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“The past, he reflected, had not merely been altered, it had
actually been destroyed. For how could you establish, even
the most obvious fact when there existed no record outside
your own memory?”

George Orwell, “1984″


From Charles Kerchner of the Kerchner V Obama lawsuit, regarding Google attempting to shut down attorney Mario Apuzzo’s blog.

“1 August 2009

For Immediate Release

Are Obama and his still fully operating campaign staff and organization, ACORN and its numerous affiliates, and Google via its search engines and staff for its main organization and subsidiaries … engaging in increased cyber-warfare against Obama opponents online?

Censorship by Google and BlogSpot Robots, Altered Search Engine Algorithms, Biased Google Staff, and Internet Cyber-Attacks on Obama Opponent’s Websites and Blogs.

Charles Kerchner
Lead Plaintiff
Kerchner v Obama & Congress”

“Censorship by Google and BlogSpot Robots, Altered Search Engine Algorithms, and Biased Google Staff. A National Resource and Public Corporation has been Compromised by an Extremely Politically Biased CEO. Other Internet Cyber-Attacks Being Attempted & Orchestrated by the Obots . Some Cloaked and Subtle. Some Not.”

“31 Jul 2009 – Update: Denial of Service (DOS) attacks are being reported at various websites on the net which have been critical of Obama and his lack of eligibility under our Constitution to be the President. The official “TheBirthers.org” website was temporarily blocked for about 9 hours from access by normal users by a coordinated DOS attack late Thursday and early Friday. Others have reported similar attacks. We believe these DOS attacks are being orchestrated via ACORN and affiliated groups using “zombie programs” installed on the computers of 10s of thousands of their members nationwide and even worldwide (they have 1 million members outside the USA) and that these zombie sleeper codes in these thousands of computers are being controlled by a central “war room” operation operated by ACORN and/or the Obama campaign staff, to engage in cyber-warfare against there target of interest, which is still in operation. I believe they also engage paid and/or volunteer ACORN chapter members as bloggers who are turned loose when needed to flood conservative blogs with trolling type messages in any blog where any a thread about the Obama eligitiblity issue is gaining traction or in the news. This internet war room, with its paid bloggers and 10s of thousands of zombie computers world wide, can then send out a simple internet coded command at any time at will to attack any website on the net at any given time with massive, overwhelming numbers of internet “page serve” requests or emails to block access to the site by normal users, and to cause servers to crash and to clog up email in boxes with robotically generated page serve requests and emails. Keep you firewalls and virus checkers up to date and report any DOS attacks to your ISP immediately and request they report it to law enforcement and/or report it yourself directly to the FBI cyber crimes unit for investigation. I believe ACORN and all its affilations and “cousins” should be investigated under the RICO laws. and under international criminal conspiracy crime laws.”

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There has been a lot of controversy lately about bloggers being silenced and attacked. Google, blogger.com, bloggers that opposed Obama were shut down. Larry Sinclair has received numerous personal attacks as well as death threats. Attempts were made to prevent Larry Sinclair from speaking at the National Press Club and then he was arrested and taken to Delaware, the home of Senator Joe Biden and Attorney General Biden. Now a Sinclair YouTube video has been taken down and instead of being informed through the normal channels, a comment was made on his blog. Larry Sinclair has traced this person and when he called the associated phone number, it led him to a DC law firm. Here is the story in Larry Sinclair’s words on his blog:


Posted by Larry Sinclair on July 23rd, 2008


The youtube video I put up a couple of days ago of a phone conversation with a man claiming to be James Barry, was taken down by Youtube.  Why?  Well because it turns out the phone number on the video belongs to an Attorney with Harris, Wiltshire & Grannis, who by the way happens to represent Google, Inc.

At 7:30 AM this morning Central Time I called 202-449-9737 which is the phone number listed on my caller ID from a man claiming to be James Barry.  This individual also has a WordPress Blog under the name neonzx, where he continues to publish claims that I have aids and other things in his effort to slander and defame me. 

An interesting thing happen when I called that number this morning.  It was answered by the Washington, DC Law Firm of HARRIS, WILTSHIRE & GRANNIS


Below is a list of the Attorneys in this firm and I do not see a single James Barry.  What I do see is a Law Firm who is in some very deep shit for contacting me under false pretense when they know I am represented by Counsel in the DC Civil case and the Delaware Criminal case and they are blogging about me in a slanderous manner.  The firm of Harris (Scott B Harris, left), Wiltshire (William Wiltshire, right) & Grannis can explain to the DC Office of Disciplinary Counsel their activities in calling me and not stating they were Attorneys from this firm and for publishing claims in a bog that I am HIV positive among other things.

I called the same number two more times after the firm opened this morning and this time went to the receptionist.  I was transferred to one Alex Bryson who seem extremely nervous when I started asking why this number would be coming from this Firm and I wanted to know why the firm would have an employee calling my home and harassing me and blogging pure lies?  Mr. Bryson responded (and yes all calls were recorded) by saying in a nervous tone the number was not his (yet he did not even allow me to tell him what number I had dialed) and then he hung up.  The last call a lady named Natalie advised that the firm would get back with me by the end of the day with the name of the person this phone belongs to.  I advised her to inform Mr. Harris (the senior partner) I will be contacting the DC Bar regarding this matter immediately.

 Mark Grannis

Just to note, I have the phone call of this morning recorded as well with the firms answering system and with a female working for the answering service.  I was advised that the number 202-449-9737 could only be a cell phone belonging to one of the Attorney’s in the firm in order for it to be routed to the firms after hours answering system



Why is a Washington, DC Law firm harassing, threatening, and intimidating me on behalf of Barack Obama?  Why is a Washington, DC Law Firm by and through one of its employee’s slandering me, my mother, and other US Citizens for opposing Barack Obama?”

If Google, YouTube or the DC law firm has a response, it is welcome here.

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