Biggest Covid19 lies from fake news media govt CDC, 99% deaths among unvaccinated, Side effects and breakthrough cases extremely rare, Greensboro News Record protects Gov Cooper (#2 contributor Pfizer) not public

Biggest Covid19 lies from fake news media govt CDC, 99% deaths among unvaccinated, Side effects and breakthrough cases extremely rare, Greensboro News Record protects Gov Cooper (#2 contributor Pfizer) not public

“two papers published May 19 in the journal of Hospital Pediatrics found pediatric hospitalizations for COVID were overcounted by at least 40%, carrying potential implications for nationwide figures used to justify vaccinating children.”...The Defender

“it is universally known that children virtually never die from COVID-19 and given that children have a very strong immune system, they are more likely than adults to have an over-reaction to the shot.”…Dr. Steven Roth

“There is not yet enough evidence on the use of vaccines against COVID-19 in children to make recommendations for children to be vaccinated against COVID-19. Children and adolescents tend to have milder disease compared to adults. However, children should continue to have the recommended childhood vaccines.”…WHO

The NY Times and larger papers have nothing on the Greensboro News Record when it comes to fake news and lies.

From the Greensboro News Record print edition Sunday July 25, 2021 Our Opinion.

With 99% of COVID deaths now occurring among the unvaccinated, and our state reaching a three month
high of 1,800 cases reported by the N.C. Department of Health and Human Services on Thursday
(and 12 new COVID deaths reported), we hope that will change. We urge everyone to be vaccinated
for their safety and that of their loved ones. All three vaccines are safe and effective;
the reported side effects and breakthrough cases (catching the virus despite being vaccinated)
have been greatly exaggerated and are extremely rare.

The Greensboro News Record has always been a left leaning, Democrat Party mouthpiece.

They will do anything at apparently any cost to protect NC Governor Roy Cooper.

Pfizer was the # 2 contributor to Cooper in 2020.


What the News Record printed was an outright, blatant lie!

“99% of COVID deaths now occurring among the unvaccinated”

As the Surgeon General has warned:


The deaths after Covid vaccinations have far exceeded those for unvaccinated in recent weeks.

The CDC has done their best to obfuscate the real numbers.

Adverse events


Decide for yourself.

From The Defender July 23, 2021.

“Data released today by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) included a total of almost 500,000 reports of injuries and deaths, across all age groups, following COVID vaccines — an increase of 27,761 compared with the previous week.

The data comes directly from reports submitted to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), the primary government-funded system for reporting adverse vaccine reactions in the U.S.”

Read more:

Breakthrough Cases

King’s College UK new Covid19 cases study.

47 percent of new cases have been vaccinated and new unvaccinated cases are trending down.

Hebrew University study.

90% of newly infected people over the age of 50 are fully vaccinated.

60% of the patients in serious conditions have been vaccinated.

Massachusetts Department of Public Health.

Between July 10 and July 16 2021 43.4 % of all new cases were breakthrough.

Read more:

WRAL Raleigh

“The state Department of Health and Human Services reports that 4,659 breakthrough cases have been reported in North Carolina to date, including 321 hospitalizations and 61 deaths.”

Read more:

All indications are that the NC DHHS is under reporting Covid19 breakthrough cases.

This is being investigated.

The Greensboro News Record, as you can see above, is lying.

Consider this an official notification to the US Surgeon General of Covid Misinformation.


More here:


40 responses to “Biggest Covid19 lies from fake news media govt CDC, 99% deaths among unvaccinated, Side effects and breakthrough cases extremely rare, Greensboro News Record protects Gov Cooper (#2 contributor Pfizer) not public

  1. “We are being lied to on a scale unimaginable by George Orwell.”…Citizen Wells

  2. CW
    ……….YEP, reciprocity among Democrats IS WHAT IT IS……..mostly BULLSH-T. That is how they cover each others hindquarters.

  3. BUT,
    ……….mark my words, one day hopefully sooner than later all of the Democrats are going to find themselves in free fall into their own cesspool of bullsh-t wherein they will drown as they swallow their OWN MANURE.

  4. AND NOW,
    …………WACKY HOUSE pays 1 billion to wall contractor to DESTROY WALL.

  5. Symptoms of the ‘Delta Variant:’ Runny nose, headache, congestion, maybe a fever. Translation: Rhinovirus=common cold.

    Many more ‘variants’ to come through the end of 2022 in fact, the names cover the entire Greek alphabet all the way down to Omega. Here come the booster shots.

    The ‘vaccines’ were not created for COVID; COVID was created for the ‘vaccines.’ More people will die from the jab than from the virus itself.

    It’s all been planned.

  6. oldsailor88

    AND NOW,
    ………California LIBERAL LUNATICS now trying to blame Trump for the lack of mountain snow melt run off water……..just as other LIBERAL LUNATICS tried to make the public believe that George Bush had the capability to control the weather. These raging fanatics are what they are………INSANE.

  7. oldsailor88

    AND NOW,
    …….the raging, female mayor of Chicago has just stated that she will only talk with people of color. If a person is white the mayor says she will REFUSE to talk with them. I wonder what she is going to do about FELLOW ELECTED, and/or hired white folks who are only asking normal guidance questions from a superior. Obviously the mayor has a RACIAL BIAS. Perhaps a the immediate resignation of the biased leader would be the best solution. With a RACIAL BIAS Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Lightfoot is UNFIT TO BE THE MAYOR OF CHICAGO.

  8. oldsailor88

    …………the first step to cleaning up Fulton county election issues would be the removal of Mr. Raffensberger. It is easy to see that he was in bed with the perpetrators of election fraud early on.

  9. oldsailor88

    AND NOW,

  10. oldsailor88

    AND NOW,
    …….there is fast growing evidence that the many homeless encampments throughout California are where many of the wildfires have begun.

  11. oldsailor88

    …………many of the residents of the homeless camps are DRUGHEADS, and/or alcoholics. They light up their joints, and throw a still burning match on the ground…….VOILA INSTANT brush fire. When the fires begin they grab all their stuff and hit the road. This may not be the whole story, but I would bet it is a BIG part of it.

  12. oldsailor88

    ………..the California authorities are all aware of this yet they do not even try to do something towards intervening to make encampments reasonably safe from being set on fire by STONED DRUGHEADS.

  13. OS
    California’s problem starts with our governor
    Governor Nuisance. Well California will soon be voting to replace the Nuisance by voting YES
    The recall is going very slowly and people need to step up the recall pace. Larry Elder is now on the ballot along with over 40 other candidates.
    Hopefully, come October we will have a new governor who will put out the fires and do something with the homeless population.

  14. hapnHal…….
    …….recently Joe Malarkey told us that everyone must get vaccinated. He said by getting vaccinated you will NOT get the disease, and even if you do you will not be hospitalized, and you won’t die. har har……YOU TELL EM JOE. For some strange reason the REAL facts don’t seem to match your BULLSH-T.

  15. oldsailor88

    ………I noticed that after the HONCHOS in Sacremento got their butts sued they stopped harrassing Larry Elder. har har. Oh yes BTW Caitlyn Jenner is also on the ballot. Would he be an acceptable substitute for the NUISANCE? Doesn’t say much for the quality of America’s pool of so called LEADERS. Perhaps Jenner should consider running for POTUS instead of Governor of California. After all the WACKY HOUSE has already had a person like Jenner under it’s roof………REMEMBER MICHAEL? YEP the land of SEXUAL FANTASIES IS WHAT IT IS.

  16. oldsailor88

    ………while I don’t know who the rest of the candidates for Governor are I have been wondering if the TERMINATOR might be out there lurking in the shadows waiting to test all of the candidates.

  17. oldsailor88

    ……… is another name who might do at least as well as the nusiance……Perhaps California could consider STAN LAUREL as a candidate. Seriously I think Larry Elder carries the best credentials. He has already demonstrated that he isn’t afraid of the folks at Sacremento……or anywhere else for that matter.!!!!!! I sent him $25.00. Just my way of saying “SIC EM Larry.”

  18. oldsailor88

    ……..if you don’t already watch OAN you might tune in and give them a shot at your viewing faith. While a few of the female anchors could use a course in word articulation, they do seem to show an affinity with honest reporting.

  19. oldsailor88

    …….why people are so afraid of returningg to the days of the MASK. After all you would think that PREVENTION would be foremost in their minds. YEP, WASH THE HANDS OFTEN, WEAR THE MASK 24/7 INDOORS AND OUT, AVOID CROWDS, AVOID EXCESSIVE SOCIALIZATION. READ THE BIBLE.

  20. oldsailor88

    ……….there is an endless supply of chips for PHONES, but a near ZERO supply of chips for automotive or related industrial applications. Nissan having really great sales year. RIO TINTO releases 9.1 billion in dividends. Mrs. Olsen says the coffee industry in South America is going to h-ll in a handbasket. Mountain grown coffee has stopped growing on the mountainsides. She always said “MOUNTAIN GROWN COFFEE IS THE BEST KIND”. Perhaps somebody will start growing coffee in the northern California mountains. The bean will be automatically ROASTED FOR FREE…..this should lower the cost of coffee.

  21. oldsailor88

    ……… careful what you say or think…….SOCIAL MEDIA now stands ready to pounce, and cancel you. All Americans MUST NOW COMPLY with the CRT reasoning………there is no longer such a thing as REALITY. TRA LA LA LAND IS THE NEW REALITY.!!!!!

  22. oldsailor88

    AFTER ALL…….

  23. oldsailor88

    ……..”.MANY HA HA” has made herself look like the Massachussetts NUT CASE she is.

  24. oldsailor88

    ………Arizona Senate has SUBPOENAED DOMINION. It was a highly ranked engineer at Dominion who PUBLICLY stated “I HAVE MADE F—ING SURE THAT TRUMP WILL NOT WIN THE ELECTION”. Why would a person in his position make such a statement?

