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Bishop Ron McRae, who assisted Philip J Berg with the Sarah Obama tapes that stated she witnessed Obama’s birth in Kenya, has sent a letter to this blog. Citizen Wells has confirmed that the letter is from Bishop McRae. Sarah Obama is Barack Obama’s paternal grandmother. Bishop McRae provided an affadavit of authenticity for the tape. Here is the letter from Bishop McRae:
“The seriousness of the hour, behooves all natural born American citizens to pray that God will help, and have mercy on this country in this hour of unprecedented compromise of our Constitutional Rights and the electoral process that has made America great. Our interview of Sarah Obama speaks for itself. The liberal bloggers can make of this preacher what they want, who is neither a self proclaimed bishop, or a partisan supporter of McCain, out to get Obama. As the Continental Bishop of The Anabaptists Churches of North America, this preacher was unanimously elected to that office by the statewide bishops and elders sitting upon our National Presbytery. Howbeit, who this preacher is or is not, is not the issue, but rather, WHO BARACK OBAMA is.
This preacher believes Obama’s grandmother. I do not believe Barack Obama. It now rest with the Supreme Court to either uphold the Constitution, or ignore it. But all of history, and the upending of the future of America depends upon David Souter and the Supreme Courts’ courage or lack of it, in requiring Obama to step forward and call his grandmother a liar or greatly deceived, by the absolute and official proof of his natural born citizenship. The officials in Kenya throughout the registrar’s office in both Mombassa and Nairobi have told us that he was born in Kenya, and they will tell you verbally that the records have always existed, both for Obama’s birth, and the birthing records of his mother. But the government, under orders from Barack’s cousin Raila Odinga have sealed and confiscated the files to keep them top secret. The government employees know the truth, but fear for their lives in a most serious way. Our preacher, Kweli Shububia (Swahili for “True Witness”, his name has been changed to protect his identity and safety) has already received a mulititude of death threats and has fled the country for his safety. The muslims are already massing throughout Kenya, especially around Kisumu, just as they did last December during the Kenya elections, and brandishing machettes and clubs, threatening to kill every white American and Christian if Obama is not elected President.
This man Obama, whoever he is, increasingly appears to be a part of a great conspiracy to defraud the American people of a lawful and constitutional election. God deliver this nation from so great harm, to us and our children.

By the grace of God alone,
Ron McRae
Anabaptists Churches of North America
P.O. Box 5607
Johnstown, PA 15904-5607”

Help Philip J Berg defend the Constitution:

Additional comment from Bishop McRae November 3, 2008:

“Thank you very much Mr. Wells. Please extend my thanks and appreciation to Mr. Schreiber. These are very serious issues, and we lost a lot of Christians in Kenya this year because of Obama and his cousin. I sincerely believe that, and have weighed the cost in the balance before submitting the afidavit. The delays that a lot of bloggers have errantly accused Mr. Berg of last week, were caused by me and our national presbytery, while we prayed and seriously considered the concequences of revealing the conversation with Sarah. Her life now as well could be in danger for telling the truth. Very few people understand African culture for women who are expendable. And no one knows the heavy burden now on this preacher over the safety and lives of our people in Kenya over this matter.
Thank you both for your understanding in all these things. May God have mercy on America.
Bishop Ron McRae
Anabaptists Churches of North America
P.O. Box 5607
Johnstown, PA 15937


34 responses to “Bishop Ron McRae, Sarah Obama tape, Obama born in Kenya, Raila Odinga,Obama’s paternal grandmother, Ron McRae affadavit, Obama conspiracy, Supreme Court, Anabaptists Churches, Bishop McRae contacts Citizen Wells, BREAKING NEWS

  1. Lanie-McCain/Palin

    I hope you get this confirmed soon. Obama is picking out the furniture for the WHITE HOUSE.

  2. I am sorry to say but I know the Supreme Court will not step in on the day before the election and anything brought before Congress will be pushed down due to the liberals.

    Wednesday morning might be a very very sad day for this country.

  3. Vic.
    It ain’t over till it’s over.
    Inauguration day.

  4. Let’s say Obama is elected. If he is ousted, what kind of Pandora’s Box will that open? Will Bidden be therefore an unconstitutionally elected VP and not eligible for the Presidency? Who then would the torch be passed?Would there be a new election? I fear for this country that I love for so many different reasons!

  5. Joe the Scott

    citizenwells .

    Sure appreciate your diligence in keeping updated!

    (As well as the upkeep of morale 🙂


  6. I wish this was brought forward a lot sooner then now, because it is scary to think what would happen if Obama wins and is then stripped of his win.
    I am for the constitution and law and order but many liberals will not see it that way, and that is what scares me, but hell an Obama presidency also scares me…lol.

  7. i don’t doubt that the email or letter is authentic, but is does have a nigerian email scam feel to it.

  8. What kind of peoples you are? First you kept in power the greatest disaster the US ever had, a man who should be place where Adolf Hitler is, now you start a so stupid, mentally sick campaign against a person who is already Senator and US Citizen like you like Adolf Schwarzenmurder from California, only because Obama is not a White person. I am white to and I am even for a split of our shit EU, I am for a new strong German Nation without all this foriegners, but you in the States make me ashamed to be white like you! God bless , not all whites are already fools and brainless 5 cents cowboys.
    By the way, if the economy get’s better, you should by a domain and not use other peoples space…. Mister White!

  9. Heinz.
    Ich bin ein American.
    Nicht Deutchen.
    Gmail is frue, nicht war.
    Obama ist schlect.
    Obama is nicht schwartz.
    Obama ist Indonesian.
    Verstehen sie?

  10. Whoa….
    Heinz, get a grip!!

  11. Great! You translate quite well..:-)
    By the way, Bush has British ancestors. Bush’s family provided help with arm to Hitler, Bush did let fly out 234 Egyptians, after 9/11, even if Bush Se. could not fly home. So honestly, it is very hard to make a choice for the election in the States. If , I say if Mister McCain had another Vice, I would vote for Mister McCain. But now he is 72 and has cancer. So how long it will take until this stupid woman from Alaska (closer to Russia then the US Homeland) will be President? I think this is the problem of the majority of voters who normally would choose Mister McCain.
    Read on my homepage:
    OK? You see I have been in ‘nam’ in 1974 till end 1976 and I know a bit about this all.. So I am not the stupid ‘Kraut’..:-)

  12. Citizen,

    Very Talented!


    Here are some recent developments that shed
    more light on the degree of classiness
    we have seen this election.

    Remember the treatment of Hillary in the primaries?

    New Headliner:

    “Obama Flips Off McCain”

  13. i don’t doubt that the email or letter is authentic, but is does have a nigerian email scam feel to it.

    That’s how I feel about this too… there’s something a little kooky about this story. It’s such a long chain of chinese whispers.

    He may be telling the truth, but what about his source? Why is it that no Kenyan reporters are touching this story? Surely it would be a big scoop if their most famous export was proved to have been born in Kenya?

    We cannot assume that somebody is telling the truth just because he claims to be a Christian. BHO claims to be a Christian and yet we know he talks nothing but lies.

    Is McRae truly independant… it would be good if we could prove he was.

    Folks, I want this to be true just as much as you do… it’s just that there’s so much smells bad about this whole story.

  14. Jimmy.
    “Why is it that no Kenyan reporters are touching this story?”
    Want a chance to take that one back?
    That answer is obvious.
    I have received reports for many months (at least early 2008) from missionaries in Kenya.
    I received information from multiple reliable sources in April 2008 that Obama was born in Kenya and that there was a Kenyan birth certificate. I did not post then because I wanted more corroboration. I am certain you have seen the banner on this blog that states Obama is Kenyan born That was scrubbed from an African site months ago.

  15. Don’t miss the readers’ comments.

    “Evelyn Pringle on Voting for McCain v Obama”

  16. Heinz yes you are a smart boy. Give me a break Obama’s race has nothing to do with it. Maybe it’s about his charactor and the content of his message.
    If you like socialism then fine but America does not.

    You think President Bush should be put up with Hitler? Just that statement alone shows how dumb you are. I never insult anyone until insulted and you have insulted me.

  17. On a related angle…….

    “Andy Martin demands detailed information from Hawai’i officials”

  18. “Obama’s grandmother dies of cancer in Hawaii”

  19. Little off topic, …but on family.

    This is the report….You decode

    “Aunt Zeituni’s Protectors”

    By The Prowler on 11.3.08 @ 10:49AM


    “Senior aides to Sen. Barack Obama and Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick were aware that Obama’s aunt, Zeituni Onyango, was living in the United States illegally and in a South Boston public-housing project, and were monitoring her at the request of senior Obama campaign officials, according to a current employee for Obama’s key political consulting firm, AKP&D Message and Media.”

    Get the details here:

  20. “Why is it that no Kenyan reporters are touching this story?”
    Want a chance to take that one back?
    That answer is obvious.
    I have received reports for many months (at least early 2008) from missionaries in Kenya.

    Missionaries, not reporters…

    I’m talking about the press. Why is it that nobody in the press will touch this? Apart from API who have been shown to be scoundrels and liars.

    Why is it that Fox, McCain/Palin, the RNC refuse to go near it?

    The idea that the whole of Kenya might cover up something which according to the anonymous preacher is “common knowledge” seems preposterous to me.

    This is a conspiracy theory. We all know folks who make up crazy stories about being kidnapped by aliens or how George W. Bush ordered the 9/11 attacks. We call these people crazy… well this is starting to sound just as crazy to me.

    I received information from multiple reliable sources in April 2008 that Obama was born in Kenya and that there was a Kenyan birth certificate. I did not post then because I wanted more corroboration. I am certain you have seen the banner on this blog that states Obama is Kenyan born That was scrubbed from an African site months ago.

    And yet there’s something common to all of this. All of the corroboration is circumstantial. None of it is admissible in court. Nobody reliable has made a copy of these certificates. We have never and will never see the alleged evidence. That’s why I think it’s a scam – we are being tricked by Democrats.

    Why was that headline removed from the African site? I don’t know. Was it intimidation or did they just loose confidence in whichever source provided that information? Perhaps they are victims of the same tricks as us.

    Lets be honest – we’ve got plenty of good reasons to be suspicious of Obama – his policies, his associates, his documented history. These things are facts, easy to confirm and corroborated by trustworthy news-organizations.

    This whole Sinclair / Berg / Indonesia / Kenya stuff – it’s all allegations without any evidence. And if you think that “Bishop Ron” is a credible witness you are going to have a nasty shock when the supreme court dismisses yet another Berg case.

  21. Sunny Hussein Maxwell

    Just a quick reminder about US citizenship law. Like John McCain, who was born in Panama, Barack Obama was born to a mother with US citizenship. Therefore, while it is fully confirmed that he was born in Hawaii in 1961, Obama would still be a citizen by birth if he had been born on the moon.

  22. Wrong!
    Do some more reseacrh.

  23. Can Any Martin ask The Bishop in Kenya, to have Sarah Obama, as Paternal Grandmother, sign a request to Hawaii Dept of Health to release to her and the Bishop Obama Original Birth Certificate. She is definitely a “person with interest” meeting their criteria for a requestor.

    Wouldn’t she want to prove that her son Barak Obama Sr. is really the father of Obama Jr.

    Can someone relay this request idea to Andy Martin, Berg, and the Bishop.


  24. There are several things that are different with the obama situation v. the McCain situation. First, it is Obama’s mother Stanley Ann Dunham herself did not have citizenship at that point (b/c obama’s mother had to have been at least six years a U.S. ADULT Citizen, and she was only 19 yrs. Old) and neither did his Kenya father. Both McCain’s parents had full U.S. citizenship and he was born within the military of his father under the U.S. Law and Constitution. Also, McCain never returned to Panama or any other Foreign Country (other then Military U.S. Service) to “live in foreign country” and obtained “dual citizenship” like obama did. There is also the complaint that because of Obama having multiple or dual citizenship with our Adversarial Countries is a Conflict of Interest in Serving the U.S. That is also stated in the within Codes. Also, in 1981 when obama was 20 yrs. old he left the U.S. and went to Pakistan (during that time you could not go to Pakistan and aboard a plane w/ a US Passport) and lived in Pakistan from 1981 until 1991. When obama returned he went to college on Foreign Aid. Does he sound like a US Citizen now? No No. Then obama tries to get a job with the FBI, but the FBI does a back round check on obama and finds out he is not a US Citizen and has multiple Citizenship With Adversarial Countries that is a Conflict of Interest to the USA. So the question is, If someone cannot obtain a job with the FBI, should that someone be able to Hold The Highest Place In Office? The Answer is No. I Rest My Case.

  25. “Sarah Obama is Barack Obama’s paternal grandmother.”

    Lie. She is his step-grandmother. You lost in your first paragraph.

  26. I approved the last comment as another example of reading comprehension skills and being uninformed.
    I am convinced that the typical Obama supporter, college “educated” or not, is at the bottom of the intelligence pool.

  27. Those of you who are skeptical of all this should well be. A quick search of Ron McRae turns up all sorts of nasty bugs.

    My writing this has nothing to do with Obama. If Obama is a fraud, I hope he is exposed. I do not know at this point. There is one thing I do know for sure: Ron McRae is CERTAINLY a fraud. There is no way that Ron McRae is any sort of overseer or “Continental Bishop of The Anabaptists Churches of North America.” The very idea is ludicrous.

    I am a member of an AnaBaptist Church in Lexington, SC. Some of our members met McRae several years ago, and knew him personally. McRae even came to speak at our church. His doctrine was rejected and he hasn’t been back. Some overseer!

    His manner of life has also been questionable, since his poor daughter bears the scars of abuse. See

    Someone who knew him well has said that he has no peer in the issue of personal blindness, and that he is utterly unable to see when he is wrong.

    Please understand my motive is not personal. I simply do not want him declaring to everyone that he represents AnaBaptists outside his own church or little group. If he says he does, he is lying. He CERTAINLY does not represent us.

  28. Hello everyone, This page has some of the most illinformed comments on this subject I’ve ever seen. I did some Constitutional research on the question of who becomes President if the man elected is declared unqualified by the electoral college. It’s the elected VP. That’s what I found. If the Bishop and Sarah Obama are correct, and the electoral college or the Supreme Court throw this imposter obama out of office, we will be stuck with that idiot Biden as President. Now I finally understand why obama chose Biden as VP. Americans would rather have an imposter in office than an idiot.

  29. Heinz,

    You do not know what you are talking about. Obama’s skin color has got nothing to do with it. But for somebody who compares President Bush with Hitler I do not even want to waste my time on. Mache Dich nicht lachhaft!

    All Obama had to do is show his original birth certificate which he has NOT. Mc Cain did when the Left was all over him claiming he was not qualified to become President because he was born in Panama. Mc Cain also showed his medical records and his college papers which Obama did NOT. Its obvious that Obama is hiding something.

    Obama was born in 1961. In 1961 COLBS were type written NOT computer generated as Obama’s COLB shows posted by factcheck. There is a HUGE difference when you compare the two. For example there is NO name and signature on Obama’s COLB of the doctor or mid wife who delivered the baby. NO name of the hospital where the baby was born. REAL COLBS name the doctor/midwife who delivered the baby, AND name the hospital the baby was born in.

    American born citizens born in the 60’s look at your own COLB and look at the format. This format is the same nationwide ,compare it with the one posted from 1963, then look at Obama’s. You be the judge! Check it out, see below!

  30. I forgot to menion in my post above,

    Look on Obama’s COLB where it says “father’s race” underneath it says “African”, African is not a race. In 1961 it would have been called “negro”, not African.

    Again, all Obama would have to do is show his original birth certificate to prove he was born in the U.S. and all these speculations and rumors would come to a screaching halt as it did with McCain’s when he provided his birth certificate as well as his full medical records and college papers.

  31. Mr. Wells:
    I truly believe in Bishop McRae testimony here, but why does the media continue to ignore facts? This election has been a farce. I am a true believer of the Constitution and its laws from the time I remember and how it was taught in schools back in the early 1950 to when I graduated in 1972. What are they afraid of? It is time to open the closet and pull out the skeletons and reveal the truth here to All Americans. Before I am called racist here I would have elected Bill Cosby if he ran or Colin Powell if he ran for I knew they were born here, but Obama left too much doubt for me to even vote for him. Thank you for taking some of your precious time in reading this message.


    Rob S.

  32. I feel that the media should bring his lawsuit on his birth certificate to the news we the people have a right to have him answer the question about his birth. I also feel like our president now should do something also congress this is not right. The media is to blame for most of his votes getting in because they were not fair to the other parties involved. Supreme Court needs to do something now the media protrays obama like a god and he is not president yet.

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