Joe Wilson, Representative Wilson shouted “lie”, Will not apologize on house floor, Fox News, September 13, 2009, Wilson won’t back down

“The organization of our press has truly been a success. Our law concerning the press is such that divergencies of opinion between members of the government are no longer an occasion for public exhibitions, which are not the newspapers’ business. We’ve eliminated that conception of political freedom which holds that everybody has the right to say whatever comes into his head.”…. Adolf Hitler

“I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the
Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and
domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same;
that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation
or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge
the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God.”
Congressional oath of office

Decorum is not mentioned in the oath of office.

This is a warning to Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic Congress and any Republicans that do not get it. We are sick of decorum and status quo. We want you to work for us and not each other. If you need to call the president a liar, and he is, or another member of Congress a liar, to protect the American public, do it. That is your job.

SC Representative Joe Wilson was interviewed on Fox News this morning, September 13, 2009.

“Wilson Defends Outburst, Says He Will Not Apologize on House Floor
Rep. Joe Wilson says he will not apologize again for his outburst during President Obama’s health care address.”

“Rep. Joe Wilson said Sunday that he will not apologize on the House floor for his outburst during President Obama’s health care address, even though Democratic leaders have threatened to formally discipline him if he does not.

Wilson noted that he already apologized directly to the White House after shouting, “You lie,” to the president during his Wednesday address to a joint session of Congress. The outburst triggered a political firestorm, but Wilson told “FOX News Sunday” that Democrats are just “playing politics” by trying to drag out the issue and force another apology.

“I’ve apologized one time. The apology was accepted by the president, the vice president. … I am not apologizing again,” he told “FOX News Sunday.” “I believe that is sufficient.”

Wilson said he would “never do something like that again,” but continued to defend himself.

The South Carolina Republican on Wednesday accused the president of lying for claiming his health care reform plan would not cover illegal immigrants.

“I believe in the truth. What I heard was not true,” Wilson explained Sunday. “I believe (Obama) was misstating the facts.”

Wilson said he felt “provoked” and attributed the outburst to a “town hall moment,” referring to the town hall meetings where constituents frequently shouted out their frustrations over health care reform.”

“Aside from his apology to the White House, Wilson also issued a written statement apologizing for his outburst on Wednesday.

But while House Speaker Nancy Pelosi indicated immediately afterward that Wilson had done enough, Democratic leadership has since decided to seek a public apology from Wilson to his colleagues on the House floor.

If he does not, a resolution to punish him could come as early as Tuesday.”

Read more:

American patriot commenter, Patriot Dreamer, attended the Washington, DC  Tea Party rally on Saturday, September 12, 2009. This is one of many photos supplied by Patriot Dreamer. Thanks for a job well done.


Representative Joe Wilson, as you can see from the photo you have inspired millions of American to speak out. You spoke the truth before the president, Congress and the American people.

Don’t back down.

God bless Representative Joe Wilson for looking out for the American people. We are behind you 100%.

Representative  Wilson, the Citizen Wells blog is behind you and will stand beside you, whatever it takes.


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  1. I so love AMERICA

    Someone please send this picture to Barry and Pelosi.

    You lie…You lie… Barry

  2. *** I just added a video to the new post ***

  3. Decorum when used by the Far Left Democrats of the “Progressive Caucus” of the House and similar ones in the Senate is nothing more that the use of Saul Alinsky’s Rule #4 in his tactics book for social revolution, Rules for Radicals. In rule #4 Alinsky basically said make them live up to the rules … but we’ll play every darn political trick in the book against them to provoke them to break the “rules”. Then we’ll hang them with their own rules. If you want to understand the tactics and games the far left plays and uses with the Main Stream Media to stifle and control the “conservatives” in Congress, you have to read Alinsky’s book, “Rules for Radicals”. In addition to that book, study the Cloward-Piven Strategy. If you read those two writings you will see immediately what the far left and enabling media are doing every day, all the time. Obama stood there giving his speech saying that political leaders were lying about his plan. Obama said the word lie from his podium first. He broke decorum and he provoked a decorum breach in response from Wilson. That is what Obama and the far left wanted. Now they want to hang Wilson with the “rules”. Typical Alinsky set up and trap. And of course the media is running with it to stifle the conservatives speaking out about Obama’s continual lying. He says one thing and is doing something else. See rule #4 here and the others too. But you should read the book, Rules for Radicals to get the full Monti look at how the Obots operate. Rules for Radicals power tactics was taught by Obama to the ACORN leadership. Obama was considered the master of Alinsky tactics and Cloward & Piven strategies.


  4. ramjet767.
    Thank you for that important point.

  5. Patriot Dreamer: Thanks for the great pix!

    CW: Thanks for the great summary of what has transpired to date. As Joe Wilson said, he already apologized for his “behavior” to the person he offended by his remark, but I do not believe he needs to apologize to Congress nor is it necessary to apologize for speaking the truth. Censorship? No…because then you would have to censor the House Majority Leader and the whole lot of them dems who called President Bush more than a liar on camera. No matter what you think about President Bush and/or his policies during his tenure in office, he was our legal President.

  6. Thanks CW for adding the video. The video adds a new dimension to the discussion. Joe Wilson is a “Champion of our Cause,” a “Profile in Courage,” and a “True Patriot!” He did what he had to do and continues to stand up for Truth and the American Way. Thanks Joe! We are proud you are an American and unafraid to speak out and stand up for those who are unable to do so. You are one of “us,” and we are proud to stand together with you and support you!

  7. Let’s see how far Joe Wilson takes this stance before we commit to him 100%. The track record is so putrid for CONgrass it’s going to be difficult to trust anyone in there at this point.

  8. Maddie wrote:

    “maddie // September 13, 2009 at 1:27 pm

    Does anyone else want to know if the Usurper
    really did go/attend the Ivy League Schools
    he purports to have?

    I want to see ALL HIS RECORDS—AND NOW!”

    I was thinking the same thing sometime in the last coupla weeks. O-ineligible is SUCH a liar.

  9. Pamela Gellar is reporting that Geert Wilders is outright attacking Soetoro’s policies on ignoring Muslim enemies:

    This is really going to irritate the closet muslim. Geert is the prime muslim public enemy in Europe, most likely more of a target than Rushdie.

  10. Thanks Joe,
    thanks for taking what ever punishment they give you for the people. I’m on your side.

  11. If Joe really wanted to be a hero he would march into congress and tell them, I don’t have the authority as a congressmen to apologize and congress doesn’t have the constitutional authority to accept it, because we are all operating under tyranny outside of the law and the Constitution.

  12. Thank you Army D.A.V.

    Than summed it up in a nutshell. Politicians are never known, nor ever were known, for their honesty and integrity.

  13. Proof that there were over 1 million of us in DC:

  14. Weren’t the Obots planning to have some sort of counter-rally today?

    Haven’t heard a peep about it. Anyone?

  15. When are they going to put Pelosi in a cage where she belongs? Time to start prosecuting her was months ago.

  16. We all knew Wilson didn’t need to apologize.

    If Pelosi demands he do so in front of full Congress the answer is simple:

    “Lady’s First—you owe all Americans an apology
    for NOT vetting the DNC nominee BHO and
    conspiring to Election Fraud with your
    signed dual Election Certificates distributed to
    50 states!”

  17. maddie // September 13, 2009 at 6:25 pm

    Awww…Maddie, wouldn’t you just LOVE IT?

  18. I like the multi-pronged approach to going
    after the usurper. Pounce on him from all
    directions to keep him turning and turning
    until he eventually falls over and gives
    up the fight.

    The fact that he “fled” to MN Sat. shows
    me that he really cannot take the heat.
    When it looks like he can’t get out from under
    the Patriots’ vise, he will flee—he and his
    beloved Marxist Michelle—-off to Kenya,
    maybe or Communist countries, or Arab
    brotherly love countries—maybe Libya
    or Syria.

  19. maddie,

    That explains his “America Sucks” tour. Looking for asylum overseas is the only chance he has to escape a conviction of HIGH TREASON while keeping hundreds of millions of dollars for himself to live high on the hog as a political refugee.

  20. Civis Naturaliter Natus

    This coverage in England is good, but I note that the reporter seems to be so reticent as to the historic nature of the 2 million rally…

    don’t think we’ve seen the equal in my life time…

  21. Civis Naturaliter Natus

    Patriot Dreamer,

    After the pictures of the massive crowds caught on web cams,

    You photo is the best!

  22. Civis Naturaliter Natus


    I agree; we need to use every issue in a swarm tactic, like pirhana fish in the Amazon….

    The Tea Party in DC will encourage the hungry, and discourage his defenders…

    Its political war time…

    Beat those drums…

    Obama’s time is now measured…

    I am sure that Hillary is planning her own escape

    And that the DNC

    is discussing if it wouldn’t just be better to demand Zero’s resignation, to save the party from absolute annihilation in 2010

  23. Michelle, brought this comment from last post, will this help with march numbers?

  24. Geez, one guy ”mentions” storming the Capitol with guns on a chat room, and viola! The Secret Service shows up. I imagine the SS is working overtime, trying to visit every one who’s mentioned guns over the last year-lol

  25. Maddie-
    I just sent them the headlines from English papers re: 2 million Americans for 9/12 march, with a note asking why the American media blackout.

  26. White House says yesterdays march on the Capitol doesn’t represent the mainstreams views-lol

    The White House better wake up. I seen a few signs in that crowd that said,

    We came unarmed “This Time”

  27. Sue K: Was this the counter-protest of which you spoke? Scroll down to see the “men in tuxedos and the women in formal black dresses”…lol

  28. Linda from NY-This is in the King’s English
    HALF-FULL REPORT 09/11/09
    Written by Dr. Jack Wheeler
    Friday, 11 September 2009
    It is certainly and abundantly clear who is the HFR Hero of the Week this week: Congressman Joe Wilson of South Carolina. Finally, a Republican in Congress who embodies speaking truth to power.
    “You lie!” now takes its place in history along with “death panels” demonstrating the politically castrative power of two simple words. Sarah Palin’s two words were a brilliantly limbic deligitimization of Zero’s key program. Joe Wilson’s two words were an emotional outburst that will deligitimize Zero’s entire presidency.
    Wilson is who all conservatives long for, a Republican with balls. The species is almost extinct. The chief of staff of a prominent Republican Congressman confirmed to me this morning that the GOP House leadership, Minority Leader John Boehner and Minority Whip Eric Cantor, demanded Wilson make a formal apology on the House floor – and that Wilson refused.
    When the chief of staff started defending Cantor and blaming Wilson, I lost my temper. “When are you guys ever going to acquire a set of gonads? When are your brains ever going to be connected to your spines? Wilson is now a flat-out hero to millions! There will be You lie! signs throughout the 50,000 TeaParty marchers on the Mall tomorrow, You lie! bumper stickers on cars in every state, shouts of You lie! at every Town Hall held by a Democrat – or RINO. People are sick and tired of pussy wimp-out Republican limp dicks! When are you guys going to figure this out?!”
    I don’t know if he’ll speak to me again. I’ve known him for years, but frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.

  29. Oldest Swiss Bank tell clients to sell U.S. assets or leave!

  30. OT. How many numbers will it take to convince these IDIOTS? Just read on Fox that AXLEROD states demonstrators do not represent the views of the broader public. Where is he searching? The ant colonies in the White House Garden? JEEEZ LOUISE!

  31. Talk about Police State!

    So, you don’t want to take a breathalizer? No problem; the police will hold you down by force, and stick a needle in your ass, and take a blood sample.


  32. While I’ve been out of touch (HERE), I have NOT been INactive.

    My heart swells with PRIDE for my Country.

    I have done a “dash” to find Wilson’s website with no successs. Please present visibly to me.

    It has been the greatest week for our nation, in a long while.


    Don’t give up, never give up.

    You ALL have been wonderful.

    CW, your actions, on our behalf, have been EXTRAordinary.

    Thank you.

  33. mrje.
    This is a group effort.

  34. Michelle: Whoa! Thems is fighting words! Thanks for sharing! Did you see the photo of people in a line all with signs that said “You Lie!” ?
    Cannot recall right now where I saw it, but thought it was appropriate considering it was prompted by Joe Wilson’s “outburst.”

  35. The South,

    It’s amazing the “officers” would even agree to this. Are they insane???

  36. Linda from NY,

    The “you lie” photo is at the top of this blog entry. LOL!

  37. Thanks JeffM: It’s been a long week! my bad!

  38. CW
    You have THE most INCREDIBLE “group” online.
    Kudo’s to you all.
    With deepest support and thanks.
    We need to create an award for them.

  39. JeffM.

    They must be insane. Talk about put yourself in a position as an officer to get shot.

    Someone tries to hold me down, and inject me with a needle, and they’ve escalated the situation to a whole new level.

    That’s what I consider an imminent threat.

  40. Linda from NY
    I knew you would love it. I just love American guys who speak American English. I hate Obama and his woosy minions who speak some kind of romantic soap opera lying talk. It’s disgusting to listen to that garbage. You know that expression Man up, I don’t think that’s possible for him.
    The Article was from to the point new Jack Wheeler.

  41. HEY, JOE WILSON……………………………….


  42. Michelle,
    Excellent. Maybe they prefer the European
    version, which in this case was more accurate
    —-2 million at least!!!!!!!!!

  43. What the idiots in the White House are NOT getting is half the crowd were Democrats at least. All this wonderful treatment of fellow Americans no matter the affiliation by this catastrophic White House is just turning more and more people away from the Dems. Nancy Pelosi’s face and miserable attitude are worth 25 per cent of all Democrats, 25 per cent gone to lying. I swear all he has left are die-hards (try reasoning with a terrorist you’ll get better results) and the flat out bought.

  44. GBAmerica // September 13, 2009 at 7:07 pm,

    The last photo:

    WAS CLASSIC!!!! I spit my beverage again. Now I must go out and grab another keyboard.

  45. Linda from NY // September 13, 2009 at 6:50 pm

    Nope, Linda, but that was a good article!

    I’d read somewhere that to counteract 9/12, there would be a gathering on 9/13. I can find nothing on it; maybe their ‘organizers’ don’t organize too well after all?

    All ACORN can do is hit a guy in the face when he calls them out for what they were yesterday.

    Some ‘organization.’

  46. I can’t help but wonder when the straw is going to actually break the camels back.

    535 members of congress (destroying a country)

    350, million citizens (getting more pissed daily)


  47. JeffM-This is great. White House more like Fantasy Land.

  48. GBAmerica: Great story and pix! I especially liked the sign that said: “No more Lies; I Support Joe Wilson!” Thanks for sharing!

  49. I’ll take Gibbs under “smarmy” for $100.

  50. I’ve had enough of the PC “race based”
    cries from the left.

    If you want to talk about a real issue, let’s
    talk about GENDER BIAS. Political women
    both Clinton and Palin were treated
    like dirt this year. There are men who just
    don’t and I mean don’t want to see a
    woman in the White House. They will
    cop out and say oh I might vote for the “right”
    woman (depending on how she looks or
    how young she is), but don’t put in a
    woman who can play hard ball with the
    “big boys” . So, in short, gender
    issues are BIG in politics and the
    “good ole boys” still sit on the sidelines
    laughing their heads off.

    The uneducated, real red-neck women haters
    that call females the downgrading names
    some day will go up and see a woman in
    that White House, and as has been said–
    “straightening up the MESS” left by
    a few male occupants.

  51. Michelle,

    Goofball Gibbs in that photo reminds me of Frank Drebbin from Police Squad:

  52. Wilson is standing like a MAN. NO whining of what Reid or others have said in the past.

    He STANDS on his own words.

    If he is portrayed as a martyr…. in front of Pelosi… I won’t like it, but the “whipping” will still be in our benefit.

    And this Man knows this.

    We are sick of “talking points” politicians.

    We are enthusiastic toward authentic expression of one’s beliefs of what has gone awry.

    AND, WE are astute regarding the identity of the between the two.

    “They” should be cognizance of this awakening amongst us.

  53. Maddie–Condi Rice could chew them up and spit them out.

  54. Jeff,
    I know,completely awesome!!!

  55. The South-the easy out Glenn Beck was looking for is just apply the law-follow the Constitution-
    he is not eligible not from the day of conception. Done-Legal-Just-Finished. Let the chips fall where the may. Other criminals will get their trials. Worked for Nixon and his people-the country did not go into panic mode like they pretend is going to happen.
    Yuck the thing that is pretending he’s potus is on 60 Minutes have to mute.

  56. CW. This is getting seriously out of hand! Everyone needs to watch this video NOW!!!!

  57. Wonder what tomorrow will bring in GA
    for Orly’s re-scheduled ? Any update?

  58. JeffM -another great and appropriate video.

  59. Sue K: Maybe, they couldn’t get enough people to come. Maybe, too, it was an embarrassing turnout so it did not get covered. When did you hear there was a counter-protest? I know there was a “bus” that was painted “Organizing for America” to compete with the Tea Party Express Buss, but all I saw was a picture of the bus; nothing was said about where it was going. The 9-12 Protest was planned for months ahead of time; maybe, they were hoping the protest would fail to garner support. Boy, were they wrong!

  60. Maddie–Condi Rice could chew them up and spit them out.
    But she didn’t seem interested in the top job
    if I remember she wanted to return home
    or college teaching?
    I’d be happy to see her in action if I’m wrong.

  61. The South,

    It’s not going to happen because the Patriots won’t let it happen. 9/12 is proof of that. Buckle up folks. We’re beginning the “Mexican Standoff” phase of Revolutionary War.

  62. The South -That’ not sick, it’s Nazi sick.

  63. JeffM // September 13, 2009 at 7:17 pm

    Hey Jeff,

    GB’s was a classic! I’ve been calling him Baghdad Bob Gibbs all along, and with good reason!

    Just a note from one who regularly spews food/beverage, mostly due to twe’s posts: Rather than chance it, buy a couple of bibs. Much cheaper than a new keyboard….

  64. CC’s Battle Hymn of the Republic

  65. SueK-yes but twe has been issuing warnings, just in case, he’s a very good person with the best comedy stuff. Really comic relief is good.
    This White House reminds me of an insane asylum I really believe that they are crazy. The major problem I see is that they are madly in love with power, that makes them very dangerous. Somewhat like handing a two year old a loaded gun.


  67. Jesus, I trust in you.

  68. Linda from NY // September 13, 2009 at 7:32 pm

    Linda, I’m not sure where I heard/read it. If you’re like me (and I *certainly* hope you’re not!) the head is swimming in a sea full of info and it’s hard sometimes to separate what’s real from what isn’t.

    I’ll see if I can find anything on this supposed counter protest.

    One thing’s for sure, though-the Patriots put ’em all to shame yesterday!

    I found this on in a post.This truly makes me puke!Why in the world would they let this happen?Do these people that voted for Barry understand why NOW!!!Read it this should be emailed to all networks,how much more of a warning do they need!!

  70. mrje // September 13, 2009 at 7:08 pm

    Hi mrje and welcome!

    I don’t think any of us want an award; what we’d *really* like is a *reward.* And that would be to see Barky and his entire administration hauled off in handcuffs.

    I think that’s what we really want!

  71. Michelle // September 13, 2009 at 7:46 pm

    Yeah, Michelle-sometimes we really need to laugh and twe always comes through.

    ‘Power drunk’ is what I call their behavior.

  72. The last post I put up look at the bottom of page it says Our Time has Come!!Where’s our CIA,FBI the whole freakin team!!!!????We are suppose to be the strongest nation in the world!


  74. dang CQ…..I have chills

  75. Sue K: Read the post from JeffM to me above; I totally forgot the pix of the people lined up with signs that said “You Lie” was at the top of the page! Our brains are constantly bombarded by information coming from multiple sources; how can we possibly sort it all out, store it quickly and then, retrieve it instantly? You are not alone, I suspect, but you do add a great deal to the conversation so be glad. BTW, what’s your take on that video The South sent?

  76. twe: me, too!

  77. Goonball Gibbs thinks the Patriots are upset because of the “Anniversary of the Lehman Brothers collapse…”

  78. gb, we the people are stronger than the all those groups if we unite together and bring them to justice

  79. GBAmerica,

    This whole Muslim invasion of the United States, is really starting to get out of hand.

  80. cnn the most unttrusted news network

  81. JeffM: Hogwash! Are we really gonna celebrate a failure…nah…unless, of course, the pp moves out! Then, we’ll really have a great BIG Tea Party, won’t we?

  82. It just sickens me that they would let this be shoved in our faces all the time!I know we are stronger and we are uniting,I just hope they are paying close attention to this.

  83. Linda frrom NY,

    I truly believe half the nation is under some sort of mind control drug. If Goonball Gibbs said Patriots were awaiting an alien landing on 9/12, they would believe him, hook, line, and sinker.

    And even if that was a reason, it’s good enough reason to boot the entire administration anyway. The man is truly the biggest idiot “press” wombat I’ve ever encountered, aside from Geraldo.

  84. By reason I meant the bank fallouts, not the aliens…

  85. Illegal aliens—-send them all “home”.

  86. Wow, what a weekend to miss. Seems Obama days should be measured in dog years- one day takes 7 years off your life.

    CNN, your verse read like a song. It was masterful how you brought the past into the present. With your permission, I would like to keep it in my diary. 10 years from now, when the libs rewrite the history of today, I want my boys to read the truth.

  87. I think the following look like they are “on”

    Obama (no doubt at all)
    They all “act goofy” or is it an “act”?

  88. My prediction for future jobs for:
    Gibbs: Parade septic management for horses (has proven track record as he knows how to shovel it)
    Axlerod: Jockstrap Inspector ( he knows where to look for substantial support)
    Obunion: Wikipedia commentator and verifier of records: (sure knows how to dispense the whole truth)
    Geithner: Math Teacher ( as he knows and works the real number system)

  89. Linda from NY // September 13, 2009 at 8:02 pm

    Hi Linda,

    Yup, got the top of the page. Have looked it over several times, in fact. Beautiful!

    I think we all struggle to keep our heads above water in this battle-it’s just that something seems to happen every 5 minutes. Separating wheat from chaff can be tough.

    Yes, I saw The South’s video. **Does anyone know who this gentleman is and what state he’s in?**

    I’ll be checking out Oklahoma tomorrow; sounds very much like the same plan MA is trying to implement.

    Please keep in mind that this H1N1 shot, as of this date, CANNOT be mandated!

    New post on how many attended and comments of people there.They were turning buses away!

  91. This is about as close to a smoking gun than anything that has been dug up so far regarding Obama’s eligibility to be President. The Canada Free Press folks that found two competing DNC certifications of Obama, with one of them missing the constitutional authority language, is a clear indication of an attempt to deceive by Pelosi et al. Even a friend of mine who is a staunch Democrat and a lawyer says this looks very suspicious, and probably warrants a Congressional investigation. It is just highly improper for a such a state of affairs to exist in a national political party.

    So where is the coverage by the MSM about this issue? I notice that time and time again Yahoo Answers,which is totally in the tank for Obama, does not lallow questions about this subject to be posted there.

    Keep up the heat on this. This is the smoking gun.

  92. GBAmerica—

    I had read that an Islamic “event” was coming up, but this is way bigger that what I thought.

    “Our Time Has Come”—now we know what
    or should I say TO WHOM Obama was
    sending his “code” messages during the
    This is on the link also:
    We need to do some “research” on who
    they are (if you get my drift)…..Did you
    notice the “big donation amounts”
    advertized and of course the donate button.

    Islam On Capitol Hill c/o DARUL ISLAM Elizabeth Inc

    Islam on Capitol Hill
    P.O. Box 2550

    Elizabeth, NJ 07207 USA
    Phone: 908-202-8012

    Please send a pdf or jpeg file of your logo and ad to appear in the ad journal to:
    Darul Islam Elizabeth INC is non-profit,

  93. The South // September 13, 2009 at 7:29 pm

    CW. This is getting seriously out of hand! Everyone needs to watch this video NOW!!!!


    WTH….this is scary stuff….I sent this to Rush, Beck, O’Reilly, Hannity and Greta asking them to investigate…..I hope someone gets back to me!!!

  94. JeffM: Ole Humpty Dumpty Gibbs is missing a few nuts and bolts IMHO. Listen to him…really listen to him; he talks around everything like he is trying to convince himself he is saying something important and intelligent. When he gets caught saying something unbelievable, he goes into panic mode spewing out words that make no sense. He head bobbles and his eyes roll when he gets flustered…ever notice? Strange, that one is.

  95. “You can put that bracelet on my wrist…if you can slip it over the 9mm I have in my hand.”

    How’s that for a response to the threat of “innoculation”…

  96. L J // September 13, 2009 at 8:24 pm

    Brilliant, LJ…keep ’em coming!

    How about Botox Nancy? Thin Lips Reid? Boxer, Feinstein, the rest of the morons?

  97. don’t you know were talking about a revolution ya ya finally the tables are starting to turn. great song for glenn beck and america

  98. Linda from NY // September 13, 2009 at 8:38 pm

    Illegal drugs do that to a person. If you’ve ever visited a rehab ward at a Hospital, you would see all sorts of wacky behavior we have been witnessing. There’s really no explanation for this “administration’s” erratic behavior other than them being on the “happy dust” or some other illicit item from Central or South America.

  99. Thanks Sue K! Please look into what is going on in OKLA…sure is creepy what is happening in MA. Seems to me someone is trying to create a crisis rather than prepare for one. Glad to hear the shot cannot be mandated, but how do you know this to be true? I heard you are the in-house expert on H1N1. Please advise. Thanks.

  100. how about rod stewart. you lied straight faced while i cried but i look for a reason to believe someone like you obama

  101. At the Da-rul Islam web site they are
    stating there will be 50,000 believers
    at the Islam on Capitol Hill.

  102. Linda from NY

    Great idea “Obama’s Leaving/Going Away Tea Party.”

    Wonder how theMSM will carry that. Maybe it’s time to prepare for t!

  103. The military has to keep acting like business as usual and most people have have direct knowledge of obama, We just have to keep getting the truth out till it becomes the wow truth and people won’t and the media won’t ignore it

  104. 50,000 muslims there great lets bring 2 million christians there and show them the truth

  105. #

    maddie // September 13, 2009 at 8:48 pm

    At the Da-rul Islam web site they are
    stating there will be 50,000 believers
    at the Islam on Capitol Hill.
    WOW…that many… one place…..any ideas here???

  106. If I had any role in fighting terrorism, I’d
    start right here in our OWN country. I’d
    have a huge investigation on-going in the mosques, Muslim “store front” shops and
    so called “charities.” I’d shut them all down
    if they had any tie whatsoever with terrorism
    and deport, incarcerate, etc. whatever was
    necessary anyone engaged in these activities.

    Do we have a candidate for POTUS who
    is interested in taking on the “EVIL ISLAMIC
    Empire” in our own country?
    Who do you think is up to that job???

    After Obama is out, this just may be the profile of a candidate who would get a landslide.

  107. truthbetold11 // September 13, 2009 at 8:51 pm

    50,000 muslims there great lets bring 2 million christians there and show them the truth

    I’m all over that!!!! Let’s make that 3 million

  108. Here you go SueK:

    Pelosi: unpaid lab volunteer for plastic surgery experimentation
    Reid: Grand Canyon excavator (will be given a spoon to dig the Grand Canyon deeper as he believes its not deep enough and will be glad to do so, won’t see him for awhile)
    Boxer: Wind tunnel turbine Blower (has to check to make sure the wind tunnel fans are rated for extreme velocity before sold)
    Feinstein: Playwright (she thinks her family made a mistake by putting an F on her last name and believes she really is an EINSTEIN I predict she won’t suceed on that one. Want to make a bet?

  109. Gianni,

    Sorry, absolutely no smoking gun. HI law requires that line in the 2nd Certification. When CFP stole my article on the subject, they omitted this fact; I suppose it did not fit in with their hyperbolic rant about the differences in the Certifications I posted, which they (and WND, and Leo) copied.

    In fact, each state has its own law about what document needs to be submitted to get the name of the party nominee for POTUS on the general election ballot; and who has to submit such documentation, the DNC or the state D party Chair.

    You would know this if you read my blog and, if you had been reading the comments on CW’s blog for the past 2 (two) days.

  110. twe-Divine Mercy did you see their web-site. Divine Mercy Miracles is fantastic. Let me know if you need a link.

  111. Linda from NY // September 13, 2009 at 8:46 pm

    Yup, Linda, back to work tomorrow and I’ll have more resources at my fingertips. I will check on Oklahoma.

    Will also check on the MA situation. The plan had been approved by the Senate, but I understand the thing’s just sitting in conference committee in the House.

    Without revealing my ‘trusted source,’ this is a colleague I would trust with my life. Before I went on vaca, we had a chat (we’re no longer working at the same venue). He told me that the shots cannot be mandated by law; this is true for every state. The plans that are being created are emergency plans for a true disaster and every state has them in place.

    The states neither want to have, nor do they have the authority to mandate vaccinations, not do they have the ability to quarantine. Something important that we all need to remember is just because various states have emergency plans either in place or on the drawing board *does not mean they’ll be implemented.* Plans such as these are for the worst case scenario.

    The gentleman on the vid alluded to the fact that there were several plans being kicked about so let’s view all this with a cautious eye.

    I’ll post what I get, when I get it.

  112. JBJD, thanks for the clarification. I will have to go visit your site and take a closer look at this issue. And I didn’t know Canada Free Press ripped you off.

  113. L J // September 13, 2009 at 9:02 pm

    Hee hee! Beautiful, LJ…if you’re not a comedy writer, you missed your calling.

    Thanks for the laughs!

  114. SueK ,
    You are welcome!

  115. maddie // September 13, 2009 at 8:56 pm

    Hey Maddie,

    There *are* groups doing this, as I alluded to in the previous blog. There are many charitable organizations that are fronts for AlQaeda, Hamas, and other terrorist organizations.

    First, the surveillance, then, the bust. The money laundering is pretty easy to prove.

    If you ask me, we need more of these terrorist busters!

  116. Last one!!
    Howard Dean: Lab Rat Supplier ( finds and sells rats to run government positions. Best place to find them according to him is some place called DEECEE?

  117. Communist

  118. L J // September 13, 2009 at 9:52 pm

    One of the best of the lot, LJ!

    Please explore other career options…I think there’s a future, here!

  119. Evening jbjd,

    I’ll ask this question here rather than your blog because it’s OT but something that’s been stuck in my craw since 1/20.

    The botched Oath, then the do-over.

    Might there be anything there? I know they did the do-over because they said there *may* have been some controversy that he wasn’t sworn in properly on 1/20.

    The do-over involved no Bible (which I don’t believe is a requirement) but there was something fishy about the whole thing.

    I’ve always thought that Roberts botched the original Oath because he knew Barky wasn’t eligible.

    Any thoughts?

  120. SueK—
    I need to study up on terrorist groups (it wasn’t
    in the curriculum at the church school I went to).
    I think it would be almost “fun” to do a video
    like the 2 young people did with ACORN,
    except do this with the Islamic “suspected”
    groups. Prob. is I guess you’d need to speak
    Arabic—that let’s me out. Or could you
    interview them in English somehow and get
    the real nitty gritty. I know, I have a long
    way to go before becoming “secret agent
    PS: Thanks for our next updates on Pig Flu.

  121. LJ: In front of Howard Dean’s name can

    (since he was a HEAD RAT in all of this)?

    Thank you, LJ.

  122. Maddie!
    In the words of a lady I admire:

  123. SueK—

    So if I wanted to apply for the job “Terrorist
    Buster” I would just send my application
    straight to Barky along with my TRANSCRIPTS
    AND Birth Certificate and I’d still be alive to
    interview??? Or, should I just stick to my
    day job? anxiously awaiting your opinion
    which I value:)

  124. LJ,

    Thanks soooooo much. It MAKES my day!!!!!!

  125. Well, best bloggers in the world, signing off
    for the evening. It’s been a pleasure chatting.
    Take care all, and God bless. We will all have
    our country back soon!

  126. Alright I said the last one was the last one but here is the LAST ONE:

    Michelle Obunion: Run way Queen for the developmental dysfunctional fashionably inept.

  127. Sue K: Sounds like a plan! I see why you are the in-house expert. You have certainly allied my fears; the control freaks in government are more than worrisome. The whole Health Care fiasco has caused a great deal of anguish, especially among Seniors who live on fixed incomes and have such high prescription drug bills. It is a shame they often times have to weigh buying food against buying their prescriptions. Did you see the MD rally on 9/10? Wish I had the link; it was impressive; they were all in the white coats. I heard an MD speak who was quite insulted our pp thinks he is more concerned about making money than caring for his patients. Many MDs left their practices to gather for this rally; something that is not easy to do. They are against some government official making decisions for their patients and believe the doctor/patient relationship is special from cradle to the grave. Thank you for your words of encouragement and your willingness to investigate OK and MA.

    You are so special…I hope you know that!

  128. maddie // September 13, 2009 at 10:24 pm

    Ya know, Maddie, there actually *is* a certificate program now at my alma mater that can open the door to all kinds of terror security related jobs. A sign of the times, I suppose.

    Actually, the job I applied for had a pretty cryptic description, so when I went to the interview, I was given a more detailed description and I said: ‘This is is terrorism?’ The calm reply was: ‘Oh yeah.’ One of my future colleagues did speak several languages, so the rest was gravy.

    I’d stick with the day job at this poin, but ‘Secret Agent Maddie’ does have a nice ring to it :). I understand from those in the know, that groups doing this sort of thing (like Rita Katz and her SITE Institute) have pretty much gone begging since Barky took over…they relied on government contracts. for this sort of thing. Hmmm…wonder why that is?


  129. Linda from NY // September 13, 2009 at 10:38 pm

    Yup, Linda, we got a plan!!!! Thanks for the compliment, but I think that all of us here on CW are *extremely* special and the information posted here is invaluable.

    Actually, I’m no expert however, I am ‘positioned.’ We just need to cool it until further info becomes available, and take it as it comes. Not panic button time, by any stretch.

    No problem with the ‘investigation’-I’m a researcher by trade so stuff like this is right up my alley!

    I agree totally with the health care issue and feel bad for the seniors who have to make choices no one should have to make. They’ve paid their dues and contributed to the system all their lives and now, they’re being kicked to the curb? And *no one* (I don’t care who they are) should get between a patient and their doctor.

    I did see parts of the MD rally and realized that this issue had nothing to do with partisan politics or socio-economic status; everyone will be affected.

    Until tomorrow…..

  130. Civis Naturaliter Natus

    Ramjet 767,

    That’s a great post, Patriot!

  131. Civis Naturaliter Natus


    OK, put it in your diary, but make sure you cite it from Citizen Wells’ blog…I’m just another no-name patriot here…

  132. Civis Naturaliter Natus

    SueK and Jbjd,

    Yes, let’s talk about this, its very interesting: why did the Chief Justice muff up the oath–a man of that legal caliber doesn’t make such gaffs without reason….

    My conjecture is that it gave him occasion to ask for Barry to show his BC in private…and that Barry showed him a 4th fake BC showing 2 american parents born in USA…and the SCOTUS jerk accepted its as prima facie evidence…

    But ofcourse this conjecture is sacrastic, and for a sitcom…

  133. C.N.N.

    Thank you for the compliment. I’ve been studying the Obots and Alinsky for over a year now. I recognize their tactics clearly when I see them. We need to make more people aware of the Rules for Radicals tactics book and the Cloward-Piven Strategy used by the Obots and ACORN their grand-master, and a grandson disciple of Alinsky, Obama.


  134. Mr. President,
    You might want to pay attention. This isn’t South Chicago, this isn’t France or Germany or Iran or Saudi Arabia or Venezuela or Russia, etc… This is the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA …You need to be cautious because…”We the people” in this country actually GET IT, ok? Despite the MSM, when all is said and done, the POWER in this country is with the freedom loving PEOPLE.

  135. The judge was ready to go forth with Orly’s case in 3 days from her first hearing. But this guy wanted “more time to review the case” because he doesnt believe Obama is a British citizen at birth.

    Its good shes decided to get rid of him.. The sooner the better then she can start making progress with nothing slowing her down.

    Here is the post on her blog:

    Go Orly and God bless her!

  136. Concern Citizen

    Terri Sewell Calls on the House Leadership to Censure Wilson

    Birmingham, AL – Last week, during President Obama’s important address on healthcare to a joint Session of Congress broadcast nationwide, the country witnessed Representative Joe Wilson’s disrespectful, hateful and offensive behavior.

    Sewell, candidate for Alabama’s 7th congressional district, states: “Today I call on the House Leadership to promptly take up this matter and censor Representative Wilson for his inappropriate behavior and unapologetic stance. In addition, I call on Rep. Hilliard and the other candidates in this race to break their silence on this issue and join my call to urge the House Leadership to act quickly so that they may return to working with President Obama to pass a comprehensive healthcare bill and continue to work on the pressing issues facing our communities.

    At a time when families are struggling to pay rising healthcare premiums there is no place in this debate for false accusations and empty rhetoric. While Representative Wilson was quickly rebuked by many members of his own party, his half-hearted apologies and equivocations on the issue have only served to make matter worse.

    As someone who has been working with many Alabama communities in this district to find funding for local projects that will bring jobs and build infrastructure, I worry that the type of antics displayed by Representative Wilson is becoming more the norm. While we can disagree on issues, it must not be acceptable to ever disrespect the office of the President. If I were in Congress right now, I would vote in favor of censuring Representative Wilson. The voters of the 7th congressional district want a member of congress who has experience solving problems and who is willing to speak out against such reprehensible behavior.”

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