  25. OldSailor–you are smarter than read other than here, I hope.
    That mask you wear is like using a chain link fence to keep out a’s nasty…it’s unsanitary…it’s harboring so many bacterial germs …OOooooo!!!
    Kids and adults are wearing these all day, storing in glove box, folding and keeping in pockets—oh, yeah, that’s healthy!!

    If smoke can get through or even your breath, so can germs from the engineered flu the deep state hope to convince you to get a shot for.

  26. I’ll tell you what I think about all this flip-flopping of decrees and restrictions…these demonic, satanic, sick child-eating pedophiles are doing everything possible to stir up the public and promote hatred for others, promote distrust of all our abc agencies, promote racist issues, promote issues between family and teachers/school boards, promote issues between employer and employee, promote issues between neighbors….think of one, just one, area the deep state hasn’t infiltrated and caused divide…even our military!!! This is done to rile us, anger us into rioting, storming businesses and state buildings…..all to bring in UN to tame down the unruly Americans. The world is watching us..

    DO NOT ALLOW IT. Stay strong. God has this and we must see the bigger picture here..or Satan wins. There are more of us than them…they just have the money, which gives them the power. What do we have??
    Love–for our family, friends, country, and God.. That is stronger than any love deep state has for money and power.
    No mask will save me; no injection with killer ingredients will save me; no house arrest will save me….God will.

  27. Jay Jay……..
    ……….I spent 4 years of my life sitting in 125 degree engine rooms, and 145 degree boiler rooms for 8 hours out of every 24 hours. It is unlikely that a new mask will bother me much at all. I don’t REUSE THEM. I simply do what I myself deem necessary at any point in time. If I choose to wear a mask it will be because I think it is necessary given the environment I am in at that point in time. During my lifetime I have had folks tell me that they wished I would fall into an open manhole. Unfortunately for them that hasn’t yet happened, and the odds of that happening are probably greater than winning the national lottery (which I don’t throw away my money doing). I worked too hard for it……..but most folks don’t really give a hoot anyway. I will continue believing,and doing things like always until God sends me a subpoena.

  28. CW…….
    ……….during boot camp a grizzled old CPO DI said to me ” you can pay attention to what we teach you here, or you can go to sea duty not knowing port from starboard, or aft from forward, and when the enemy starts shooting at us your final option might be a shark infested ocean because you didn’t learn anything during your recruit training.” I took his words seriously, and so much so that I applied that logic to this day. I watch everything closely. Of course that is ME.

  29. AND,
    ……my step son retired from 20 years in the Silent Service (US Submarine Service). He too lives today pretty much as he did during his service. We both THINK FOR OURSELVES……..RIGHT, WRONG, OR INDIFFERENT!!!!

  30. oldsailor88

    ………..YES we all need to get right with our creator…….we all are coming into a period when we are going to be once again SEVERELY TESTED. If America’s split cannot be rectified the country will probably FALL. One person cannot do anything…… will require 330,000,000 people, all with the same vein of thought to resurrect America from what is coming.

  31. oldsailor88

    ………..have you watched any of Pelosi’s STAGE PLAY……..which opened yesterday? The opening scene features several CRYING Wacky house cops, all READING FROM THEIR INDIVIDUALIZED scripts. They apparently aren’t allowed to tell the story in their own words.

  32. oldsailor88

    ………..of late the female Senator from Maine is now showing her Parkinson’s tremors big time.

  33. oldsailor88

    AND NOW,
    ………..Joe Malarkey has invited Iran’s President to visit the WACKY HOUSE.

  34. oldsailor88

    AND NOW,
    ………….”MANY HA HA” called out by founder of Home Depot because of her views regarding WEALTH TAX.

  35. oldsailor88

    ………raging psychosis among Democratic representatives, and their leader becoming more, and more obvious as each day passes.

  36. oldsailor88

    ………Robinhood Markets off to miserable IPO.

  37. CW
    What’s going on???

    CDC Admits Covid ‘Vaccines’ Don’t Work

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is caught between a rock and a hard place when it comes to the guidance they issue regarding Covid-19. On one hand, they need to get the word out about the latest dizzying spin to their “scientific” protocols. On the other hand, they have to explain why their guidance is in such a state of chaos, changing just as quickly today as it did when very little was known about the “novel coronavirus” early last year.

    This week, they made changes to their guidance, and one item, in particular, got a lot of attention. But there was an even bigger admission by the CDC that went largely unnoticed. While most were busy complaining about the new face mask guidelines for everyone, vaccinated or not, there was little discussion about the item just below that particular guidance that essentially admits the “vaccines” don’t really do what we’ve been told they would do for the past eight months.

  38. oldsailor88

    ………….unfortunately a lot of folks have paid the supreme price to confirm these facts. Many places where people go here in Northern Indiana have never relaxed their distancing and mask requirements….my doctor’s office is one of them, and our local Kroger store is another. My son contracted the virus, but thanks to quick treatment he only had a mild headach, and an upset stomach. He is 65 years of age. Personally I think the world is NOT YET out of the woods. This pandemic could continue sporadically for several more years.

    …….why people are so afraid of returningg to the days of the MASK.


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