Larry Sinclair alive, Sinclair death false alarm, Sinclair not murdered, freedomeagle88 false article

I spoke to Larry Sinclair on Sunday, August 3, 2008 and this morning.

Larry Sinclair is alive.

The blog, freedomeagle88, posted an article yesterday and stated that Larry Sinclair was found murdered. Another article on this blog lists deaths that are linked to Obama’s past associations.

Here is the article:

17 responses to “Larry Sinclair alive, Sinclair death false alarm, Sinclair not murdered, freedomeagle88 false article

  1. Gosh, CW….and odd. Of course we know Larry is alive but on the blog they kill him off, allude to motivations and then go on to talk about a number of other dead folks associated with Obama. Left out Donald Young but put in Pastor David Manning in Chitown in 1972. I think he was real and how strange that Pastor James David Manning of Harlem is, too. How much is fabrication and how much is truth?

  2. Thanks, Citizen Wells — I appreciate you

  3. While the “murder story” is disturbing, the slant from the writer projects many of the common bully aspects of the BO campaign regime. Perhaps msm will pick up THIS story? Or in the very least, INVESTIGATE to see if it is true???? NOT.

  4. unrelated, but some more chicago murders with possible links to another chicago church, not trinity. the writers never mention chicago in the lengthy article. no doubt their excuse would be that the preacher moved to texas.

    2 August: Chicago Tribune: Pastor denies role in slayings of 5
    By David Heinzmann and Matthew Walberg,0,1386980.story

    Earlier Tribune Piece: 1 August. Page 2 is full of fascinating details. these chicago churches seem more like the mafia!

    Lane Bryant mystery deepens
    Six months ago five women were killed in a Lane Bryant store in Tinley Park. Police thought it was a botched robbery. Now they are probing a financial scandal in a closed evangelical church where the slain store manager had been associate pastor.
    By David Heinzmann, Stacy St. Clair and Matthew Walberg,0,1642159.story

    interesting that the hunt continues for the killer, but no hunt for whoever killed donald young:

    Hunt for Lane Bryant killer continues,080308lane6months.article

  5. unrelated too, but i collected some links below in response to lamecherry’s piece on the Chicago South Side hetero/homo/bi-sexual scene, which includes larry:
    LameCherryBlog: If it walks like an Obama; It’s an Obama

    Pridesource: Wowereit would welcome Obama to Brandenburg Gate
    Openly gay Berlin Mayor Klaus Wowereit said July 9 he would be “delighted” for Barack Obama to speak at the city’s famed Brandenburg Gate…
    German Chancellor Angela Merkel, however, said she doubts it would be appropriate to use the gate as a campaign backdrop.

    Wikipedia: (Berlin Mayor) Klaus Wowereit
    His election as mayor made Berlin the world’s largest city with an openly LGBT mayor, followed by Paris, France, whose mayor is Bertrand Delanoë . The third largest is Hamburg, Germany, whose mayor is Ole von Beust. All three have taken office since 2001.”

    2005: Der Spiegel: BERLIN’S MAYOR UNDER ATTACK
    Sadomasochism Fair Handcuffs Wowereit
    By Charles Hawley in Berlin
    Berlin is recognized the world over as a beacon of tolerance and sexual promiscuity. So, why all the rancor over mayor Klaus Wowereit’s embrace of a sadomasochism festival in the German capital? Instead of being panned, Wowereit should be hailed…
    Enter Berlin’s mayor Klaus Wowereit. Recently crowned “The Glamour Guy” by Time Magazine, the 51-year-old gay man is better known as a partying socialite than as a hard-nosed manager — all part of his strategy to make Berlin Europe’s creative center by attracting the young and hip rather than the old and stodgy.
    This time, though, the mayor may have gone too far. Controversy is raging this week over the “Folsom Europe Fest,” a European attempt to copy San Francisco’s (in)famous sadomasochism fair on Folsom Street. Events begin on Friday, prompting some to fear that a hurricane of leather, handcuffs and undesirables will sweep through the German capital. Not that Berlin is lacking in any of these anyway. Still, Wowereit’s gusto and willingness to write the festival’s opening greeting has rankled conservative nose-wrinklers. “The first weekend in September will be marked by pure joie de vivre,” Wowereit wrote. “The international leather and fetish scene is meeting for the second time in Berlin. … Welcome to Berlin!” ..
    Welcome indeed. The mega-tabloid Bild goes after “Wowi” on Tuesday with a two-page spread prominently featuring a large picture of the Berlin mayor right next to a cuffed leather boy wearing a gas mask and ready for — well — for the Folsom Fest, of course. The accompanying editorial lambasts Wowereit for spending too much time issuing invitations to masters and their sex slaves and too little addressing high unemployment and the city’s (Euro)60 billion debt. “Wowereit is transforming the problem capital into the sex capital. Berlin doesn’t deserve this.”..
    Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. Bild, it is worth noting, hardly ever goes a day without a bit of soft porn on its front page — today the paper’s some 4 million readers are greeted by bare-breasted Sylvia staring alluringly from below the fold. Last month, the paper ran a full-page feature on a Dutch dominatrix and her midget sex slave. And last year, the paper went on a virtual headhunt of Turkish actress Sibel Kekilli of “Head On” fame. Before starring in the award-winning film, Kekilli spent a fair amount of time on the porn-flick circuit — a fact that Bild chewed on — and lavishly illustrated — for weeks. Perhaps not surprisingly, Bild is the best-selling paper in Germany…,1518,372189,00.html

    Blog: CNN’s Questionable Use of Tabloid’s Poll to Tally German Obama Support
    By Warner Todd Huston
    How many Germans would vote for Barack Obama for our president? CNN claims to know. During the last weekend that Barack Obama was in Germany, CNN used a graphic on the Wolf Blitzer show that claimed that 72% of Germans preferred Obama with only a mere 11% who favored John McCain. Of course, CNN didn’t think it relevant to mention that only 501 Germans were even polled, nor that the poll was conducted by German pollster Emnid for a notorious tabloid newspaper named Bild — not the most trustworthy of sources. This is the same newspaper that published with “gushing immaturity” an Obamtastic “report” by one of their giddy female reporters who supposedly worked out with Obama in his hotel gym after which Obama claimed to have been “hustled.”
    So where did this lopsided, 72% approval rating come from? How was the poll conducted? What questions were asked? How do we know what level of knowledge the respondents had about our candidates? Why should we just assume that this is even a relevant result to our elections? I guess all that CNN needed was to show that Obama is loved by Germany, no other investigation needed.
    To give you a flavor of the sort of stories that comprises “news” with Bild tabloid, a perusal of some recent stories are in order. With such “news” as an interview with one Tatjana Gsell headlined “I Love Sex and Eroticism,” and another touting that “Sexy Claudia is Lahm’s New Neighbor” (Philipp Lahm is a German Sports figure), various Amy Winehouse stories and at least one story with a photo of actress Bai Ling bending over showing her breast popping out of her dress, you can see the caliber of stories that fills Bild Newspaper. They are also chock-a-block with sports stories galore. So, not much for hard news, to be sure.
    It is claimed that Bild tabloid was created for the many Germans who are not well educated. Bild is German for “picture” so you can see that highly crafted writing is not a priority there. And with the constant salacious sex stories and pictures of nude women we can see that they have lived down to their reputation. Bild tabloid is not in a much higher bracket than America’s National Enquirer by comparison.
    And this is the source that CNN goes to looking for support of their contention that everyone in Germany loves Barack Obama? Apparently so. Of course, they aren’t alone because Newsweek Magazine did the same thing. In a July 24 report, Newsweek used the same Bild poll to “prove” Germany’s undying love for Obama. In that report Newsweek seriously intoned that “an opinion poll published last week in the Bild newspaper found 72 percent of Germans would vote for him over Republican John McCain in the Nov. 4 election if they could.”
    There is no indication, of course, what Germans really know of Barack Obama showing how informed that opinion might be…

    PICS: Democratic Underground: PHOTOS: BARACK OBAMA meets with the mayor of Berlin, Klaus Wowereit
    U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., right, and Berlin Mayor Klaus
    PIC 2 Caption: Wowereit jokingly pump their fists after Sen. Obama was presented with a porcelain bear, the symbol of Berlin, in Berlin, Thursday, July 24, 2008.
    (AP Photo/Jae C. Hong)
    PIC 3 Caption: US Democratic presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama (D-IL)(R) jokes with the Mayor of Berlin Klaus Wowereit after being presented with a statue of a bear during their meeting in Berlin, July 24, 2008.
    REUTERS/Jim Young (GERMANY)×6533770

    PIC 3 in DU with BO’s pursed lips is cute! Note DU only has 4 comments posted. guess Kos wasn’t too keen to have these pics go viral.

    MSNBC unsurprisingly wiped its pic in the following:
    US Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama (R) writes in the city’s visitor’s book beside Berlin’s Mayor Klaus Wowereit in Berlin on July 24, 2008.

    open it and u get the message: “We couldn’t find any related photos.”

    TheKraysBlog: Obama seeks photo op with gay Berlin mayor
    is it that big of a deal? no, not really. but is this the headline barack obama wants to see in kansas city, kansas? or lincoln, nebraska? following the ill advised long-playing interview with his kids malia and sasha obama on access hollywood. well, that’s the headline he just might get, at least in the blogospher, after he touches down in berlin, germany. the mayor, klaus wowereit, who has also in the past extended an official welcome to a controversial international sex festival is anxious to roll out the red carpet for obama as well. perhaps he should speak with jesse jackson about that one.

  6. I can’t believe this came from Newsweek, but here’s good article that shows the Obama campaign stretches the truth.

  7. sisterrosetta

    “Tuesday August 5, 2008 Larry Sinclair Radio Interview with MommaE and Ed Hale (Barack Obama – Donald Young – James David Manning) with link to latest Jeff Rense interview”

  8. sisterrosetta

    “Is there a “Brokeback Mountain” in Obama’s past?” (Larry Sinclair — Donald Young)

  9. It seems the Obama Brownshirts are working at bookstores too. They are literally hiding the truth:

  10. sisterrosetta

    “*Breaking* Sister Maya’s Name Uncovered on Alleged Obama Birth Certificate [Update]” (Maya Kassandra Soetoro)

  11. sisterrosetta

    Sorry, every time I see or hear the name of that movie, I think of elRushbo, when he calls it “hump back mountain”… makes me laugh.

    On another note, there are many new books published about the HOLLOW BO… he’s turning into quite the spiney, flexible one when it comes to policies… I have no idea why the Dem’s would have chosen this “ONE”.

  12. I believe the current plan is to have Gore end up with the nomination at the convention. Of course, the more we expose and circulate that plan the less chance it has of happening.

  13. zachjonesishome

    I just want to drop by and let people know that I have a new post up.
    The Obama Bradley Effect Complexity

  14. well thought article zach, as always, thanks

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