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Every aspect of Barack Obama’s life is a lie and a fraud. The Obama birth certificate and country of birth is just one part of a tangled mess of corruption.

“Obama’s top terrorism and intelligence adviser, John O. Brennan, heads a firm that was cited in March for breaching sensitive files in the State Department’s passport office, according to a State Department Inspector General’s report released this past July.”

“During a State Department briefing on March 21, 2008, McCormack confirmed that the contractor had accessed the passport files of presidential candidates Barack Obama, Hillary Rodham Clinton, and John McCain, and that the inspector general had launched an investigation.
Sources who tracked the investigation tell Newsmax that the main target of the breach was the Obama passport file, and that the contractor accessed the file in order to “cauterize” the records of potentially embarrassing information.”

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“Key witness in passport fraud case fatally shot”

“key witness in a federal probe into passport information stolen from the State Department was fatally shot in front of a District church, the Metropolitan Police Department said yesterday.

Lt. Quarles Harris Jr., 24, who had been cooperating with a federal investigators, was found late Thursday night slumped dead inside a car, in front of the Judah House Praise Baptist Church in Northeast, said Cmdr. Michael Anzallo, head of the department’s Criminal Investigations Division.”

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MoniQue of the moniquemonicat blog obtained an Arizona document that
Barack Obama or someone representing him signed on November 30, 2007
swearing that Obama is a natural born citizen and eligible to be
president. Obama, unlike John McCain, has provided no legal evidence
that he is eligible.

Obama signature on AZ Candidate Nomination Paper

MoniQue has responded with more information on the document and signature:

“Here are 4 of Obama’s other signed filing papers to compare signatures from.  I don’t believe them to be forgeries and they appear to me to all have been made by the same person:

1.  OBAMA’S SIGNATURE, FILING PAPER [NEW HAMPSHIRE] http://moniquemonicat.files.wordpress.com/2008/12/new-hampshire-obama-signed-declaration-of-candidacy.pdf




I’ve examined the hardcopies here at my desk and the signature appears to be made by the same person on all the documents.  I’m not a forensic specialist, but I am an artist, expertise in lettering as a matter of fact, which is basically a type of “forgery,” without the crime 🙂

Most notaries take their jobs pretty seriously and although I can understand why Obama would forge a birth certification, but not sure what he’d gain by forging his filing papers.

But as a secretary for many years I know I have signed my bosses paperwork–even sensitive and official documents, so it wouldn’t shock me if someone else signed it for him.  Yes, we are “supposed” to initial it when we do that, but many times we do not.

Either way, he is responsible for the documents filed in each state whether his secretary, wife, or he signed them, he knew it was filed with his signature. 




If Obama is eligible to be president.
If Obama is not lying about his eligibility and his past.

Why is Barack Obama spending hundreds of thousands of
someone’s money and employing multiple legal firms to
avoid proving he is eligible?

The answer is obvious.

Obama is not eligible.

Obama birth certificate fake, Rod Polarik Youtube video, Polarik explains fake birth certificate, November 25, 2008, Daily Kos, Fight the Smears, FactCheck.org, Obama fraud

Dr. Rod Polarik explains how the fake Obama birth certificate was produced

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Obama Selective Service Application, Real or Fraudulent, FOIA request, Federal Agent opinion, November 19, 2008, Youtube video explains, Debbie Schlussel story, Obama fraud?

On November 13, 2008, Citizen Wells reported on a breaking story from Debbie Schlussel of the debbieschlussel.com website. Debbie Schlussel revealed what are certainly irregularities on Barack Obama’s Selective Service Application as well as suspicious facts regarding accessing the record via a FOIA request. A retired Federal Agent made the FOIA request and provided insights into many dubious aspects of the application. Now there is a YouTube video that explains the many curious details of the alleged Selective Service Application for Barack Obama.

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Obama Selective Service records, debbieschlussel.com, Federal agent examined, November 13, 2008, Possible Federal Crime, FOIA request, Obama fraud?

Debbie Schlussel, on her website, debbieschlussel.com, has a breaking story about Barack Obama’s Selective Service record and how it may be fraudulent. Here are some exerpts from the article dated November 13, 2008:

“November 13, 2008

EXCLUSIVE: Did Next Commander-in-Chief Falsify Selective Service Registration? Never Actually Register? Obama’s Draft Registration Raises Serious Questions

By Debbie Schlussel

“Did President-elect Barack Hussein Obama commit a federal crime in September of this year? Or did he never actually register and, instead, did friends of his in the Chicago federal records center, which maintains the official copy of his alleged Selective Service registration commit the crime for him?

It’s either one or the other, as indicated by the release of Barack Obama’s official Selective Service registration for the draft. A friend of mine, who is a retired federal agent, spent almost a year trying to obtain this document through a Freedom of Information Act request, and, after much stonewalling, finally received it and released it to me.

But the release of Obama’s draft registration and an accompanying document, posted below, raises more questions than it answers. And it shows many signs of fraud, not to mention putting the lie to Obama’s claim that he registered for the draft in June 1979, before it was required by law.”

“The official campaign for President may be over. But Barack Obama’s Selective Service registration card and accompanying documents show that questions about him are not only NOT over, but if the signature on the document is in fact his, our next Commander-in-Chief may have committed a federal crime in 2008, well within the statute of limitations on the matter. If it is not his, then it’s proof positive that our next Commander-in-Chief never registered with the Selective Service as required by law. By law, he was required to register and was legally able to do so until the age of 26.

But the Selective Service System registration (“SSS Form 1”) and accompanying computer print-out (“SSS Print-out), below, released by the Selective Service show the following oddities and irregularities, all of which indicate the document was created in 2008 and backdated:”

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Patrick Fitzgerald

You remember Patrick Fitzgerald, the federal prosecutor in the Tony Rezko investigation and trial of corruption in Chicago and Illinois. The same Fitzgerald that has indicted Stuart Levine, Dr. Robert Weinstein and is now involved in getting Tony Rezko to talk. The same Patrick Fitzgerald that is scrutinizing Governor Rod Blagojevich for possible indictment. What do all of these people have in common? Barack Obama.

The Hillbuzz blog has another connection between Patrick Fitzgerald and Obama. Here is an exerpt from an article dated October 9, 2008:

“Today, it was announced that ACORN is being investigated in 10 states.

That’s one Hell of a coincidence.

We asked why Fitzgerald would be involved in this, because he’s the prosecutor on the Tony Rezko case and we aren’t aware of ACORN being investigated in Illinois.

We were told that ACORN was investigated in Illinois years ago, and it was a Fitzgerald case then. This means ACORN’s activities today, involving a conspiracy to commit multi-state voter fraud on SoetorObama’s behalf, are an extension of that previous ACORN case.

Our source in federal courts said, “Any crime that involves more than two people and is carried out across state lines qualifies as a corrupt organization. The fact that those “Goodwill” donations were made in Texas and received at Obama headquarters in Chicago or Washington means it qualifies for RICO.”

The “Goodwill donations” referred to above are the $228 million in undocumented, unverified campaign contributions the SoetorObama camp has received — which the McCain campaigned filed a complaint to the FEC on this past Monday.

We’ve also heard that the Clinton campaign filed complaints to the FBI and other federal agencies over SoetorObama’s fraud in the Iowa, Texas and other caucuses: voter intimidation, registration fraud, and other illegal activities.”

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Acorn Voter Fraud, Obama, Fox News report, Missouri Voter Fraud, Catholic Bishops report, NC Board of Elections, FBI investigations, Contact state boards, Philip J Berg, Obama Indonesian, Obama fraud

Fox news had a segment on Acorn voter fraud today, Wednesday, October
8, 2008. They indicated that the FBI is currently conducting voter
fraud investigations in 10 states.
A Fox reporter was in Missouri at
the Board of Elections where the FBI was gathering evidence. The
reporter found 8 registration forms with the same name. He held up
approximately 500 forms that were suspect and will be evaluated by the

Tomorrow, I am going to contact the NC Board of Elections and ask what
is being done to prevent voter fraud and if there are any ongoing
investigations. Several days ago I emailed and called the NC Board of
Elections to ask if they were aware of the Philip J Berg lawsuit that
states that Obama is ineligible to be president. It is clear Obama is
still a citizen of Indonesia
. The gentleman I spoke to tried to do all
of the talking and mentioned the lawsuit filed against John McCain. He
tried to equate the McCain citizenship and eligibility status to that
of Obama. I hope that the legal staff there is better informed, The two
cases are totally different.

Voter fraud and Acorn voter fraud is a serious issue. Factor in Obama’s
long time association with Acorn and there is a real conflict of interest.
Just a few weeks ago, the Obama campaign was caught funneling over $ 800,000 to Acorn and was required to file an amended statement
of expenditures.

Anyone still unclear about Acorn, their history and objectives, should
read the prior post on this blog. We discovered a report that was
prepared for the Catholic Bishops that clearly reveals Acorn’s
motives and performance.

If I do not get a satisfactory, timely response from the NC Board of
Elections, I will take my plea to a higher level of government and
perhaps the judicial system.

I urge each of you to contact your State Board of Elections and ask
what is being done to prevent voter fraud, voice your concern over
Acorn and ask if they are aware of the Philip J Berg lawsuit.

Help Philip J Berg uphold justice:


Visit the Petition to Impeach, expel Senator Obama


* Last minute addition *

Michelle Malkin has done a superb job of covering the Obama, Acorn connection. I would like to thank Jeff Schreiber for bringing this article to my attention.

“The ACORN/Obama Voter Registration “Thug Thizzle”
by Michelle Malkin”

“Systemic corruption of our election process continues. Barack Obama and his old friends at ACORN and Project Vote are leading the way. This radical revolution is taking place in your backyard. And as I’ve reported before, this voter-fraud racket is on your dime.
On Monday, the two liberal groups announced the wrap-up of a 21-state voter registration drive targeting low-income people and minorities in battleground states including Ohio, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Florida, New Mexico and Wisconsin.

What’s wrong with that? For starters, these two groups are militant partisan outfits purporting to engage in nonpartisan civic activity. And their campaign comes amid an avalanche of fresh voter-fraud allegations involving ACORN in many of those same key states.”

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