Joe Biden, Attorney General of Delaware, Obama Campaign, Social Security Administration, Larry Sinclair persecution, We will hold you accountable

I am posting the remarks from Larry Sinclair as a followup to my conversation with him. Larry Sinclair has been made a political prisoner and has been persecuted by Attorney General Biden of Delaware, The DC Police, the Social Security Administration and ultimately the Obama Campaign. Here are Larry Sinclair’s latest remarks on his ill treatment:

Posted by Larry Sinclair on Thursday, June 26, 2008

I am writing this article to inform you all, that their are 10,000+ reason’s why this is over.

I met with the Attorney in Delaware this afternoon and he has asked for a retainer of $10,000 which I do not have, and I am not going to stress over this between now and next Thursday.

I have gone to the Clerk of the Court in Delaware and I have obtained copies of what little there actually is in the file.

         1.  The Indictment was ordered and the warrant issued by The Attorney Generals Office of the State of Delaware, not the New Castle County DA as would be the normal process.

         2.  The Indictment is dated February 4, 2008 and the Rule 9 Warrant ordered and issued by the Delaware State Attorney Generals Office signed by Susan S Dwyer.

         3.  The Court file states that  on February 6, 2008 a Summons was mailed to me for Arraignment on Feb 15, 2008 (a copy of this summons from the court file shows that this did not in fact was not mailed as they did not include any address)

         4.  On February 11, 2008 the court file shows “SUMMONS SENT BY MAIL RETURNED.  INSUFFICIENT ADDRESS, UNABLE TO FORWARD


         6.  June 23, 2008, “RULE 9 WARRANT RETURNED, BAIL SET AT UNSECURED BOND 3,000, ARS 7/3/08

         7.  June 23, 2008, ” RULE 9 WARRANT RETURNED, BAIL SET AT UNSECURED BOND 5,000, 7/3/08 ARS

The following is the content of the RULE 9 WARRANT (I do not have access to a scanner to scan the document but as soon as I do I will scan it and upload it)





The Grand Jury charges Lawrence W Sinclair with the following offense, a Felony:

THEFT, in violation of Title 11, Section 841 of the Delaware Code of 1974, as amended.

LAWRENCE W. SINCLAIR, on or about the 16th day of October, 2007, in the County of New Castle, State of Delaware, did take, exercise control over, or obtain property of ************************, or another person, consisting of United States Currency or other miscellaneous property valued at $1000.00 or more, intending to deprive that person and/or owner of same, or to appropriate same.





Signed by Susan S. Dwyer

Deputy Attorney General

I know for a fact that the charge stated in the above is not true, but I do not have nor am I going to ask anyone for the funds to retain this attorney.  I will appear at the hearing set for July 3, 2008 and I will return to my home in Duluth as best I can and let the process take its due course.  For the first time in my life, short a miracle from happening, it looks as if I will indeed engage in my first jury trial.  As I have stated before, if I did it, I have admitted it, but this I did not do and I am not going to be harassed, intimidated, or scared into admitting to something I did not do.

It should also be noted that the letters from Social Security terminating my benefits was sent by James F Martin, Regional Commissioner, Chicago Region

So to all of you who believe that the truth is what is important here, you need to go forward and tell the truth.  I cannot financially fight this battle and I am not going to be forced into homelessness and/or an earlier death for lack of medical access over this.  I have tried to do what was right and I have been beaten up, slandered, attacked, threatened, and more and the powers to be now want to try to put me in the street.

I have been arrested and jailed under outright fraudulent warrants in DC, that came from the US Attorney’s office in DC, I was denied medical treatment and access to medication by a United States Federal Court Judge in DC on a warrant that she knew was non existent, all in the name of protecting a fraud of a presidential candidate.”

Read more here:

So what does this mean? The Obama Campaign has been trying to silence Larry Sinclair for months. Sinclair, to his credit, despite having few resources, has fought on against a highly, well funded campaign to discredit him. He has also had no help from the idiot MSM. Let me repeat myself. The press has been in bed with Obama. There are two parts to Larry Sinclairs allegations. The story and Larry Sinclair the person. We will make sure that Larry Sinclair is taken care of. The story lives on and is not going away.

So all of you elitist, so called caring, left wing fanatics that blindly follow the new age Hitler, Obama, you have failed. There are too many of us that want and seek the truth about Obama. The MSM has failed and we are the future of citizen journalism.

Attorney General Biden, you will be forever tied to this story. I hope that it was worth it.

