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600k Covid-19 deaths misleading big lie, Covid only deaths are approx 30k according to CDC, “on average, there were 4.0 additional conditions or causes per death”

600k Covid-19 deaths misleading big lie, Covid only deaths are approx 30k according to CDC, “on average, there were 4.0 additional conditions or causes per death”

“two papers published May 19 in the journal of Hospital Pediatrics found pediatric hospitalizations for COVID were overcounted by at least 40%, carrying potential implications for nationwide figures used to justify vaccinating children.”...The Defender

“it is universally known that children virtually never die from COVID-19 and given that children have a very strong immune system, they are more likely than adults to have an over-reaction to the shot.”…Dr. Steven Roth

“CDC Director Finally Admits that COVID Cases are Hugely Over-Counted.” “only 6% of all deaths attributed to COVID-19 were instances where the only factor in the individual’s death was due to COVI9-19.”…GateWay Pundit

The Fake News Media continues to mislead and frighten you with “yellow Jounalism” type tactics of overstating the impact of Covid-19 on our lives.

Thank God the CDC finally admitted that approx. 5 percent of deaths with Covid-19 attribution were Covid only deaths.

From the CDC latest numbers.

“Comorbidities and other conditions

Table 3 shows the types of health conditions and contributing causes mentioned in conjunction with deaths involving coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). The number of deaths that mention one or more of the conditions indicated is shown for all deaths involving COVID-19 and by age groups. For over 5% of these deaths, COVID-19 was the only cause mentioned on the death certificate. For deaths with conditions or causes in addition to COVID-19, on average, there were 4.0 additional conditions or causes per death. For data on deaths involving COVID-19 by time-period, jurisdiction, and other health conditions,”

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Larry Sinclair book, Citizen Wells review, Status update, August 6, 2009, Barack Obama & Larry Sinclair, Cocaine, Sex, Lies & Murder?, Donald Young murder

I have spoken to Larry Sinclair several times over the past several days. His new book, “Barack Obama & Larry Sinclair, Cocaine, Sex, Lies & Murder?” is doing well. The book is available at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Books a Million and other book stores nationwide and internationally. I have had the book review ready for several days, but thought it fitting to make it the first article on my .com. The review is up at

The Obama camp is still at it, broadcasting lies, creating diversions and still trying to discredit Larry Sinclair and his book. Notice that Obama has never filed a lawsuit against Larry Sinclair. The reasons are obvious. The evil, Orwellian weasels of the Obama camp are going online, en mass, to create lower ratings for Larry’s book as well as file false book reviews.

Larry is requesting that anyone that buys his book  go online and rate it. It is the least we can do. Larry has risked his life and spent what little money he had to keep this important story alive. We owe this to Larry and especially the American public, to know the truth about the real Barack Obama.

Very few people know this, but Larry Sinclair has never been in this for the money. I know this for a fact. I covered this story in detail, had hundreds of conversations with him, controlled his blog when he was illegally arrested and watched from a front row seat as thousands tried to stop him. What very few people really know is that I tried on numerous occassions to convince Larry to make money off of his enormous web traffic. His answer was always the same:

“I am not doing this for the money.”

Larry Sinclair book, Update, July 16, 2009, Barack Obama and Larry Sinclair: Cocaine, Sex,Lies and Murder

I spoke to Larry Sinclair several times today, July 16, 2009  and yesterday. He had just encountered two women who had voted for Obama and now see him for the hypocrite that he is. Larry also indicated that Barnes & Noble and Amazon are both offering his book for sale. Here is an update from Larry Sinclair’s site:

BARNES & NOBLE NOW SELLING BOOK: Order from Book Stores and Amazon

I am pleased to announce that the Book is now available through Barnes & Noble and along with other Book Sellers.

If you want this book to be listed on the Best Sellers list then make your purchase from the book stores or please.

I will process all orders received directly as ordered, but I would like you to buy from the Book stores so the books sold are counted toward the Best Seller’s list.


I am preparing four books for shipment to Texas, Washington, and Tennessee at the time of writing this post. These four books are the last of the first shipment from the printer.

I will begin the shipping process again upon receipt of our next order which is tentatively scheduled to arrive by Monday July 20, 2009.

In the interim I will try to get caught up on emailing UPS tracking numbers to those I have yet to get emailed. Ironically those may receive their Books before they receive the tracking number for those shipped over the weekend, Monday, Tuesday and today.

On Another Note: I understand people emailing asking about their books. However, please also understand that you emailing me asking me when yours will ship only slows the shipping process down because I am responding to emails rather than processing books. I am working non-stop to process and ship orders non-stop. I am proud of the number of Books which I have managed to get shipped in 8 days. I am not exactly thrilled with the costs, but hey its worth it!


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The below was sent to me with permission to post it here. The errors referred to were caught and were corrected prior to any further books being printed with them. I have decided to also send a copy to Oprah!
On 30 Nov 2008 I made a $34 prepayment for Larry Sinclair’s future book. Sinclair’s book would discuss his homosexual and cocaine sharing experiences with then Illinois State Senator Barack Obama in November 1999 and the events that followed after Sinclair’s public disclosure of these events on YouTube in January 2008.

I had been following Sinclair’s story on the Internet since February 2008. Having been a Press Officer in the US Army and an Internal Auditor, I was familiar with what can happen when the media turns against you and more importantly the patterns of people who tell the truth and those who don’t. What impressed me most over the following nine months was Sinclair’s story stayed the same, that on multiple occasions efforts were made to silence him on the Internet, and yet he persisted in the face of threats of murder to him and harm to members of his own family.

Yesterday, 14 July 2009, I received copy Number 81 of Sinclair’s book, “Barack Obama & Larry Sinclair Cocaine, Sex, Lies & Murder?”

This books reeks of the truth and the words and style of Larry Sinclair. It is not “ghost-written”. It is not a literary masterpiece and there are several typographical and grammatical mistakes. Most importantly it tells the true story of a man committed to exposing the truth. Sinclair pulls no punches and does not hide behind any equivocations about his past or his many flaws. He does provide very specific details about the dangerous journey he has taken to get the truth published, to speak truth to power. While parts of the book were previously published on his websites, he adds much more detail about what happened at the Democratic National Committee meeting in May 2008, the storm trooper tactics by the DC Metro Police after his appearance at the National Press Club in June 2008, the false charges initiated by Joe Biden’s son, Attorney General Beau Biden in Delaware, the continued failure of the Chicago Police to investigate the murder of Donald Young in December 2007, the openly gay choir master of Obama’s Trinity United Church of Christ, and of course the very specific details about President Obama’s private parts.

It is shameful that the various mainstream media have refused to follow up on Sinclair’s story, to challenge him on the facts, to challenge Joe and Beau Biden and the DC Metro Police on their false charges and imprisonment of Larry Sinclair in June 2008. Just imagine if they and the powerful interests they represent can do this to relatively unknown Larry Sinclair, what can they do to you?

“Barack Obama & Larry Sinclair Cocaine, Sex, Lies & Murder?” is a book worth reading for all those who seek the truth, an example of what a little, flawed man with incredible courage and persistence can achieve in speaking truth to power. Job well done.

All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.
Thomas Jefferson

John Medlin

Read more:

Larry Sinclair book, Update, June 27, 2009, BARACK OBAMA & LARRY SINCLAIR: Cocaine, Sex, Lies & Murder?, Book ready for shipment


I just spoke to Larry Sinclair about his new book, ” BARACK OBAMA & LARRY SINCLAIR: Cocaine, Sex, Lies & Murder?” The book is ready to be shipped. The book can be ordered directly from Sinclair Publishing and there are multiple ordering and shipping options. Barnes & Noble will not have the book until later in July. Sinclair is urging small businesses to order by the carton at the wholesale price.  I urge you to help get the word out and inform the general public about the real Barack Obama. Order a copy of the book for yourself and a friend or coworker.


From Larry Sinclair’s blog and publishing site:

Saturday, June 27, 2009

For any Business that wishes to sell the Book

Cocaine, Sex, Lies & Murder?
You can order the Book by the carton (30 per carton) for $507.00 plus shipping (method of your choice) directly from Sinclair Publishing, Inc. That is 35% off the per book retail price.

You can have the books shipped as follows:

Commercial Ground $17.65
Residential Ground $21.75
2nd Day Air $52.61
Residential 2nd Day Air $57.41
Overnight $150.71

Contact Sinclair Publishing, Inc at 386-761-0606 for more information and/or to place an order use the following Order Form Link

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Its official, the Book is finished and printing beginning. I will be sending copies to a host of Magazines and Journalist who have requested them. There was a minor change made to the cover. We added a brief piece written by an individual who has read the Book.
I have already begun a second book to follow this one. In addition, I will be updating the order form at allowing those who are willing to accept standard mail delivery to order the book at the $25.99 price with free shipping. I will begin shipping out the Signed/Numbered copies of this book upon receipt expected next week. To those who ordered a signed/numbered copy and have been patient I am confident you will be happy with the Book.
For UPS Delivery
For US Mail Delivery
As for those ordering from Barnes & Noble, Amazon, etc… the title is going into the system as “Available” and their orders will be filled and processed by the distributors, not by me or Sinclair Publishing, Inc. You do not have to be a book store to sell this book. Gift Shops, Gas Stations, Drug Stores, Clothing Stores, etc.. can order at the Wholesale price to place for sale in your business. For Bulk Order Inquiries contact us at 386-761-0606

Barack Obama grandmother’s death, Madelyn Dunham died on October 21, 2008?, Death announced on November 3, 2008, Hawaii officials falsify?, Funeral home records sought, Barack Obama and Maya Ng lie?, Coroner’s office sources

Did Barack Obama conspire to fool the American public and
delay announcement of his grandmother’s death until November 3,
the day before the election? Larry Sinclair called the Dunham
residence on October 24, 2008 and called me soon after. This
might seem implausible, however, given Obama’s past of
consistent lies and deception, nothing would surprise me.

“On Friday October 24, 2008 I placed two calls to the home of
Madelyn Dunham, in one of those calls I spoke with Obama
half-sister Maya Ng where Maya claimed Mrs. Dunham could not talk.”

Recently Larry Sinclair contacted me to let me know that he had
reason to believe that Madelyn Dunham, Obama’s grandmother had
actually died prior to November 3, 2008.
Larry Sinclair breaks the news


On October 21, 2008 Barack Obama announced that he would be suspending his
campaign after a rally in Indianapolis on Thursday morning, October 23,
2008 to fly to Hawaii to visit with his “gravely ill grandmother.” Barack
Obama further stated that Madelyn L. Dunham had recently been hospitalized
and was back at home after suffering a broken hip. Obama made it clear on
October 22, 2008 that there “will be absolutely no video or photo ops
during my upcoming visit with my ailing grandmother,” and “I do not expect
my grandmother to make it to election day.”

On Friday October 24, 2008 Michelle Obama during a campaign rally for her
husband claimed that “I spoke with tutu last night and she is strong and
in good health.”

On Friday October 24, 2008 I placed two calls to the home of Madelyn Dunham,
in one of those calls I spoke with Obama half-sister Maya Ng
where Maya claimed Mrs. Dunham could not talk.

On November 3, 2008 both the news media and Barack Obama announced that
Madelyn L. Dunham had passed away on that date. Mrs. Dunham was to have
celebrated her 89th birthday on the Sunday following Barack Obama’s visit,
yet no one, not even Barack Obama stopped to wish his “gravely ill”
grandmother a Happy Birthday.

After first announcing that Madelyn Dunham had passed away in her sleep
on November 3, 2008 (conveniently the day before election day for the
sympathy vote) it was reported by Hawaii officials and then by Obama
half-sister Maya Ng that Mrs. Dunham had in fact passed away on November
2, 2008. Both reports it turns out are false and it has been reported that
Maya Ng and Hawaii officials knowingly and intentionally falsified death
records of Madelyn L. Dunham who had actually died prior to Barack Obama
arriving on Thursday October 23, 2008 for his claimed visit.

According to sources employed in the coroner’s office Madelyn Dunham died
on October 21, 2008 and was cremated on Friday October 24, 2008. It is
further claimed that the death records of Madelyn L Dunham were falsified
at the direct and specific request of Barack Obama and Maya Ng.

I have forwarded a letter to the Hawaii Attorney Generals office requesting
and investigation and forwarded the information received regarding the
falsifying of the death and cremation records of Madelyn L Dunham. If this
information is factual Barack Obama has demonstrated his total disregard
for any life, including the life of the woman who made it possible for him
to be a spoiled, drug using, closet bi/gay fraud. Furthermore the fact that
Michelle Obama knew and assisted in concealing this fraud along with the US
Secret Service assigned to protect Barack Obama makes them conspirators to
this crime.

Today Barack Obama participated in the scattering of the ashes of Madelyn
L Dunham who he used and exploited.

I have one thing to say Barack, not everyone is willing to cover for your
lies and crimes. Now lets see if the Hawaii Attorney General is willing to
do their job or if that office is going to simply look the other way.”

Larry Sinclair update

“I do however stand by the post as being factual and truthful and the
individual who contacted me is believed to be employed by the Funeral Home
who took the Body of Madelyn Dunham from her residence after her death.
Madelyn Dunham according to sources was released from the hospital and sent
home at the specific request of Barack Obama and Maya Ng. Now people can
continue to accuse me of “making shit up” all they want, but let me make
one thing perfectly clear. I ask questions and obtain names and contact
information from every single person who contacts me with claims about
Barack Obama. With the amount of claims that have been made to me I have
published/reported a number that can be counted on one hand.
Lets look at something here. To specifically request that Madelyn Dunham
be released from the hospital as reported makes it very easy for Barack
Obama and Maya Ng to do exactly what has been alleged. Dying in the hospital
would establish a series of records certified and witness by many. Dying at
home drastically reduces the number of people involved in the death records.
I believe the information provided last night and I am in the process of
contacting the owners of the funeral home that is accused of falsifying the
death records of Madelyn L. Dunham.
The source of this information provided verifiable information and contact

Read more here:

All of the news leading up to Madelyn Dunham’s death seemed suspect. Obama’a
comments and reactions did not seem like those of a normal, caring person.
Do I believe this story?
I will wait and let it play out.
However, given Obama’s past performance and history of lies and deception,
it would not surprise me at all.

Globe Magazine, Barack Obama, New Book, Sex and drug secrets, Obama linked to murder, GLOBE world exclusive, wreck the inauguration, Larry Sinclair Book, November 25, 2008,Globe revealing Sinclair book?

** Update see below **

Globe Magazine has a front page story in their November 25, 2008 issue that refers to a new book about
Barack Obama that “claims to reveal his sex and drug secrets – and link him to a murder”. Are they
referring to the new book by Larry Sinclair that reveals Sinclair’s alleged drug and sex encounter
with Obama in November 1999 and Obama’s knowledge of Donald Young’s murder? Here is the front page summary from Globe:

“PRESIDENT-elect Barack Obama is furious over a shocking new book that claims to reveal his sex and drug secrets – and link him to a murder – political insiders say in a stunning GLOBE world exclusive. Find out who is blowing the whistle on America’s next commander-in-chief and why the author’s bombshells could wreck the inauguration. It’s must reading for every American!”

I tried to find a copy of the Globe Magazine this morning. I do know that Larry Sinclair has had contact with
Globe over many months. I am waiting on confirmation from Sinclair. When more details are available, I will
provide them.

Click here for more information on the Larry Sinclair book

** Update **

Larry Sinclair has confirmed that he spoke to Globe Magazine and that the article should be about his book. The date below the article on their website is November 25, 2008. However, the magazine edition may be dated December 8, 2008. The article is not in the December 1 edition.

View the Globe Magazine cover

The Case Against Barack Obama, Abortion, Live Birth, David Freddoso, Obama lies, Lobbyists control Obama, Babies not persons to Obama, Obama deeds, Obama words, Obama a Christian?

Obama is documented as being the most liberal member of the senate. Obama claims to have no ties to lobbyists. Obama claims to be a Christian, but his words to not match his deeds.

David Freddoso is the author of “The Case Against Barack Obama.” He has devoted a chapter to Obama’s stance and record on abortion, “Abortion: Barack Obama’s America.” Here are some exerpts from Freddoso’s book:

“She had been told to take this baby and leave him in a soiled utility

“Stanek offered to take the baby instead.
“I couldn’t let him die alone,” she says. “And so I held him for the forty five minutes that he lived. He moved a little bit. Of course he didn’t cry.””

“Prior to that incident, she learned that Christ (hospital) is aligned
with two Christian denominations that support legal abortion–as it
happens, one of them is Barack Obama’s former denomination, the United
Church of Christ.”

“In leaving born babies to die without treatment, Christ Hospital was
doing nothing illegal under the laws of Illinois. Doctors had no
ethical obligation to treat them. Under the law, they were non persons.”

Stanek’s state senator, Patrick O’Malley introduced three bills. Senate Bill 1095 is the more important and defined babies born alive as “persons.”

“There was no legal conflict between O’Malley’s bill and the right to
legal abortion, but Barack Obama nonetheless had problems with it.
He was a liberal, a proponent of legalized abortion.

“In June 2001, three months after Obama’s first speech against the Illinois bill, the United States Senate voted on the language of the Born Alive Infants Protection Act.”

“On June 29, 2001, liberal senator Barbara Boxer of California spoke
in favor of this bill:

“Of course, we believe everyone born should deserve the protection
of this bill…Who could be more vulnerable than a newborn baby? So,
of course, we agree with that…We join with an “aye” vote on this.
I hope it will, in fact, be unanimous.”
It was unanimous, 98-0.
This same bill that Boxer was praising came before Barack Obama’s
health committee two years later, in 2003. As chairman, he bottled it
up in committee and killed it.”

We urge you to read the complete chapter by David Freddoso.
Obama’s deeds are not that of a Christian.

The No Quarter USA blog has an article about Obama’s stance on abortion and David Freddoso’s book. Here are some exerpts:

“Obama’s devotees explained his state senate votes (actually, they ranted) by informing me that it was what Planned Parenthood had TOLD him to do. (Let me get this right: A lobbying group instructed him? And he just blindly went along?”

“The senator is right. Someone is lying.

And now it is left to the Democratic party to clean up the mess it has created for itself.

Good luck, DNC. You’re going to need it.

You did not properly vet this man.

You ignored articles such as mine and Larry Johnson’s.

We were not consumed with hatred, as you chose to believe.

We were genuinely worried that you were missing the opportunity to elect a truly qualified candidate whose life was already an open book, and who wouldn’t be subjected to the fact-checking in the HEAT of a post-primary presidential campaign.

Have you forgotten that the entire purpose of a long primary contest is to VET THE CANDIDATES?

Have you forgotten that the importance of a LONG primary contest is to give people the time needed to stop “falling in love” with a candidate — to get past the honeymoon phase — and to really take a HARD look at the candidate?

Here’s a news flash: Not only is the honeymoon over, but you are walking down the aisle and into a BAD MARRIAGE.

But note that I just wrote that you are still “walking down the aisle.”

There is time to turn around and walk out.

You have precisely one week left to come to your senses.”

Read more here:
The blog, Zach Jones is Home, has done an excellent job of describing what abortion is all about. Make sure you read more here:

Are you still planning to vote for Obama? Do you believe Obama is a Christian? Are you a Christian? Read this article from this blog:

Voice your concern about Obama:

Larry Sinclair alive, Sinclair death false alarm, Sinclair not murdered, freedomeagle88 false article

I spoke to Larry Sinclair on Sunday, August 3, 2008 and this morning.

Larry Sinclair is alive.

The blog, freedomeagle88, posted an article yesterday and stated that Larry Sinclair was found murdered. Another article on this blog lists deaths that are linked to Obama’s past associations.

Here is the article:

Obama abortion agenda, Unborn baby can’t vote, Obama’s extreme position, Zach Jones is Home article, Throw The Baby Out With The Bathwater

Zach Jones is Home has a new article about Obama, abortion and Obama’s extreme position on abortion. Obama is trying to appeal to middle America but much of his past is documented.

Jill Stanek, a registered delivery-ward nurse testified before the U.S. Congress in support of the Born Alive Infant Protection Act. Stanek said, “I brought pictures in and presented them to the committee of very premature babies from my neonatal resuscitation book from the American Pediatric Association, trying to show them unwanted babies were being cast aside. Babies the same age were wanted!”

“And those pictures didn’t faze him [Obama] at all,” she said.

Here are some exerpts from the article:

“It seems that Senator Obama is described as having one of the most extreme positions that one can find when it comes to the issue of abortion. In this article, I want to briefly investigate the issue of abortion and determine where Senator Obama is regarding this issue within the context of the protecting rights of the mother and the developing baby.”

“However, I do want to consider shifting some of the meaning of terminology that is always used with this issue – fetus and viability. It seems to me that given how far today’s science and medicine have advanced since 1973 when Roe v. Wade was decided, I would hope that we can consider taking a deeper look regarding what science might be able to tell us in terms of the development of the fetus. Instead of primarily addressing the question in terms of viability of the fetus, why not first try to answer the question of when the emergence of a human consciousness or behavior begins? Then perhaps that could that be the starting point where the State’s opposing interests begin to collide?”

“I suspect that Senator Obama’s after the fact defense of his votes against the Illinois bill were nothing more than political pandering for votes of the worst kind. Women can vote and a fetus can’t. It’s kind of like his statement that if he had been in the Senate when the Iraq war resolution was taken up he would have definitely voted against it. His words appear only to be, “Just Words”, words for political advantage.”

“Again, the main stream media lets Senator Obama have a pass. Just the way they have regarding serious allegations surrounding his associations with Rezko, Wright, Ayers, Farrakhan and the many other questionable characters in his life. The media is just now starting to cover the John Edwards scandal, only because they can’t avoid it. However, they continue to avoid like the plague, the allegations of Larry Sinclair that he and Senator Obama used cocaine and engaged in consensual gay sex in 1999.”

