Democrat mouthpiece Greensboro News Record opinion, Judge overturn of Voter ID amendment, “ginned up by phony claims of voter fraud” What???

Democrat mouthpiece Greensboro News Record opinion, Judge overturn of Voter ID amendment, “ginned up by phony claims of voter fraud” What???

“Other payments which are disclosed on Bladen County Improvement Association PAC contribution reports include
the following:

Mary Johnson, witness for 74 ballots, $450;
Lola Wooten, witness for 58 ballots, $500;
Deborah Cogdell, witness for 45 ballots (including both witnesses on 1 ballot), $300; and
Bridgette Keaton, witness for 16 ballots, $630.”…Bladen County NC election protest 2016

“What is your threshold for acceptable voter fraud since 1 vote can win most elections?”…Citizen Wells

“We control life, Winston, at all its levels. You are imagining that there is something called human nature which will be outraged by what we do and will turn against us. But we create human nature. Men are infinitely malleable.”…George Orwell, “1984″


I delivered the Greensboro News Record as a youth.

Since its demise as a proper news reporting entity has already occurred, I will celebrate its eventual closing when it happens for what it has become. A mouthpiece for the Democrat Party.

From the Greensboro News Record Opinion column February 28, 2019.

“A judge’s ruling last week that nullifies two amendments to the N.C. Constitution was the wrong solution to the right problems. And it should be overturned on appeal.

One amendment requires voter ID at the ballot; the other permanently lowers the cap on state income tax rates from 10 percent to 7 percent. Both were ill-conceived and unnecessary.

But the voters approved both provisions on a statewide ballot by solid margins. The voter ID amendment passed with 55.6 percent of voters approving. The new cap on state income tax rates passed with 57 percent of the vote. Both should stand unless the amendments themselves fail legal challenges.

The state NAACP sued over the amendments, and Wake County Superior Court Judge Bryan Collins ruled in its favor. Collins wrote in his decision that the state legislature “is so gerrymandered that its members don’t truly represent the people of the state and thus should never have proposed constitutional amendments in the first place.””

“Make no mistake, the voter ID amendment was ginned up by phony claims of voter fraud. It disenfranchises the poor and minorities. And yes, the income tax rate amendment is shortsighted, tying the state’s hands in ways that could prevent it from meeting future needs that require public investment. Both still may be overturned for legitimate reasons.

But the referendum on the amendments in November was not gerrymandered. Every eligible voter had an opportunity to weigh in, regardless of party or district. And the yeas prevailed.

“These amendments were placed on the ballot and passed by an overwhelming majority of North Carolinians,” N.C. GOP Chairman Robin Hayes said in a written statement. “This unprecedented and absurd ruling by a liberal judge is the very definition of judicial activism.”

We don’t agree with Hayes on much. But in this case, he’s right.

The state GOP plans to appeal, and the case ultimately could reach the state Supreme Court, where we hope the voters’ desires will carry more weight.”

Read more:

It is a shame that the Greensboro News Record, the paper I delivered as a youth, is so in bed with the Democrat Party that it cannot report the truth without injecting the party line.

“The state GOP plans to appeal, and the case ultimately could reach the state Supreme Court, where we hope the voters’ desires will carry more weight.”

That just had to put the following party lines (lies) in:

  1. “the voter ID amendment was ginned up by phony claims of voter fraud.”
  2. “It disenfranchises the poor and minorities.”

Voter ID disenfranchises no one! It treats everyone the same.

Phony claims of voter fraud?

“From the Greensboro News Record December 3, 2016.


The State Board of Elections dismissed a complaint originating from a rural North Carolina county that could have prevented scores of ballots from being counted in close races for governor and auditor.

The board voted 3-2 on Saturday to reject the protest from a Bladen County candidate, who with assistance from Republican Gov. Pat McCrory’s campaign, alleged workers for a political committee that received Democratic funds fraudulently filled out absentee ballots.

Lawyers pushing the complaint suggested the board could throw out as many as 419 mail-in absentee ballots. They said evidence showed that a losing write-in candidate for soil and water conservation district supervisor showed up on nearly 170 ballots and may have originated from only seven people. The lawyers said none of those ballots should be tallied for any races.”

“”We have an obligation to ensure that every vote is counted accurately and that our elections process is conducted legally,” said McCrory. “Any verified instance of voter fraud or other illegal activity should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.””

From Citizen Wells November 25, 2016.

“NC State Board of Elections meeting audio reveals widespread voter fraud, Greensboro News Record lies again”

“Square what the News Record and the rest of the disgusting mainstream media has “reported” versus the following.

Hey News Record editors. Did you listen to the entire State Board of Elections meeting?

I did.”

Read more:


More here:




34 responses to “Democrat mouthpiece Greensboro News Record opinion, Judge overturn of Voter ID amendment, “ginned up by phony claims of voter fraud” What???

  1. citizenwells

    “The function of the press is very high. It is almost Holy.
    It ought to serve as a forum for the people, through which
    the people may know freely what is going on. To misstate or
    suppress the news is a breach of trust.”
    …. Louis D. Brandeis

  2. citizenwells

    “Not every item of news should be published: rather must
    those who control news policies endeavor to make every item
    of news serve a certain purpose.”… Joseph Goebbels

  3. citizenwells

    “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it”…Joseph Goebbels

  4. citizenwells

    “Propaganda must not serve the truth, especially not insofar
    as it might bring out something favorable for the opponent.”
    … Adolf Hitler

  5. citizenwells

    “When you pick up your morning or evening newspaper and think
    you are reading the news of the world, what you are reading
    is a propaganda which has been selected, revised, and doctored
    by some power which has a financial interest in you.”
    …. Upton Sinclair

  6. citizenwells

    “If I had my choice I would kill every reporter in the world but I am sure we would be getting reports from hell before breakfast.”… William Tecumseh Sherman

  7. oldsailor86

    AND…………… Your comments are SQUARELY ON THE MONEY. Do you wonder if any American CHILDREN are reading this blog…….or are they too busy with fantasyland videos which they think are real. If not fantasy videos, then they have their DRONE TOYS to play with. Either way they could soon be watching 1 million armed soldiers come ashore and start murdering Americans by the thousands. Will the children keep playing with their toys or will they step back into REALITY long enough to defend their own country.

  8. citizenwells

    Years ago I had a mom thank me for presenting the truth. Underreported facts.

  9. oldsailor86

    ………..we might refer to that as UPBRINGING. Sadly in todays world UPBRINGING is seriously lacking.

  10. oldsailor86

    ……… decades past that was referred to as UPBRINGING. In todays world UPBRINGING is SERIOUSLY LACKING !!!

  11. oldsailor86

    ……….recently it has been necessary for me to sign in with each and every comment. The sign in only allows ONE COMMENT, then I must sign in again for each successive comment. At the completion of this comment I will have to sign in again before I can post it.

  12. citizenwells

    Anyone else having a comment issue?

  13. CW
    oldsailor85+ is right. Need to go back to the old previous comment way, unless you have a reason for the change.

  14. citizenwells

    I changed nothing.
    Will check.

  15. Citizenwells

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  17. citizenwells

    If anything has changed, WordPress did it.
    I changed no settings.

  18. oldsailor86

    For a while I thought that the problem was in my own computer system. I tried a number of remedies but so far nothing I have tried has worked. Still have to sign in with every comment. Perhaps we are lucky that we aren’t experiencing a lot worse stuff. Just a bit inconvenient. Perhaps there is a lunatic liberal nut case sitting in his mothers basement who is gleefully doing all of this……..while trying to act IMPORRRRRRRTANT. !!!

  19. Sign in issue for commenting is necessary for most websites on my pc and has been for several weeks; those I visit every day.
    Strangely, the issue isn’t one on this website–go figure!!!

    I have no clue why this site is the only one that didn’t reset like the others.

  20. oldsailor86

    …………apparently you too are experiencing the same issue. If this is true then iif it wasn’t CW then the only remaining variable is WordPress. But given the level of intervention we have these days it might not be their fault either. It might be a Chinese dragon just having a little fun.

  21. oldsailor86

    Jay Jay………
    ………..the issue I am experiencing is the permanent sign is has somehow reset to individual sign in with each comment. It was permanent until a week or so ago. Just a bit inconvenient. I am now using AUTOFILL. Just a few extra keystrokes.!!

  22. Exactly. However, this site for my pc is the only one that HASN’T done that.
    This one and drkatesview are the only two not requiring a sign in to comment.
    Something has affected our computers and I just discovered (maybe a connection?????)—I no longer can use GOOGLE EARTH; it has been uninstalled from my pc, and when trying to install, I cannot do without accepting Google installation for startup page and I don’t use google for anything.
    I use startpage.

    So, there is a problem.

  23. oldsailor86

    The problem could be a little PUNK with a Commodore 64 computer system………..and he just punches keys all day for fun.

  24. oldsailor86

    …….Either a PLAYING PUNK, or perhaps a snotnose employee of some computer services company has either inadvertently, or intentionally disabled the particular file which allowed permanent sign in to CW. Could even be some LIBERAL POS trying to make everybody’s life as miserable as his/her own. I too bailed out of Google many months ago…….particularly CHROME. They want total control of your PC.

  25. oldsailor86

    Jay Jay………
    I am using AUTOFILL now. Just two clicks of the mouse!!! NO BIG DEAL!!!! I stopped worrying about much anymore……..I just do whatever I am forced to do. My pulmonary fibrosis has taught me that. At some point down the road, i will probably be toting an oxy tank around with me………….ohhhhhhh wellllllll.

  26. Regarding the issue–it is widespread. I just ‘tested’ commenting on the only site my details weren’t erased and after clicking ‘post comment’, yes, my info was erased; it is probably because I am still using windows 7.
    I probably won’t even be allowed pretty soon to use this computer and I don’t wish to update.
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  27. Chrome is required for downloading google earth and I will just have to do without.
    Google earth helps me when searching for property as I view around it and its surroundings ; I plan to buy a small house before selling this one.
    What is autofill??

  28. oldsailor86

    “SMOKE, SMOKE SMOKE THAT CIGARETTE…. til you smoke yourself to death………tell St Peter at God’s GATE you just hate to make him WAIT but you just GOTTA have another CIGARETTE !!! OHHHHHHHHH YEAHHHHHHH !!!

  29. AUTOFILL is GOOGLE CHROME initiated.

  30. oldsailor86

    Jay Jay……….
    you can program your brouser to contain the two lines required to sign in to CW. Then all that is needed is to put the cursor on the pertinent line and click the mouse. Autofill does both lines simultaneously with one click.

  31. Jay Jay………
    whatever is needed it does seem to work……..and that is all I care about. Perhaps I am too stupid to know whether I actually bailed out of CHROME or not……..I did TRY. If I ended up shoveling manure against the tide so be it. Anyway as I said I can now sign in each time with a click of my mouse…….just one more sip of coffee please! har har Life seems to get more complicated as each day passes. Kinda thinking about going to Waikiki building a grass shack, and becoming a BEACHCOMER. When I was at Pearl a friend of mine used to call it WHACKY- TEA BEACH. HE USED TO SPIKE HIS TEA WITH STUFF MADE IN THE MOUNTAINS OF TENNESSEE. We all knew him as SNEAKY PETE because every time he went home on leave he always managed to bring back a couple of fruit jars full of white lightning back with him. He kept it in a locker he rented on the beach. The day before we left Pearl for the US East Coast, he had transferred to shore duty at Pearl. Had a real racket going. I have a feeling he was peddling corn liquor in Hawaii. In those days if he had gotten caught it would have been an automatic GENERAL COURTS MARTIAL…..which = BAD NEWS !!!

  32. oldsailor86

    …………..and a few minutes ago I finished reading about a female illegal in Greensboro NC who has taken refuge in a local church basement to escape ICE. Her name is Juana Tobar Ortega. I also read the story about her, as sad as it is. There is something important that all of these people seem to misunderstand………….THEY ARE NO LONGER IN THEIR OWN COUNTRY……. They do not have a right to come to America and expect to come in without compliance with our laws..They VOLUNTARILY chose to ILLEGALLY enter America. As illegals they are subject to our laws no matter how pathetic their stories are. I also believe that the churches who allow this are breaking faith with the American people. Keep in mind it was probably American people who helped these churches establish themselves to begin with. While I realise a non denominational church sees all comers as it’s waifs but what about the folks who support the church…… they still count? Or are they just FODDER to throw to the wind. If the people who support the church also support it as a sanctuary for illegals, then they all have conspired against the rule of law in America……… pure and simple!!!!

  33. A Crazy Old Coot

    I have a question about the judge. What authority does he have to tell a state what the tax level should be.

    And, He has no authority to tall a state that they cannot require a voter to show id before voting.

    Sorry, I get so upset over judges overstepping their authourity.

  34. oldsailor86

    old coot……….
    …………that would be a judge that Trump needs to FIRE.

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