Attorney General Biden and Delaware persecute Larry Sinclair, No preliminary hearing, Political prisoner, Bidens and Obama Camp try to silence Larry Sinclair, Delaware Online lies

I spoke to Larry Sinclair last night about the status of the warrant in Delaware, Attorney General Biden and the lies told about him in the Delaware Journal and Delaware Online. Sinclair elaborated about how his motel room was paid for and he commented on this blog and on his blog. Attorney General Biden, the state of Delaware, the press in Delaware and certainly the Obama Camp are going to a lot of time and expense attempting to silence Larry Sinclair. If you have been following this story you will remember that Larry Sinclair was arrested on June 18, 2008 after his news conference in Washington DC. He was later transported to Delaware, went before a judge and was released on his own recognizance. A warrant was issued from the office of the Attorney General of Delaware on February 5, 2008, just a few days after Larry Sinclair’s allegations came out in a Youtube video.

Now I ask you to think about this. Larry Sinclair has admitted to his past brushes with the law. He was released on his own recognizance in Delaware. Does this sound like a serious offense committed by a hardened criminal? Does this resemble in any form the criminal acts of Tony Rezko or Stuart Levine, close, long time associates of Obama? 

Why did Attorney General of Delaware, Biden, the son of Senator Joe Biden, issue a warrant for Larry Sinclair’s arrest a few days after his allegations of using drugs with Obama in November 1999? Why did the press in Delaware lie about the charges against Sinclair? Why did Richard Weir, the former Attorney General of Delaware, drop Larry Sinclair as a client the evening before his arraignment. The answer is obvious. The Obama Camp is behind this and the Bidens are deeply entrenched in the Obama Camp.

Here are Larry Sinclair’s latest comments on this matter:

Posted by Larry Sinclair on Thursday, July 10, 2008

First I want to point out that there have been pro-Obama Bloggers as well as Delaware’s largest newspaper (The News Journal) publishing reports accusing me of paying for hotel stays with bad money orders and/or stealing a car by paying with bad money orders. Both of which are completely untrue.


According to the Delaware State Police and Delaware Superior Court records, Sinclair allegedly paid for a three-week stay at the Rodeway Inn with $2,400 in money orders. The hotel manager later found they were counterfeit and called police.

ADDED 7-10-08 @ 11:30 pm CDT By Larry Sinclair

When this News Journal article was first published I made a statement on this blog that I never paid for one day, much less a three week stay with money orders.  Well Now I feel comfortable making clear why I said that.  You will see from the blow photo that the first week of my stay at the Rodeway Inn was paid for on my Visa Card, Card Number 4183 0707 0009 0008


Now lets address the other two weeks once and for all as well.  The other two weeks I stayed at the Rodeway Inn while working with Texas and Delaware officials to transfer my housing from Texas to Delaware was infact paid by a housing Voucher issued through the DELAWARR SSC (Social Service Center) 500 Rogers Rd, New Castle, DE.   All of this is known to Delaware officials and to Delaware Prosecutors so to imply otherwise and to mislead as the News Journal has done is beyond reckless.  I believe this demonstrates that the News Journal has published out right lies.

In February — long before Obama became the presumptive nominee (added by Larry Sinclair since the News Journal conveniently left this little detail out: And several weeks after making public Obama’s 1999 crack cocaine use and sexual encounters with Sinclair)– a New Castle County grand jury indicted Sinclair for felony theft and a warrant was issued.
According to state prosecutors, Sinclair was released on $8,000 unsecured bond this week and is due back in court in July for an arraignment. (emphasis added in bold)

June 29, 2008 News Journal

Lets us not forget that my statements about Barack Obama were posted on YouTube on January 17, 2008.

The only information I have been provided on the charge I personally obtained from the court records myself on June 26, 2008 which is the Rule 9 which is posted on this blog

These reports have been credited as being from court files yet there has been nothing to date filed in the court file, provided to me or even provided to my attorney in-which the State of Delaware states what I am accused of stealing, how I am accused of stealing, etc…  Yet the News Journal  claims they were provided their information by the court and the Delaware Prosecutors?