Read the rest of this great article here. It is filled with facts and may shock you:

Donald Young death certificate, Larry Sinclair, Donald Young murder, Jeremiah Wright, Young’s death announced in church before pronounced dead, Jeremiah Wright knowledge of Young’s murder?

Larry Sinclair continues to ask questions about the murder of Donald Young, the gay choir director at TUCC, in December 2007. Larry Sinclair is asking why did Jeremiah Wright announce the death of Donald Young before Young was pronounced dead by the coroner. Sinclair has posted several articles on his new blog site and included a copy of Donald Young’s death certificate. Sinclair’s blog was shut down this morning. The reason given was that someone complained to HostMonster. Sinclair’s blog is back up. I am going to contact the management of HostMonster and get a clarification and determine what their position is on freedom of speech.

The Obama Campaign continues to be guilty of what they accuse others of, smears. The Obama Camp has done everything in their power to try to silence Larry Sinclair. Here are two comments from my blog from obviously one of the Obama henchmen:

 “Larry’s Tumor
Larry’s site was shut down because he illegally posted Mr. Young’s death certificate. Regardless of what Mr. Sinclair states, a death certificate is not public information per Illinois law. I notified his webhost, and they removed his site. I would highly recommend you also remove the death certificate from your site. You are also breaking the law.”

“Larry’s Tumor

Did you notice the death certificate go *poof* on larry’s site?

You might want to follow suit.”

I went to the Illinois Archives and here is what I found:

“Photocopies of Death Certificates dated on or after January 1, 1916
Prior to November 15, 2002, the Illinois State Archives offered free uncertified copies of death certificates dating from 1916 to 1947 to all patrons who requested them by email, telephone, or postal mail. Because the demand for those records overwhelmed our staff resources that service was discontinued.  Researchers may obtain copies of death certificates dated on or after January 1, 1916 by:

Visiting the Illinois State Archives Reference Room
Researchers wishing an unofficial and uncertified copy of a death certificate may visit the Illinois State Archives Reference Room. To locate a death certificate in our Reference Room, the following information from the database will be needed: decedent’s name; date of death; name of county and, if provided, township where the death took place; and death certificate number.
Contacting the Illinois Department of Public Health
The original death certificates remain in the custody of the Illinois Department of Public Health. Requests for death records on or after January 1, 1916 may be made to the Illinois Department of Public Health, Division of Vital Records, by mail, by fax, in-person and online. Researchers who are unable to visit the Illinois State Archives Reference Room may direct requests for death certificates after 1915 to the Illinois Department of Public Health.
Contacting the appropriate County Clerk
Copies of death certificates may also be obtained from the county clerk’s office in the county where the death occurred. Click here for the addresses of the county clerks of all 102 counties in Illinois.
In compliance with current legislation, the Illinois Department of Public Health and county clerks shall furnish for genealogical purposes certified or uncertified photocopies of death records not less than 20 years old at a specified fee (410 Illinois Compiled Statutes 535/24).”

Several commenters from the Obama Camp have tried, in typical Obama diversionary tactics, to state that Jeremiah Wright having knowledge of Young’s death soon after it happened was plausible. Read the following well written, fact based comment:

FYI, the church knowing SO SOON is highly suspicious. It is very likely they had first hand knowledge of the crime for the following reasons;

1. A crime scene takes hours to process. CSI has to be called out, as well as the Medical Examiner and a detective(s) to be assigned.

Those professionals take hours to arrive at the scene, be debriefed and start their own analysis taking notes, interviewing those CLOSEST to Young. Photos, fingerprints, trace evidence collection, coroner, interviews of roommate & next of kin.

2. Why would anyone call the church that soon? If Donald Young worked for the church, and didn’t show up, someone from the church may have called his home, but no information would be released from the crime scene that early in the investigation to anyone, not even the next of kin.
Once the next of kin is informed of the death, they are normally in such grief, that phone calls are not made right away.
Donald Young was a school teacher full time, so he was either a volunteer or part-time employee of the church and probably wouldn’t have been ‘notified’ until well after the crime scene had been processed, which would have taken many meticulous hours.

Discovering a friend or relative as the victim of a shooting is traumatic, gruesome shocking and terrifying. Who did this? Am I next?

Church services would be ‘in session’ and the phones would most likely not been answered.
It has been stated that many people got up and left the church. It is doubtful the services were ‘extended’ as a previous poster said was typical in a black church.

It is intensely suspicous the church knew so soon.”

Read more from Larry Sinclair here: