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Michele Bachmann Tea Party, November 7, 2009, GOP House Call II Rally at Capitol, Obama socialist health care, Steven King, House Gallery, Photos

From the Marooned in Marin blog, November 7, 2009.

“GOP House Call II Rally at Capitol — Pictures and Video”

“I returned just a few minutes ago from the House Call II rally at the grounds of the US Capitol, held by Reps. Steven King and Michele Bachmann, who were joined by other GOP reps.

There was a much smaller crowd than was there Thursday, but many who were from states close to the DC area turned around and came back.

I’m currently uploading video of some of the speakers. Here’s some photos until then.”

“Rep. Joe Wilson, who received probably the loudest applause. The crowd chanted “Thank You, Joe” before he even said a word.”
“This Representative said his vote wasn’t just “No” but “Hell no!” For Virginia District 11 citizens, he noted that Rep. “Jihad” Gerry Connolly annouced his support for Obamacare, even though he doesn’t like the taxes.”
“Attendees who showed up at the rally today were allowed by the Representatives gathered there to go up in the House gallery so Pelosi and the liberal Democrats could “look you in the eye” when they vote on the bill.
Should the bill pass the House, the Reps. and Tea Party organizers are planning to have more “House Calls” of the American people on Washington during the conference meetings with the Senate.”
Read more and view the photos:
Thanks to commenter Patriot Dreamer

Obama, Blagojevich, Photos, Obama endorsed Blagojevich, Obama senate seat, Chicago corruption, Blagojevich criminal complaint, Obama should be indicted, Blagojevich indictment

I received this in an email sent from a nice lady, part
of the “Greatest Generation.” I have seen the photos of
Blagojevich and Obama before, but they are worthy of
presenting again, lest we forget.

The world according to Chicago
To understand the next 4 years,  you have to understand the world according to Chicago .  While it is a city in Illinois , it is also a completely different country,  with a whole different set of morals and language.  There are only three rules which anybody can understand.  You don’t even need an attorney to understand them and if you need an attorney, well … . . you know too much… so look out for Rule #3!
RULE #1….No matter what you see, hear, or do, you don’t know anybody and you don’t know nothing!
RULE #2…If you capture something on tape or camera, it doesn’t reveal nothing!
RULE #3…If you know what everybody knows in Chicago , well, . … . you still don’t know nothing.
Now pay close attention!  We don’t want to have to say this more than once.   It’s very simple . . . we’ll illustrate.  Remember, you know nothing.
These two? They don’t know each other! They said they didn’t.



The fellas in the foreground of this picture? Well, what fellas?  We don’t see nothing!



The guy on the left?  For all you know he’s Santa Claus.  And the guy on the right . . …well, he’s the Easter Bunny!  That’s all you need to know.




Go to your eye doctor…your eyes are lying to you!  Ca’pish? 

Blagojevich Corruption Probe


Remember Jimmy Hoffa!  He knew too much and now, well, now no one knows where he is. Is the big picture clear?  Not these pictures! Remember, You’ve already forgot them…

Now, ain’t that simple? They don’t know each other, ’cause they said so! and neither do we!
And don’t forget it!


Larry Sinclair, St Paul, Thursday, Sept 4, 2008, Photos, report, Larry Sinclair story, Obama encounter, November 1999, Drugs sex

Here are photos from Larry Sinclair for Thursday, Sept 4, 2008, in St Paul. Sinclair passed out 500 information cards and spoke to many people including RNC delegates and members of foreign and US press.

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Read more from Larry Sinclair here:

Larry Sinclair in St Paul, A VERY PRODUCTIVE DAY INDEED, Larry Sinclair handouts, Photos, Sinclair talks to delegates, Police are courteous

Larry Sinclair had a very productive day in St Paul at the Republican Convention. He spoke with press from Spain, Germany, Japan, China as well as US and local. Larry Sinclair had many photos taken of him including some with police officers. Despite what left wing, anarchist, firedoglake blog types stated, Larry Sinclair said the police were very friendly. Sinclair also stated that no one tried to stop him from telling his story.

You can view real time updates from Larry Sinclair at:


Here is Larry Sinclair’s report:

“Wednesday, September 3, 2008


I am taking a break before heading back Downtown.

The morning started with MSNBC program directors running down front of their stage in Rice Park on their cell phones telling the control trailer “there’s a guy with a protest sign against Obama, do not put it in your shot.” When I later confront the MSNBC employee about his instructions and advised him I heard the conversations, he said “we decide what we want to show!”

I have had numerous interviews with local media, German media, a Television News channel out of Spain, radio, television, blogs, newspapers. I even got the protest signs on MSNBC’s “Hardball” and let Chris Matthews know many think he is a fraud.

The Police in St. Paul, as well as the National Guard, Homeland Security, the Local sheriffs in the area have been respectful of all people. Only when protesters violate the laws have the Police responded and even then they have responded with extraordinary restraint. I personally have been treated with respect by local Law Enforcement and have been given directions to area’s I needed to get to. My movement has not been impeded nor limited as claimed by the Obama Blogidiots today.
There were many people who did know the entire story, even the Delaware AG’s actions and who encouraged me to not give in to the attacks and pressure.
Below are some photos from today’s events. I will be on with Jeff Rense tonight and I will be back down in Downtown St. Paul.

Allow me to say that Chris Matthews and MSNBC have planted the Hardball audience with pro Obama democrats. I spoke with some 27 participants that I saw there yesterday, and they admitted they were hired to be there for the “Hardball” broadcast. What is Matthews scared of?



The Obama thugs have now released and started circulating the GOP VP Nominee’s social security number in their coordinated effort to attack this woman, her family and her friends.

Those of you who have been attack in the same way by these Obama thugs for supporting me know what she and her family are about to be subjected to.

This is the same tactic that the Obama campaign and their bloggers have been doing to me since January.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


UPDATED SCHEDULED FOR TOMORROW: The below schedule will include a stop in on The Jon Stewart Show.

Indecision 2008 – A live broadcast of “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart”History Theatre September 2-5 http://www.thedailyshow.com/ http://www.historytheatre.com/
The History Theatre and McNally Smith College of Music are thrilled to host “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” during the show’s coverage of the Republican National Convention in downtown Saint Paul from September 2-5, 2008. The wildly popular show, seen on Comedy Central, has been covering national conventions since 2000. “Indecision 2008,” as The Daily Show’s coverage has been dubbed, will hold its main broadcast at the History Theatre with McNally Smith supplying the show’s technical and support needs. In addition, live music, entertainment and good eats will be featured every day outside the theatre from noon – 6:00 pm as part of McNally Smith’s “Takin’ It To The Streets” event. Check out http://www.historytheatre.com/ and http://www.mcnallysmith.edu/ for more information.

My schedule for tomorrow will be as follows: I will protest in the Public viewing area the forms a triangle at W. 5th St, 7Th St, Roberts and Main.
I will also be at Rice Park and the Minnesota State Capitol.
I will also be present for Chris Matthews “Hardball” broadcast Wednesday afternoon and I will not be as nice to him as I was this afternoon.

Talk about MSNBC’s “Blow Hard”

I will be going on with Roger in 45 minutes, http://www.accentradio.com/.
Enjoy the photos from the live airing of the MSNBC idiot Chris Matthews. Oh, he did not like being asked over the megaphone why he refuses to report the truth about Obama but he can attack someones kids!”
Read more from Larry Sinclair here:
Petition to Impeach, expel Senator Obama: