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Late this after noon I received an email from a trusted associate of Larry Sinclair who told me that Sinclair had been arrested. Larry Sinclair held a news conference at the National Press Club today, Wednesday, June 18, 2008. After the news conference ended, Sinclair was approached, apparently by federal marshalls. Sinclair’s attorney looked over the warrant  and it appeared authentic. Sinclair has an attorney in Delaware and is awaiting the setting of bail.

Here are some comments from Larry Sinclair’s blog from reliable sources:

“Wednesday, June 18, 2008 at 5:09 pm e
As unfortunate as it may be, it is confirmed. A representative for the D.C. Metro Police Warrant Division, delivered a warrant for the arrest and detainment for Mr. Sinclair soon after he had finished his press conference at the NPC today.

Although the details of the warrant are unknown at this time, please remember that as long as Mr. Sinclair is in Police custody his safety and security are assured. Likewise, Mr. Sibly has taken the step of making sure all of Larry’s belonging have been secured and taken care of.

It is know this was more than likely a set up created very quickly, as the FBI and DC Metro Police had no prior intelligence or information of this happening ahead of time. They too were rather surprised when this transpired. However, when a warrant is issued and delivered, they too have to follow the rule of law and step aside so they don’t trample State’s Rights. I ask that all of you not speculate on this matter further until it is resolved.

The press conference did go off as scheduled, and without much incident.”

“Mr. Sibley has completly filled me in. The PC went well. Over 100 attended & many camereas. A DVD will be posted tomorrow afternoon. Pastor Manning was there.”

“two US Marshals did appear out of no where & presented a warrant from Del & Mr. Sibley viewed & questioned but felt they were for real. DC pd verified & made the arrest.”

Apparently this warrant appeared suddenly and apparently the DC police had no prior knowledge.

The Obama camp will stop at nothing to block questioning of Obama and revealing the real Obama.

The post Tony Rezko trial atmosphere is getting interesting. Apparently there are more indictments to come. I wonder when Obama will be led off to jail?