Citizen Wells

29 responses to “Joe Biden, Attorney General of Delaware, Obama Campaign, Social Security Administration, Larry Sinclair persecution, We will hold you accountable

  1. Are you serious?? He’s giving up? No way! Hopefully the Blogosphere will keep this going then until the MSM decides to report on this, if they ever decide to report on this.

  2. Biased Activist Reader

    Citizen Wells,

    I’ve always thought that Larry was his own best advocate, but only he knows the particular of the charges and what he’s up against if he goes into court pro se. I came across this article online about this LIFELONG REPUBLICAN public defender in Delaware. Could you pass this along to Larry? Can he ask specifically for this attorney or is it a random assignment? Anyway, here it is, for what it’s worth.

    Click to access SullivanArticle.pdf

  3. I posted at larry’s site as well but it’s stuck in spam. This makes me just sick. It’s criminal the way they have gone to such lengths to shut him up! I really hope some lawyer wants to make a name for themself and that they take this case and run with it! Don’t stop till all the jerks are in jail!

    I really hope larry stays safe. No telling how far they might go.

  4. sisterrosetta

    Chin up, everybody!

    Thank you, Simon, for an honest assessment of Larry’s story.

    Larry’s had about all he can take:

    See also:

    Thursday, June 26, 2008…2:58 pm

    NOTE TO MAINSTREAM MEDIA & BLOGGERS: Get over Yourselves and start reporting

    by obambi

  5. Knowing when to be silent is important…

    There are many who are working on Larry’s story. Words that stay with us are whispered not yelled.

  6. oh WELL(s), looks like we’re gonna have to react to our intellectual ability… I’m in.

  7. Folks, at this point, it takes writing to your LOCAL politicians… up to the State level.. seriously, we need to realize that NOBODY IS LISTENING TO LARRY!!! Taxpayers, MAY get another reaction. Sad STATE of affairs.

  8. StopBigEars2

    I say this going to court is the best thing.

    Larry can call Biden Sr. and Jr and obambi himself. Should be dozens of lawyers who would love to put obambi on the stand.

  9. Biased Activist Reader

    Meant to point out in my earlier comment, although I’m sure you noticed, that the 2006 article was written by “investigative reporter” Would it be helpful to register at that site and comment? How about e-mails to that Delaware investigative reporter? I have more to say, but am posting from work (probably not a good idea). I have late work hours. I’m just very upset about what’s being done to Larry by unprincipled Dems. I know politics means nothing to Larry, but it has always meant something to me as I’ve been a principled Dem for over 30 years and have now become a Puma Dem. Larry speaks for principles of truth and justice and he deserves to have good legal representative to fight these bogus charges manufactured by the Obama Cabal. Again, sorry for length of comment. I am incensed.

  10. Given the lack of detail in the official records, how did the Obama people a couple of days ago know it was about a couple of insurance claims filed on a Daewoo by one Mary Sinclair?

  11. citizenwells,

    Thanks, for the information on the Rense Radio Interview!

    I posted an update on our blog today:

    When you have a chance, please e-mail me…I believe you already have my e-mail, by virtue of posting this comment!



  12. citizenwells,

    Almost forgot to mention, the fact that you have done an”excellent” job on reporting this ongoing, news story…!!!


  13. ron callaway

    israelinsider HAS VERY GOOD ARTICLE


    I decided that as owner of this site I was going to publish the kind of support I got from a BO lover who didn’t like that I decided to print the news about Sinclair. I believe in the right of Freedom Of Speech. The more the Government (liberal Dummycrats) have tried to squash this story from going public in the MSM the more believable Larrys story has become. Obama has been quick to discredit all stories that he claims are just smears against him. He even created a website to do just that. Why hasn’t he even acknowledged this story? He has not even addressed it as a smear. Is he pretending that it never happened?
    read the rest at:

  15. sisterrosetta

    hello, Citizen.

    sisterrosetta reporting for duty.

  16. sisterrosetta

    Thursday, June 26, 2008

    MOCK OBAMA NOW!!! Or “Shut up! You racist, backward Clinton loving Pig!!!”


    O.D.S. (obama derangement syndrome) is a serious illness that causes totalitarian impulses, violent overreactions to perceived slights, humorlessness, gloating, bloating, and gas.

    Oh my.

    If you feel a case of O.D.S. coming on the best cure is to mock Obama. Make a crack about his hypocrisy. Not hard at this point. Or when your spouse says almost anything respond loudly with: YES WE CAN! 3 times.

    Can we go to the beach on Sunday? Yes We Can! Yes We Can! Yes We Can!


    We need to add more fiber to our diets. Yes We Can! Yes We Can! Yes We Can!


    I am leaving you for a hot park ranger I met at Steak ‘N Shake last week. I want a divorce: Yes We Can! Yes We Can! Yes We Can!

    Making fun of all politicians is as American as Mt. Rushmore and ridiculously large portions.

    Do it. Do it as much as possible. Especially make fun of Obama – he and his goons are so thin skinned they make it EASY and FUN! Go on, write some of your own…

    How many Trinity Church members does it take to screw in a light bulb?

    Obama, Wright, and Ayres are on a plane going down and there is only one parachute…

    “Knock knock”

    “Who’s there?”


    “Change? – How?”

    “Shut up! You racist, backward Clinton loving Pig!!!”

    Sisterrosetta here:

    Read the whole thing. We all could use a good laugh.

    Comments are worth a look, too.

    written by A Hillary Loyalist

    There has been a subtle catfight going on since the primary season began. The catfight is between Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton. Both of these women enjoy being at the top.
    read more

  18. Hey look, the LA Times hasn’t been bought yet. Well at least not their OP-ED writer and their editor.

  19. sisterrosetta

    Whoa, Leeballz!

    This is big.

    I will share with my African Muslim friends.


    If you’re interested in keeping abreast of the

    unfolding saga of THE Birth Certificate ,

    Texas Darlin has been combing through the

    available information as well.

    She has also drawn on the work of Polarik

    and Israeli Insider cited above and added

    some new insights and more questions over

    the last couple days:

    Perhaps there are no accidents in life.

    And all events are connected?

    Possibly you can hoodwink some of the people

    Some of the time,

    But can’t bamboozle all of the people

    All of the time!


  21. sisterrosetta

    Two Recent John McCain videos

    Dr. No


    This has nothing to do with above. I just love this song.

    Neil Young-Words (AUDIO ONLY)

    If I was a junkman selling you cars,
    Washing your windows and shining your stars,
    Thinking your mind was my own in a dream
    What would you wonder and how would it seem?
    Living in castles a bit at a time
    The king started laughing and talking in rhyme.


  23. sisterrosetta


    This video, which I found on Rezko Watch, outlines the district in which Barack Obama represented in the Illinois State senate……….this is also the community he “organized”……..the district he claims he changed…what a joke…not a funny joke, but a fucking joke…a fucking lie……

    The 13th district, Obama’s district, is a sad place…a place that has stayed the same for decades…..a place that money-bribed politicians keep down, for their own benefit…..

    The 13th disctrict, is unfortunately known for out of control gang violence, drug warfare, school violence, hate churches, hate mosques, Louis Farrakhan, Jesse Jackson, Bill Ayers, Rev. Wright, corrupt alderman, and notorious slumlords……

    Obama’s Failures in Illinois…Blood on Barack’s hands

    Added: January 26, 2008

    A Video set to the song “Wisemen” by James Blunt, which highlites the blunders of Barack Obama while in the Illinois State Senate representing Chicago. From his dealings with slum lord Tony Rezko to his inability to control Gang Violence that brought with it shootings, stabbings and homicides, especially with the Gang MS-13.

    Good Music Good Info

    THINK before you VOTE…

    2008 is the time for CHANGE not Lies…

    On a Sensual Note

  24. sisterrosetta

    Grim proving ground for Obama’s housing policy – With Video Link

    The candidate endorsed subsidies for private entrepreneurs to build low-income units. But, while he garnered support from developers, many projects in his former district have fallen into disrepair.

    By Binyamin Appelbaum, Globe Staff | June 27, 2008


    As a state senator, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee coauthored an Illinois law creating a new pool of tax credits for developers. As a US senator, he pressed for increased federal subsidies. And as a presidential candidate, he has campaigned on a promise to create an Affordable Housing Trust Fund that could give developers an estimated $500 million a year.

    But a Globe review found that thousands of apartments across Chicago that had been built with local, state, and federal subsidies – including several hundred in Obama’s former district – deteriorated so completely that they were no longer habitable.

    Grove Parc and several other prominent failures were developed and managed by Obama’s close friends and political supporters. Those people profited from the subsidies even as many of Obama’s constituents suffered. Tenants lost their homes; surrounding neighborhoods were blighted.

    Some of the residents of Grove Parc say they are angry that Obama did not notice their plight. The development straddles the boundary of Obama’s state Senate district. Many of the tenants have been his constituents for more than a decade.

    “No one should have to live like this, and no one did anything about it,” said Cynthia Ashley, who has lived at Grove Parc since 1994.

    Obama’s campaign, in a written response to Globe questions, affirmed the candidate’s support of public-private partnerships as an alternative to public housing, saying that Obama has “consistently fought to make livable, affordable housing in mixed-income neighborhoods available to all.”

    The campaign did not respond to questions about whether Obama was aware of the problems with buildings in his district during his time as a state senator, nor did it comment on the roles played by people connected to the senator.

    Even as Lawndale Restoration and Rezmar’s buildings were foreclosed upon, and Grove Parc and other subsidized developments fell deeper into disrepair, Obama has remained a steadfast supporter of subsidizing private development.

    And although he has distanced himself from Rezko, Obama has remained close to others in the development community. Jarrett participates in the campaign’s senior staff meetings. And Obama chose another close friend, Martin Nesbitt, as his campaign treasurer. Nesbitt is chairman of the Chicago Housing Authority, one of the key overseers of the shift toward private management and development.

    “Throughout his career in public service, Barack Obama has advocated for the development of mixed-income housing and public-private partnerships to create affordable housing as an alternative to publicly subsidized, concentrated, low-income housing,” the Obama campaign said in a statement provided to the Globe.

    As a result, some people in Chicago’s poorest neighborhoods are torn between a natural inclination to support Obama and a concern about his relationships with the developers they hold responsible for Chicago’s affordable housing failures. Some housing advocates worry that Obama has not learned from those failures.

    “I’m not against Barack Obama,” said Willie J.R. Fleming, an organizer with the Coalition to Protect Public Housing and a former public housing resident. “What I am against is some of the people around him.”

    Jamie Kalven, a longtime Chicago housing activist, put it this way: “I hope there is not much predictive value in his history and in his involvement with that community.”

    Video Link:

    sisterrosetta here: Long article. Read the whole thing at link at top of post.

  25. sisterrosetta

    Obama fever will kill the world – his presidency might cause third world war – African Press International

    Posted by africanpress on June 29, 2008

    Korir, Chief Editor, African Press International – API

    Everyone is said to be entitled to his or her opinion. This means I am also entitled to have mine. Obama fever will kill the world. The world may be forced to deal with third world war situation. USA is not ready to have a black man as their president. What we see is pretence. There is someone somewhere planning on how to stop Obama from ruling the most powerfull nation in the world.

    My reaction is not because people say Barack Obama is a muslim. Hussein Obama has the right to choose his religion if at all he is a muslim and he must be respected for that. Muslims are as good as christians. There is one thing that is very important. Obama, if he gets to the top will eliminate the Palestinians in favour of Israel and yet he tries to emphasise on solving problems diplomatically now while campaigning.

    If Obama is murdered before he becomes the US president, he will have made history anyhow by being a daring black man having challenged many forces of darkness including the KU KLAX KLAN.

    Assassinating Obama will kill Oprah Winfrey’s dreams to put a black man in the white house. She has used her daily show and the large number of women followers in her TV show to campaign for Obama.

    The problem with politics of colour is a situation that is created to reflect blind mad support in the order of – our own colour must win! The behaviour of this kind makes people fear to speak out in support of a different colour than their own because then they are branded colour unconscious.

    I have a problem to support Obama. Many who support Obama now are simply blinded and do not know that there is the unknown side of him and because they want to join in chorus singing without knowing that the chorus song is a simple Obamarising method creating a popular mood that will die slowly when real politics come to bear.

    Should I support him because he is a black man? The question is not difficult to answer. The answer is No.

    President George Bush has not been kind to the Muslims. People will get a shock if Obama wins. He may even become more cruel to the Muslim world than the White Bush. It is better the enemy you know than one you do not know. But since everyone is entitled to choices, let us make individual choices and live with them when the real politics meet us early next year.

    Sisterrosetta here:

    I have communicated with Mr. Korir especially in my research of Obama – Odinga connection.

    But I must say, I wasn’t expecting this.


    Wow did I hear that right?
    read the whole story:

  27. sisterrosetta

    Thanks, val.

    I’m spreading the love.


    Is it that difficult to believe Larry’s story? Let’s put it in context. Jack McCreevy, former Governor of New Jersey. Cruising at midnight, rest stops on New Jersey Turnpikes seeking anonymous male sexual encounters. Senator Larry Craig, seeking male sex encounters in airport bathrooms. Fromer governor Elliot Slpizer, female prostitutes
    encounters during breaks while testifing in Congress.

    Why do people claim Larry’s allegations are outrageous?

    “To be honest with you, its not so much whether you believe me or not, as much as you hear me.”

    -Larry Sinclair at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., June 18, 2008

    Larry’s words, my post!

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