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From Larry Sinclair:

“Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A NATION IN DISTRESS: The US without a President



Today, January 20, 2009 at 12:oo PM the United States of America will become for the first time in our Nations history, a Nation without a legal or valid President and the White House will be occupied by an Indonesian citizen, a murderer and a fraud.

This is in deed an Historic moment in our Nation! We are knowingly allowing a man to be sworn in as President under a name that is not even his legal name, a man who the world knows is not a citizen of the United States but one of Indonesia. Today we make History by giving the keys to the White House to a fraud, the biggest fraud ever to be committed on the American people.”

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Larry Sinclair has bounced back from another attempt from the Obama camp to silence him. Obama Campaign bloggers inundated the servers at Startlogic and they suspended Larry Sinclair’s sites. These evil Obama supporters, reminiscent of Nazi Brownshirts and “1984” Thought Police, have failed once again to silence Sinclair. What these children of darkness fail to recognize is that when they try to silence Sinclair, they are also attempting to silence the American public, and we will not allow that. We will not allow these modern day Nazi Brownshirts to do what they did in Nazi Germany.

Here is Larry Sinclair’s latest blog site:


If you want to prevent the US from becoming Nazi Germany, voice your concern here: