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Health care rally, Washington DC, December 15, 2009, Laura Ingraham, Dr. Tom Coburn, Jim DeMint, Richard Burr, Johnny Isakson, Tea Party Patriots, Obama Reid liberal senators behind closed doors

From Americans for Prosperity, a report on the Health Care Rally in Washington DC, December 15, 2009.

Yesterday at 1:30 p.m. two very different meetings occurred.

On the grounds of the United States Capitol, thousands of grassroots activists from across the nation rallied in a park with the media present. Our message to the Senate was simple: “Keep your hands off our health care!” CLICK HERE FOR PICTURES

Rally Photo

Meanwhile, at the White House, President Obama, Majority Leader Harry Reid, other liberal Senators and their special interest allies met behind closed doors to cut political deals, twist arms and plot strategy — all to get their health care takeover bill across the finish line and out of the Senate.

At our open air rally, Laura Ingraham, Dr. Tom Coburn, Sen. Jim DeMint, Sen. Richard Burr, Sen. Johnny Isakson, Jim Martin of 60 Plus, and our Tea Party Patriot friends Jenny Beth Martin and Mark Meckler detailed our reasons for opposing this disastrous health care takeover while urging Americans to stay in the fight for our freedoms. Across the nation, thousands more Americans went to the local offices of their U.S. Senators with the same message.

Rally Photo 2

Meanwhile, at the White House, the President and his political friends negotiated in secret. Cut their deals in secret. And tried to buy votes in secret.

The contrast could not be more clear. And, that’s why the American people are with us.

Ever wonder if your grassroots efforts make a difference?

Well, let me give you two numbers: 61 and 44.

CNN — hardly a conservative front group — recently reported that 61% of the American people now OPPOSE the Washington health care “reform” effort. Support for the health care takeover is literally in free fall.

The second number: Gallup Polling Company reports that President Obama’s personal approval rating is down to just 44% — the lowest level in history for a President still in his first year.

President Obama has made this ill-advised health care takeover his top priority, and the American people are telling the President loud and clear to stop now. Sadly, he’s not listening.

I could tell you so many stories from today’s rally at the Capitol. But, I’ll hold at just two.

As the rally ended and the thousands of activists headed for their Senators’ offices to deliver their message one-on-one, a young man in a baseball cap walked up to me and said “I’m from Jersey and I closed up my pizza shop for the day to come down here to send a message. Times may be hard but I can always make up the money later and I don’t want my children to live under government-run health care.” With that, he introduced me to his young son.

Minutes later, a retired gentleman from North Carolina holding an American flag (a big one) came up to me, shook my hand and said, “This is the third time I’ve come to Washington, D.C. this year and I’ll come again if I have to. I fought in Korea for freedom and now I’m fighting for freedom again. I’ve never quit at anything in my life and I’m too old to quit at something now!” He gave me a big bear hug and then marched off for the long ride home.

I walked back to my car with that combat veteran’s words ringing in my ears, “I’ve never quit at anything in my life…”

He’s right. We’re not going to quit.

Harry Reid and President Obama and Speaker Pelosi are trying to sell “inevitability.” The idea that this health care takeover cannot be stopped.

We’ve stopped it since the August recess, through Labor Day, then through October, then to Thanksgiving. Now, we’re just over a week from Christmas.

They can be stopped. And, you and I and folks across America are the ones who are standing in the gap for our freedoms. Thank you.


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PS: No matter what announcements and pronouncements come from Obama, Reid, Pelosi and company,– keep focused on delivering our message through calls, emails, and personal visits to your Senate and House offices. And, now more than ever, get your friends to do the same. CLICK here to send this email to your friends. The Holidays are here but we’ve got to keep fighting.

Citizen Wells

Representative Michele Bachmann was also in attendance.


New York City terrorist trial, US Constitution, 9/11 criminals, Al Qaeda, November 18, 2009 protest, Eric Holder, Larry Sinclair for Congress, Michele Bachmann, Jim DeMint, Trent Franks, Steve King

I oppose conducting the 9/11 terrorists trial in New York City because the defendants are war criminals and not US Citizens. They should be tried by a military tribunal or other setting appropriate for judging war criminals. Other people oppose trying them in NY for other reasons. I respect their wishes.

Larry Sinclair is running for Congress in Florida District 24. Larry Sinclair has a love for this country and much common sense. I spoke to Larry last night and we were in agreement. The 9/11 terrorists are not US Citizens and not entitled to the protection of the US Constitution.

This was posted here last night.

Wednesday, November 18, 9:30 am protest of 9/11 trial in New York City

“Dear Supporters,

Americans, it is time to unite, not as Republicans or Democrats, not as conservatives or liberals or progressives. It is time to unite as citizens.

President Barack Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder have forgotten that their chief duty is the safety and the security of the American people. It is time for us to remind them.

AG Eric Holder will appear before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday, November 18, to testify about the administration’s plan to bring Khalid Sheikh Mohammed back to the scene of Al Qaeda’s greatest single atrocity — Ground Zero — where he will brag about the slaughter of 3,000 innocent men, women and children and his lawyers will tell a “jury of his peers” that HE is a victim of the U.S. Government.

This is insanity.

Please join 9/11 Families for a Safe & Strong America, the firefighters of TheBravest.com and Keep America Safe in Washington, D.C. to tell Eric Holder, President Obama and their supporters in Congress: “We will fight you all the way!”

We know this is short notice, but that’s how the Administration planned it. They are counting on you just sitting this out, yelling at the cable news coverage of this outrage — instead of showing up and changing the narrative in the MSM echo chamber.

Dirksen Senate Office Building, Room G-50
Constitution Avenue and 1st Street, NE
U.S. Capitol, Washington, D.C.

Wednesday, November 18, 9:30 am (Get there at very early, as seating is limited.)

Attorney General Eric Holder


Keep America Safe

P.S. Over 100,000 concerned Americans have joined us and signed our letter to President Obama. If you haven’t done so already, please read and sign the letter today!”

Today, Tuesday, November 17, 2009 at 11:00 a.m, at the House Triangle outside the U.S. Capitol

“Congresswomen Michele Bachmann (R- Minnesota), Senator Jim DeMint (R-South Carolina), Congressman Trent Franks (R-Arizona), and Congressman Steve King (R-Iowa) are among those who are planning to be present at this event.

Janet Folger, founder and president of Faith2Action, will also be one of the participants in this press conference. “Pink slips nearly 3 times the size of the Washington Monument have already been delivered to Congress demanding that the government stay out of health care, energy, and speech,” declared Folger, “it’s encouraging to know that message is finally being heard-and not a moment too soon.”

Senator DeMint stated that “these pink slips are getting to people right now. It’s the only reason people haven’t passed something [the health care bill] in the Senate. …Keep it up and let’s keep trying to draw attention to it.”

Meanwhile, more than 4.5 million pink slip warning notices have already been sent to Congress by concerned citizens across the nation through WorldNetDaily and the website: www.SendCongressaPinkSlip.com.

“Placed end to end, the ‘pink slips’ would stretch from the District of Columbia to the Sears Tower in Chicago,” said Joseph Farah, CEO of WorldNetDaily, who will also be participating in the press conference.  “If stacked, the pile of pink would be taller than the Sears Tower itself.”

U.S. Representative Tom Price (R-Georgia) said, “They’re talking about it, but they’re only talking about it behind closed doors and in the elevators as they go up and down and in very whispered tones.  Because, what you hear are people saying, ‘How many of those did you get or how many people came to your office today? And what are you going to do and how are you going to vote on this?””

US Congress, US Constitution, Obama not eligible, 20th Amendment, Citizen Wells, Restore the Constitutional Republic, Sue Myrick, Jim DeMint, Senators, Representatives

“America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and
lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.”

“Don’t interfere with anything in the Constitution. That must be
maintained, for it is the only safeguard of our liberties.”

“The people will save their government, if the government itself
will allow them.”

Abraham Lincoln



US Congress

must be held accountable


I am writing this as a concerned American, not as a Democrat, Republican,
Independent or other political position. I dislike modern political
parties, although in honesty, I am more disgusted with the modern day
Democrat party. We need more statesmen, less politics and putting
America first. I promise you I will go after Republicans with the same
veracity that I question Democrats.

You, I and most Americans have let this happen. Like the frog slowly
cooking in a pot of water, not realizing that it is being cooked, we
have allowed our institutions, like Congress and the Judicial as well
as the MSM, to cook our brains into a stupor of submission. Television
screens, just like the screens in the homes of “1984” have brought us
just the “news” that the modern day Big Brother, the Obama Camp, wants
us to hear. Revisionist history and adoration of Big Brother.

The changes in this country did not occur overnight and our attempts
to restore obedience to the US Constitution and responsible institutions
will take time and effort. We have been given a wake up call. Just as the
“shot heard round the world” was a wake up call for the patriots of the
American Revolution, we must sieze this unique moment in history and
rise to the occasion. We have seen what will happen if we choose to do
otherwise. Join us in making Congress accountable to the American public.

Citizen Wells
Many in this country are concerned about Barack Obama holding the
office of the presidency coupled with Democrats such as Nancy
Pelosi, et al controlling Congress. The “Stimulus” bill, that is
being ramrodded through Congress is also troubling. However, I,
along with others such as Dean Haskins of Restore the Constitutional
Republic, are more concerned about an illegal president and trampling
on the US Constitution.

Many Americans, and websites such as this blog made extensive efforts
before the general election to inform state election officials,
Electoral College Electors and members of Congress of the eligibility
issues surrounding Obama. Our efforts fell on deaf ears. Party politics
amd  misinformation ruled. We officially entered a manifested state
of Orwellian, “1984” like revisionist history, Thought Police and

Thousands of Americans are outraged at the disregard for the US
Constitution and rule of law. Numerous lawsuits were initiated to
get all levels of courts to uphold the law. Many lawsuits are still
active. Electoral College Electors voted by party dictates, state
election officials passed the buck and Congress failed to do it’s
duty as part of this country’s checks and balances system. Despite
the numerous lawsuits, despite the efforts of thousands of constituents
and despite their duty to uphold the Constitution, Congress failed
the American public. On February 3, 2009 Rasmussen reported that the
Democrat controlled Congress had an approval rating of 12 %.

On January 8, 2009, Congress met to count and verify the Electoral
College votes. The Electoral College had failed to do their constitutional
duty and protect the American public from a usurper. Members of Congress,
who took an oath to defend the Constitution and having been notified
of Obama’s eligibility issues, had an obligation and legal duty to
challenge the Electoral College votes for an illegal candidate. From
Federal  election law:


The following provisions of law governing Presidential Elections are
contained in Chapter 1 of Title 3, United States Code (62 Stat. 672,
as amended):


Chapter 1. Presidential Elections and Vacancies

Counting electoral votes in congress
§ 15.
“Upon such reading of any such certificate or paper, the President of
the Senate shall call for objections, if any. Every objection shall
be made in writing, and shall state clearly and concisely, and without
argument, the ground thereof, and shall be signed by at least one Senator
and one Member of the House of Representatives before the same shall be
received. When all objections so made to any vote or paper from a State
shall have been received and read, the Senate shall thereupon withdraw,
and such objections shall be submitted to the Senate for its decision;”

No member of Congress issued a challenge and Senate President, Dick Cheney
did not call for objections as prescribed by law.

Conspiracy definitions from Wikipedia:

Conspiracy (civil), an agreement between persons to deceive, mislead, or
defraud others of their legal rights, or to gain an unfair advantage.
Conspiracy (crime), an agreement between persons to break the law in the
future, in some cases having committed an act to further that agreement.
Conspiracy (political), a plot to overthrow a government

From the Mario Appuzo lawsuit that includes
the Congress of the US as one of the defendants.
Filed in US District Court in NJ:

“102. No other political institution has a Constitutional duty to verify the
Constitutional qualifications of a President Elect.

103. Hence, the last political institution to make sure Obama is eligible and
qualified to be President was Congress under the Twentieth Amendment.

104. The Twentieth Amendment also provides procedure for what happens if the
President Elect does not qualify for the office to which he has been elected.

105. Each member of the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate has a duty to
the plaintiffs and the American people to do his or her due diligence and
demand all necessary records and question all necessary witnesses to determine
the true identity and eligibility of any would-be President.

106. Obama, as the President Elect, was subject to the “qualification” clause of
the 20th Amendment from December 15, 2008, when the Electoral College voted for

107. On January 8, 2009, Congress in Joint Session confirmed Obama as the next
President of the United States even though he is not an Article II “natural
born Citizen.” Endnote 16.

108. Hence, Congress had from December 15, 2008 to and including January 8,
2009 to hold a fact finding hearing and subpoena documents and investigate the
challenges publicly expressed by plaintiffs and thousands of other Americans
regarding whether Obama is an Article II “natural born Citizen” and which were
even the subject of numerous law suits filed in our nation’s courts.

109. Thus Congress had over 3 weeks to hold a public hearing in the Senate,
House, or both to investigate the issue but they did not.

110. When so much doubt has been expressed in the public arena about Obama’s
eligibility to be President, Congress had a duty to investigate and confirm for
the sake of the Constitution and the plaintiffs and other American people which
it represents if Obama is so qualified by holding a Congressional hearing and
investigation on the matter with full subpoena power. Endnote 17.

111. Even though Congress was well aware of the thousands of people including
the plaintiffs who had petitioned Congress so that it could properly investigate
Obama’s qualifications to be President (Endnote 18 ) and that no court of law had
accepted any case raising the issue because of standing or some other procedural
obstacle, Congress violated the Twentieth Amendment by failing to assure that
Obama meets the eligibility requirements of Article II and confirming him as
President at a time when there was and continued to be such a national debate
regarding Obama’s Article II eligibility to be President.”

Read more about the lawsuit here:


The level of outrage due to the US Constitution being trampled on has erupted
into a loud united voice from millions of Americans who have watched in disbelief
as the Executive, Judicial and Legislative branches of government have failed
them. This outrage comes from all strata of society including attorneys, business
people, regular Americans and many in the military.

 Consider the following letter:

Charles E. Jones
Brigadier General US Air Force, Retired
Lifetime subject to recall for active duty
Recipient of the Distinguished Service Medal (AF)

“We the People of the United States of America” are entitled to know
the legal qualifications of the President and Commander in Chief. 
For the better good and National Security of “We the People of the
United States” and for Absolute Command of the Military Forces of the
United States, I whole heartedly support the efforts of Dr. Orly Taitz,
ESQ for taking legal action to determine whether or not Barack Hussein
 Obama, aka Barry Soetoro, Citizen of Indonesia and possibly citizen
of Kenya, is eligible to become President of the United States and
Commander in Chief of the United States Armed Forces.

Thanks to Zach Jones is Home blog for the letter.

The Citizen Wells blog instituted the US Constitution Hall of Shame before the
general election to increase public awareness of Obama’s ineligibility to be
president and to hold accountable congressmen and other public officials. It
was hoped that those charged with upholding the US Constitution and protecting
the American public would get the message and vet Obama. That obviously did not
occur. The 2010 election campaigns will begin soon. Many of us still want answers
from congressmen as to why they believed that Obama was eligible and why no
member of Congress challenged Obama’s eligibility.

This is the formal announcement of a new initiative to hold
Congress accountable. The Citizen Wells blog, in conjunction
with Dean Haskins of Restore the Constitutional Republic and
many other concerned citizens, has begun the process of
contacting members of Congress to ask them why they believed
Obama was eligible and why no one challenged him. The American
public deserves to know the truth. Why did Congress not do
it’s job?

Was there a conspiracy?

Were people afraid of personal attacks?

Was there fear of riots?

Did every member believe Obama was eligible?

If so, why?

The WHY initiative.

We will if necessary, contact every member of Congress and will not take no
response as an answer. We have begun contacting 2 members, representative Sue
Myrick of NC and Senator Jim DeMint of SC. The responses we have received from
their aides is less than satisfactory. We will get answers from them.

Consider the following responses:

From Sue Myrick’s office.
Polk, Andy :Andy.Polk@mail.house.gov

“ohhh- I understand it correctly based on US Supreme Court cases interpreting
what “natural born citizen” Constitutionally means.  Had he not met the
definition, Chief Justice Roberts, the worlds leading Constitutional scholar,
would not have sworn him in because he would have violated his duty to uphold
the Constitution.  You can argue with me all you want on this issue, but I can
do nothing for you on this point.  The only thing you can do, if you feel so
strongly about Obama not being a citizen, is file a lawsuit in federal court.”

Sue Myrick, if you are paying attention, you may want to have a staff meeting.
Does Andy Polk speak for you? We intend to find out.

From Jim DeMint’s office:
Ian Headley

“I cannot speak for other Members of Congress and neither can Senator DeMint. 
However, Senator DeMint has looked into the claims with regard to Barack Obama’s
eligibility to hold the office of President.  Multiple court cases have reached
the Supreme Court, through the legal framework of our nation.  Each case has
since been dismissed.  It appears from all evidence available, the President was
qualified under the Constitution for Congress to certify the electoral college

We eagerly await the opportunity to sit and have a dialogue with Senator DeMint.
Mr. Headley has stated that Senator DeMint examined all evidence available.
Perhaps they will share this evidence with the American public.

However, the smoking gun question still remains. The type of question that a
fifth grader can understand. If Obama was eligible, why did he employ an
army of attorneys and expend so many resources to avoid producing the evidence
that he was qualified.

Here is the email correspondence between Dean Haskins and Senator DeMint’s


The comments from Senator DeMint’s office are fairly typical of those received
before Congress met on January 8, 2009. Here is an example from the US
Constitution Hall of Shame. A letter received from Senator Barbara Mikulski
of Maryland:

“Thank you for getting in touch with me. It’s nice to hear from you.

I appreciate knowing of your concern over a rumor that President-elect Obama is ineligible to serve as President because he is not a U.S. citizen.

The Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution states that “all persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States.” Since President-elect Obama was born in Hawaii two years after it was admitted as the 50th state, he is a natural-born citizen. He has released a copy of his birth certificate and it has been authenticated by experts. Following Obama’s overwhelming and undisputed victory in the recent election, the Supreme Court has considered challenges to his citizenship and dismissed them as being without merit.

Thanks again for contacting me. Please do not hesitate to let me know if I can be of assistance to you again in the future.

Barbara A. Mikulski
United States Senator”

Here is the analysis of the letter:

1. “rumor that President-elect Obama is ineligible”
This is no rumor, it is a fact.

2. “Since President-elect Obama was born in Hawaii two years after
it was admitted as the 50th state, he is a natural-born citizen.”
Being born in Hawaii does not make Obama a natural born citizen.

3. “He has released a copy of his birth certificate”
He has not released a copy of his birth certificate!!!
Pay attention! He put up a highly suspect COLB on his site.
Learn more about Hawaii statutes below.

4. “it has been authenticated by experts”
You can’t authenticate what you do not have access to.

5. “the Supreme Court has considered challenges to his citizenship
and dismissed them as being without merit.”
The Supreme Court has dismissed none of the eligibility based
lawsuits on not having merit. Berg’s lawsuit is still before the
Supreme Court.
Visit the US Constitution Hall of Shame here. Read more letters
from congressmen and learn why Obama is ineligible.


This effort is now underway. It is the proverbial first step in a
“journey of a thousand miles.” We will get to the truth of this
matter and we will need your help. Information on how you can help
we be provided soon. In the meantime, let your congressmen know that
we mean business, now and going forward.  Let them know that their
constituents want them to discuss these issues with our
. We will be keeping a close eye on them. Forever.