in Washington DC after his press conference, to the dubious warrant from Attorney General Biden’s office, to Richard R. Wier, Jr, former Attorney General of Delaware, backing out of his agreement to represent Sinclair. Is the Obama Campaign behind this? Is Senator Joe Biden, the father of the Delaware Attorney General behind this?

There has been a severe miscarriage of justice. Is this the kind of change that you want?

Larry Sinclair was interviewed by Jeff Rense on July 2, 2008. Listen to the interview here:



Larry Sinclair Delaware arraignment continued, Richard R. Wier, Jr backs out, Delaware Bar Association, Joe Biden, Attorney General Biden, Obama Campaign pressure?

Larry Sinclair’s arraignment in Delaware Superior Court has been continued. Wilmington Attorney Richard R. Wier, Jr, former Attorney General of Delaware, notified Sinclair yesterday at 5:15 PM, that he was withdrawing as Sinclair’s attorney. Here is Larry Sinclair’s statement on this:

Delaware Arraignment Continued/Official Complaint To Be Filed Against Attorney Wier

Posted by Larry Sinclair on Thursday, July 3, 2008

The arraignment scheduled in the Delaware Criminal Case for this morning at 8:30 AM has been continued to July 18, 2008.  I did provide the Court with a copy of the agreement entered into by Wilmington Attorney Richard R. Wier, Jr and myself on July 2, 2008 as well as informed the Court of Mr. Wier’s actions at 5:15 PM yesterday afternoon.

I have also contacted the Delaware Bar Association concerning the filing of a formal complaint in regards to Mr. Wier’s acts of the afternoon of July 2, 2008. Including the voice messages concerning the posting of the Detainer from Mr. Wier.

As an added note I would like to state that all the Obamablogonots who were threatening to appear at the Court House for the purpose of harassment and intimidation, did not show.”

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Larry Sinclair, Delaware, Attorney General, Richard R Wier, Jr, Attorney General Biden, Joe Biden, Obama, Justice, Conspiracy, Weir backs out

What do Larry Sinclair, Obama, Joe Biden, Attorney General Biden, Richard R Wier, Jr and Delaware have in common. Miscarriage of justice. Larry Sinclair entered into an agreement with Richard R Wier, Jr, former Attorney General of Delaware, for legal representation. Mr. Sinclair is to be arraigned in Superior Court in delaware today, Thursday, July 3, 2008. Mr. Sinclair was notified at 5:15 PM, Wednesday, July 2, 2008 that Mr. Weir would not be representing him. According to Mr. Sinclair, this is the reason given by Mr. Weir:

“I cannot represent you knowing that you are saying the things you are saying about Senator Barack Obama and the Bidens.”

What does Larry Sinclair’s allegations and statements about the Bidens have to do with receiving legal representation?

Tomorrow is July 4. What is happening to American Justice?

What would the founding fathers think?

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