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Larry Sinclair, St Paul, Thursday, Sept 4, 2008, Photos, report, Larry Sinclair story, Obama encounter, November 1999, Drugs sex

Here are photos from Larry Sinclair for Thursday, Sept 4, 2008, in St Paul. Sinclair passed out 500 information cards and spoke to many people including RNC delegates and members of foreign and US press.

Thursday, September 4, 2008


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Larry Sinclair, St Paul, Fox news photo of Larry Sinclair, Sinclair holding Donald Young sign, Young murdered lover of Obama

* Update * Larry’s photo is # 8 this morning, Sept 5, 2008

Larry Sinclair has been in St Paul, MN, to share his story with the American people. Larry Sinclair has alleged a drug and gay sex encounter with Barack Obama in November 1999. Sinclair further alleges that Donald Young, the gay choir direcor at TUCC who was murdered in December 2007, contacted Sinclair shortly before he was murdered. Larry Sinclair has handed out hundreds of information cards, has been photographed many times and spoke to many RNC delegates. Sinclair also spoke to the press from Spain, Germany, Japan and China as well as from the US and local media. Larry Sinclair was photographed by Fox News carrying a Donald Young, Obama sign. To view the photo, go to the following link, look at the bottom and select photo 6:


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Larry Sinclair, St Paul, Thursday, Sept 4, 2008, Larry Sinclair updates, Obama drug sex encounter, Real time, twitter.com/citizenwells

Larry Sinclair is in St Paul, MN, to share his story of a drug and sex encounter with Barack Obama in November 1999. Sinclair had a very productive day on Wednesday. He passed out hundreds of info cards and had his picture taken many times. Most importantly, Larry Sinclair spoke to many RNC delegates and was interviewed by press from Spain, Germany, Japan, China and the US as well as local media. Larry Sinclair has a full day planned for today, Thursday, Sept 4, 2008. Larry will be providing real time reports to Citizen Wells. To follow Larry Sinclair as he shares his story with the American public, click here:


Larry Sinclair, Republican Convention, St Paul, Schedule, Chris Matthews, The Daily Show, Wednesday, Sept 3, 2008

Larry Sinclair has one of his websites back up and and provided information about his plans for today, Wednesday, Sept 3, 2008. Here is Larry Sinclair’s article:

UPDATED SCHEDULED FOR TOMORROW: The below schedule will include a stop in on The Jon Stewart Show.Indecision 2008 – A live broadcast of “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart”History Theatre September 2-5 http://www.thedailyshow.com/ http://www.historytheatre.com/
The History Theatre and McNally Smith College of Music are thrilled to host “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” during the show’s coverage of the Republican National Convention in downtown Saint Paul from September 2-5, 2008. The wildly popular show, seen on Comedy Central, has been covering national conventions since 2000. “Indecision 2008,” as The Daily Show’s coverage has been dubbed, will hold its main broadcast at the History Theatre with McNally Smith supplying the show’s technical and support needs. In addition, live music, entertainment and good eats will be featured every day outside the theatre from noon – 6:00 pm as part of McNally Smith’s “Takin’ It To The Streets” event. Check out http://www.historytheatre.com/ and http://www.mcnallysmith.edu/ for more information.




 Talk about MSNBC’s “Blow Hard”

My schedule for tomorrow will be as follows: I will protest in the Public viewing area the forms a triangle at W. 5th St, 7Th St, Roberts and Main.
I will also be at Rice Park and the Minnesota State Capitol.
I will also be present for Chris Matthews “Hardball” broadcast Wednesday afternoon and I will not be as nice to him as I was this afternoon.


I will be going on with Roger in 45 minutes, http://www.accentradio.com/.
Enjoy the photos from the live airing of the MSNBC idiot Chris Matthews. Oh, he did not like being asked over the megaphone why he refuses to report the truth about Obama but he can attack someones kids!
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