Larry Sinclair, St Paul, Thursday, Sept 4, 2008, Photos, report, Larry Sinclair story, Obama encounter, November 1999, Drugs sex

Here are photos from Larry Sinclair for Thursday, Sept 4, 2008, in St Paul. Sinclair passed out 500 information cards and spoke to many people including RNC delegates and members of foreign and US press.

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Read more from Larry Sinclair here:

14 responses to “Larry Sinclair, St Paul, Thursday, Sept 4, 2008, Photos, report, Larry Sinclair story, Obama encounter, November 1999, Drugs sex

  1. Is Larry really telling the truth? What are his proofs? He has to corroborate his evidences before it’s too late. We are about to elect a man hiding in a woman with 2 daughters.

  2. val sommerviile & CW

    I posted some of your recent posts, over at

  3. CW,
    I believe the person you should contact is Rush Limbaugh. Yesterday he was lashing out at Joe Biden and a speech he made that he and O were going to try Bush for war crimes because no one, “not an Attorney General or” blah blah and went on to list who should NOT be above the law. I’m sure he’d like to know about AG Beau Biden’s role in Larry’s arrest. Then last night, he was railing against Joe Biden again and what possible reason O would have for selecting him. That angle of the story may be something Rush would report on. Maybe you could email Rush and give him a way to get in touch with you or Larry directly.

  4. I sent an email to Rush with the link with the title: Office of the Attorney General of Deleware and Presidential Politics

    I don’t listen to his show, does he take it to this level?

  5. I note on Sinclair’s site he’s considering writing a book and needs money for it. Why not take the time, effort, and monies necessary for a book to instead find corroborating evidence for his allegations?

    Back in June at his press conference at the NPC he disclosed the name of the limo driver. What happened to getting that person to corrobrate Sinclair’s story? ALL the major news media as well as the national politica party heads are aware of Larry Sinclair’s allegations – I’ve sent them to all of my Congressional representatives . However, none of them are going to run with it until there is more evidence. Look how quickly they finally went after Edwards when photos of him at the hotel in LA were posted by the Enquirer. The failure of Sinclair to provide corroborating evidence – pictures, audio tapes, witnesses, etc – keeps his story out of the MSM, even with all their bias.

    Produce substantial, corroborating evidence and Sinclair becomes an “overnite” MSM sensation. More signs, demos, talk show appearances, etc., won’t get it.

    I congratulate Sinclair for his persistence and courage in the face of persecution by the Biden gang, etc. However to be effective and not just effusive, he and/or others MUST produce corroborating evidence.

  6. I have thoroughly researched this.
    Sinclair could not have fabricated the story and been sure of the timeline. I have corroboration he mentioned the encounter to someone before he could have known about a crucial detail.
    Sinclair’s allegations fit well in the context of Obama’s past.
    If you were the limo driver, would you surface.
    The Obama camp and the mob would take care of you. I know for a fact a major news org has been looking for the driver. I spoke to them.

  7. I agree that if I were the limo driver I would be quite reluctant to surface since both I and my family would be at risk, see the late Donald Young.

    I am tired of alerting my friends/acquaintances about “big news” that will sink the Obama campaign and then coming up empty handed. What can we do to assist Sinclair in producing corroborating evidence – not a book without such – that can be published and verified by the MSM?

  8. No offense, but how much more big news do you need? There is more than enough now to indict him. One of the bloggers I am in regular contact with agrees. He is a former public defender.
    Have them read the petition to Impeach, expel Obama. Also, it is documented he lied on several applications.

  9. Nashville, Tenn.: Uncle Phil, you’ve made a habit of giving up airtime to salacious allegations made against Sens. Obama and Edwards and other Democrats from the National Enquirer and Larry Sinclair. Will you be devoting the same time to the article coming out regarding Gov. Palin?

    Phil Valentine: We already have. These outrageous allegations from TheDailyKos have been discussed on the show. Remember, the allegations against Obama were brought up by a person who claimed to be a witness. We followed that we great skepticism and followed up when he failed the lie-detector test.

  10. JoAnn Bjorkman

    Kathy and all: I sent info to Rush today re the Bidens and Larry. I have been online everyday sending things to Rush! Somehow, he just is not getting them or is ignoring them. I do not understand wassup with them; Rush, Hannity, Greta, etc.

  11. JoAnn,
    It’s more likely he is ignoring them, but if we all send this info maybe we will get some action. It fits right into Limbaugh’s talking points right now. And thank you, Citizen Wells. I forwarded the link as well. Should I also send him Larry’s phone number? I know he posted it before on his other sites, but they have been shut down and I don’t have it. I’m not sure these people open links. I think maybe a short version coming from the Biden angle with a phone number might be more effective.

  12. Kathy, CW

    Been posting Rush for MONTHS. His strategic mind will not allow him to put forth these low-life accusations… unless he REALLY needs them LOL

    He would be the last one to come out with this important story, unless he (we) get DESPERATE! Ahhh the life of the Conservative.

    Anyway, this is my long version way of saying that he has never responded to my cries for help, regarding getting the Larry Sinclair story and the SUPPRESSION OF IT, “out there”.

    I am 100% sure that he is well aware of what is going on out here…. He may be a believer, but like the rest, it ain’t worth the risk of his reputation………… yet.

    Just like “snooty”… however, at least ONE blogger wrote about it.. however, with severe regret.

    Today, No man has the grit to be the island. Today’s man needs an audience.

  13. Larry, did you know that many businesses will PAY you to have your van permanently painted with their advertisement? Perhaps, we should contact some PRO McCain staff to see if these funds are available? LOL


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