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Fox news had a segment on Acorn voter fraud today, Wednesday, October
8, 2008. They indicated that the FBI is currently conducting voter
fraud investigations in 10 states.
A Fox reporter was in Missouri at
the Board of Elections where the FBI was gathering evidence. The
reporter found 8 registration forms with the same name. He held up
approximately 500 forms that were suspect and will be evaluated by the

Tomorrow, I am going to contact the NC Board of Elections and ask what
is being done to prevent voter fraud and if there are any ongoing
investigations. Several days ago I emailed and called the NC Board of
Elections to ask if they were aware of the Philip J Berg lawsuit that
states that Obama is ineligible to be president. It is clear Obama is
still a citizen of Indonesia
. The gentleman I spoke to tried to do all
of the talking and mentioned the lawsuit filed against John McCain. He
tried to equate the McCain citizenship and eligibility status to that
of Obama. I hope that the legal staff there is better informed, The two
cases are totally different.

Voter fraud and Acorn voter fraud is a serious issue. Factor in Obama’s
long time association with Acorn and there is a real conflict of interest.
Just a few weeks ago, the Obama campaign was caught funneling over $ 800,000 to Acorn and was required to file an amended statement
of expenditures.

Anyone still unclear about Acorn, their history and objectives, should
read the prior post on this blog. We discovered a report that was
prepared for the Catholic Bishops that clearly reveals Acorn’s
motives and performance.

If I do not get a satisfactory, timely response from the NC Board of
Elections, I will take my plea to a higher level of government and
perhaps the judicial system.

I urge each of you to contact your State Board of Elections and ask
what is being done to prevent voter fraud, voice your concern over
Acorn and ask if they are aware of the Philip J Berg lawsuit.

Help Philip J Berg uphold justice:


Visit the Petition to Impeach, expel Senator Obama


* Last minute addition *

Michelle Malkin has done a superb job of covering the Obama, Acorn connection. I would like to thank Jeff Schreiber for bringing this article to my attention.

“The ACORN/Obama Voter Registration “Thug Thizzle”
by Michelle Malkin”

“Systemic corruption of our election process continues. Barack Obama and his old friends at ACORN and Project Vote are leading the way. This radical revolution is taking place in your backyard. And as I’ve reported before, this voter-fraud racket is on your dime.
On Monday, the two liberal groups announced the wrap-up of a 21-state voter registration drive targeting low-income people and minorities in battleground states including Ohio, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Florida, New Mexico and Wisconsin.

What’s wrong with that? For starters, these two groups are militant partisan outfits purporting to engage in nonpartisan civic activity. And their campaign comes amid an avalanche of fresh voter-fraud allegations involving ACORN in many of those same key states.”

Read more here: