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Bishop Ron McRae, who assisted Philip J Berg with the Sarah Obama tapes that stated she witnessed Obama’s birth in Kenya, has sent a letter to this blog. Citizen Wells has confirmed that the letter is from Bishop McRae. Sarah Obama is Barack Obama’s paternal grandmother. Bishop McRae provided an affadavit of authenticity for the tape. Here is the letter from Bishop McRae:
“The seriousness of the hour, behooves all natural born American citizens to pray that God will help, and have mercy on this country in this hour of unprecedented compromise of our Constitutional Rights and the electoral process that has made America great. Our interview of Sarah Obama speaks for itself. The liberal bloggers can make of this preacher what they want, who is neither a self proclaimed bishop, or a partisan supporter of McCain, out to get Obama. As the Continental Bishop of The Anabaptists Churches of North America, this preacher was unanimously elected to that office by the statewide bishops and elders sitting upon our National Presbytery. Howbeit, who this preacher is or is not, is not the issue, but rather, WHO BARACK OBAMA is.
This preacher believes Obama’s grandmother. I do not believe Barack Obama. It now rest with the Supreme Court to either uphold the Constitution, or ignore it. But all of history, and the upending of the future of America depends upon David Souter and the Supreme Courts’ courage or lack of it, in requiring Obama to step forward and call his grandmother a liar or greatly deceived, by the absolute and official proof of his natural born citizenship. The officials in Kenya throughout the registrar’s office in both Mombassa and Nairobi have told us that he was born in Kenya, and they will tell you verbally that the records have always existed, both for Obama’s birth, and the birthing records of his mother. But the government, under orders from Barack’s cousin Raila Odinga have sealed and confiscated the files to keep them top secret. The government employees know the truth, but fear for their lives in a most serious way. Our preacher, Kweli Shububia (Swahili for “True Witness”, his name has been changed to protect his identity and safety) has already received a mulititude of death threats and has fled the country for his safety. The muslims are already massing throughout Kenya, especially around Kisumu, just as they did last December during the Kenya elections, and brandishing machettes and clubs, threatening to kill every white American and Christian if Obama is not elected President.
This man Obama, whoever he is, increasingly appears to be a part of a great conspiracy to defraud the American people of a lawful and constitutional election. God deliver this nation from so great harm, to us and our children.

By the grace of God alone,
Ron McRae
Anabaptists Churches of North America
P.O. Box 5607
Johnstown, PA 15904-5607”

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Additional comment from Bishop McRae November 3, 2008:

“Thank you very much Mr. Wells. Please extend my thanks and appreciation to Mr. Schreiber. These are very serious issues, and we lost a lot of Christians in Kenya this year because of Obama and his cousin. I sincerely believe that, and have weighed the cost in the balance before submitting the afidavit. The delays that a lot of bloggers have errantly accused Mr. Berg of last week, were caused by me and our national presbytery, while we prayed and seriously considered the concequences of revealing the conversation with Sarah. Her life now as well could be in danger for telling the truth. Very few people understand African culture for women who are expendable. And no one knows the heavy burden now on this preacher over the safety and lives of our people in Kenya over this matter.
Thank you both for your understanding in all these things. May God have mercy on America.
Bishop Ron McRae
Anabaptists Churches of North America
P.O. Box 5607
Johnstown, PA 15937


Sarah Obama tape, Obama born in Kenya, Obama’s paternal grandmother, Philip J Berg tape, Jeff Schreiber commentary, Schreiber questions tape

Jeff Schreiber has provided the transcript and audio of the Philip J Berg
tape of Obama’s paternal grandmother Sarah Obama. Here is the tape along
with comments from Jeff Schreiber:

“Sunday, November 2, 2008
The “Sarah Obama Tape”

*** WARNING — Please Read ***

As I wrote on Friday, this whole thing does not sit well with me. I’ve heard the tape, read the transcripts and the affidavits, and just don’t know what to make of it. I don’t particularly think that it smells right, but feel that IT IS NOT MY PLACE TO SUPPRESS INFORMATION.

Read the information, listen to the tape and decide for yourself. That’s how it should be, isn’t it? Stop with the agenda-setting, just give the information to the people and let them decide what they think. Personally, while I’ve been open to the idea that Barack Obama has not been entirely truthful with regard to his background, something here does not seem right.

Since Berg filed his suit in late August, I’ve done my best to give you the information as I get it, and I have tried to present both sides of the argument. This is no different. This information is included in Berg’s filing and, while it just doesn’t sit right, we’re too close to the election for anything but full disclosure.


To me, this has little to do with Obama, a man who I do feel is not right for America because of his radical ideology and questionable associations and alliances. This has to do with the availability of all information on all political candidates. If there were something out there which would raise questions about John McCain’s fitness or eligibility for the presidency, I’d want it out for public consumption and debate.

Decide for yourself with regard to the information below. I already have, and if you’re still wondering what I think, re-read this warning and notice that I’ve never before felt it necessary to include such a disclaimer at America’s Right.

So, to borrow a phrase from a much maligned news organization, when it comes to the information below … we REPORT, you DECIDE.

— Jeff Schreiber”

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Sarah Obama tape, Obama born in Kenya, Proof, Obama grandmother, Philip J Berg tape, Sarah Obama present at Obama Kenyan birth, Affadavit, Tape transcript

Larry Sinclair is posting the transcript of the real Sarah Obama tape stating she was present when Barack Obama was born in Kenya. A fake tape has been circulating on the internet for the past several days. Larry Sinclair
received the affadavit and transcript from Philip J Berg who was waiting to translate and authenticate the tape.

Here is Larry Sinclair’s explanation regarding the fake tape:

I put up a post telling people yesterday a “video” link claiming to be the “smoking gun….” was not associated with Phil Berg and was in fact a scam just like the Axelrod orchestrated API fraud.

People said I was wrong, that it was a Berg video.

Maybe this will make it clear I only post things that I know to be true.


Hi Larry,

You were correct, that is not Obama’s grandmother
saying the words the video claims. See below.

Attached Message

Subject:Bogus video
Date:Sat, 01 Nov 2008
07:17:55 -0700

Phil & Lisa,

I have viewed the Youtube video claiming to translate what Obama’s grandmother is saying and I believe it is bogus. The on screen script showing “nate dhalani” is not a recognized swahili phrase, and neither word is recognized as a swahlili word. I tried watching her mouth, and what is in the audio does not match anything.

For her to say “Barack was born here”, she would say “Barack zaliwa hapa”. For her to say, “he was born in this village”, she would say “zaliwa za kijiji hi”. I would put something out distancing ourselves from this video. I think it is an Obama attempt to get Phil’s name connected to a bogus translation.

Bishop McRae
Anabaptists Churches of North America”

View the sworn affadavit and transcript and listen to the audio here:


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Sarah Obama tape, Obama born in Kenya, Update, Jeff Schreiber, Grandmother present at Kenyan birth, Supreme Court filing, Tape released soon, Legal issues resolved

Jeff Schreiber has provided an update on the Sarah Obama tape. The tape
recording has Sarah Obama, Obama’s paternal grandmother, stating that
she was present at his birth in Kenya.

“It was almost ten days ago that I first reported that Berg was in possession of a taped conversation with Sarah Obama, Kenyan paternal grandmother to Illinois Sen. Barack Obama, during which she says that her famous grandson was born in Kenya and that she was present at the hospital for his birth.

Truth be told, I had known about this for some time before then, and had actually heard something, a conversation in a language which I sure did not understand. Berg maintained that the conversation had taken place on the night of the third and final presidential debate, and that he was waiting on affidavits from his contact here–a minister–as well as the minister who taped the conversation in Kenya. That, he said, is what took so long.

Saying on Michael Savage’s radio show that he was going to release the tape in a few days without having the affidavits was a mistake, Berg said, but things have changed.

“I have the tape,” Berg said. “The transcript of the tape is in the Supreme Court filings, along with the two affidavits from the individuals.”

The audio of the tape will be released, Berg said, as soon as he “reviews some legal issues.””

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