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“These are the times that try men’s souls. The summer soldier and
the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service
of their country; but he that stands now, deserves the love and
thanks of man and woman. Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered;
yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict,
the more glorious the triumph.” —Thomas Paine 1778


“And for the support of this Declaration with a firm reliance on the protection of divine providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor.”—Declaration of Independence


The signers of The Declaration of Independence risked everything
“Lives, Fortunes, Honor”
“Of those 56 who signed the Declaration of Independence, nine died of wounds or hardships during the war. Five were captured and imprisoned, in each case with brutal treatment. Several lost wives, sons or entire families. One lost his 13 children. Two wives were brutally treated. All were at one time or another the victims of manhunts and driven from their homes.
What they risked

Two men have stuck their necks out in questioning Obama and his past. Lou Dobbs and Larry Sinclair. Of the two, Larry Sinclair has risked the most. The Obama thugs have recently used politics and Social Security benefits to try to silence Larry Sinclair.

Why have Glenn Beck, Bill O’Reilly and Fox ignored or insulted the Obama eligibility question?

“We have known for over a year that Bill O’Reilly has ignored and insulted the Obama eligibility movement. Recently Glenn Beck insulted average Americans who question Obama’s eligibility and adher to the US Constitution.”
Citizen Wells report

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There is a new Youtube video out about the Larry Sinclair drug and sex encounter with Barack Obama in November 1999. Many of the Hillary Clinton supporters do not like the way she has been treated and they refuse to vote for Barack Obama. These Hillary supporters are now voting for McCain. Here are some exerpts from their website and the Youtube video:

“Welcome to the website and forum! You can see from the distinctly nonprofessional look that this is not a PAC (Political Action Committee), not a professional political organization. Not yet, anyway.

No, what this is, is a place for other angry pissed-off Hillary voters just like you and I to come and think, talk, discuss, and then mobilize for November. Created by a lowly Hillary Clinton Campaign precinct captain and county and state delegate from a small central neighborhood in Las Vegas, with no other connection with the campaign whatsoever other than that.

First I was going to vote for McCain out of spite. Then I thought I could, that we all could, merely write in Hillary in November, and because she had more popular votes, could then decimate both Obama and McCain.

Then I found out that my own state Nevada does not allow write-in candidates! And that this is true of many states, and many other states have limitations on write-in candidates, like limiting to those who didn’t lose the primary. Absolutely absurd ridiculous limitations that have effectively throttled and destroyed true democracy in the US.

So coming to this point has been a long journey, and here is what I’ve based my own personal November decision on. If you agree, join us.”

“That’s why I’m voting McCain in November. Not only that, I’m, for the first time in my life, voting a straight GOP ticket, right down the line. Sorry, Harry Reid, Shelly Berkley, even though you supported Hillary Clinton, I deeply regret I can no longer support you. Message to Howard Dean and the DNC: Disenfranchise me and mine and the women of America with a loser candidate who can’t possibly win, and you’re in for the single most horrific surprise of your entire political life. Hell hath no fury like a Hillary Clinton supporter scorned. McCain is going to win with or without my vote, anyway. With or without our votes. It’s inevitable. What will prove not to be inevitable will be your Congressional majority which we will strive to destroy. You know, sometimes an animal has to chew off a limb to escape a trap to survive.”

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There has been a lot of controversy lately about bloggers being silenced and attacked. Google, blogger.com, bloggers that opposed Obama were shut down. Larry Sinclair has received numerous personal attacks as well as death threats. Attempts were made to prevent Larry Sinclair from speaking at the National Press Club and then he was arrested and taken to Delaware, the home of Senator Joe Biden and Attorney General Biden. Now a Sinclair YouTube video has been taken down and instead of being informed through the normal channels, a comment was made on his blog. Larry Sinclair has traced this person and when he called the associated phone number, it led him to a DC law firm. Here is the story in Larry Sinclair’s words on his blog:


Posted by Larry Sinclair on July 23rd, 2008


The youtube video I put up a couple of days ago of a phone conversation with a man claiming to be James Barry, was taken down by Youtube.  Why?  Well because it turns out the phone number on the video belongs to an Attorney with Harris, Wiltshire & Grannis, who by the way happens to represent Google, Inc.

At 7:30 AM this morning Central Time I called 202-449-9737 which is the phone number listed on my caller ID from a man claiming to be James Barry.  This individual also has a WordPress Blog under the name neonzx, where he continues to publish claims that I have aids and other things in his effort to slander and defame me. 

An interesting thing happen when I called that number this morning.  It was answered by the Washington, DC Law Firm of HARRIS, WILTSHIRE & GRANNIS


Below is a list of the Attorneys in this firm and I do not see a single James Barry.  What I do see is a Law Firm who is in some very deep shit for contacting me under false pretense when they know I am represented by Counsel in the DC Civil case and the Delaware Criminal case and they are blogging about me in a slanderous manner.  The firm of Harris (Scott B Harris, left), Wiltshire (William Wiltshire, right) & Grannis can explain to the DC Office of Disciplinary Counsel their activities in calling me and not stating they were Attorneys from this firm and for publishing claims in a bog that I am HIV positive among other things.

I called the same number two more times after the firm opened this morning and this time went to the receptionist.  I was transferred to one Alex Bryson who seem extremely nervous when I started asking why this number would be coming from this Firm and I wanted to know why the firm would have an employee calling my home and harassing me and blogging pure lies?  Mr. Bryson responded (and yes all calls were recorded) by saying in a nervous tone the number was not his (yet he did not even allow me to tell him what number I had dialed) and then he hung up.  The last call a lady named Natalie advised that the firm would get back with me by the end of the day with the name of the person this phone belongs to.  I advised her to inform Mr. Harris (the senior partner) I will be contacting the DC Bar regarding this matter immediately.

 Mark Grannis

Just to note, I have the phone call of this morning recorded as well with the firms answering system and with a female working for the answering service.  I was advised that the number 202-449-9737 could only be a cell phone belonging to one of the Attorney’s in the firm in order for it to be routed to the firms after hours answering system



Why is a Washington, DC Law firm harassing, threatening, and intimidating me on behalf of Barack Obama?  Why is a Washington, DC Law Firm by and through one of its employee’s slandering me, my mother, and other US Citizens for opposing Barack Obama?”

If Google, YouTube or the DC law firm has a response, it is welcome here.

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Larry Sinclair News Conference, video, National Press Club video, Larry Sinclair video, Montgomery Sibley, attorney, official video

The video of the Larry Sinclair news conference at the National Press Club on Wednesday, June 18, 2008 is now available for viewing. This is the only official video. Other audios and videos have been offered but this was just set up for viewing by Sinclair’s attorney, Montgomery Blair Sibley.