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There is a new Youtube video out about the Larry Sinclair drug and sex encounter with Barack Obama in November 1999. Many of the Hillary Clinton supporters do not like the way she has been treated and they refuse to vote for Barack Obama. These Hillary supporters are now voting for McCain. Here are some exerpts from their website and the Youtube video:

“Welcome to the website and forum! You can see from the distinctly nonprofessional look that this is not a PAC (Political Action Committee), not a professional political organization. Not yet, anyway.

No, what this is, is a place for other angry pissed-off Hillary voters just like you and I to come and think, talk, discuss, and then mobilize for November. Created by a lowly Hillary Clinton Campaign precinct captain and county and state delegate from a small central neighborhood in Las Vegas, with no other connection with the campaign whatsoever other than that.

First I was going to vote for McCain out of spite. Then I thought I could, that we all could, merely write in Hillary in November, and because she had more popular votes, could then decimate both Obama and McCain.

Then I found out that my own state Nevada does not allow write-in candidates! And that this is true of many states, and many other states have limitations on write-in candidates, like limiting to those who didn’t lose the primary. Absolutely absurd ridiculous limitations that have effectively throttled and destroyed true democracy in the US.

So coming to this point has been a long journey, and here is what I’ve based my own personal November decision on. If you agree, join us.”

“That’s why I’m voting McCain in November. Not only that, I’m, for the first time in my life, voting a straight GOP ticket, right down the line. Sorry, Harry Reid, Shelly Berkley, even though you supported Hillary Clinton, I deeply regret I can no longer support you. Message to Howard Dean and the DNC: Disenfranchise me and mine and the women of America with a loser candidate who can’t possibly win, and you’re in for the single most horrific surprise of your entire political life. Hell hath no fury like a Hillary Clinton supporter scorned. McCain is going to win with or without my vote, anyway. With or without our votes. It’s inevitable. What will prove not to be inevitable will be your Congressional majority which we will strive to destroy. You know, sometimes an animal has to chew off a limb to escape a trap to survive.”

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6 responses to “Larry Sinclair video, Hillary Supporters for McCain, Angry Hillary voters, Larry Sinclair Obama video, drugs, sex, downlow



  2. Hard to be optimistic.. but, I think “we” (meaning us) are finally understanding that we must bring out the TRUTH!!!

    They are such CHICKENS! BUCK, BUCK BUCK BUCK, BU$$$K!! As we always want to remain within ethical standards (unlike our opponents).

    Being conservative does not mean to let the false-hoods prevail! They (bo nuts) think we are passive.

    I LOVE it when Biden dig’s his own DEEP parking spot in the world. The loose canon is a great asset to us if we know how to view it.. We couldn’t ask for anything more.

    They (bo nuts) depend on the fallacy that YOU do not know what you are doing… YOU have not investigated the facts… and you will NOT fight back. THEY are in for a huge surprise !!!

  3. I love Hillary; I thought whe was awesome, but I don’t understand why some Hillary supporters are going with McCain. Why would you go from being pro-choice to pro-life, anti-war to pro-war?

    By saying you’re now for McCain, aren’t you in fact saying that you don’t really stand for what Hillary stood for in the first place?

  4. Jason,

    I suspect you love Hillary as much for the person that she, what you’ve deemed of her, as much as her stand on issues.

    The character of the person is the first consideration in the election/selection to any position. Their views, for many, do not take precedence over their character.

    Obama has become so reprehensible to many democrats, that McCain is the better choice of the two, irrespective on their stand on issues.

  5. Thanks for the terrific post here!

    Jason, we simply don’t believe a word Obama says about where he stands on the issues, because he’s flip flopped on so much already, PLUS he already had about zero credibility with us with the way he handled the Larry Sinclair affair.

    We (and many others) actually believe that he has moved to the RIGHT of McCain on the issues, while McCain has always been a centrist like Hillary. We’re also voting for the OLD McCain, the one that loathed Bush and decried how the war in Iraq was being waged (never to be won, but to keep an endless gravy train going on for Cheney, Haliburton, and other war contractors and those who owned war contractor stock). We’re hoping McCain will revert, once he’s through pandering to the GOP right to win their warped truly messed up in the mind base.

    Unfortunately, as far as Obama, we can’t trust a man who would run over a lady to TRY and win the White House the way he and his campaign ran over Hillary. It’s that simple. He could have easily served as her Veep for eight years at her side, learned much, and been an incredible President in 2016 when he was older and far wiser.

    Unfortunately, it was not meant to be, and John McCain has already won the election by a landslide no matter what we say or do or how we vote.

    Obama can’t win because of WHO he is, not because of WHAT he is.

    Thanks to the moderator of this great blog from reporting on us, and CONGRATULATIONS TO LARRY SINCLAIR ON HIS FREEDOM FROM ALL DELAWARE FALSE CHARGES!!!!!

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