Larry Sinclair book, Update, July 16, 2009, Barack Obama and Larry Sinclair: Cocaine, Sex,Lies and Murder

I spoke to Larry Sinclair several times today, July 16, 2009  and yesterday. He had just encountered two women who had voted for Obama and now see him for the hypocrite that he is. Larry also indicated that Barnes & Noble and Amazon are both offering his book for sale. Here is an update from Larry Sinclair’s site:

BARNES & NOBLE NOW SELLING BOOK: Order from Book Stores and Amazon

I am pleased to announce that the Book is now available through Barnes & Noble and along with other Book Sellers.

If you want this book to be listed on the Best Sellers list then make your purchase from the book stores or please.

I will process all orders received directly as ordered, but I would like you to buy from the Book stores so the books sold are counted toward the Best Seller’s list.


I am preparing four books for shipment to Texas, Washington, and Tennessee at the time of writing this post. These four books are the last of the first shipment from the printer.

I will begin the shipping process again upon receipt of our next order which is tentatively scheduled to arrive by Monday July 20, 2009.

In the interim I will try to get caught up on emailing UPS tracking numbers to those I have yet to get emailed. Ironically those may receive their Books before they receive the tracking number for those shipped over the weekend, Monday, Tuesday and today.

On Another Note: I understand people emailing asking about their books. However, please also understand that you emailing me asking me when yours will ship only slows the shipping process down because I am responding to emails rather than processing books. I am working non-stop to process and ship orders non-stop. I am proud of the number of Books which I have managed to get shipped in 8 days. I am not exactly thrilled with the costs, but hey its worth it!


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The below was sent to me with permission to post it here. The errors referred to were caught and were corrected prior to any further books being printed with them. I have decided to also send a copy to Oprah!
On 30 Nov 2008 I made a $34 prepayment for Larry Sinclair’s future book. Sinclair’s book would discuss his homosexual and cocaine sharing experiences with then Illinois State Senator Barack Obama in November 1999 and the events that followed after Sinclair’s public disclosure of these events on YouTube in January 2008.

I had been following Sinclair’s story on the Internet since February 2008. Having been a Press Officer in the US Army and an Internal Auditor, I was familiar with what can happen when the media turns against you and more importantly the patterns of people who tell the truth and those who don’t. What impressed me most over the following nine months was Sinclair’s story stayed the same, that on multiple occasions efforts were made to silence him on the Internet, and yet he persisted in the face of threats of murder to him and harm to members of his own family.

Yesterday, 14 July 2009, I received copy Number 81 of Sinclair’s book, “Barack Obama & Larry Sinclair Cocaine, Sex, Lies & Murder?”

This books reeks of the truth and the words and style of Larry Sinclair. It is not “ghost-written”. It is not a literary masterpiece and there are several typographical and grammatical mistakes. Most importantly it tells the true story of a man committed to exposing the truth. Sinclair pulls no punches and does not hide behind any equivocations about his past or his many flaws. He does provide very specific details about the dangerous journey he has taken to get the truth published, to speak truth to power. While parts of the book were previously published on his websites, he adds much more detail about what happened at the Democratic National Committee meeting in May 2008, the storm trooper tactics by the DC Metro Police after his appearance at the National Press Club in June 2008, the false charges initiated by Joe Biden’s son, Attorney General Beau Biden in Delaware, the continued failure of the Chicago Police to investigate the murder of Donald Young in December 2007, the openly gay choir master of Obama’s Trinity United Church of Christ, and of course the very specific details about President Obama’s private parts.

It is shameful that the various mainstream media have refused to follow up on Sinclair’s story, to challenge him on the facts, to challenge Joe and Beau Biden and the DC Metro Police on their false charges and imprisonment of Larry Sinclair in June 2008. Just imagine if they and the powerful interests they represent can do this to relatively unknown Larry Sinclair, what can they do to you?

“Barack Obama & Larry Sinclair Cocaine, Sex, Lies & Murder?” is a book worth reading for all those who seek the truth, an example of what a little, flawed man with incredible courage and persistence can achieve in speaking truth to power. Job well done.

All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.
Thomas Jefferson

John Medlin

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46 responses to “Larry Sinclair book, Update, July 16, 2009, Barack Obama and Larry Sinclair: Cocaine, Sex,Lies and Murder

  1. Go Larry!!

    Have you started the book signing tour yet? Take secutiry!


  2. Received my book this afternoon already read 3 chapters.

  3. Waiting patiently for my book. Larry has made gift giving this holiday season incredibly easy.

    Thanks, Larry, and congrats on a great victory!

  4. Congrats Larry, can’t wait to read your book.

  5. Lots of folks should start pounding down the doors of the Chicago police department and demand updates on the status of the Donald Young murder investigation. Why is no one looking into this? Why no hotshot investigative reporters? This is a big story, and no one seems to be interested or out there pushing to find out just what the hell happened.

  6. congrats larry,

    Cartoons from Kevin Tuma

  7. Simultaneous Health Care Freedom Tea Parties tomorrow (July 17) at local congressional and senatorial district offices coast to coast. 9:00-10:00 a.m. west coast and 12:00-1:00 p.m. east coast. We are going after Rep. Tammy Baldwin here in Wisconsin! Tea Party Patriots – website

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  9. zachjonesishome

    Thanks CitizenWells for the plug. Thank you SueK for the idea on Christmas giving. I put your comment up today. Zach

    SueK // July 16, 2009 at 10:33 pm (edit)

    Waiting patiently for my book. Larry has made gift giving this holiday season incredibly easy.

  10. zachjonesishome

    I’ve got a few typos on one sentence that wordpress is not allowing me to correct in the post. Sorry.

  11. zachjonesishome

    Corrected now. Sorry again.

  12. A group committed to establishing an international Islamic empire and reportedly linked to Al Qaeda is stepping up its Western recruitment efforts by holding its first official conference in the U.S.

    Now, it is coming out of the shadows and openly hosting a July 19 conference entitled, “The Fall of Capitalism and the Rise of Islam,” at a posh Hilton hotel in a suburb of Chicago.,2933,533525,00.html

  13. magna carta

    Join Act For America.

  14. gianni // July 16, 2009 at 10:54 pm

    Lots of folks should start pounding down the doors of the Chicago police department and demand updates on the status of the Donald Young murder investigation. Why is no one looking into this? Why no hotshot investigative reporters? This is a big story, and no one seems to be interested or out there pushing to find out just what the hell happened.
    How about Mark Fuhrman?

  15. LM—
    Need action FAST—–
    Rally at this Hilton?? Why are they providing
    their facilities? Is it time to boycott
    E-mail onslaught to Paris H?
    Something needs to be put put together fast.

  16. Libtalker Lynn Samuels: Obama Is ‘Lying’ Over True Place Of Birth

  17. Jacqlyn Smith

    Just a thought…..WND posted a piece concerning the doctor who delivered Obama can not be found or that BO’s mother was never reported to be in the hospital in Hawaii that he claims to be born in…..I came across the below information a while back and was wondering if anyone had contacted these people to see which doctor delivered them at the hospital on the same day and maybe that would lead to the doctors on duty at the time BO supposedly was born there??? Please read below and let me know if anyone has any thoughts on this! 🙂


    Twin sisters, Obama on parallel paths for years

    By Dan Nakaso
    Advertiser Staff Writer

    Hawaii news photo – The Honolulu Advertiser

    Susan “Nunu” Bell, left, and Gretchen “Nini” Worthington were born at the same Honolulu hospital where Barack Obama was born hours earlier. The twin girls also graduated from Punahou with Obama.

    Photos by GREGORY YAMAMOTO | Honolulu Advertiser
    spacer spacer

    Hawaii news photo – The Honolulu Advertiser

    Eleanor Nordyke sits in her living room in Manoa with her twin daughters’ scrapbook. They were born within hours of President-elect Barack Obama; the twins also graduated from Punahou with Obama.
    spacer spacer

    Retracing the steps of history, Eleanor Nordyke now realizes that she was in labor with twin daughters while Barack Obama, now the president-elect, was being born at what is now Kapi-‘olani Medical Center for Women & Children.

    The twins, Susan “Nunu” Bell and Gretchen “Nini” Worthington, were not only born in the same hospital hours after the future president, but also ended up in the same classes with Obama at Noelani Elementary School and later at Punahou School from the seventh grade to graduation in 1979.

    “I think it was remarkable that they just so happened to be born within 24 hours of each other and grew up knowing each other,” Nordyke said.

    She did not know Obama’s mother, Ann Dunham, while they were in labor together on Aug. 4, 1961, at the old Kapiolani Maternity and Gynecological Hospital.

    But Nordyke was a population research fellow at the East-West Center while Dunham was there. And Nordyke later met Madelyn Dunham — Ann Dunham’s mother and Obama’s grandmother — during a cruise to Tahiti in 2002.

    “She was placed at our table on the ship,” Nordyke said. “She sat with us on that ship for three weeks. She told us that her daughter had passed away and that she had raised her grandson, and he was a social worker in Chicago.”

    When Obama was making his successful presidential run, Nordyke realized that her daughters were born within hours of him at the same hospital.

    The Hawai’i certificate of live birth that Obama displays on his Web site shows he was born at 7:24 p.m. on Aug. 4.

    Nordyke was well into labor by then with girls who were three weeks premature. By 2 p.m. the following day, Susan was born at 5 pounds, 12 ounces, and Gretchen weighed in at 6 pounds, 4 ounces.

    As toddlers, the girls called each other “Nunu” and “Nini” “and the other children picked it up, and we held onto it all this time,” Nordyke said.

    With the names Nordyke and Obama, the twins were often pictured near Obama in their class yearbooks, their mother said.

    The daughters now live on the Mainland, and neither returned repeated telephone messages seeking comment.

    But one or both may return to Honolulu in June when their class celebrates its 30th reunion, Nordyke said.

  18. Jacqlyn Smith

    The online link for the Hawiian news article is at…

  19. Obama’s Real African Roots Revealed

    Since assuming the office, President Barack Obama has become increasingly vocal about his African roots and Muslim heritage.

  20. For anyone interested, I’ve posted my first entry for today. Anyone who wants to comment is more than welcome.

    Also…I don’t know if it’s been my commenting on this site, or what…but to the people who’ve been buying my book over the past week or so, thank you so much! I’m just trying to do my part in helping to spread the word and to wake people up. I wish i could sign them for you, but…well..that would probably be a bit difficult. I may be having a book signing in Texas in the very near future, so if anyone down that way bought one, let me know, and I’ll keep you informed.

  21. Civis naturaliter natus

    The only problem with this story is that there is a lot of circumstantial evidence showing that Obama Jrs Mother, Dunham stole a SSN of her best friend.

    What is she stole the birth story of this woman for Barry?

    There are a lot of descrepancies about Zero’s Birth story: in one article (see NWO post here) Obama is quote to have said that he was 3 months old when the Bay of Pigs incident occured, and that would put him born in January of 1961 not August. He also said out loud to an astrologer in NH that he was born at 1:06 PM, which contracts the COLB’s alleged 7:24 PM.

    Over at nobarack Blog, there is a great article speculating that Obama was adopted and that the info on his COLB is phoney to cover this fact; that his original is sealed and the entire state of HI is covering it up, because adoption laws cause new BCs to be issued to cover for the original.

    One HI FBI officer said to the issue of public interest in the original BC, “They need to nind their own business”, and this points to the same conclusion.

    Dunham is not Zero’s biological Mother, He was was not born in HI, nor in Aug, not in the evening.

    If we add Granny’s statement, we know in which city and country and hospital he was born, though…

  22. Jacqlyn Smith

    CNN—Did you read the information I posted at 9:49 am……maybe this family could shed some light on the staff at the hospital in 1961 and who delivered them… wasn’t that huge of a hospital back then so there couldn’t have been too many delivery nurses and doctors…..I have all kinds of information about my daughters delivery….doctor…pictures….etc…..maybe these folks can shed some light on the issue….not that it makes BO eligible because he is not……but something is amiss here when he has gone to such great lengths to conceal everything about himself!!!!

  23. zachjonesishome // July 17, 2009 at 8:12 am

    Thanks, Zach! There are always those on the holiday gift list who ‘have everything;’ they won’t have a copy of Larry’s book, I’ll bet, so they’re getting one.

    For the music fans on my list, they’ll get a Susan Boyle CD *and* Larry’s book!

    Oh, and let’s not forget birthdays.

  24. Civis naturaliter natus


    Yes, they can at least give the name of the doctor who delivered hers, and if we can track him down, get the names of all the doctors on that day, and then nail Zero for not being born that day…We need a patriot from HI willing to spend a day’s work…

  25. CNN,

    NOw you are talking about what MY SUSPICION has been for a while and I wrote about it here.

    The DUNHAMS probably were NOT blood realtives of Obama II, and most likelly NEITHER was Obama I.

    Obama is called the Messiah BUT he may have more in common with MOSES than Jesus. Obama was handed to The DUNHAMS to raise at about age 2-4 yrs old. This expalins why there are NO Pictures of a prego Dunham, Dunham with baby at the hospital, babies first steps, etc.

    The Dunhams were Communist that were chase WEST. This baby was born in a “bastard child” situation and was given out west to be cared for. Remember back in the 60’s there was really no adoption needed like today many people just entrusted their child to someone else to raise as their own. BO is probaly 2-4 yrs older that he says.

    This explains why there is NO one mentioning Stanley being preganant, or having a baby and also being in Washington State at college about a week after the supposed labor. This also may explain why there was a VENDETTA with BO and the Dunham women especially NOT being close to grandma after his 20’s and not going to mom’s side when she was ill and died or grandma’s “UNTIMELY DEATH”. Also explaisn why the grandma “My ROCK” was not allowed to see his TWO daughters and the few times grandma Dunham was visited BO visited alone EVEN when she was “DYING”.

    Why was BO not at the Hospital when his mom was admitted “very sickly” BUT after she is released and better and goes home he says he has to visit because she is dying BUT doesn’t go for 3 days. He says BEFORE visiting her that she won;t make it to election day. After he visits she dies days later prior to the election. Why was she CREAMATED and NOT buried with the love of her life her husband Stanley?

    So much is “WRONG” in this whole pic and because the mixed Arab has been sold for Negro no one cares to check or is afraid to check.

    TRUTH PREVAILS and GOD is JUST and knows when it will be most effective to expose the TRUTH.

    ObaMOSES Lies and Hides, GOD Exposes.

  26. On the day of delivery, wouldn’t the deliveries be numbered in order, and aren’t the Cert. of Live Births in numerical order and is that why the cert. number was blacked out on the fake??

  27. Jacqlyn Smith

    CNN—-If I remember correctly….when I tried to do some investigating myself….the twins no longer live in Hawaii…..I think I saw somewhere that one of them is in Utah I believe…..I don’t know if the mother is still in Hawaii however….anyone out there who has contacts in Honolulu…..please see if you can get someone to check out the people in the story I posted at 9:49 am….Thanks!

  28. Jacqlyn Smith,

    She has NO FIRST hand knowledge of Obama in that Hopsital. The way I read it the Mom found out about the proximity of Birth from seeing his FORGED COLB online. That is when she said WOW he was born about teh same time I had my daughters. Later they go to know each other BUT the birth was never discussed.

  29. Little off topic, There is a bill that is still in committee in Congress HR. 450 that would force Congress to notify the voters of anything they attempt to pass before it is voted on. There are only 49 signatures on it. Check this bill out and demand that Congress sign onto it. Stop secrect legislation from being inacted to further Obama’s destruction of America. Check it out at Pat Dollards site.

  30. I finished Larry’s book this morning. Great read and lots info.

    Here is what needs ot be done from what I read:

    Beau Biden and His Deputy AG need to be investigated for this case. They mingled Politics and Justive. The Republicans in Delware need to set up a Committte of Grand Jury to look into it RIGHT AWAY. At the same time they both need to be REPORTED to the BAR.
    No one is above the law and THESE TWO need to answer for their Politically Motivated INJUSTICES.

  31. Dunham is not Zero’s biological Mother, He was was not born in HI, nor in Aug, not in the evening.

    If we add Granny’s statement, we know in which city and country and hospital he was born, though…

    The only discrepancy to this adoption theory is this:
    Wouldn’t Grandmother in Kenya recognize Stanley as the birth mother if shown a picture??
    So simple if she says she was at the delivery……..Alice, it gets curiouser and curiouser!

  32. Civis naturaliter natus

    The Black co-granny might not recognize Dunham as the white woman who gave birth, because just as many whites have a hard time distinguishing the facts of blacks, so blacks in nations with few whites of whites…it was years ago, and she no longer sees very well…it may also be why she was kept cloistered when she came to America, so that no one would show her a pic of Dunham and hear her gasp: “Who is that?”…

  33. SueK @ 10:19: very funny…like that…Susan Boyle CD…ha!

  34. The book need to be done in Audio Book and put on Ipods and given to Foreign Dignitaries including the Queen of England…ObaMOSES Superior according to his British Citizenship.

    Does that mean that the de facto USURPING PRESIDENT of the USA is Governed by the Queen and Laws if ENGLAND?
    Unprecedented Indeed.

  35. Jacqlyn et al: (9:49) another problem with the story is, is that are documents, and I think maybe even video, of BHO claiming he was born at Queens. And, contrary to some that suggest it, among the ‘locals’ there is absolutely no confusion as to which hospital that is…no ambiguity whatsoever. Someone’s spinning some yarn, big time.

  36. “is that there are documents”…someone here may even be able to provide (you with) the links to site that show them.

  37. The twins would be great to get them to get their COLBS and check info and numbers, etc. That is about it.

    One of the quotes that I rememebr from Grandma Dunham is: “She always called him Barry and never fell for his African Mumbo Jumbo” What does it mean? Most of his friends were ARAB not Black especially before Michelle. WHY?

  38. PRWH Peter and All,

    I have always had questions about Madelyn Dunham’s death, especially when it occurred so close to election day.

    If you haven’t seen this, please take a moment and decide for yourselves:

  39. Further more, your Honor…his oral arguement isn’t worth the paper it’s written on!

  40. Jacqlyn Smith


    Portuguese Revolutionary War Hero – Peter Francisco // July 17, 2009 at 11:10 am

    Jacqlyn Smith,

    She has NO FIRST hand knowledge of Obama in that Hopsital. The way I read it the Mom found out about the proximity of Birth from seeing his FORGED COLB online. That is when she said WOW he was born about teh same time I had my daughters. Later they go to know each other BUT the birth was never discussed.


    Yes….but they would know the doctor or nurses involved in delivering babies at that time in that hospital…..could shed some light the issue of if the Fraud’s mother was ever there!!! I doubt she was….but we need hard evidence!

  41. Civis naturaliter natus

    Re-do, for quotes and citations about the different statements made on Zero’s birth place see (in order of relevance):
    UPI quotes Obama as saying he was born at Queens:

  42. Civis naturaliter natus


    I just posted the links for the citation you ask, but its tied up in moderation since there are 3 links. CW should get to it shortly…

  43. CNN: thanks…actually I was trying to defer the info for Jac’s benefit since she’s the one who asked for other input…I had seen some of those, but didn’t have the ‘addresses’ at my fingertips.
    Good of you to provide them for the benefit of others who may not have seen the ‘Queens’ statements in print. Thanks again.

  44. CNN & others: I think in some of those documents, I may have also read BHO touting his affection for Jakarta…right? Any chance in heck that yesterday’s attack there has any connection to him? Or is that just a goofy coincidence?

  45. Larry needs to send a copy of his book to all the world leaders Obama has contact with……including the Pope.

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