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Patty Murray, WA senator, Extreme liberal, Murray debates Dino Rossi, October 14, 2010

Patty Murray, WA senator, Extreme liberal, Murray debates Dino Rossi, October 14, 2010

Patty Murray, the ultra liberal senator from WA state, debates Dino Rossi tonight. I recently heard Glenn Beck on his radio show describe how Murray is on the side of illegal aliens and takes extreme positions in support of their “rights” while not working to secure jobs for her home state.

The debate can be viewed here:


From the Kitsap Peninsula Business Journal.

““It was announced that Washington State lost another 9,300 jobs. Instead of fighting for Washington families, Patty Murray is focusing on providing amnesty for illegal aliens and the partisan DISCLOSE act, which Murray hopes will distract voters from focusing on her record of taxing, spending and growing government.”
“Wasting valuable time in the Senate that could be used to stimulate private sector job growth and real financial reform that helps American families, Senator Murray is asking the Senate to take up two partisan bills which will not create or save jobs here in Washington State. This is just another attempted diversion from the real issues by Senator Murray. It is clear she would prefer to focus on Washington, D.C. politics than put Washingtonians back to work.””

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From the Seattle Times.

“Murray was one of only 19 members of the Senate to oppose a 2006 authorization to build a 700-mile fence along one-third of the southern U.S. border. Washington Democratic Sen. Maria Cantwell opposed it as well.
Murray also voted against declaring English the nation’s official tongue, which would have barred the government from issuing communications in other languages. She also opposed a Senate proposal to bar immigrants from collecting Social Security benefits they earned while working without legal status.
Rossi, by contrast, wants to deter illegal immigrants with both physical and legal barriers. He repeatedly has called for erecting the remaining planned fence along the Mexico border to reduce illegal crossings.
Rossi also opposes allowing any of the estimated 11 million people already in the United States illegally to apply for legal residency. However, he hasn’t called for deporting them. He has offered no options, saying he hasn’t “heard a good solution for the people that are already here that makes sense.””

“First introduced nine years ago in a different form, the DREAM Act covers certain illegal immigrants who are younger than 35. Immigrants who were 16 or younger when they entered the United States at least five years ago and who have completed high school or attained GED certificates could attain a six-year temporary residency.
The qualified immigrants then could become permanent U.S. residents by completing at least two years of college or serving two years in the military.
Murray said she supports it. Rossi, along with virtually all Republicans, opposes it as “nothing more than a backdoor amnesty bill.””

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Edward Vrdolyak, Fast Eddie, Obama thugs, Pay to play politics, Citizen Wells open thread, October 14, 2010

Edward Vrdolyak, Fast Eddie, Obama thugs, Pay to play politics

Edward Vrdolyak, Fast Eddie, a crony of Obama, Blagojevich, Rezko, Levine, et al, is back in the news.

From the Chicago Tribune October 13, 2010.

“Former alderman and Cook County Democratic chair, convicted of fraud, has tapped high-powered connections to benefit charity — and work off his sentence”
“Some felons sentenced to community service work end up doling out soup at homeless shelters. Legendary political insider “Fast Eddie” Vrdolyak worked off many of his court-ordered hours by organizing a star-studded fundraiser at Gibsons steakhouse and driving around in his car while recruiting friends by cell phone to aid a charity.

Handwritten log sheets released Wednesday by his lawyers show that Vrdolyak has logged 1,750 hours on behalf of a DuPage County charity that works with law enforcement to help needy children and veterans, mostly by making phone calls and holding “skull sessions” with donors.

In a controversial sentence last year, Vrdolyak eluded prison for a fraud conviction, but after prosecutors complained, an appeals court ordered he be resentenced. Prosecutors are seeking 31/2 years in prison for him Friday.”
“U.S. District Judge Matthew Kennelly, who will impose the new sentence, will have dozens of character reference letters to read from Vrdolyak supporters — and he can get an earful about Fast Eddie’s virtues from Elsner as well.

“I know I’m going to be crucified for saying this, but Ed Vrdolyak is the finest man I’ve ever met,” Elsner said. “You just come away from talking to him feeling better about things.””

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Gee Wally, he seems like a really swell guy.

Yeah Beaver.

I promised you that despite the best attempts of the Obama camp, US Justice Dept. and mainstream media to qwell Obama’s ties to Chicago corruption before the November elections, I would continue to keep this issue alive. Well, here is the truth about Vrdolyak and how the dots are connected to Obama and Blago.

Edward Vrdolyak Indictment


The highlighting below is my doing. Also, in the spirit of “Subliminal Man” from “Saturday Night Live” I have added names in parenthesis that may be relevant.

From the Chicago Tribune August 7, 2008.

Attorney Michael Monico told U.S. District Judge Milton Shadur that prosecutors turned over 250,000 pages of discovery documents just two weeks ago, and the judge agreed to move Vrdolyak’s trial date to Nov. 4 from Sept. 15.

(US Justice Dept.)


From the Tony Rezko trial transcripts.

March 18, 2008; 5:16 p.m.
“In his first 20 minutes on the witness stand, Stuart Levine admitted that he had passed numerous bribes to win private and government business for several firms with which he was connected.

Levine said former Chicago Ald. Edward Vrdolyak acted as a middleman in two bribe schemes, including one to secure a contract with the city Board of Education. On both occasions, Vrdolyak was to pass the bribes onto others, he said.

Levine said he also paid a $500,000 bribe to an undisclosed city official to obtain a tire contract from the Department of Streets and Sanitation. Levine also said he passed on bribes of hundreds of thousands of dollars to win a contract to supply school buses to the Board of Education.

Levine also admitted that he had used hard drugs and distributed drugs to others since the 1970s.


“I experimented with LSD, marijuana, cocaine, quaaludes, Ecstasy, crystal methamphetamine and ketamine,” he said.

Levine, who faces up to life imprisonment, said he hopes to be sentenced to 67 months in prison in return for his cooperation with the government.

“If I lie, the plea agreement is null and void,” he said.

He admitted that after he agreed to cooperate with the government in early 2006, he lied once about Vrdolyak. “I tried to protect him,” he said.

Asked why he decided to allegedly tell the truth about Vrdolyak, Levine said, “I realized that the government realized that I was lying.””

March 18, 2008; 6:06 p.m.
“Stuart Levine also told the jury that at the request of former Chicago Ald. Edward Vrdolyak, he funneled money to Democratic candidates through straw contributors.


Asked by Assistant U.S. Atty. Christopher Niewoehner if he expected to get anything in return, Levine said: “Access.”


Levine testified that from 2000 to 2004, he made a combined $9 million to $10 million. Now, he works as a messenger for a delivery service at $800 a week, he said.

Levine walked through his history of serving on state boards, which, in addition to the Health Facilities Planning Board and the Teachers’ Retirement System board, also included a three-year stint on the Gaming Board. Levine said he eventually resigned.


“I didn’t enjoy the pressure I was getting,” Levine said in a poised manner that seemed well-practiced.

Levine then related how he first met Antoin “Tony” Rezko at a dinner party at the home of Fortunee Massuda, a podiatrist who was also a Rezko business partner.

The dinner took place Nov. 2, 2002, just days before the gubernatorial election. Levine had served as the finance chairman for Republican Jim Ryan. Rezko was an important fundraiser for Rod Blagojevich, Ryan’s opponent.

Levine said he was invited to the dinner by Ruth Rothstein, the head of the Cook County Health Services Department and a friend of Levine’s business partner Robert Weinstein.

Rothstein told Levine that Massuda invited him because she wanted to thank him for speaking up for her proposal before the hospital board to establish a free-standing surgical center on the South Side.

Levine said he had done so as a favor to Rothstein.

In addition to Massuda and her husband, Charles Hannon, others at the dinner included Rothstein, Rezko and his wife, as well as Orlando Jones, the godson of the late Cook County Board President John Stroger.

At the party, Levine said, he and Rezko began talking about their opposite roles in the campaign for governor. Rezko then told Levine that they had mutual friends in Republican power brokers Bill Cellini and Robert Kjellander.

The talk at the dinner then turned to a valuable piece of Gold Coast property that had once been home to the Scholl School of Podiatry at Oak and Dearborn Streets.

The school was in the process of being sold to a North Chicago medical school, now know as Rosalind Franklin University.

Levine served on that school’s board of directors, as did his partner Weinstein. In his capacity at the medical school, Levine was also in charge of selling the Scholl building, and he testified that he had a buyer lined up who was going to pay $15 million. Some $1.5 million was going to be paid as a finder’s fee to Vrdolyak, Levine said.

Levine said Vrdolyak was going to share half of that money with Weinstein and him, even though as board members at the school, such an arrangement would be illegal.

At the party, Levine said, he mentioned that he was having problems closing the sale, and at that point, Massuda chimed in that she had a clinic in the building and would like to buy it.

Levine said he then asked her if she had any role in holding up the sale. Levine said that simultaneously Massuda said, “No,” but Rezko said, “Yes.”

Massuda and Rezko had a short talk, which ended with Massuda saying, “I didn’t want it to come out this way,” and Rezko saying, “Why not just tell him?”

Levine said Rezko then told him that if he already had a buyer lined up for the building, he would no longer stand in his way. Levine did not specify what Rezko was doing to block the sale.

By Election Day, the following Tuesday, Rezko was true to his word, and the sale’s obstacle was resolved, Levine said.”

April 1, 2008; 6:17 p.m.

“But the jury did hear a long call between Levine and his longtime business partner, Dr. Robert Weinstein, about Rosenberg and his larger TRS plans. Rosenberg would be given the choice to raise the campaign cash or to pay a finder’s fee on the $220 million allocation through former Chicago Ald. Edward Vrdolyak, whom Levine said he had used before to pass bribes.”

April 3, 2008; 5:56 p.m.

“Levine still had not agreed to cooperate, and Levine told Duffy that he did not believe the government was aware of the “secret part of his life,” meaning his drug abuse and hotel parties with male friends.


In August 2005, Levine was indicted again, and he still had not agreed to flip. Duffy asked again whether the fact that Levine thought his secret life was still concealed from his family and others was a factor in his decision not to help the government.

“I don’t have a recollection of even thinking about the government knowing about my drug use or not,” Levine answered.

In fall 2005, Levine said, he became aware that one of his drug friends had been interviewed, and Duffy said he wanted to know what role that played in Levine’s cooperation.

“Now you learn that the government is on to this–isn’t that right?” Duffy asked.

“I don’t believe I focused on that aspect whatsoever in that period of time,” Levine answered. “There were many things on my mind, Mr. Duffy.”

Levine said he eventually decided to cooperate a few months later after his lawyer reviewed with him what the results could mean for him if he were convicted.

“They were terrible,” Levine said of the consequences he faced.

To avoid a long jail term, Levine said, he knew he had to cooperate and be completely honest, but still, Duffy pointed out, Levine was not truthful. He lied despite knowing “the sword of Damocles” would come down on him, Duffy said, and Levine agreed.

“You knew the only way you could hurt yourself in this process was by lying?” Duffy asked.

“Yes, sir,” Levine answered.

Levine lied by not telling the government about his dealings with former Chicago alderman Edward Vrdolyak, a man Levine said he often worked bribes through.

Vrdolyak allegedly was to bring in a $1.5 million kickback from the sale of the Scholl School of Podiatry in Chicago to Rosalind Franklin University, and Levine was supposed to get half of it.

He would like to have seen the money even while he was cooperating, Levine admitted, but he insisted he was not truthful about Vrdolyak because he was trying to keep him out of trouble.”

April 4, 2008; 10:55 a.m.
“More tales of the Purple Hotel kicked off this morning’s session of the Antoin “Tony” Rezko corruption trial.

On Thursday, Rezko’s lawyer Joseph Duffy grilled prosecution star witness Stuart Levine about a $761 transaction on his credit card statement for Saturday, Nov. 2, 2002, at the garish purple-painted Lincolnwood hotel that at the time was part of the Radisson chain. Levine has testified that he and a regular group of “drug buddies” often went to the hotel for daylong binges of crystal meth, cocaine, animal tranquilizers and other drugs.

The significance of that date is that it was the same that Rezko and Levine first met. The occasion was a dinner party, and during the chitchat Levine has said the two men came to realize they had been on opposite sides of a shady real estate deal.

As Duffy tries to chip away at Levine’s credibility, the lawyer used the credit-card statement to suggest that Levine’s memory of that first meeting was suspect because he showed up at the party after leaving a drug binge.

Levine acknowledged that the charge on his credit card was likely legitimate, but repeatedly insisted that he did not remember being at the hotel on that day and considered it unlikely. Credit-card transactions are not always recorded on the same day a charge is actually made.

This morning, Duffy questioned Levine about more charges he incurred at the Radisson. On Saturday, Oct. 26, exactly one week before the dinner party, Levine’s credit-card statement reflected a $1,077 charge at the Radisson, and exactly a week before that there was another $1021 charge there.

Duffy appears to be trying to suggest that Levine had a regular Saturday thing at the Radisson with his drug buddies. In earlier testimony, Levine said the group would get together and party once or twice a month at the Lincolnwood hotel, and always on weekdays. Levine said he tried to hide his secret drug life from his family and wanted to be home and clear-headed on the weekends.”


Tribune trial transcripts:


Leo Haffey, Update, October 14, 2009, Notes from Leo, Nashville TN, Davidson County, Obama thugs, Stolen laptop computer with the names, social security numbers, dates of birth, and addresses of every voter

Several attorneys have been contacted. If you are an attorney and you are reading this, regardless of who you gave money to or voted for, regardless of your party affiliation, regardless of whether you agree with or like attorney Leo Haffey, he deserves justice.

This was sent to Leo’s wife recently by Aristotle the Hun:

“Here is an update on news.  If you type “Leo Haffey jail” into Google, the first several pages are news about Leo.   This story is really going viral.  Lots of bloggers are following the story and posting their support.  xxxxxx says you might want to take a look at https://citizenwells.wordpress.com/  the first few articles are about Leo.  Citizen Wells is a powerful ally.
xxxxxxx  was on Fred Smart’s radio program Thursday night with David Gaubatz, a former USAF counterintelligence specialist who first exposed the child abuse at the local Mosque. xxxxx of course honored your wishes to not use your name or xxxxxx’s.  He simply referred to Leo’s wife and daughter.
Donations are beginning to come in to help with Leo’s defense fund.  And women are voicing insightful and compassionate support for YOU, xxxxxxx! 
·         Michelle // October 11, 2009 at 11:03 am
Not only has Leo got problems trying to fight for himself, but so does his wife. She’s trying to hang on to the house, the kids, probably her sanity. Just because any couple may have had fights in the past does not mean they are not united. I’m sure that poor woman is beside herself with fright and possibly unable to communicate with her husband meaning she does not know which way to jump. If she were my sister, or friend I would get her and the children out of there-come on you’re going on vacation to my house. Leo must have some very interesting information for them to react with such violence. Maybe we need to start setting up some safe houses while America is under this totalitarian regime. Somewhat like the French resistance did in WW2, against the Nazi’s. Same enemy different face. Let me be the first to offer mine. Citizen Wells – if you need a safe house, you just let me know I’m from a big family so that person would be a brother or sister or cousin. I’m in South Florida near a big university for access to research materials.
·         Michelle // October 11, 2009 at 11:35 am
CW-Leo, his wife and their children are welcome too. Our house is by a grade school so the kids would fit right in. This is a very child and pet friendly neighborhood. Just down to earth nice people. I think I’m worried about their nerves more than anything else. When I experienced some really bad nerve racking stuff in my life, I couldn’t eat or if I did that was worse. Ask Leo and his wife if they are eating ok. This can take more out of person than you can imagine; after this is all over they will need to take some type of vacation and get a complete rest.”

When I have spoken to Leo’s wife, I have assured her that a great many people are standing beside them.

Here are some notes from Leo Haffey dated October 4, 2009:

“Is it merely a coincidence that the thieves of the Nashville/Davidson County Election Commission took nothing but a laptop computer with the names, social security numbers, dates of birth, and addresses of every voter in Nashville/Davidson County?

Is it merely a coincidence that a member of a prominent Nashville family of Democrats was one of the very selective, particular thieves?

Is it merely a coincidence that sons of Democratic politicians have engaged in computer hacking for the BO campaign?

Is it merely a coincidence that the strategy of the BO campaign was to win by voter fraud, utilizing identity theft?

Is it merely a coincidence that BO campaign workers have been arrested for identity theft in numerous jurisdictions?

Is it merely a coincidence that ACORN has recruited workers with known records for identity theft?

Is it merely a coincidence that Nashville Mayor, Karl Dean, is a BO supporter?”

Read all notes:


Health care vote, October 14, 2009, Senate vote, House vote, Blue dog Democrats, Citizen Wells open thread, Take back country

On October 13, 2009, we learned that Maine republican Olympia Snowe stated she would vote yes for the Baucus version of a health care bill. Will the Blue Dog Democrats support a government option if one is embedded?

It does not matter!!!

A frustrated commenter on this blog, after learning of Senator Snowe’s decision, asked what next.

This was my response:

“The answer to our problems is quite simple.
I always go back to the war analogy (which this clearly is a war for our minds and souls).
The Obama camp won a major battle when he stole the election.
They have won a few minor battles and skirmishes since.
However, they have already lost some major battles.
Hopefully this will be clarified in the article.”

Here is some food for thought as you comment on the Citizen Wells open thread for October 14, 2009.

What organization allowed Obama to steal the presidency, ACORN funding, a flawed stimulus bill, Nancy Pelosi gaining power, Harry reid gaining power, mortgage crisis, out of control spending, decline of the US Dollar and a host of other maladies and outrages?


US Congress.

What organization will have most of it’s members up for reelection next year?


US Congress.

What organization can remove a usurper president?


US Congress.

What organization can repeal bad legislation such as a government run health care plan?


US Congress.

What organization are we going to drastically change next year?

US Congress.

Let not your heart be troubled.

God bless Joe Wilson.

 October 13, 2009 late afternoon

“Committee Passes Baucus’s $829 Billion Healthcare Bill
Republican Sen. Olympia Snowe joined Democrats to vote yes on the healthcare reform bill”

“After two weeks of debate and a closely watched examination by the Congressional Budget Office , Sen. Max Baucus’s healthcare bill has, for now, proved resilient. On Tuesday, after several final hours of debate, Baucus’s Senate Finance Committee approved the bill by a 14-9 vote, as Maine Sen. Olympia Snowe, a moderate Republican, joined the committee’s 13 Democrats in voting yes.”

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