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Joe The Plumber Wurzelbacher on Eric Holder Fast and Furious, Wurzelbacher opposes Marcy Kaptur US House District 9 Ohio, Kaptur protects Holder and Obama

Joe The Plumber Wurzelbacher on Eric Holder Fast and Furious, Wurzelbacher opposes Marcy Kaptur US House District 9 Ohio, