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Patrick Fitzgerald agenda, Protect Obama, Rezko testimony withheld, Fitzgerald attacked Republicans Ryan Libby Rove, Cellini trial

Patrick Fitzgerald agenda, Protect Obama, Rezko testimony withheld, Fitzgerald attacked Republicans Ryan Libby Rove, Cellini trial

“Why did Patrick Fitzgerald and the US Justice Department wait until December 2008 to arrest Rod Blagojevich?”…Citizen Wells

The William Cellini trial begins Monday, October 3, 2011. From all indications, and in spite of key Witness Stuart Levine being tainted with a drug use history, the prosecution will not call Tony Rezko as a witness. US Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald, a prosecutor who aggresively went after former IL Governor Ryan and Scooter Libby and Karl Rove, is the reason.

From Nuclear Chicago May 25, 2011.

“US Attorney Patrick “The Sandbagger” Fitzgerald: Winning Thru Intimidation of Citizen Journalists?”

“As an update to my continuing effort to construct a biography of U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald as well as provide special reporting related to the retrial of Milorad Blagojevich, I am writing this morning to officially report upon and inform The May Report and NuclearChicago readership of the following:

At approximately 9:15a this past Thursday morning (May 19th), while en route to the Federal Courts to continue our coverage of USA v. Blagojevich – Nuclear Chicago published the following headline:

USA v. Blagojevich Retrial: US Attorney Patrick “The Sandbagger” Fitzgerald?

Among other factors, the prevailing basis for same sensational headline as well as related analysis was due to the fact that Antoin “Tony” Rezko – Uber Confidante to Blagojevich, Obama and Nadhmi Auchi – had not yet testified as a Federal Government Witness in USA v. Blagojevich.

Same refusal by US Attorney Fitzgerald to place Rezko in the Witness Box to bury Blagojevich further corroborates the brutal realities that US Attorney Fitzgerald has been running egregious political interference to both benefit and protect Team Obama (i.e., Allison Davis, Dr. Eric Whitaker, Marty Nesbitt, et al).

Simply put – Antoin “Tony” Rezko is the only witness that can bury Blagojevich and the Chicago Political Thuggery Machine.  Why is Fitzgerald holding back Rezko?  What has been promised or implied to Fitzgerald as a “reward” for Fitzgerald’s blatant sandbagging efforts.

Same egregious political interference by Fitzgerald can be traced back to as early as 2006 when the Chicago Tribune was preparing to publish an exclusive scoop that convicted felon and Federal Goverment informant John Thomas (formerly Bernard Barton) was parading around Chicago procuring taped conversations and other evidence against politicians that were visiting Rezko’s real estate office on the near north side of the City. Evidently, same surveillance efforts procured damaging information against then US Senator Obama and Governor Blagojevich.

As reported in an earlier update (and according to a well-placed source at the Chicago Tribune), the Chicago Tribune finally capitulated to Fitzgerald’s demands and efforts to stop same exclusive John Thomas scoop only when Fitzgerald informed the Tribune that same exclusive John Thomas scoop would impair a 2008 Obama Presidential campaign. Upon being informed of 2008 Obama Presidential campaign implications – the Tribune terminated its efforts.  Same scoop was ultimately published in May 2007 via Crain’s Chicago Business to serve as a ‘heads-up’ to Obama for America Treasurer and Chicago Housing Authority Chairman Marty Nesbitt.  Same ‘heads-up’ was yet another example of political interference as John Thomas was actively trying to purchase prime real estate owned by the Chicago Housing Authority – 626 West Jackson.

US Attorney Patrick J. Fitzgerald — a modern day Elliot Ness with a Harvard Law Degree?


Fitzgerald is a dangerous, unaccountable Federal Bureaucrat with highly-charged political ambitions.  Recent history has demonstrated that nothing is sacred for Fitzgerald when it comes to his highly-charged political ambitions (i.e., Journalist Judith Miller, Scooter Libby, Blago-Gate, et al).

To further demonstrate the highly-charged political behavior of US Attorney Fizgerald, within 2-hours of publishing our Thursday morning update – “US Attorney Patrick ‘The Sandbagger’ Fitzgerald”, which was highly-critical of Rezko being surgically-removed from trial by Fitzgerald – I was detained by US Marshal Service, prohibited from re-entering 25th floor courtroom and escorted out of the Federal Courts Building.”

Read more:

We discovered recently that Colin Powell knew that Scooter Libby and Karl Rove were not the source of leaks in the Valerie Plame CIA story.  We also knew the truth from Robert Novak on July 12, 2006.

“Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald has informed my attorneys that, after two and one-half years, his investigation of the CIA leak case concerning matters directly relating to me has been concluded. That frees me to reveal my role in the federal inquiry that, at the request of Fitzgerald, I have kept secret.

I have cooperated in the investigation while trying to protect journalistic privileges under the First Amendment and shield sources who have not revealed themselves. I have been subpoenaed by and testified to a federal grand jury. Published reports that I took the Fifth Amendment, made a plea bargain with the prosecutors or was a prosecutorial target were all untrue.

For nearly the entire time of his investigation, Fitzgerald knew — independent of me — the identity of the sources I used in my column of July 14, 2003. A federal investigation was triggered when I reported that former Ambassador Joseph Wilson?’s wife, Valerie Plame Wilson, was employed by the CIA and helped initiate his 2002 mission to Niger. That Fitzgerald did not indict any of these sources may indicate his conclusion that none of them violated the Intelligence Identities Protection Act.”

“In my sworn testimony, I said what I have contended in my columns and on television: Joe Wilson’s wife’s role in instituting her husband’s mission was revealed to me in the middle of a long interview with an official who I have previously said was not a political gunslinger. After the federal investigation was announced, he told me through a third party that the disclosure was inadvertent on his part.

Following my interview with the primary source, I sought out the second administration official and the CIA spokesman for confirmation. I learned Valerie Plame’s name from Joe Wilson’s entry in “Who’s Who in America.””

Read more:

Some more insight into Patrick Fitzgeralds activities from Sweetness & Light May 25, 2006.

“Patrick Fitzgerald Ratchets Up Attack On Cheney
From the DNC’s house organ, the Washington Post:”

“There’s nothing “alleged” about Plame’s sending Joe to Niger. It’s documented in the 9/11 Commission’s report.

But notice that the Washington Post never uses “alleged” when it is leveling the most preposterous charges against Libby and Cheney.

If there was ever any doubt that Fitzgerald is a political whore, this should clear that up. There is no reason on earth for him to have released this information to the press. It is just more of the DNC’s smear machine at work.”

Read more:

May 2006, does that ring a bell with anyone? Like the time when Patrick Fitzgerald began protecting Obama, when Blagojevich dropped any presidential aspirations and Obama began planning his presidential bid.

I am not through with Patrick Fitzgerald!


Michele Bachmann Tea Party, November 7, 2009, GOP House Call II Rally at Capitol, Obama socialist health care, Steven King, House Gallery, Photos

From the Marooned in Marin blog, November 7, 2009.

“GOP House Call II Rally at Capitol — Pictures and Video”

“I returned just a few minutes ago from the House Call II rally at the grounds of the US Capitol, held by Reps. Steven King and Michele Bachmann, who were joined by other GOP reps.

There was a much smaller crowd than was there Thursday, but many who were from states close to the DC area turned around and came back.

I’m currently uploading video of some of the speakers. Here’s some photos until then.”

“Rep. Joe Wilson, who received probably the loudest applause. The crowd chanted “Thank You, Joe” before he even said a word.”
“This Representative said his vote wasn’t just “No” but “Hell no!” For Virginia District 11 citizens, he noted that Rep. “Jihad” Gerry Connolly annouced his support for Obamacare, even though he doesn’t like the taxes.”
“Attendees who showed up at the rally today were allowed by the Representatives gathered there to go up in the House gallery so Pelosi and the liberal Democrats could “look you in the eye” when they vote on the bill.
Should the bill pass the House, the Reps. and Tea Party organizers are planning to have more “House Calls” of the American people on Washington during the conference meetings with the Senate.”
Read more and view the photos:
Thanks to commenter Patriot Dreamer

Michele Bachmann, Sean Hannity, Health care bill, October 30, 2009, Washington DC, Thursday, November 5, 2009, Capitol building steps, Nancy Pelosi confronted

I just listened to congresswoman Michele Bachmann of Minnesota explain the Health Care Bill on the Sean Hannity Show on Fox. As usual she was articulate, well informed and to the point about the lies being told to the American public.

Michele Bachmann announced that she will be on the steps of the Capitol Building in Washington DC on Thursday, November 5, 2009 at noon to confront Nancy Pelosi and other members of Congress. She is asking for other concerned Americans to come to Washington DC next week to protest this socialist bill being forced on the American public. She stated that many Democrats are on the fence and need to hear from their constituents.

I have been listening to congresswoman Michele Bachmann for several months and like congressman Joe Wilson, she is impressive, refreshing and the real deal. Let’s back her on this initiative 100%.

I am asking those reading this blog to help spread this story and let Michele Bachmann know that we support her and efforts to save this country. Let other congressmen know that we do not want this Health Care Bill and that we want more congressmen like Bachmann and Wilson.

I have already sent Michele Bachmann an email to offer my assistance.

Citizen Wells


Watch the Michele Bachmann interview on Hannity

October 15, 2009, Citizen Wells, Open thread, 2010 elections, Congress, US Constitution, Obama, Health care reform, US Constitution hall of shame, We must change Congress

This is the Citizen Wells open thread for Thursday, October 15, 2009. However, I have a request. Before the general election in 2008, we created the US Constitution Hall of shame. We contacted state election officials and congressmen regarding Obama’s lack of eligibility to be president and asked these public officials to honor and follow the dictates of the US Constitution.

As I have stated repeatedly, the biggest single problem in this country is Congress. They allowed Obama to be elected. They contributed to the mortgage and financial meltdowns and subsequently, in tandem with the illegal, corrupt and socialist Obama administration, exacerbated our financial problems with rampant government spending. Now they are trying to ram down our throats a unpopular health care plan that will greatly worsen our health care and financial situation.

Now, with the upcoming 2010 elections approaching,  is the time for united, single minded efforts, as Americans first, to change this un American, non constitutional, out of control Congress. We must put aside our differences of politics, religion and most certainly our egos.

Our efforts as well as other concerned Americans to contact congressmen and record their lack of respect for the US Constitution will be used as a springboard to move forward into and beyond the 2010 elections. We will use voting records on ACORN funding and the health care bill as score cards. Let them pass a health care bill.

 Congress has acted in utter defiance of the US Constitution and the will of the American public. Their day of reckoning is near. Let them ramrod a health care bill down our throats. We will replace these politicians with statesmen who will do the job they are elected to do.  

What I am asking you to do is this. Let’s begin the process of coming together to organize. This will not be easy and we will be fought to the end, tooth and nail.

First of all, provide your thoughts in comments here today. Begin compiling a list of trusted individuals, bloggers, talk show hosts, attorneys, etc. I plan to be part of this, however, we must combine our resources and efforts. When we choose who to align with we must be careful to pick only those who put God and America first, those with respect for the US Constitution and those who are not motivated by money.

Also, there are websites out there now that do a good job of covering certain aspects, perhaps they can be a central repository for that information.

SC Representative Joe Wilson, a patriot and statesman, will be our poster congressman.

Share your thoughts here.

Health care reform, Facts, Truth, 2010 elections, Obama lies, Government run health care, Wealth redistribution, All you need to know about health care reform

“What is 1,000 lawyers at the bottom of the ocean? A good start.”….Is this a joke? Wells


All you need to know about health care reform


What is the current attempt by Obama and liberal Democrats at health care reform all about?

  • Appeasing their far left core support.
  • More control over the American people to get votes.
  • Payback to trial lawyers and other big supporters (refer to contribution table above).
  • Achieving the goals of far left, socialist, communists who are controlling the party with the goal of redistribution of wealth..

Why do a high percentage of attorneys support the Democrat party? The Democrat party supports big government and that means more work for attorneys. Have you ever noticed the multitude of attorney ads on TV for representation with Social Security matters?

What will it take to really fix health care?

  • Tort reform. This has to do with medical malpractice lawsuits and insurance and the cost of litigation for doctors, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies. Trial lawyers such as John Edwards have become wealthy at the expense of the American Public. Obama and the Democratic party are controlled by their high contributor law buddies.
  • Open up health care policies across state boundaries. This is the only area the federal government should control, to allow a basic health care policy to be sold nationwide. If the states want to supplement this, the additional coverage can be taylored by state.
  • Health care policy portability. This would allow keeping the same policy when changing  jobs.
  • Provide a basic safety net policy for those currently uninsured who cannot afford insurance now. Adding these people to Medicare is one proposal.

SC Representative and patriot Joe Wilson called Barack Obama a liar when Obama addressed Congress and the American people on health care reform. Who was telling the truth?

“Media must expose Obama’s calculated lying, scare tactics”

“Media Research Center President Brent Bozell issued the following statement this morning demanding the media report President Obama’s lies, distortions and exaggerations delivered in his speech on health care reform last night:”

“Barack Obama will not stop committing serial dishonesty with the American people until the media expose his false figures and bogus exaggerations for what they are: fraudulent scare tactics.:

“Last night Obama told a litany of lies. He said the total cost of his health reform would be $900 billion over ten years, but even the government-run Congressional Budget Office found it would cost $1.6 trillion. He claimed his reform would not cover illegal immigrants or abortions, but nothing in any of the Democrat bills requires citizen verification and several organizations including the National Right to Life Committee have shown exactly how federal funds would be used to pay for abortion-on-demand. He knows these are lies and he tells them because he is confident the left wing ‘news’ media will let him get away with it. ”

 Obama health care lies

We have one of the best health care systems in the world. We just need to make some adjustments. We do not need government run health care. From one of the commenters on this blog:

“Write/Right on, Citizen Wells, we do not want govt. healthcare. My mom who came to this country from England is still alive thanks to good medical care here. Her younger sister, who stayed in England, died years ago from breast cancer that she wasn’t treated agressively for thanks to Socialized Medicine.”….maddie

The regulars on this blog may have seen the following videos. However, they provide excellent insight, from a variety of perspectives, on health care reform.

Anesthesiologist Dr. Todd Rubin on doctors demonstrating to have tort reform included in health reform.


Congressman Mike Rogers, Michigan


ABC’s John Stossel Destroys/Pulverizes/Crushes Obama’s anti-American ‘Health Care’ Plan


The most important message from this article:

We must change Congress next year during the 2010 elections.

This will cure a variety of  ills and injustices including repeal of a government run or ruined  health care plan.

Health care vote, October 14, 2009, Senate vote, House vote, Blue dog Democrats, Citizen Wells open thread, Take back country

On October 13, 2009, we learned that Maine republican Olympia Snowe stated she would vote yes for the Baucus version of a health care bill. Will the Blue Dog Democrats support a government option if one is embedded?

It does not matter!!!

A frustrated commenter on this blog, after learning of Senator Snowe’s decision, asked what next.

This was my response:

“The answer to our problems is quite simple.
I always go back to the war analogy (which this clearly is a war for our minds and souls).
The Obama camp won a major battle when he stole the election.
They have won a few minor battles and skirmishes since.
However, they have already lost some major battles.
Hopefully this will be clarified in the article.”

Here is some food for thought as you comment on the Citizen Wells open thread for October 14, 2009.

What organization allowed Obama to steal the presidency, ACORN funding, a flawed stimulus bill, Nancy Pelosi gaining power, Harry reid gaining power, mortgage crisis, out of control spending, decline of the US Dollar and a host of other maladies and outrages?


US Congress.

What organization will have most of it’s members up for reelection next year?


US Congress.

What organization can remove a usurper president?


US Congress.

What organization can repeal bad legislation such as a government run health care plan?


US Congress.

What organization are we going to drastically change next year?

US Congress.

Let not your heart be troubled.

God bless Joe Wilson.

 October 13, 2009 late afternoon

“Committee Passes Baucus’s $829 Billion Healthcare Bill
Republican Sen. Olympia Snowe joined Democrats to vote yes on the healthcare reform bill”

“After two weeks of debate and a closely watched examination by the Congressional Budget Office , Sen. Max Baucus’s healthcare bill has, for now, proved resilient. On Tuesday, after several final hours of debate, Baucus’s Senate Finance Committee approved the bill by a 14-9 vote, as Maine Sen. Olympia Snowe, a moderate Republican, joined the committee’s 13 Democrats in voting yes.”

Read more:

Joe Wilson, Obama lies, SC Representative Wilson, Support Joe Wilson, YouTube video, Obama health care, Don’t back down

I do not normally link to congressmen’s fundraising efforts. I will make an exception in this case. American hero, SC Representative Joe Wilson, stood up for us when Obama lied before congress and the Nation. We asked for Joe Wilson to not back down and Representative Wilson did not back down. We need more Joe Wilsons.

“In these past weeks I have rattled the cage of liberal Democrats in Washington with my staunch opposition to their big government policies. Now, they are targeting me with everything theyve got. They are running ads in my Congressional District attacking me and are raising millions for my liberal opponent.

Despite their attacks – I will not be muzzled. I will continue to stand arm-in-arm with every patriot in America against their disastrous plot to hijack our nation’s health care system.”

“Dear friend,
In these past weeks I have rattled the cage of liberal Democrats in Washington with my staunch opposition to their big government policies. Now, they are targeting me with everything they’ve got. They have produced ads attacking me and are raising millions for my liberal opponent.
Despite their attacks – I will not be muzzled. I will continue to stand arm-in-arm with every patriot in America to ensure our voices are heard in Washington.
As you may know, Wednesday, September 30 is the end of the third-quarter for fundraising. The amount of money we raise in this quarter will be scrutinized by the liberal mainstream media and compared to that of my opponent who has raised more than a million dollars.
We have set a goal to raise $25,000 by midnight to keep up the fight against the escalating attacks from liberal Democrats and end the third-quarter strong. Will you please watch this video and donate to my campaign today to help us take back Washington?
I have been humbled by the support you have shown my family and me over the past few weeks. The emails, letters, Facebook messages, Tweets and comments I have received have strengthened my resolve to not back down. As the liberal Democrats in Washington continue their attacks on me, I will continue to stand with you and fight for real solutions to our nation’s problems.
But I can not do it alone.
Please, take a few minutes today to watch this video and make a donation to help us reach our goal of $25,000 to take back Washington.
Together, we will take back Washington.
Proud to stand with you,
Joe Wilson
U.S. Representative
Paid for by Joe Wilson for Congress”

Joe Wilson, House resolution, September 15, 2009, SC Representative Joe Wilson, Roxanne Wilson, Video, Proud of husband Joe, Obama, You lie, Democrats political games

House Democrats, in a typical hypocritical, political games manner, are moving ahead with a resolution aimed at SC Representative Joe Wilson for shouting out “lie” during Obama’s address to Congress and the American people. Joe Wilson has already apologized to  Obama. 

Now read and listen to Joe Wilson’s wife:

“Dear friends and family,

The night of the President’s speech I called Joe and asked him who had made the “You lie!” comment. When he told me it was him – I couldn’t believe it.

But as we talked about the issue and how it would affect our family, I realized that Joe was speaking from the heart. After holding some of the largest town halls in the nation he returned to Washington encouraged to stand up for those Americans who needed a voice. Without a doubt, he chose the wrong time and place to express this emotion.

He made a mistake. He has apologized. The President has graciously accepted his apology.

And while our family is trying to move on from this episode the Democrats in Washington continue to drag him through the mud.

It is clear to me that they would rather attack him and the cause he stood up for that night than work with him and his colleagues to find a real solution to health care reform.

But as you’d expect from a veteran and a father of four boys who served in our military — two in Iraq — Joe isn’t backing down or playing their political games. He is standing up for the cause and is not stooping to their level of making personal attacks.

I’m proud of my husband. Our family is proud of their father. Our nation is proud of Congressman Joe Wilson.
We have put together a video telling the story of the Joe Wilson we know and love. I hope you’ll watch it and share it with your friends and family.

Thank you for everything you are doing and have done for Joe and our family. It warms our heart to know that so many Americans support him.

Proud to stand with Joe,

Roxanne Wilson”


Joe Wilson censure?, SC Representative Joe Wilson told truth, Obama lies, Nancy Pelosi, Congress, House of Representatives, Hands off American hero Wilson


Nancy Pelosi

Members of Congress

Members of the House of Representatives


If you are planning on censuring SC Representative Joe Wilson for telling the truth, you had better reconsider. The American people are watching you like never before. You are already strongly in jeopardy of losing your job in 2010. Do this to the great American patriot, Wilson,  and you will witness a backlash never witnessed in American politics. The Citizen Wells blog will be in the thick of this.

From the CRS Report for Congress


“The term “censure,” unlike the term “expel,” does not appear in the
Constitution, although the authority is derived from the same clause – Article I,
Section 5, clause 2, concerning the authority of each House of Congress to “punish
its Members for disorderly Behaviour.” Censure, reprimand, or admonition are
traditional ways in which parliamentary bodies have disciplined their members and
maintained order and dignity in their proceedings.48 In the House of Representatives,
a “censure” is a formal vote by the majority of Members present and voting on a
resolution disapproving a Member’s conduct, with generally the additional
requirement that the Member stand at the “well” of the House chamber to receive a
verbal rebuke and reading of the censure resolution by the Speaker of the House.”
“Eight House Members have been “reprimanded” by the full House for a variety
of misconduct, including failure to disclose certain personal interests in official
matters and using one’s office to further personal financial interests;
misrepresentations to investigating committees; failure to report campaign
contributions; conversion of campaign contributions to personal use and false
statements before the investigating committee; false statements on financial
disclosure forms; ghost voting and maintaining persons on the official payroll not
performing official duties commensurate with pay; the misuse of one’s political
influence in administrative matters to help a personal associate; and the failure to
insure that a Member-affiliated tax-exempt organization was not improperly involved
in partisan politics, and for providing inaccurate, incomplete and unreliable
information to the investigating committee.”

CRS report


So, Joe Wilson spoke the truth, in good faith representing the American public, apologized for speaking out, and you are going to censure him. Those of you participating in this debacle had better start packing your offices and making plans for other employment. Your days of hiding behind the biased MSM are over. We will identify you, write about you and let every citizen know of your misdeeds.

It is a proven fact that Barack Obama was indeed lying and that SC Representative Joe Wilson was telling the truth. If the Democrats policed their own party, Obama would not be in office and subject to being called out on a pattern of lies and deception.

Representative Joe Wilson, the American public is behind you.

Members of Congress, you are already despised.

Hands off American hero Representative Joe Wilson.

Joe Wilson, Representative Wilson shouted “lie”, Will not apologize on house floor, Fox News, September 13, 2009, Wilson won’t back down

“The organization of our press has truly been a success. Our law concerning the press is such that divergencies of opinion between members of the government are no longer an occasion for public exhibitions, which are not the newspapers’ business. We’ve eliminated that conception of political freedom which holds that everybody has the right to say whatever comes into his head.”…. Adolf Hitler

“I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the
Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and
domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same;
that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation
or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge
the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God.”
Congressional oath of office

Decorum is not mentioned in the oath of office.

This is a warning to Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic Congress and any Republicans that do not get it. We are sick of decorum and status quo. We want you to work for us and not each other. If you need to call the president a liar, and he is, or another member of Congress a liar, to protect the American public, do it. That is your job.

SC Representative Joe Wilson was interviewed on Fox News this morning, September 13, 2009.

“Wilson Defends Outburst, Says He Will Not Apologize on House Floor
Rep. Joe Wilson says he will not apologize again for his outburst during President Obama’s health care address.”

“Rep. Joe Wilson said Sunday that he will not apologize on the House floor for his outburst during President Obama’s health care address, even though Democratic leaders have threatened to formally discipline him if he does not.

Wilson noted that he already apologized directly to the White House after shouting, “You lie,” to the president during his Wednesday address to a joint session of Congress. The outburst triggered a political firestorm, but Wilson told “FOX News Sunday” that Democrats are just “playing politics” by trying to drag out the issue and force another apology.

“I’ve apologized one time. The apology was accepted by the president, the vice president. … I am not apologizing again,” he told “FOX News Sunday.” “I believe that is sufficient.”

Wilson said he would “never do something like that again,” but continued to defend himself.

The South Carolina Republican on Wednesday accused the president of lying for claiming his health care reform plan would not cover illegal immigrants.

“I believe in the truth. What I heard was not true,” Wilson explained Sunday. “I believe (Obama) was misstating the facts.”

Wilson said he felt “provoked” and attributed the outburst to a “town hall moment,” referring to the town hall meetings where constituents frequently shouted out their frustrations over health care reform.”

“Aside from his apology to the White House, Wilson also issued a written statement apologizing for his outburst on Wednesday.

But while House Speaker Nancy Pelosi indicated immediately afterward that Wilson had done enough, Democratic leadership has since decided to seek a public apology from Wilson to his colleagues on the House floor.

If he does not, a resolution to punish him could come as early as Tuesday.”

Read more:

American patriot commenter, Patriot Dreamer, attended the Washington, DC  Tea Party rally on Saturday, September 12, 2009. This is one of many photos supplied by Patriot Dreamer. Thanks for a job well done.


Representative Joe Wilson, as you can see from the photo you have inspired millions of American to speak out. You spoke the truth before the president, Congress and the American people.

Don’t back down.

God bless Representative Joe Wilson for looking out for the American people. We are behind you 100%.

Representative  Wilson, the Citizen Wells blog is behind you and will stand beside you, whatever it takes.