Obama Kenyan birth certificate, Opinion, August 3, 2009, Citizen Wells commentary, Obama camp diversions, fraud, lies


Regarding the alleged Kenyan birth certificate of Barack Obama

  • Firstly, when I became aware of Dr. Orly Taitz filing the Kenyan birth certificate, I reported the news along with other information that was relevant.
  • I do not know if the birth certificate is legitimate. I will wait for validation by the proper experts.
  • I have many reasons to believe that Barack Obama was born in Kenya.
  • Obama is hiding many facts about his past and there is a reason for that.
  • Obama is guilty of crime and corruption, including, but not limited to his involvement in rigging the IL Health Planning Facilites Board.
  • Obama is guilty of multiple counts of fraud, including, but not limited to lying on his IL bar application and misrepresenting his involvement with the criminal organization Acorn.
  • The biggest crime Obama has committed, is the treasonous, fraudulent takeover of the office of POTUS.
  • The hallmark of the Obama campaign and camp is diversions. This may be another attempt to divert attention away from Obama’s eligibility and plummeting popularity and influence.
  • We do not know where Obama was born but irrespective of his birthplace, he is not a natural born citizen.
  • Obama’s life is a lie. It is time to remove this fraud, this usurper from office.
  • Obama is not a legitimate president. No impeachment is necessary. An arrest will suffice.
  • The rats are beginning to scurry.
  • Fellow Americans, debating the Kenyan birth certificate is ok. However, do not let the Obama camp divide or divert you from your primary goals.



31 responses to “Obama Kenyan birth certificate, Opinion, August 3, 2009, Citizen Wells commentary, Obama camp diversions, fraud, lies

  1. Civis Naturaliter Natus

    Citizen Wells,

    Its good that you recall the n. 1 fact:

    Obama Jr. is not a Natural Born Citizen, and is therefore guilty of the greatest crime in the History of the United States of America: he needs to be arrested. Dialogue with him is already to concede that the fact of his crime is not manifest, evident, indisputable, and grave…

  2. Nancy Peacock

    These are the times that try men’s souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of his country; but he that stands it now deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Heaven knows how to put a proper price upon its goods; and it would be strange indeed if so celestial an article as Freedom should not be highly rated. – Thomas Paine

  3. This “birth certificate” is a pure diversion. We already know that Obama isn’t a natural born citizen. Were they actual patriots, Taitz and WND would be pushing the NBC issue rather than wrap attention around yet another rabbit hunt.

    In other words, when the quarry is already in sight, why do the hunters bother chasing another wild goose?

  4. Nice quote, Nancy! Yes, true patriots souls have been tried for many moons now. But the obots souls are about to be tried by fire.

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  6. zachjonesishome

    Thanks CitizenWells. I’ll be back later. Zach

  7. Please email me. I’d like to mention something that would be best not posted.

  8. Leo Donofrio documented the fact that two U.S. senators were found ineligible for office and their elections were nullified. It was as if they were never elected in the first place.

    If it should come to that I wonder if the same fate awaits Obama.

  9. Love your Commentary.
    Don’t forget we need to arrest all the rats. Nancy and others need to join Obama at the Federal resort. Hey Bernie, you might have company coming!

  10. I have serious misgivings about this Dr. Taitz. Does anyone know who she is? Has anyone ever looked into her background? You know, if this Kenyan BC turns out to be a fraud, the whole eligibility issue movement will be discredited.

  11. Yes, this newest information from Kenya is yet another distraction.

    I’ll wait for the Kenyan or British government to confirm the document, just like I’m waiting for Hawaii to do the same. I suggest others to do so as well until we can get out of this birth certificate hole we have found ourselves in.

    No matter, both pieces of paper mean nothing re. Article II. It has meaning to Amendment XIV, however.

  12. ACE.. She left Russia to come to America for freedom. She knows what is happening to our country. She saw it happen in Russia. She is very proud to be a naturalised citizen. She also believes The Constitution is the Law of our Land and should be respected. She is fighting for our country, our military, our citizens, She has been threatened by the obamabots. Her very life is at risk. I am very proud of her. God bless her and everyone who is doing what is right for our country.

  13. Dr Taitz is an attorney with over 160 military in a lawsuit demanding BHO release all records,college etc.He has spent about 1 million $$$ to keep records sealed.
    She is a True Patriot!!

  14. Also, She has NOT stated the Kenyan BC is authentic. She is seeking help to find out if it is.

  15. Jacqlyn Smith

    Thank you AMY1 for making that statement….it seems the OBOTS are so concerned that the document is not real….but yet believe the fake one that the FRAUD put out is……this is the reason DR. Taitz is trying to find out if this document is really in existence….we have yet to see anything from the FRAUD’S hospital in Hawaii that says he was born there….no one will say he was because no one witnessed it!!

  16. Good morning JS, Et Al
    (still is a nice morning, here by the sea)…
    y’all certainly have been busy since I went for my Dos Equis last evening…
    …don’t you people have REAL JOBS?!! LOL…
    unless maybe you got one o’ them cushy gubmint jobs….
    (just kidding…pass the cheese, please!!)….

  17. Civis Naturaliter Natus

    I still believe the Black Granny…she’s a simple woman from a simple land. She has no reason to say he was born in Mombasa, other than that it is the G-Darn Truth!

    Whereas Barry is an inveterate liar, and all his followers to boot!

  18. Yeh…it’s a Granny’s ‘nature’ to be proud at the arrival of a new grandson (even that one)…and that would be unreasonable to attempt to mask or ‘fake’ it.
    off to the new thread…see ya on the ‘flip-side’.

  19. ********* NOTE ****************

    New THERAD UP.

  20. AnotherFineMess

    I have serious misgivings about this Dr. Taitz. I think she’s a gullible fool – if somebody seriously had held onto thsi paper for as long as she claims then wouldnt that “anonymous person” have handed it in to somebody with real political clout?

    From what I can tell, she is a bumbling opportunist who is about to be laughed out of court. I dont care how much she wraps herself in the flag: Patriot or not a Lawyer without proof is nothing.

    And her latest filing is a joke: She’s petitioning some court for release of I dont know what evidence based on the probably phony document from an undisclosed source. Who here thinks that’s going to work?

    The problem I have with this whole movement is the lack of evidence: I started following this site about a year ago when it first started getting interesting.

    As a libertarian I do not like what the Obama government promised to do and whet ahead and did. If you gave me a shred of evidence I’d back your campaign wholeheartedly, but I cannot in honesty believe what people are claiming. Seriously, I’d love nothing more than to see BHO thrown out of the white-house.

    Having reviewed the site, it seems the most evidence anybody (including Orly) has is Obama’s lack of production of a long-form birth-certificate. Everybody assumes that it’s because he cannot produce it, however It’s also plausible that he’s laughing his ass off because he’s got 1/3 of the Republican party talking about his birth-certificate and not his policies.

    If he ever produced his LFBC, folks like you would spend less time talking about his birth certificate and more time discussing his policies. Do you think the Democrats actually want that?

    Remember the 911 truthers? Those guys were convinced that George W. Bush organized a conspiracy which blew up the WTC. So any time one of those guys opened their mouths you just knew that they were a moonbat bush-basher whose opinions were way out-there and not worth listening to.

    See how the conspiracy theory actually benefits the person who’s accused of conspiring?

    I’m afraid the whole birther movement is much the same thing – it’s a big red-herring which only benefits the obama people. Just think what you would be talking about: Healthcare, taxes, the military, welfare, justice, drugs… nobody here is debating that important stuff.

    Anyway please do not hate me – I’m just calling it as I see it. All you have to do is present me a conclusive line of reasoning based on evidence I can verify myself and I will come over to your side.

    Perhaps I missed something – is there one site where somebody has clearly laid-out the case against obama with nothing but the evidence, and nothing circumstantial (e.g. assuming that because somebody does not deny something then it must be true).


  21. @AnotherFineMess,
    I agree with you about “Dr. Taitz”. It’s a nice dramatic story about escaping communist Russia, but can this be proven?
    However, you ask for proof concerning the resident in the White House, and I tell you he offered it himself when he admitted he was a British subject. That’s all the proof (BTW, apparently this admission has been scrubbed of his website).
    As for this “Dr, Taitz”, until proven otherwise, I’m assuming she’s as OBOT disinformer.

  22. AnotherFineMess…. I’m just glad that Orly is on their side.

  23. Good Afternoon CW,

    I see the Trolls are back..three of them this time. They seem to be breeding.

  24. Hi SueK 🙂

  25. I for one am getting really tired of the continual whining to “focus on the NBC issue”. We all know this is true and believe it wholeheartedly. But the term has yet to be legally decided. There is no way in h*ll that any court is going to define this term so narrowly as to unseat a popular “racial” president. It just isn’t going to happen. Several courts from the USSC down have already passed on the opportunity to deal with things at that level.

    Anybody who thinks the NBC angle has any legs is just nuts (regardless of being right or wrong). We all need to focus on the real world (not fantasy world) and the hand we have been dealt.

  26. citizenwells

    New post with a new look at old information.
    Bishop McRae contacted me last year.


  27. AnotherFineMess

    I agree with you about “Dr. Taitz”. It’s a nice dramatic story about escaping communist Russia, but can this be proven?
    However, you ask for proof concerning the resident in the White House, and I tell you he offered it himself when he admitted he was a British subject. That’s all the proof (BTW, apparently this admission has been scrubbed of his website).
    As for this “Dr, Taitz”, until proven otherwise, I’m assuming she’s as OBOT disinformer.”

    I asked for proof and you spun me a story about an alleged confession which may have once appeared on an unspecified web-page. That’s not proof.

    Like I said, I’m on your side: I want to be with you. But you just have to offer me one shred of evidence which conclusively backs up your story. Heck, if the conspiracy is as big as they say there ought to be a whole cluster of evidence leading without ambiguity to one conclusion… the obvious truth.

    One of the first things you learn at legal school is the difference between actual evidence and mere conjecture. The problem is that “Dr Taitz” and Phil Berg seem to have paid any attention in class. Hence they keep bringing useless, self-defeating cases to court which only “proves” to the general public what fools we are for doubting Obama.

    (See why I get angry… it’s like my friends who dislike the man do whatever they can to make us all look like idiots!)

    And while I’m on the subject – lets talk about that man Larry Sinclair: If there ever was a faker and a con-artist it’s him. I just feel sorry for the good folks that he conned and tricked. I wish Wells would get wise to these kind of people.

  28. Jacqlyn Smith

    AFM—Go back to where you came from….You have nothing constructive to say here and we have heard this same OBOT BS from you counter parts!!

  29. AnotherFineMess

    Jacqlyn – on the contrary. I’m contributing something important here. I’m trying to focus us all on the actual evidence.

    It’s an unfortunate truth that when true-believers gather together nothing can seem less important than questioning our most sacred beliefs. You ma’am seem to me like a true believer because you tell me to “go back where I came from”… but for what crime? What have I done to you?

    It seems that you find me guilty of the crime of doubt: The crime of asking for evidence.

    Jacqlym – the irony is that I am on your side. I’d like nothing more than to see Obama gone. But I want it done legally and finally. And that means there needs to be evidence. And in order to present that evidence we need better lawyers who are really on the side of good… and unfortunately that does not mean Berg and Taitz.

    And we need credible witnesses, and unfortunately that does not mean Larry Sinclar and the Bishop from the church I’d never even heard of.

    Why do you think I’m asking you to present evidence… it’s not because I’m trying to be mean to you. It’s because I want you to win and the only way you can win at court or even in your town-hall is by being in command of that evidence.

    I think it’s a shame that you call anybody who differs with you an “OBOT” – something which I most certainly am not.


  30. JS @ 5:57: don’t you smell the hrc?

  31. We don’t want any prove …
    where you born i just say you are one of the most intelligent president.

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