Pro-Obama bloggers last week were publishing claims that they were personally discussing the case details and obtaining information directly from the alleged victim and Prosecutor in the Delaware Attorney Generals Office. (Note these are claims published on the internet by Pro-Obama bloggers inwhich the prosecutor is specifically named, I have no reason at this time to believe that these claims are in fact true)

I have recently learned that the Attorney Generals Office (Delaware AG Joe Biden III, left)of Delaware used the Grand Jury system to bring about this charge against me.  This Grand Jury was provided nothing more than the claims by the State of Delaware.  Had Delaware simply brought the charge normally I would be entitled to a Preliminary Hearing in-which the State of Delaware would have to demonstrate before the Judge that there was cause to bring the charge, and there was enough to take me to trial.  Under the Grand Jury System this is not necessary, in fact you can bring about a charge uncontested before a Grand Jury and the State is not even required to disclose who was seated on the Grand Jury.

The above causes me to again ask who brought this matter before the Grand Jury and why?  By all accounts, according to most everyone spoken with in Delaware, this is not a charge that would normally be filed under the Grand Jury.  Why would the State of Delaware circumvent the normal judicial process and the Preliminary hearing process?

While I cannot answer these questions at this time, I can state that “IF” the News Journal and pro-Obama bloggers reports are even close to be accurate as to the details of what I am being accused of, the answer to the above questions is “Delaware used the Grand Jury System because they KNEW that this matter would never have survived a preliminary hearing before a Judge when based on law.”

Maybe you are asking yourself, why I say that?  Well I say that because claims that I paid for a hotel with “fake” money orders is easily shown to be false. There are other reason which unfortunately I cannot state right now, after all, you don’t want to show your hand to those who are trying to defeat you right?

I will say that the Delaware Attorney Generals Office using the Grand Jury system to prevent me from having a preliminary hearing (in my opinion) is an abuse of the system and a denial of due process which all Americans are entitled too.  The fact that Pro Obama bloggers and Delaware’s News Journal are publishing claims and details that are attributed to the Court file which does not contain any such claims, and the Prosecutor’s office (which to the best of my knowledge has yet to provide any such claims to counsel) raises serious questions for me anyway as to the true reason’s for all of this.

In the mean time, Barack Obama continues to get away with lying to the American people, continues to be given a free pass on his involvement with Donald Young, continues to be allowed to operate an illegal raffle to solicit contributions, continues to be given a free pass on accountability for his own actions of purchasing cocaine for others, smoking crack cocaine while engaging in sexual encounters with other men (while married to Michelle).  Why?  After all Delaware may be a small state, but it is a MONIED state in the game of US Politics.  Just check out the list of corporations incorporated in the State of Delaware!”

Read more about the Larry Sinclair story here:

2 responses to “Attorney General Biden and Delaware persecute Larry Sinclair, No preliminary hearing, Political prisoner, Bidens and Obama Camp try to silence Larry Sinclair, Delaware Online lies

  1. When I started following this story, I came across it on a forum under the post title [b]Obama’s gay murder problem[/b]. I thought to myself that was pretty strange so I took a look at it. The Cliff Notes version of the story is that there is word on the street that Obama is involved in drug use, sex outside of marriage with another man, and possibly murder too. And if I didn’t think that it could get any stranger, corruption of justice at the highest level is now added to the story.

    If truth is truly stranger then fiction, then I guess we are looking at the truth. Because it’s getting stranger by the day.

    Now I’m the kind of person that likes to believe that either side is telling the truth. Innocent until proven guilty sort of thing (sometimes I still believe in innocents even after being “proven” guilty). Am I that different from the rest of society that the MSM already considers Larry Sinclair guilty without even giving his story the press coverage it deserves? Questions lead to the answers of truth, if there is such a thing. So lets get with it MSM, ask questions. Or do you not report on it unless you can copy and paste from Bloomberg or the AP?

  2. zachjonesishome

    This article evidently made it in the news today. I didn’t mention Mr. Sinclair in it but my hope was to get people to my blog. Zach

    Senator Obama’s Patriotism – a Veteran’s
    by Zach Jones, Friday, Jul 11, 10:00 AM EST
    Patriotism is the cloak we wear to announce our love of country and our bond to our neighbors. It reflects our commitment to each other and to the ideas upon which this country was founded. It is that which trumpets the chorus We Stand Together.

    Hopefully, there will be more articles publish here and in Australia.

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