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** Update **

Jerome Corsi will be interviewed on MommaE talk radio tonight:


Jerome Corsi will be interviewed on Hannity and Colmes on Fox, Monday
night, October 13, 2008. Corsi has just returned from Kenya after being
deported by the Kenyan Government. Jerome Corsi will relate information
he obtained in Kenya including emails between Obama’s senate office
and Raila Odinga. Raila Odinga is Obama’s cousin and during Obama’s
visit to Kenya, Obama helped Odinga campaign for office as a member
of the radical, leftist ODM party. Obama received an official complaint
from the Kenyan Government.

Mr. Corsi also has a copy of a document from the ODM party that outlines
their strategy during the election. The Citizen Wells blog received a
copy of this document in August 2008 that was leaked out of Kenya. The
document was published on this blog and can be viewed here:


Sean Hannity interviewed Jerome Corsi on his radio show last week. Mr.
Corsi had just arrived in London after being deported from Kenya:

Citizen Wells received a tip from commenter Marielle that a relative of
Senator Obama had been recently murdered in Kenya. Here are some exerpts
“Kenya: Senator Obama’s relative murdered – Is it a political message on things to come? Remembering the late democrat, Kennedy.
Posted by africanpress on October 10, 2008

News In Brief By Leo Odera Omolo 

A close relative of the US Democratic Party Presidential candidate Barrack Obama jnr was among the three fuel stations attendants who were mowed down with gun shots and killed by unknown gangsters”

“Mr Saleh is the son of Mr. Abdo Omar,  who is the brother of Sen Obama jnr surviving step grand mother Mama Sarah Obama.

Although the family is treating the incident as common robbery, Sarah Obama who attended the funeral of the late Saleh at Kendu Bay Muslim Cementry in Kendu-Bat Town, Rachuonyo district  broke her silency and said the family was targeted for elimination by unknown people with sinister motive and expressed fear that the killing has some element of political overtone, which could be related to his grand son’s latest campaign for the US presidency.”

“The dispute almost led to violence, when the Kisumu Muslim youth violently attacked Mzee Omar in a bid to prevent him from taking the deceased’s body home for burial. Mzee Omar  was beaten savagedly when he tried to force his way into the morgue to collect his sons remains..”

Read more here:
Consider the following:

Barack Obama visited Kenya in 2006 and campaigned for his cousin, Raila Odinga, a member of the radical ODM party. Obama also criticized the Kenyan government. Obama’s actions in Kenya are a possible violation of the Logan Act. Here is a video of Obama and Raila Odinga:

Here is an exerpt from the official Kenyan Government response to Obama’s visit:


“Senator Barack Obama indicated that he was visiting Africa to help nurture relations between the continent and the United States. His mission, therefore, was warmly welcomed by the Government and the people of Kenya. The fact that he has roots in Kenya endeared him to the people of this country.

However, during his public address at the University of Nairobi, Senator Obama made extremely disturbing statements on issues which it is clear, he was very poorly informed, and on which he chose to lecture the Government and the people of Kenya on how to manage our country.”

“Dr. Alfred N. Mutua

August 31, 2006”
Watch Hannity and Colmes tonight on Fox and tell everyone you know to learn more about Obama and his Kenyans connections.

Obama violates the Logan Act:


14 responses to “Hannity and Colmes, October 13, 2008, Jerome Corsi, Fox, Monday, ODM document, Obama senate office, emails, Obama 2006 Kenya visit, Raila Odinga, Jerome Corsi interview, African Press, Senator Obama’s relative murdered in Kenya

  1. http://www.conservativeedge.com/ExtLoader.aspx?ExtURL=http://article.nationalreview.com/print/?q=YjUwZWIwZTNhY2Y0YTFkYzFmZTIyZWUwZWNkYjk4ZGM=

    When it comes from one of the most respected political analysts in America, it doesn’t get more serious than this.

  2. JoAnn Bjorkman

    CW, Neil Boortz had a caller wanting to talk about the Berg case. He told her not to get her hopes up about it, that he didn’t believe anything would come of it. How can that be? Doesn’t our Constitution count for anything? I thought Boortz was smarter than that!

  3. http://savagepolitics.com/?p=2156

    Very good summary of what is at stake. This should be copied to as many links as possible.

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  5. Sister,

    Your blog has an update stating Corsi is very ill following his visit to Kenya. Does anybody know what the nature of his illness is?

  6. My main concern is whether or not Corsi will still be able to go on Hannity tonight at 9 pn EST! Millions of us have been waiting!

  7. WND reported today, that the weekly newsletter
    “RED ALERT” for which Jerome Corsi is the senior staff reporter and editor, has been “temporarily postponed until (the) author’s recovery from (his) traumatic abduction” in Kenya.

    No mention has been made of the scheduled Momma-E Radio and Hannity appearances for tonight.

    Joseph Farah, WND founder and editor, “said Corsi has arrived at his home in the United States and is now under care of a physician
    because he is very sick.”

    Healing thoughts go out to Mr. Corsi.

    The full article is here:


  8. note how obama is played up as some kind of hero.
    he hasn’t done sh– in america. unless you count hanging around a multitude of anti semitic america haters, terrorists and socialist fascists.

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  10. Dear CW,

    Thank you for the info. Keep up the good work.


  11. I watched the video above, looking for the moment when Obama campaigns on behalf of Odinga. The camera has a sound function. We hear Obama at the very end speaking students and faculty at the University of Nairobi (in a nationally televised address) of the country being in crisis.

    “We must surely acknowledge that neither Kenya nor the African continent has fulfilled its potential. Like many nations across this continent Kenya’s failing is in its ability to create a government that is transparent and accountable, one that serves its people and that is free from corruption. We all here have to admit – and this is a sensitive point – that here in Kenya it is a crisis. (Applause) It is a crisis that is robbing honest people of the opportunities they fought for. If the people cannot trust their government to do the job for which it exists, to protect them and promote their common welfare, all else is lost.”

    Is this meant to be the campaign speech? There is no endorsement of any party or political figure.

    Elsewhere in the video, when we see Obama on the streets with a microphone, there is no sound for his voice. It’s dubbed over with music.

    The claim that he was campaigning for Odinga is not verified. There are a number of baseless smears doing the rounds and this appears to be another of them.

    Odinga is Anglican, by the way.


    It is not a breaking of the Logan act for a US senator to criticise a government. The prohibition of the Logan act is against conducting negotiations with a foreign power without authority. I don’t know what authority was given to Obama in his capacity on that official visit to Kenya under the banner of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, but the Kenyan government was clearly corrupt, and perhaps Obama might be applauded for speaking the truth.


  12. Also, ODM is not a ‘radical socialist’ party. Odinga spent much of his career fighting for a multi-party democracy in Kenya when it was a one-party state, and lists himself as being social democrat (like a lot of European political parties). This information is easy to come by.


  13. Barry.
    Obama was officially criticized by the Kenyan government.
    Raila Odinga may be listed as Anglican, but he is not a practicing Anglican and his leanings are obvious.

  14. Barry.
    You had better dig a little deeper than Wikipedia.

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