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Manchurian Candidate

Part 2

Communist, Soviet, Russian ties

 Let’s begin with something simple.

Obama’s parents first met in Russian class

“In a Russian class at the University of Hawaii, she met the college’s first African student, Barack Obama. They married and had a son in August 1961, in an era when interracial marriage was rare in the United States.”
From the NY Times

This may mean nothing, but it sure is interesting. No single puzzle piece is significant until the puzzle picture begins to emerge.

Frank Marshall Davis mentored Obama in 1970’s

“The reason is apparent: Davis was a known communist who belonged to a party subservient to the Soviet Union. In fact, the 1951 report of the Commission on Subversive Activities to the Legislature of the Territory of Hawaii identified him as a CPUSA member. What’s more, anti-communist congressional committees, including the House Un-American Activities

Committee (HUAC), accused Davis of involvement in several Communist front organizations,” Kincaid said. Kincaid noted Obama has admitted attending “social conferences” and seeing Marxist literature. “But he ridicules the charge of being a ‘hard-core academic Marxist,’ which was made by his colorful and outspoken 2004 U.S. Senate opponent, Republican Alan Keyes.”

“Decades ago, the CPUSA had tens of thousands of members, some of them covert agents who had penetrated the U.S. government. It received secret subsidies from the old Soviet Union,” Kincaid wrote.
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Davis defended communists
(From an article that downplays Davis’ communist ties)

“Mr. Davis constantly defended the 11 top United States Communist officials recently convicted in New York on charges of conspiracy to advocate the overthrow of the Government by force and violence. One of Mr. Davis’ comments on the case was as follows : “I feel strong sympathy for the Communist minority who are being oppressed for their political beliefs.” (Honolulu Record, October 20, 1949, p. 6).”
“Mr. Davis has signed a number of statements in behalf of Communists under the sponsorship of the Civil Rights Congress; one of these defended was Gerhart Eisler, notorious Communist international agent who escaped jailing for passport fraud by fleeing to the Soviet sector of Germany.”
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Note passport fraud above. Sound familiar and suspicious?

Key witness in passport fraud case fatally shot

“key witness in a federal probe into passport information stolen from the State Department was fatally shot in front of a District church, the Metropolitan Police Department said yesterday.

Lt. Quarles Harris Jr., 24, who had been cooperating with a federal investigators, was found late Thursday night slumped dead inside a car, in front of the Judah House Praise Baptist Church in Northeast, said Cmdr. Michael Anzallo, head of the department’s Criminal Investigations Division. ‘
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Obama traveled to Pakistan in 1981
From the Philip Berg lawsuit
“53. Furthermore, Obama traveled to Indonesia, Pakistan and Southern India in 1981. The relations between Pakistan and India were extremely tense and Pakistan was in turmoil and under martial law. The country was filled with Afghan refugees; and Pakistan’s Islamist-leaning Interservices Intelligence Agency (ISI) had begun to provide arms to the Afghan mujahideen and to assist the process of recruiting radicalized Muslim men–jihadists–from around the world to fight against the Soviet Union. Pakistan was so dangerous that it was on the State Department’s travel ban list for US Citizens. Non-Muslim visitors were not welcome unless sponsored by their embassy for official business. A Muslim citizen of Indonesia traveling on an Indonesian passport would have success entering Indonesia, Pakistan and India. Therefore, it is believed Obama traveled on his Indonesian passport entering the Countries. Indonesian passports require renewal every five (5) years. At the time of Obama’s travels to Indonesia, Pakistan and India, Obama was twenty (20) years old. If Obama would have been a U.S. citizen, which he was not, 8 USC §1481(a)(2) provides loss of nationality by native born citizens upon “taking an oath or making an affirmation or other formal declaration of allegiance to a foreign state…after having attained the age of eighteen years”, in violation of 8 U.S.C. §1401(a)(1). Since Lolo Soetoro legally acknowledged Obama as his son and/or adopted Obama, Obama was a “natural” citizen of Indonesia, as proven by Obama’s school record.”

In 1981 Pakistan had millions who had fled Afghanistan. The Soviets controlled the Afghan government.

Soviet invasion and control of Afghanistan, from Wikipedia

“The Government and political structure of Afghanistan had been copied from the Soviet model. As with all communist states, the communist party had supreme power in the government. The party members got all the government positions in the country. When the Parcham took governmental power in Afghanistan, the governmental structure was not altered. The biggest change was that the Khalqies was forced of from their governmental positions and replaced by Parchams.

When the Soviet Union occupied Afghanistan in 1979 they killed Khaq leader Amin and replaced hin with Babrak Karmal the same year. Karmal’s government was more or less a puppet government for the Soviet Union. The Soviets took total control over governmental politics after the invasion until their withdrawal in 1989.[32]”

What does this mean?

Obama has kept much of his life hidden. We know little of Obama’s 1981 Pakistan trip. It is obvious that there were plenty of soviets in the area. Did Obama meet with them during his trip? We may never know.

Obama has close ties to his leftist, Marxist cousin, Raila Odinga

“Raila Odinga’s politics, like the politics of his father, Odinga Odinga, are on the far left. Raila Odinga was educated at the Technical University in Magdeburg in east Germany, where he graduated in 1970″

“with a degree in mechanical engineering. There he heard Fidel Castro lecture and he named his first born son Fidel”

“By supporting Odinga, Senator Obama is also seen in Kenya as siding with the extreme left wing of Kenyan politics, going back to the overt communism of Odinga Odinga. Odinga’s current party, the Orange Democratic Movement, or ODM, is a leftist-socialist political party that stops short of being openly communist.”
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Barack Obama visited Kenya in 2006 and campaigned for his cousin, Raila Odinga, a member of the radical ODM party. Obama also criticized the Kenyan government. Obama’s actions in Kenya are a possible violation of the Logan Act. Here is a video of Obama and Raila Odinga:

This article is from January 22, 2007

“Obama Manchurian or Mohammedan Candidate?”

“CFP pondered how it was possible for a senator to emerge from the fog to land himself on the pages of USA Today where he was touted as “the new face of change and reform for the Democratic party?””

“”What if Obama is engaged in pious fraud? This is a Muslim practice of pretending not to be Muslim to further the cause of Islam or to “defend the faith”. He becomes President and then says, “Gee…I think I want to be Muslim again” after he finds the “football” in his hands that carries the launch codes for the USA nuke forces.”

“Is this media darling in reality a brainwashed man?”
Canada Free Press article

Obama, Chavez and Russian vessels off coast of Venezuela

“As of today, September 7, Chavez has announced he is making some similar deal himself  with Russia off the coast ofVenezuela. Just to be sure we got the point he threw in one of his demeaning anti-American insults.  Notice these wheels have been in motion – spurred on by obama – since May of this year.”
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April 2, 2009

“Obama gets Russia on track”

“Russia’s Dmitry Medvedev hailed Barack Obama as “my new comrade“”

“The Russian president contrasted Obama as “totally different” to his predecessor George W. Bush, whom he blamed for the “mistake” of U.S. missile shield plans fiercely opposed by Moscow.”

“In their London talks, Obama and Medvedev launched a milestone quest to slash their nuclear arsenals, hoping to reverse the worst slump in the former foes’ ties since the end of the Cold War.”

“”Yesterday I spoke about this with my new comrade President Barack Obama,” Medvedev said.”
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The following exerpts tie all of this together and explain the Communist Party’s objectives and how Obama was exposed to them. Remember, much of Obama’s exposure took place prior to his trip to Pakistan in 1981.

“In a dossier posted on the America’s Survival blog Herbert Romerstein, a former US government security investigator, records how Moscow micromanaged the CPUSA. In 1935, Moscow instructed it to establish a CP apparatus in Hawaii to develop a mass revolutionary movement there and promote the withdrawal from its territory of US forces – at that time essential for the defence of the US. This Hawaii CP network was perceived by government bodies to be a major threat to US national security.

A key figure was Harry Bridges, a CP agent and head of the International Longshoremen’s and Warehousemen’s Union. In 1948, Frank Marshall Davis came to Hawaii at the suggestion of Bridges and another secret CPUSA member, Paul Robeson. Dr. Kathryn Takara, a professor of Interdisciplinary Studies at the University of Hawaii, herself a radical poet and Obama supporter (and who takes issue with some of the claims made about Davis and Obama) wrote her dissertation on Davis and spent much time with him between 1972 and his death in 1987. In an analysis, Takara notes that he brought ‘an acute sense of race relations and class struggle throughout America and the world’ and that he openly discussed subjects such as American imperialism,  colonialism and exploitation. He espoused freedom, radicalism, solidarity, labor unions, due process, peace, affirmative action, civil rights, Negro History week, and true Democracy to fight imperialism, colonialism, and white supremacy. He urged coalition politics.”
“As Kincaid reports, Kathryn Takara has said that Obama was introduced to Davis by his grandfather Stanley Dunham, who considered Davis a ‘strong black male figure’ and thought he exerted a ‘positive’ and significant influence over Obama during his high school years. In her view, Davis was just such a black role model for the young Obama and gave him ‘a sense of believing that change can happen’ through ‘living in a diverse world’. The problem was that Davis believed ‘change’ could best be achieved through Stalinism.”

“The reason is apparent: Davis was a known communist who belonged to a party subservient to the Soviet Union. In fact, the 1951 report of the Commission on Subversive Activities to the Legislature of the Territory of Hawaii identified him as a CPUSA member. What’s more, anti-communist congressional committees, including the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC), accused Davis of involvement in several communist-front organizations.”


“Obama’s victory was more than a progressive move; it was a dialectical leap ushering in a qualitatively new era of struggle. Marx once compared revolutionary struggle with the work of the mole, who sometimes burrows so far beneath the ground that he leaves no trace of his movement on the surface. This is the old revolutionary ‘mole,’ not only showing his traces on the surface but also breaking through.’

Not surprisingly, therefore, this underground ‘mole’ has been backed to the hilt by American Communists. In 2004, the Chicago Communist Party backed his successful campaign for the Senate, as the People’s Weekly reported:

Activists from Illinois were immersed in the campaign to elect Barak Obama to the U.S. Senate. Obama won a landslide victory in the March 16 Democratic primary. If Obama wins in November, he would be only the third African American senator since Reconstruction. ‘This was a historic victory. It was a victory for political independence and grassroots, coalition, and issue oriented politics over the machine and money,’ said John Bachtell, Illinois CP district organizer.’

And as the Columbia News Service reported, the Young Communist League has mobilised to campaign for Obama: doubtless the Democratic Party is less than anxious to divulge to the nation this particular affiliation of these young activists who are helping it get out the Democratic vote.”
“In his most recent post on the subject, Cliff Kincaid reports that Obama has now acknowledged a personal relationship with Frank Marshall Davis. But in a riposte to allegations about his radical associations, his camp has nevertheless misleadingly edited an article to conceal the fact that Davis was a member of CPUSA. This is less than surprising since, as Kincaid also notes, the Senate Internal Security Subcommittee issued a report in 1956 declaring:
‘Founded in September 1919, the Communist Party of the United States of America is an organization unique in American history. It is not a true political party and differs fundamentally from all political parties in this country. It is in fact a Russian-inspired, Moscow-dominated, anti-American, quasi-military conspiracy against our Government, our ideals, and our freedoms.’ In 1982 testimony, FBI assistant director for intelligence Edward J. O’Malley testified that the CPUSA has been ‘one of the most loyal and pro-Soviet Communist Parties in the world and has unfalteringly accepted Soviet direction and funding over the years.’ The recent book, Comrade J, based on interviews with a Russian spymaster at the United Nations, documents that Soviet intelligence operations against the U.S. continued even as the Soviet Union collapsed and Russia emerged in its place.
Camp Obama might also have a few problems with this recent account in the UK’s  Daily Telegraph, which reported that Davis was also a pornographer and sexual deviant who was into sado-masochism and even the seduction of a 13 year old girl:
On other occasions, Mr Davis would cruise in Hawaii parks looking for couples or female tourists to have sex with. He derived sexual gratification from bondage, simulated rape and being flogged and urinated on. He boasted that ‘the number of white babes interested in at least one meeting with a Negro male has been far more than I can handle’ and wished ‘America were as civilised as, say, Scandinavia’. He concluded: ‘I regret none of my experiences or unusual appetites; for me they are normal.’
Ah yes, redefining deviancy as normality, the agenda indeed of Gramsci/Alinsky: patron saints of community organisers, apostles of deeply underground mole-like revolutionary Marxism, architects of the wildly successful undermining of western morality and society in America and Britain — and now poised to embed itself in the White House, epicentre of the oppressive global capitalist regime, itself.”
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Is Barack Obama a Manchurian Candidate?

Is Obama being controlled and influenced byCommunists in Russia or other countries?

Part 1 provided well documented ties from Obama to many leftist, socialist and radical people and organizations.

Part 2 has provided Obama’s long time ties to communists and the Communists Party of the United States.

Part 3 will provide evidence that the Russians helped place Obama in power. If you are already not freightened for this country, Part 3 will take you there.

Bishop Ron McRae, Sarah Obama tape, Obama born in Kenya, Raila Odinga,Obama’s paternal grandmother, Ron McRae affadavit, Obama conspiracy, Supreme Court, Anabaptists Churches, Bishop McRae contacts Citizen Wells, BREAKING NEWS

Bishop Ron McRae, who assisted Philip J Berg with the Sarah Obama tapes that stated she witnessed Obama’s birth in Kenya, has sent a letter to this blog. Citizen Wells has confirmed that the letter is from Bishop McRae. Sarah Obama is Barack Obama’s paternal grandmother. Bishop McRae provided an affadavit of authenticity for the tape. Here is the letter from Bishop McRae:
“The seriousness of the hour, behooves all natural born American citizens to pray that God will help, and have mercy on this country in this hour of unprecedented compromise of our Constitutional Rights and the electoral process that has made America great. Our interview of Sarah Obama speaks for itself. The liberal bloggers can make of this preacher what they want, who is neither a self proclaimed bishop, or a partisan supporter of McCain, out to get Obama. As the Continental Bishop of The Anabaptists Churches of North America, this preacher was unanimously elected to that office by the statewide bishops and elders sitting upon our National Presbytery. Howbeit, who this preacher is or is not, is not the issue, but rather, WHO BARACK OBAMA is.
This preacher believes Obama’s grandmother. I do not believe Barack Obama. It now rest with the Supreme Court to either uphold the Constitution, or ignore it. But all of history, and the upending of the future of America depends upon David Souter and the Supreme Courts’ courage or lack of it, in requiring Obama to step forward and call his grandmother a liar or greatly deceived, by the absolute and official proof of his natural born citizenship. The officials in Kenya throughout the registrar’s office in both Mombassa and Nairobi have told us that he was born in Kenya, and they will tell you verbally that the records have always existed, both for Obama’s birth, and the birthing records of his mother. But the government, under orders from Barack’s cousin Raila Odinga have sealed and confiscated the files to keep them top secret. The government employees know the truth, but fear for their lives in a most serious way. Our preacher, Kweli Shububia (Swahili for “True Witness”, his name has been changed to protect his identity and safety) has already received a mulititude of death threats and has fled the country for his safety. The muslims are already massing throughout Kenya, especially around Kisumu, just as they did last December during the Kenya elections, and brandishing machettes and clubs, threatening to kill every white American and Christian if Obama is not elected President.
This man Obama, whoever he is, increasingly appears to be a part of a great conspiracy to defraud the American people of a lawful and constitutional election. God deliver this nation from so great harm, to us and our children.

By the grace of God alone,
Ron McRae
Anabaptists Churches of North America
P.O. Box 5607
Johnstown, PA 15904-5607”

Help Philip J Berg defend the Constitution:


Additional comment from Bishop McRae November 3, 2008:

“Thank you very much Mr. Wells. Please extend my thanks and appreciation to Mr. Schreiber. These are very serious issues, and we lost a lot of Christians in Kenya this year because of Obama and his cousin. I sincerely believe that, and have weighed the cost in the balance before submitting the afidavit. The delays that a lot of bloggers have errantly accused Mr. Berg of last week, were caused by me and our national presbytery, while we prayed and seriously considered the concequences of revealing the conversation with Sarah. Her life now as well could be in danger for telling the truth. Very few people understand African culture for women who are expendable. And no one knows the heavy burden now on this preacher over the safety and lives of our people in Kenya over this matter.
Thank you both for your understanding in all these things. May God have mercy on America.
Bishop Ron McRae
Anabaptists Churches of North America
P.O. Box 5607
Johnstown, PA 15937

Jerome Corsi, Interviews, Hannity and Colmes, Corsi very ill, ODM document, Emails, Obama, Raila Odinga, Obama involvement in Kenya politics

Jerome Corsi was supposed to be interviewed on Hannity and Colmes last
night, Monday, October 13, 2008. Yesterday, World Net Daily, a website
that Mr. Corsi is a regular contributor on, announced that Mr. Corsi
was very ill from his experience in Kenya and his deportation. Last
night, Jerome Corsi was interviewed on the MommaE radio show. I am told
that he called in from his bed.

Jerome Corsi, when interviewed on Hannity and Colmes, will, I am certain,
provide a compelling story of his experience in Kenya and further proof
of Obama’s involvement in Kenyan politics as as well as evidence Obama violated the Logan Act. However, we do not have to see Mr. Corsi to examine the facts:

Barack Obama visited Kenya in 2006, campaigned with his cousin Raila
Odinga and the ODM party and was criticized by the Kenyan Government
for interfering in Kenyan affairs.

Jerome Corsi devoted a chapter in his book, “Obama Nation” to Obama and
the Kenya connection.

Jerome Corsi recently visited Kenya and was deported by the Kenyan
Government. Mr. Corsi returned with emails exchanged between Obama’s
senate office and Raila Odinga.

Jerome Corsi also returned with verification of a ODM election strategy
document. The strategies outlined in the ODM document are strikingly
similar to those employed by the Obama camp.

The ODM election strategy document contains the following:

  1. The class issue – “elevate the emotions within all youth….be willing to vote for us in the protest.”
  2. The media – “Since 2005, the Orange team has maintained intimate contacts across all media.” “victory in the media war could very well mean victory at the polls.”
  3. Viral emails
  4. Blogs/web forums
  5. Corruption – “Branding the opponent as irredeemably corrupt will provide diversionary slavos” (Note diversionary tactic)
  6. The age issue – “Our core supporters are essentially young people”
    “billboards and leaflets ridiculing the old people
    Raila with young people – the promise of a buoyant future.”
    (Note “ridiculing old people” This blog wrote about this when the Obama camp ridiculed Mccain in the video about emails)
  7. Ethnic Tensions/Violence as a last resort – “To discourage voter participation in hostile areas.” “Use ODM agents on the ground to engineer ethnic tensions in target areas.” (Note threat of race riots in this country)

Jerome Corsi gave the following interviews shortly after being deported by the Kenyan Government:

Sean Hannity Radio Show

Laurie Roth Radio Show

Laurie Roth Jerome Corsi interview Oct 9, 2008

Here is a video of Obama and Raila Odinga campaigning together in Kenya in 2006:

View the entire ODM document

Obama violates the Logan Act

Hannity and Colmes, October 13, 2008, Jerome Corsi, Fox, Monday, ODM document, Obama senate office, emails, Obama 2006 Kenya visit, Raila Odinga, Jerome Corsi interview, African Press, Senator Obama’s relative murdered in Kenya

** Update **

Jerome Corsi will be interviewed on MommaE talk radio tonight:


Jerome Corsi will be interviewed on Hannity and Colmes on Fox, Monday
night, October 13, 2008. Corsi has just returned from Kenya after being
deported by the Kenyan Government. Jerome Corsi will relate information
he obtained in Kenya including emails between Obama’s senate office
and Raila Odinga. Raila Odinga is Obama’s cousin and during Obama’s
visit to Kenya, Obama helped Odinga campaign for office as a member
of the radical, leftist ODM party. Obama received an official complaint
from the Kenyan Government.

