5 responses to “MarkRobinson

  1. Agree with our Lt Governor on this matter.

  2. I completely stand with you on this and the reversal of the indoctrination has to start with the children. How can I help?!

  3. jolie, et al.
    Spread the word far and wide.
    Keep an eye on your local school district.
    Support Lt. Gov. Robinson.

  4. Margaret wright

    Thank God for a man of reason and intelligence willing to lead people in this fight for our children and country.

  5. Cooperate with coalitions of parents across the state, e.g. Education First Alliance, and connect with those in other states. The movement against the harmful ideologies (neo-racism, Marxism, cancelling those whose opinions differ, brainwashing the young) must be nationwide. Children are being harmed psychologically and stunted in their intellectual development.

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