Obama Manchurian Candidate, Communist ties, Soviets, Russians, Marxist, CPUSA, Communist Party of the United States of America, Hawaii CP network, Frank Marshall Davis, Raila Odinga, Communist front organizations


Manchurian Candidate

Part 2

Communist, Soviet, Russian ties

 Let’s begin with something simple.

Obama’s parents first met in Russian class

“In a Russian class at the University of Hawaii, she met the college’s first African student, Barack Obama. They married and had a son in August 1961, in an era when interracial marriage was rare in the United States.”
From the NY Times

This may mean nothing, but it sure is interesting. No single puzzle piece is significant until the puzzle picture begins to emerge.

Frank Marshall Davis mentored Obama in 1970’s

“The reason is apparent: Davis was a known communist who belonged to a party subservient to the Soviet Union. In fact, the 1951 report of the Commission on Subversive Activities to the Legislature of the Territory of Hawaii identified him as a CPUSA member. What’s more, anti-communist congressional committees, including the House Un-American Activities

Committee (HUAC), accused Davis of involvement in several Communist front organizations,” Kincaid said. Kincaid noted Obama has admitted attending “social conferences” and seeing Marxist literature. “But he ridicules the charge of being a ‘hard-core academic Marxist,’ which was made by his colorful and outspoken 2004 U.S. Senate opponent, Republican Alan Keyes.”

“Decades ago, the CPUSA had tens of thousands of members, some of them covert agents who had penetrated the U.S. government. It received secret subsidies from the old Soviet Union,” Kincaid wrote.
Read more

Davis defended communists
(From an article that downplays Davis’ communist ties)

“Mr. Davis constantly defended the 11 top United States Communist officials recently convicted in New York on charges of conspiracy to advocate the overthrow of the Government by force and violence. One of Mr. Davis’ comments on the case was as follows : “I feel strong sympathy for the Communist minority who are being oppressed for their political beliefs.” (Honolulu Record, October 20, 1949, p. 6).”
“Mr. Davis has signed a number of statements in behalf of Communists under the sponsorship of the Civil Rights Congress; one of these defended was Gerhart Eisler, notorious Communist international agent who escaped jailing for passport fraud by fleeing to the Soviet sector of Germany.”
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Note passport fraud above. Sound familiar and suspicious?

Key witness in passport fraud case fatally shot

“key witness in a federal probe into passport information stolen from the State Department was fatally shot in front of a District church, the Metropolitan Police Department said yesterday.

Lt. Quarles Harris Jr., 24, who had been cooperating with a federal investigators, was found late Thursday night slumped dead inside a car, in front of the Judah House Praise Baptist Church in Northeast, said Cmdr. Michael Anzallo, head of the department’s Criminal Investigations Division. ‘
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Obama traveled to Pakistan in 1981
From the Philip Berg lawsuit
“53. Furthermore, Obama traveled to Indonesia, Pakistan and Southern India in 1981. The relations between Pakistan and India were extremely tense and Pakistan was in turmoil and under martial law. The country was filled with Afghan refugees; and Pakistan’s Islamist-leaning Interservices Intelligence Agency (ISI) had begun to provide arms to the Afghan mujahideen and to assist the process of recruiting radicalized Muslim men–jihadists–from around the world to fight against the Soviet Union. Pakistan was so dangerous that it was on the State Department’s travel ban list for US Citizens. Non-Muslim visitors were not welcome unless sponsored by their embassy for official business. A Muslim citizen of Indonesia traveling on an Indonesian passport would have success entering Indonesia, Pakistan and India. Therefore, it is believed Obama traveled on his Indonesian passport entering the Countries. Indonesian passports require renewal every five (5) years. At the time of Obama’s travels to Indonesia, Pakistan and India, Obama was twenty (20) years old. If Obama would have been a U.S. citizen, which he was not, 8 USC §1481(a)(2) provides loss of nationality by native born citizens upon “taking an oath or making an affirmation or other formal declaration of allegiance to a foreign state…after having attained the age of eighteen years”, in violation of 8 U.S.C. §1401(a)(1). Since Lolo Soetoro legally acknowledged Obama as his son and/or adopted Obama, Obama was a “natural” citizen of Indonesia, as proven by Obama’s school record.”

In 1981 Pakistan had millions who had fled Afghanistan. The Soviets controlled the Afghan government.

Soviet invasion and control of Afghanistan, from Wikipedia

“The Government and political structure of Afghanistan had been copied from the Soviet model. As with all communist states, the communist party had supreme power in the government. The party members got all the government positions in the country. When the Parcham took governmental power in Afghanistan, the governmental structure was not altered. The biggest change was that the Khalqies was forced of from their governmental positions and replaced by Parchams.

When the Soviet Union occupied Afghanistan in 1979 they killed Khaq leader Amin and replaced hin with Babrak Karmal the same year. Karmal’s government was more or less a puppet government for the Soviet Union. The Soviets took total control over governmental politics after the invasion until their withdrawal in 1989.[32]”

What does this mean?

Obama has kept much of his life hidden. We know little of Obama’s 1981 Pakistan trip. It is obvious that there were plenty of soviets in the area. Did Obama meet with them during his trip? We may never know.

Obama has close ties to his leftist, Marxist cousin, Raila Odinga

“Raila Odinga’s politics, like the politics of his father, Odinga Odinga, are on the far left. Raila Odinga was educated at the Technical University in Magdeburg in east Germany, where he graduated in 1970″

“with a degree in mechanical engineering. There he heard Fidel Castro lecture and he named his first born son Fidel”

“By supporting Odinga, Senator Obama is also seen in Kenya as siding with the extreme left wing of Kenyan politics, going back to the overt communism of Odinga Odinga. Odinga’s current party, the Orange Democratic Movement, or ODM, is a leftist-socialist political party that stops short of being openly communist.”
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Barack Obama visited Kenya in 2006 and campaigned for his cousin, Raila Odinga, a member of the radical ODM party. Obama also criticized the Kenyan government. Obama’s actions in Kenya are a possible violation of the Logan Act. Here is a video of Obama and Raila Odinga:

This article is from January 22, 2007

“Obama Manchurian or Mohammedan Candidate?”

“CFP pondered how it was possible for a senator to emerge from the fog to land himself on the pages of USA Today where he was touted as “the new face of change and reform for the Democratic party?””

“”What if Obama is engaged in pious fraud? This is a Muslim practice of pretending not to be Muslim to further the cause of Islam or to “defend the faith”. He becomes President and then says, “Gee…I think I want to be Muslim again” after he finds the “football” in his hands that carries the launch codes for the USA nuke forces.”

“Is this media darling in reality a brainwashed man?”
Canada Free Press article

Obama, Chavez and Russian vessels off coast of Venezuela

“As of today, September 7, Chavez has announced he is making some similar deal himself  with Russia off the coast ofVenezuela. Just to be sure we got the point he threw in one of his demeaning anti-American insults.  Notice these wheels have been in motion – spurred on by obama – since May of this year.”
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April 2, 2009

“Obama gets Russia on track”

“Russia’s Dmitry Medvedev hailed Barack Obama as “my new comrade“”

“The Russian president contrasted Obama as “totally different” to his predecessor George W. Bush, whom he blamed for the “mistake” of U.S. missile shield plans fiercely opposed by Moscow.”

“In their London talks, Obama and Medvedev launched a milestone quest to slash their nuclear arsenals, hoping to reverse the worst slump in the former foes’ ties since the end of the Cold War.”

“”Yesterday I spoke about this with my new comrade President Barack Obama,” Medvedev said.”
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The following exerpts tie all of this together and explain the Communist Party’s objectives and how Obama was exposed to them. Remember, much of Obama’s exposure took place prior to his trip to Pakistan in 1981.

“In a dossier posted on the America’s Survival blog Herbert Romerstein, a former US government security investigator, records how Moscow micromanaged the CPUSA. In 1935, Moscow instructed it to establish a CP apparatus in Hawaii to develop a mass revolutionary movement there and promote the withdrawal from its territory of US forces – at that time essential for the defence of the US. This Hawaii CP network was perceived by government bodies to be a major threat to US national security.

A key figure was Harry Bridges, a CP agent and head of the International Longshoremen’s and Warehousemen’s Union. In 1948, Frank Marshall Davis came to Hawaii at the suggestion of Bridges and another secret CPUSA member, Paul Robeson. Dr. Kathryn Takara, a professor of Interdisciplinary Studies at the University of Hawaii, herself a radical poet and Obama supporter (and who takes issue with some of the claims made about Davis and Obama) wrote her dissertation on Davis and spent much time with him between 1972 and his death in 1987. In an analysis, Takara notes that he brought ‘an acute sense of race relations and class struggle throughout America and the world’ and that he openly discussed subjects such as American imperialism,  colonialism and exploitation. He espoused freedom, radicalism, solidarity, labor unions, due process, peace, affirmative action, civil rights, Negro History week, and true Democracy to fight imperialism, colonialism, and white supremacy. He urged coalition politics.”
“As Kincaid reports, Kathryn Takara has said that Obama was introduced to Davis by his grandfather Stanley Dunham, who considered Davis a ‘strong black male figure’ and thought he exerted a ‘positive’ and significant influence over Obama during his high school years. In her view, Davis was just such a black role model for the young Obama and gave him ‘a sense of believing that change can happen’ through ‘living in a diverse world’. The problem was that Davis believed ‘change’ could best be achieved through Stalinism.”

“The reason is apparent: Davis was a known communist who belonged to a party subservient to the Soviet Union. In fact, the 1951 report of the Commission on Subversive Activities to the Legislature of the Territory of Hawaii identified him as a CPUSA member. What’s more, anti-communist congressional committees, including the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC), accused Davis of involvement in several communist-front organizations.”


“Obama’s victory was more than a progressive move; it was a dialectical leap ushering in a qualitatively new era of struggle. Marx once compared revolutionary struggle with the work of the mole, who sometimes burrows so far beneath the ground that he leaves no trace of his movement on the surface. This is the old revolutionary ‘mole,’ not only showing his traces on the surface but also breaking through.’

Not surprisingly, therefore, this underground ‘mole’ has been backed to the hilt by American Communists. In 2004, the Chicago Communist Party backed his successful campaign for the Senate, as the People’s Weekly reported:

Activists from Illinois were immersed in the campaign to elect Barak Obama to the U.S. Senate. Obama won a landslide victory in the March 16 Democratic primary. If Obama wins in November, he would be only the third African American senator since Reconstruction. ‘This was a historic victory. It was a victory for political independence and grassroots, coalition, and issue oriented politics over the machine and money,’ said John Bachtell, Illinois CP district organizer.’

And as the Columbia News Service reported, the Young Communist League has mobilised to campaign for Obama: doubtless the Democratic Party is less than anxious to divulge to the nation this particular affiliation of these young activists who are helping it get out the Democratic vote.”
“In his most recent post on the subject, Cliff Kincaid reports that Obama has now acknowledged a personal relationship with Frank Marshall Davis. But in a riposte to allegations about his radical associations, his camp has nevertheless misleadingly edited an article to conceal the fact that Davis was a member of CPUSA. This is less than surprising since, as Kincaid also notes, the Senate Internal Security Subcommittee issued a report in 1956 declaring:
‘Founded in September 1919, the Communist Party of the United States of America is an organization unique in American history. It is not a true political party and differs fundamentally from all political parties in this country. It is in fact a Russian-inspired, Moscow-dominated, anti-American, quasi-military conspiracy against our Government, our ideals, and our freedoms.’ In 1982 testimony, FBI assistant director for intelligence Edward J. O’Malley testified that the CPUSA has been ‘one of the most loyal and pro-Soviet Communist Parties in the world and has unfalteringly accepted Soviet direction and funding over the years.’ The recent book, Comrade J, based on interviews with a Russian spymaster at the United Nations, documents that Soviet intelligence operations against the U.S. continued even as the Soviet Union collapsed and Russia emerged in its place.
Camp Obama might also have a few problems with this recent account in the UK’s  Daily Telegraph, which reported that Davis was also a pornographer and sexual deviant who was into sado-masochism and even the seduction of a 13 year old girl:
On other occasions, Mr Davis would cruise in Hawaii parks looking for couples or female tourists to have sex with. He derived sexual gratification from bondage, simulated rape and being flogged and urinated on. He boasted that ‘the number of white babes interested in at least one meeting with a Negro male has been far more than I can handle’ and wished ‘America were as civilised as, say, Scandinavia’. He concluded: ‘I regret none of my experiences or unusual appetites; for me they are normal.’
Ah yes, redefining deviancy as normality, the agenda indeed of Gramsci/Alinsky: patron saints of community organisers, apostles of deeply underground mole-like revolutionary Marxism, architects of the wildly successful undermining of western morality and society in America and Britain — and now poised to embed itself in the White House, epicentre of the oppressive global capitalist regime, itself.”
Read more

Is Barack Obama a Manchurian Candidate?

Is Obama being controlled and influenced byCommunists in Russia or other countries?

Part 1 provided well documented ties from Obama to many leftist, socialist and radical people and organizations.

Part 2 has provided Obama’s long time ties to communists and the Communists Party of the United States.

Part 3 will provide evidence that the Russians helped place Obama in power. If you are already not freightened for this country, Part 3 will take you there.

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  1. Hey, SueK,

    If you’re around, Drudge has something that with the swine flu, many people suffering, even those with severely ill, don’t have a fever. That’s kind of strange. Have you heard of this? I have always had fever with the flu, which fever can be a good thing to burn up the bug faster if it doesn’t get too high.

  2. The Cold War was simply a battle. The war is yet to be won.

  3. I wonder who consoled the Usurping B—–d when the wall fell

  4. kittycat // May 12, 2009 at 7:15 pm

    Hi Kittycat,

    Yes, I know about the lack of fever in many swine flu cases. This is odd, because one of the hallmarks of flu IS fever! There are also ‘intestinal’ symptoms with some of the cases, which is also weird.

    I guess this 4-bug combo affects people differently-not all the symptoms are common to everyone.

  5. It’s a “Designer Virus” with rare symptomatology.

  6. Yeah, designer virus sounds about right!

  7. venice,

    I would hope not! It’s like bringing the fox into the hen house. Both parties are the reason why we are in this disaster crisis!

    Ban GOP actions into this Patriot movement. Otherwise we are doomed from the start.

    And yes, I used to be a GOP member until 9 years ago in case you wonder where I sit in my views on this matter.

  8. Sean H. (on his radio show) interviewed Dr. Alan Keyes who just got out of jail tonight on bond.
    Dr. Keyes invited all Americans to stand with
    him the graduation weekend at Notre Dame
    to protest Obama’s giving the commencement
    address. Dr. Keyes said it was a “scandal” to
    have invited Obama to speak based on Obama’s
    pro-choice/pro-abortion views.

  9. JeffM,

    Can’t disagree there. But I think its misleading to identify this crisis as party affiliated.

    One could say it is proletariat vs. the ruling class, but even that is too simplistic. There is much division in America today, not just across party and social class lines, but especially among the masses.

    As I’ve said before, those who support this president and its administration believe in their power to heed to the needs of the people. They are much like children, dependent, ignorant (as in not knowing), and feel resourceless (notice I say feel, not necessarily are) either through education and/or ability , monetarily or a combination thereof.

    Those who feel more resourceful, are less dependent , seek their civil liberties and will most strongly oppose this administration

    The question is in what proportion do these 2 groups exist. Even though I often quote polls, I don’t fundamentally believe them as static numbers, because they are all part of the media machinery. I only pay attention to trends as they give you some sense of the changing sentiments of the nation.

    My sense is that many more oppose this administration than polls will divulge. If the opposition can be galvanized at the level of the military especially, then real change will take place.

    Party lines are not discriminating ideologies effectively. One could argue for example that a centrist liberal has more in common with a liberal republican than it has with a liberal democrat. I view socialist/liberal/conservative views not so much as on a linear continuum, but as a circular dynamic, where socialism is closer to so-called conservative ideas (in their extremities) than it is to liberal ideas for example.

    This party nomenclature is misleading and as such has been beautifully exploited by this administration as CW’s recent post describes.

  10. Just reviewing obama’s close connection with
    Frank Davis is enough to NEVER want him
    near the White House nor in our government
    in any position! Get him out NOW!—

  11. Fernley Girl

    From RBO:

    Chicagoans Valerie Jarrett and Tina Tchen said an office they both lead, the White House Office of Public Liaison, is being renamed to the Office of Public Engagement to give it more of a community organizing tone that is central to Obama’s biography.


  12. “public engagement”….can’t you just feel the stronghold around your neck?

  13. http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/politics/Obamas-dangerous-budget-leaves-GOP-at-loss-for-words-44754742.html

    The magnitude of the budget will reach many. Will it be enough to persuade what is really at stake?

  14. Fernley Girl

    Vencie @ 10:44 pm

    2010 Budget @ $3.6 trillion= $1,141,552.51 per second. (If I did my math correctly!!)

  15. venice,

    I understand where you are coming from. Many Republicans and Democrats are excellent patriots.

    What I’m referring to is the RnC (i.e. GOP) and DnC. They are private organizations and both are extremely corrupt, if not criminal in nature. We as Patriots need to make sure these two corporations stay out of our mess kit until the dust settles.

  16. @ Citizen Wells:

    Brillant work as usual!

    It is very scary and it just blows my mind that people don’t pay attention to all those FACTS.

    I can’t wait to read the part 3.


  17. If you really want to imagine how big the budget will be in 2010 try this

    Put a dollar for every mile from the sun to pluto. The last one would touch pluto.

  18. I did my math wrong there…

    Its actually take a thousand dollars for every mile from the sun to pluto and the last will touch pluto

  19. The recent round of alleged jokes by the black female alleged comedian only confirms the pervasiveness of the lunacy within the Democratic Party. I personally found her jokes to be completely repugnant. I believe that reverend Wright would have at least made more intelligent statements,which says very little for her. Soetoro was grinning like a skunk dining on DUNG, all the time that she was SPEAKING.
    Also I hope that Cheney continues to speak out on Soetoro. The more Cheney talks the greater is the chance that he will inadvertently say something that will help us in bringing down ALL of the FAR LEFT LUNATICS,who are trying to sellout the US.

  20. Hi Fernley Girl. ………………. To expand upon your comment regarding the new name for the Jarett office. Secretly it will also be known as INFORMATION CENTRAL for AHMADINAJAD. You can rest assured in the knowledge that anything he asks for WILL BE SUPPLIED via Jarrett. In all probability this will include our NUCLEAR TECHNOLOGY SECRETS.

  21. Now that MMMMSSSS. IMPORTANT has been publically exposed as a LIAR,I believe that she should be removed from her position as speaker, and censured, as was SLICK WILLY after he lied to the FEDERAL GRAND JURY.

  22. King Obama aka Manchurian Candidate and weasle man H. Waxman are pushing for a $3,100 per family Carbon tax by Memorial Day.


    When will this maddness end? We can’t wait for 2010!

  23. Fernley Girl

    I did a little more math…..2010 Budget @ $3.6 trillion= $1,141,552.51 per second divided by estimated US population of 306,415,480 times 31,536,600 seconds in a year equals $46,995 for every human being in the country. The median US income in 2007 was $50,233.

  24. Great article. Obama’s Declaration of Independence…


  25. BTW where is John Stossel on all this? Why is there not one 20/20, 48 hours type piece on all of this? I am still shocked at what is being ignored by our media….even Fox. This is NEWS. This, along with the birth issue, the sealed records, the identity fraud and money laundering allegations….and so, so much more.

    This is not our country anymore. We MUST take it back……..but how do we educate the people to these matters? The first thing they say is that if there was something to it, the MSM (or Rush) would be all over it. They do have a point.

    I graduated in the 80’s with a degree in journalism. What is going on today breaks every rule of honor I was taught to live up to. When I worked as a reporter, I was extremely cautious when presenting political hot topics…….but we did not shy away from them.

    I am just at a loss for a suitable explaination here. Somethings should be bigger than money

  26. Please forward this video to everyone in America, particularly everyone in your local government, and then follow up and accomplish!

  27. Very uplifting video by Jeremy Camp!God keeps giving us strength !

  28. That BO really sickens me. I am really tired of all the crap he is doing to our country and the people. I hope and pray that the grand juries (americangrandjury.org) will end up being successful with getting that usurper removed. He is too proud to step down on his own and resign for the sake of the people. I think he has to be forced to resign. So far, he has been found to be indicted for treason and fraud.

  29. Buses from Chicago going to Notre Dame protest:


  30. http://www.thebiblicalworldview.org/obama-sabotaging-the-economy/
    This guy speaks the truth out of love to what is going on!Please read!

  31. http://canadafreepress.com/index.php/article/10784

    Obama has been formally charged with treason by a US Naval Officer. According to the video, there’s only two outcomes; either the officer is court martialed or Obama is found guilty.

    It was filed March 17. He says the “no response” means the government is complicit.
    The officer was “visited” by Secret Service 2 days after filing, and then they left him alone.

    Of course the lefties are disparaging this guy and mocking, as usual, but that just means they’re scared. What happens now?

  32. http://cosmos.bcst.yahoo.com/up/player/popup/?rn=3906861&cl=13432346&ch=4226713&src=news
    God Bless You Miss CA!Stand up for your rights and your beliefs!!!!!!!!

  33. GBAmerica,

    Dr. Allen Barber said :

    Unless the nation repents, there is no hope for the United States of America to remain a free sovereign strong nation

    First of all, Dr. Barber obviously speaks from the eschatological school viewpoint, called Dispensationalism.

    He does not even realize that Dispensationalism started in the 1830’s, by a man named John Nelson Darby.

    Darby taught that there were seven dispensations, and the seventh was the Millenium.

    He fails utterly at correct Chronology of when things actually took place, and therefore fails in the so called- seventh dispensation, the Millenium perspective of his.

    Dispensationalism unfortunately is taught in the major universities, and by the major speakers of today.

    This corrupt man made doctrine, has temporarily hijacked the Kingdom of God/The Church, and has kept alot of Elect folks, bound up in fear, disbelief, confusion, etc.

    If correct chronology say’s that the Kingdom of God has already started, based on biblical fact, then WOE to those who teach otherwise.

    In conclusion, i don’t buy the belief, that the United States is corporately judged, and is going to hell in a hand basket.

    I have hope for the greatest nation on earth, The United States Of America, in spite of the present challenges we face with B.O.

    When the Church leadership throws off the “heretical doctrine” that has hijacked it, then it too can flourish once again.

    So, does that guy speak the truth out of love to what’s going on ?

    In my opinion, not theologically !

  34. While Obama gives away 4000 interrogation photos guaranteed to result in the DEATHS of US soldiers, he proclaims he is concerned with their mental stress from war. Well he already said vets were terrorists, now he wants to put a mental label on them.

  35. I have linked to your post from Obama’s Seeds of Socialism using an outline of your post.

  36. citizenwells

    Thanks and God bless.

  37. Kaleokualoha

    “The problem was that Davis believed ‘change’ could best be achieved through Stalinism.”

    Do you have any evidence of this, or is it pure speculation?

  38. citizenwells

    Much of Davis’ life reveals this. It is well documented.

  39. Kaleokualoha

    Empirical evidence refutes such speculation. According to “The New Red Negro,” Davis directly criticized Stalin in his writing (see http://books.google.com/books?id=kt5LMD-OnxoC&pg=PA48&lpg=PA48&dq=%22the+new+red+negro%22+communist+davis&source=web&ots=B-HaNJA9HW&sig=ZiOltjxuI1QwdjCAvvEC0f4NnGQ&hl=en&sa=X&oi=book_result&resnum=2&ct=result#PPA47,M1).

    Further, Edgar Tidwell, whom AIM’s Cliff Kincaid cites as “an expert on the life and writings of Davis,” dismisses misrepresentation of Davis’s influence in one simple paragraph:

    “Although my research indicates that Davis joined the CPUSA as a “closet member” during World War II, there is no evidence that he was a Stalinist, or even a Party member before WWII. Further, to those attempting to make the specious stand for the concrete, there is no evidence that he instructed Barack Obama in communist ideology. Frank Marshall Davis did NOT believe in overthrowing the USA. He was committed to what the nation professed to be. For him, communism was primarily an intellectual vehicle to achieve a political end-a possible tool for gaining the constitutional freedoms of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for ALL Americans”

  40. CW: I believe Kaleokualoha is the guy from Obambi who claims to be the son of FMD, and strenuously does not believe FMD was a communist. Am I wrong Kaleo? They last were challenging you for some DNA because some restauranteur has some Obama DNA with which to compare.

  41. Kaleokualoha

    Untrue, Annelyn. I am not contesting that FMD was a “communist”; only the exaggeration that he was a Stalinist. Here is the direct quote from “The New Red Negro” (page 48)concerning Davis and Stalin:

    “Frank Marshall Davis wrote poetry attacking Stalin by name, which appeared in his collections “I Am The American Negro” (1937) and “47th Street Poems” (1948)”

  42. Kaleokualoha,

    Communism is a set of ideas and ideals. Stalinism is the application of such by one man, Stalin. Another man was Mao, hence stalinism and Maoism are distinct as they are applied principles by two people. Each places their own stamp.

    But of course, these are the kinds of debates that pseudointellectuals engage in because the core issue is harder to digest. Obama will bastardize any system or set of ideals to reach his end. Nice try though.

  43. Kaleokualoha

    What’s the “core issue” in your view? The core issue of my post was the posted misrepresentation that “Davis believed ‘change’ could best be achieved through Stalinism.”

  44. Kaleokualoha

    The core issue of the original post is presumably Obama’s “socialism.” Using false evidence to support your claim, such as Davis’s alleged Stalinism, does not enhance your argument.

    According to right-wing firebrand “Accuracy In Media,” however, both Bush and McCain have already gone down the socialist road. By using broad definitions, “We Are All Socialists Now” declared the 16 Feb 09 issue of Newsweek.

    None of these, however, meet the Marxist definition of socialism. According to dictionary.com, socialism is “a theory or system of social organization that advocates the vesting of the ownership and control of the means of production and distribution, of capital, land, etc., in the community as a whole. In Marxist theory, it is the stage following capitalism in the transition of a society to communism, characterized by the imperfect implementation of collectivist principles.”

    Are you accusing Obama of Marxist socialism, or some hybrid version located at some point on the mixed economy spectrum?

  45. Actually, Obama is just destroying America, with a lot of lies and serious distractions to cover the looting. Were it that he only foresaw a socialist utopia for Americans: he actually hates this country.
    His mentor Ayers is a neostalinist. He’s also a follower of Bryzynski and his perverted world view.
    From Ayer’s website after Obama’s win:
    “The end of an empire is messy at best, and this one is ending like all of the rest. Like the Spanish Armada adrift on the sea, we’re adrift in the land of the brave and home of the free.”

  46. Kaleokualoha

    Obama is looting? In your opinion he is amassing wealth from America’s coffers, without adhering to any established school of economic theory?

  47. Kaleokualoha

    OK, let’s forget the “looting.” Do you believe Bush was “destroying America” with the 2008 bailout?

  48. Here read this, Kale:


    $550 Billion withdrawn in 1 hour 9-15-09, Bush HAD to bail out the banks or the entire financial system would have crashed.

  49. And who did that? Nobody knows for sure, but in all likelihood it was SOROS et al to toss the election to Obama.

    And then after the bailout was voted for PELOSI held off for 2 weeks causing millions of Americans to lose BILLIONS in the resulting stock market crash. She delayed to assure an Obama win, at the cost of citizens’ savings. They don’t give a shit about what we’ve worked for the Democrats STEAL US BLIND.

  50. Kaleokualoha

    Back to “looting”? Who, specifically, is stealing us blind? Who, other than criminals like Bernie Madoff, has made outrageous profits from the economic crisis? A sinking tide lowers all ships.

  51. Kale: Obama quadrupled the Bush deficit in his first 8 weeks, he’s lost the US 5 million jobs just since he usurped, and the manufacturing base is down to 75%. His job is to deindustrialize America and give away its jobs, sovereignty and wealth.

    He is raping and pillaging America. He did tell us that we would now next experience sky high inflation rates; that’s like a rapist telling his victim to check for an STD.

    Keep up at http://www.theobamafile.com/ObamaLatest.htm unless, as I suspect, you choose to remain willfully ignorant.

  52. Kaleokualoha

    You cite evidence of “destruction,” not “looting” or “stealing.” They are entirely different phenomena. All accusations should be backed by evidence. Where is the evidence of “looting” or “stealing”?

    Let’s try to keep this civil, without personal attacks.

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