Mr. Corsi also has a copy of a document from the ODM party that outlines
their strategy during the election. The Citizen Wells blog received a
copy of this document in August 2008 that was leaked out of Kenya. The
document was published on this blog and can be viewed here:


Sean Hannity interviewed Jerome Corsi on his radio show last week. Mr.
Corsi had just arrived in London after being deported from Kenya:

Citizen Wells received a tip from commenter Marielle that a relative of
Senator Obama had been recently murdered in Kenya. Here are some exerpts
“Kenya: Senator Obama’s relative murdered – Is it a political message on things to come? Remembering the late democrat, Kennedy.
Posted by africanpress on October 10, 2008

News In Brief By Leo Odera Omolo 

A close relative of the US Democratic Party Presidential candidate Barrack Obama jnr was among the three fuel stations attendants who were mowed down with gun shots and killed by unknown gangsters”

“Mr Saleh is the son of Mr. Abdo Omar,  who is the brother of Sen Obama jnr surviving step grand mother Mama Sarah Obama.

Although the family is treating the incident as common robbery, Sarah Obama who attended the funeral of the late Saleh at Kendu Bay Muslim Cementry in Kendu-Bat Town, Rachuonyo district  broke her silency and said the family was targeted for elimination by unknown people with sinister motive and expressed fear that the killing has some element of political overtone, which could be related to his grand son’s latest campaign for the US presidency.”

“The dispute almost led to violence, when the Kisumu Muslim youth violently attacked Mzee Omar in a bid to prevent him from taking the deceased’s body home for burial. Mzee Omar  was beaten savagedly when he tried to force his way into the morgue to collect his sons remains..”

Read more here:
Consider the following:

Barack Obama visited Kenya in 2006 and campaigned for his cousin, Raila Odinga, a member of the radical ODM party. Obama also criticized the Kenyan government. Obama’s actions in Kenya are a possible violation of the Logan Act. Here is a video of Obama and Raila Odinga:

Here is an exerpt from the official Kenyan Government response to Obama’s visit:


“Senator Barack Obama indicated that he was visiting Africa to help nurture relations between the continent and the United States. His mission, therefore, was warmly welcomed by the Government and the people of Kenya. The fact that he has roots in Kenya endeared him to the people of this country.

However, during his public address at the University of Nairobi, Senator Obama made extremely disturbing statements on issues which it is clear, he was very poorly informed, and on which he chose to lecture the Government and the people of Kenya on how to manage our country.”

“Dr. Alfred N. Mutua

August 31, 2006”
Watch Hannity and Colmes tonight on Fox and tell everyone you know to learn more about Obama and his Kenyans connections.

Obama violates the Logan Act:


Obama, Obama Kenya visit 2006 video, Raila Odinga, ODM party, Obama Odinga campaign, Kenyan government response, Logan Act violation, Petition to Impeach, expel Senator Obama, Obama Kenya video

Barack Obama visited Kenya in 2006 and campaigned for his cousin, Raila Odinga, a member of the radical ODM party. Obama also criticized the Kenyan government. Obama’s actions in Kenya are a possible violation of the Logan Act. Here is a video of Obama and Raila Odinga:

Here is an exerpt from the official Kenyan Government response to Obama’s visit:


“Senator Barack Obama indicated that he was visiting Africa to help nurture relations between the continent and the United States. His mission, therefore, was warmly welcomed by the Government and the people of Kenya. The fact that he has roots in Kenya endeared him to the people of this country.

However, during his public address at the University of Nairobi, Senator Obama made extremely disturbing statements on issues which it is clear, he was very poorly informed, and on which he chose to lecture the Government and the people of Kenya on how to manage our country.”

“Dr. Alfred N. Mutua

August 31, 2006”

Read more here:


The Petition to Impeach, expel Senator Obama includes Obama’s violation of law during the trip:

“Whereas: As a US Senator, Barack Obama violated the stated intention of his 2006 Official Government Visa to Africa by publicly propagandizing for his cousin, Railla Odinga against the US democratic ally of Kenya. Whereas the stated “mission” of Senator Obama’s Official Visa, according to the Kenya Office of Public Communications, was to “nurture relations between the Continent and the United States” he, instead, made public protest before Kenya citizens to rally against their leadership, invoking a need for “Change!” and accusing this US allied nation of “corruption.” In Official Protest of Mr. Obama’s passport abuse and misconduct, Kenya’s government cited his “extremely disturbing statements on issues which it is clear, he was very poorly informed, and
on which he chose to lecture the Government and the people of Kenya on how to manage our country.” Whereas, furthermore, there is no public record of any sanctions or reprimand by the US Congress of Senator Obama’s passport violation or campaigning on foreign soil against a US ally, history has since recorded the broadspread destruction of Kenya’s economy and large scale loss of life as a result of the violence instigated by Odinga’s ODM campaign there.”

Petition site:


Laurie Roth Jerome Corsi interview Oct 9, 2008


Jerome Corsi, Kenya, ODM strategy, Obama, Raila Odinga,Kenyan Elections, Petition to Impeach Obama, Sean Hannity, Obama Kenya 2006,Logan Act, Odinga Massacre, Hannity Radio Show, Fox Hannity show

Jerome Corsi was in Kenya recently on a fact finding mission. He was
detained by the Kenyan Government and allegedly deported. Sean Hannity
spoke to Mr. Corsi today after Corsi arrived in England. Here are some comments I received on this blog today:

“I just heard that Corsi was on Hannity’s radio program already and said he has a “bombshell” to drop about Obama!!! Did anyone else hear this?”

educatedwhitewoman informs us of PROOF Corsi brought back from Kenya – implicating Obama with Odinga and his masacre! Hannity had Corsi on the phone from London this past hour.”
“Please Inform Mr. Berg that Corsi has secured documentation and Email evidence that connects Obama with Odinga and it shows direct connections and involvement in the Kenyan elections…….

This is a violation of the Logan Act.”
“FYI, Jerome Corse was on the phone today from England on The Sean Hannity Radio Show.

Corse will present paper evidence that Obama communicated via e-mail from his Washington office with a member of the Kenyan Government; instructing that Kenyan official how to deal with an election if you loose. EG, Claim voter fraud, riots and the like.”
Approximately two months ago, this blog and the Petition to Impeach, expel
Senator Obama site received a document and story regarding Obama’s visit
to Kenya in 2006 as well as a document leaked from the ODM party of
Raila Odinga. From the comments above, it appears that Jerome Corsi may
have the same document that was revealed on this blog almost two months

Here is the Citizen Wells article with a copy of the ODM game plan:


Now visit the Petition to Impeach, expel Senator Obama:


Is this the document that Jerome Corsi has?

I have referred to this document several times in articles that compare
the strategy of the Obama camp to that of Raila Odinga and the ODM party.
The full document can be viewed at the above link. Here is some of the
text of the ODM Game plan:


Core Strategy Team:

Prof Peter A Nyongo, Secretary General ODMProf Edward Oyugi AkongoProf Patrick WanyandeProf Larry GumbeMr Adams Oloo

1. Purpose
To ensure that the Orange Democratic Movement (hereinafter referred to as
ìODMî) remains united and focused through out the national presidential campaigns
TO ensure that Hon Raila Amolo Odinga is elected the fourth president of the Republic
of Kenya in succession to the current President Mwai Kibaki
To ensure that Hon Raila Amolo Odinga secures an absolute majority of parliamentary
seats in the tenth parliament to facilitate the ease of the intended constitutional

2. Preamble
The just conclude ODM Presidential nominations have ended the speculation and
competition within the ODM ranks with Hon. Raila Amolo Odinga (hereinafter
referred to as the Candidateî) emerging as the Partyís presidential torch bearer. The
enthusiasm and overacting support extended towards the Candidate have debunked
the myth that
As a member of the Luo community Hon Raila Odinga is not electable to thepresidency in Kenya

This document is intended to provide the conceptual guidelines and roadmap for
the periods leading up to the presidential elections set for December 2007. This
document notes the challenges and obstacles likely to confront the Candidate.
These include

Hon Kalonzo Musyokaís potential to play spoiler

The involvement role of ex-President Daniel arap Moi, his financial
resources country-wide political network, experience and strong following
in the Rift Valley.

Kibakis incumbency and track record

The financial muscle of the Mt Kenya elite and their potential to play
rough and dirty.

The following pages outline a strategy for overcoming the odds and delivering the presidency
to Hon Raila Odinga and ODM in the December elections.


Hon Raila is charismatic and ambitious

Kenyans appreciate him as a fearless crusader for truth, justice and democracy

Has no publicly debated allegations of corruption

Great crowd puller/mobiliser/entertainer

Descends from a legendary family

100% devoted following of the Luo community

Recognized as the individual best credited with the incumbent election to
President in 2002

Won the 2005 Constitution Referendum

Anchored by tribal chiefs with the potential to draw multi-regional support

Limited understanding on economic matters

Has been faulted as having exhibited a knack for political party relationship

Association with Communism

Potential for linkage to the underdevelopment in Nyanza

The 1982 coup

Acrimonious parting of ways with Wamalwa Kijana (Luhya Western) Moi
(Kalenjin, Rift Valley) Kibaki (Gema, Mt Kenya region) and Kalonzo
(Kamba , Eastern)

Matters surrounding corruption allegations related to the molasses plant,
Kisumu and implications of corruption as alleged by the Ndungu Report

Pin down Mwai Kibaki on his 2002 promise to be a one term president

Capitalize on matters related to the dishonoured MoU of 2002

Take advantage of Mwai Kibakisí Laziness and laidback attitude

Exploit anti-Kikuyu sentiments

Leverage the vulnerability of the Kibaki administration responses to corruption
matters as the Anglo-leasing and Goldenberg scandal. Seize this
opportunity to confront him with a powerful anti-corruption campaign message

Ditto the £130b stashed away by Kanu leaders

Artur brothers and their raid to the Standard Group


The Candidates religion and perceived state of religiosity

The publicís perception of the candidateís Communism

Kibera in his Langata constituency is the least developed and most volatile area of



Damage incurred from Hon Rutoís recorded statements on the Candidates unelectability

The Candidates potential for ad-hoc and imrpovised statements


Based on the above SWOT

a the Candidateís Strengths and Opportunities significantly outweigh hisweaknesses.

b The Candidates/Party popularity is imminent should we recreate andmaintain the euphoria achieved during the 2005 Constitutional Referendum
and in the last General Election.

The Grand Entrance
As earlier agreed in order that our candidate campaigns commence with impact, it is necessary
that he exit Kenya to lay foundation for a grand home coming similar to Matibasin 1992 and Kibakis in 2002. Whereas the party has identified areas such as Nigeria and
Middle East as regions of interest, it is recommended that the Candidate focus on Europeand the United States where Diaspora is active) for this purpose. A lengthy absence will
starve the country of Hon Raila and stimulate an outpouring of adoration that will take usto victory.

Kikuyu Alienation

Owing to this strategyís success during the 2005 referendum, it is the partyís position itshould be utilized once more for the General Election. There is overwhelming feeling
among the non-Gema communities that the Kikuyu are selfish bigots dedicated to a tribalhegemony who will never share the spoils of government with other communities. Underpinning
this strategy is the blessing that ODM campaign has able pointmen in Mudavadi,
Ruto, Balala and Ntimama who can efficiently galvanize their respective communities
around the anti-kikuyu initiative. Concurrently, every effort must be made to undermine
Kalonzo in order to prevent him from emerging as an alternative avenue for antikikuyu
sentiment. In this regard, particular caution should be placed on regions such asRVP where Kalonzo has the potential of attracting some of our votes. Anti-Kikuyuism
must be reinforced with promises of jobs and economic gains to key players from everycommunity supporting this initiative.

The Class Issue

It is possible to trigger a class war by painting the Kibaki Government as an insensitive,
uncaring group of Muthaiga Golf clubbers. Available research also suggests that this
strategy could also resonate with poor kikuyu youth who feel economically marginalized
by their own government. As part of this strategy the party should seek to elevate the
emotions within all youth constituents who may it successful, be willing to vote for us inthe protest. Visible signs of class disparity will provide important fodder for this theme.


It is absolutely essential that through out this campaign, Raila remain aligned to theWestern Countries (such as the United States) in order to take advantage of the deteriorating
relationship between them and Kibaki. ODM can expect both financial and politicalsupport particularly from the United States.

Pull All Plugs

This being the contest of a lifetime, the party should employ all available means to ensurea victory. Subterranean campaigns will therefore form a critical component of our activi

ties. Corruption in the Kibaki Government, the mess of Kibakis domestic situation and
the soap opera of the Artur brothers provide ready material for this war.
The Media
Since 2005, the Orange team has maintained intimate contacts across all media. Even
though a number of senior media managers are active in our campaigns, we should establish
strongest Media Centre possible, manned by local and international experts. Indeed,
we must approach this issue with the understanding that victory in the media war could
very well mean victory at the polls.
Identify the Fixers.
There is no doubt that the key regional point men are invaluable to this campaign as
without them the whole thing could tumble. In order\ to insulate the candidate from attacks
on his person, not all advertising and campaign efforts should be focused on him.
At the same time, all possible efforts should be used to retain discipline among the party
leadership, including reminding them of their vulnerability.
Tap into pledged funding from external donors including Federal Republic of Nigeria,
Germany, the United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Libya, The Democratic Republic of
Congo as well as individual /institutional caucuses such as GTZ network, Cyril Ramaphosa,
the Deya Ministries and US Republicans among others.
Below is the schedule of activities that will lead to the implementation of our strategy
How to Activate
When to Activate
Action By:
The Anti-Kikuyu crusade
1. This is an important wedge issue. It will help galvanise the rest of the country against a
common enemy and set the overall theme of our campaign
1. Mass media (allusion to predominance of Kikuyus in public service and business
2. Public Rallies
3 Leaflets

4 Viral e-mail and SMS
Through out the campaign period, heightened activities three weeks before elections
All members R.O. to lead the execution of this strategyUhuru Kenyatta as Kibakis Choice for 2012

1. 1. Accentuate the anti-Kikuyu sentiments.
2. Cause unease within PNU ranks
3.Attract Luhya vote by eliminating the belief that there will be a Luhya successor
4. Communicate the intention to retain power within a select group of prominent political
(Kenyatta, Moi, Kibaki)
Speculative newspaper articles /opeds

Public pronouncements at all campaign rallies

Blogs/web forums

Leaflets, with special focus on Western Kenya and RVPImmediately, with heightened media activities end of November

Kipkoech Tanui & Okech Kendo.
2. R.O
5. Majimbo present the promise to the electorate that they will retain their resources
at the exclusion of foreigners particularly the Kikuyu, Akamba and the Indians. It is particularly
important in galvanising the Coastal vote.
1. Public Rallies in RVP Western and Coast
2. Op-Ed columns in the mainstream media
3. TV/FM radio call in shows
Public forums such as workshops with high profile personalities such as Ghai.
Immediate heightened activities sin December
Ruto to lead campaign team.
CorruptionBranding the opponent as irredeemably corrupt will provide diversionary salvos and a
campaign theme worth pursuing through out the electioneering period.

Press conferences, themed under specific premises such as Telkom and Safaricom
TV, Radio, Billboard advertising.
Newspaper articles, radio and TV talkshows.
Campaign Rallies
5. Viral email, Mashada Blogs, You tube and SmSThrough out the campaign period with heightened activities in NOV/DEC

All RO to provide core leadership.
The Githongo DossierGithongo has so far provided the most important ammunition in branding the opponent as
irredeemably corrupt. He still is capable of killer blowRelease more incriminating recordings from his time in Government10 days before electionsJ Odindo to provide Nation forum.

R.O. to release material already in custodyThe Artur Brothers
This Saga presents unending opportunities to embarrass the Kibaki teamInduce brothers to release their long awaited book at the right moment. Our mediapartners are waiting to serialize the contents.
Two weeks before the elections

The age issueOur core supporters are essentially young people whoa re angry about the domination ofKibaki politics by frail septuagenarians.
Billboards and leaflets ridiculing the old people in the Kibaki team; contrast this withbillboards of Hon Raila with young people- the promise of a buoyant future.
immediatelyCommunication team
1. Prepare ground for rejection of
1. Press conferences
Oct/Nov/ DecAll
Unfavourable results 2.Increase interest in monitoring activities to ensure no rigging

3. Deflect attention from ourselves should opportunities be available to manipulate voterturnout in our green areas.
Op-Ed Columns
TV/FM radio call-in shows

Petitions to embassies and ODM- friendly NGOsí
Public Rallies

Ethnic Tensions/Violence as a lastResort
To discourage voter participation in hostile areas
Continue pro-Majimbo utterances

Use ODM agents on the ground to engineer ethnic tensions in target areas

Support Kapondiís forces in Mt. Elgon

Leaflets targeting the Kikuyus, Kisiis, etcMid-Dec
Bring Alexanda Sitienei”

Obama, Acorn, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Voter fraud, Seize power, Saul Alinsky, Raila Odinga, Obama and Acorn socialists, Smoking gun

If you are not aware of the many ties Obama has to Acorn, you have some
work to do. You can find more on this blog, Michelle Malkin’s site,
Stanley Kurtz articles and many other good sources. Acorn has been
involved in voter fraud for years and just yesterday, the Las Vegas
office of Acorn was raided by law enforcement. Acorn was also a major
force in creating the Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac mortgage and financial

Below is an exerpt from an official Acorn document. Read it carefully,
noting the highlighted words and relate their philosophy and actions
to current events. By all means, ask questions, do more reading and
tell everyone you know. As John McCain stated in the debate last night,
check the records of both candidates.
“ACORN Report
The ACORN Report is published by ACORN’s National Office and contains up-to-date information. We have ACORN Reports indexed by date and topic available.”

“City Limits February 1999
During its 15 years in New York City, ACORN has helped squatters claim derelict city-owned property, forced bankers to invest in low-income communities, and organized a war against the city’s workfare program.

It’s also developed a reputation for no-holds-barred tactics—getting results through adversarial campaigns against bankers, politicians and bureaucrats using confrontation and concession rather than consensus. ACORN, unlike most social service non-profits, scorns charity. Their goal is to help poor people seize power.”

This comes straight from the Acorn national office.
Note the following:

“Their goal is to help poor people seize power”

It does not say, as John Mccain or Ronald Reagan would say, help poor
people to better themselves and their economic condition, but rather
“seize power.”

This comes straight out of the playbook of Obama, Saul Alinsky and Raila Odinga.

If you are outraged at this attempt to socialize America, visit:


Read the Acorn article: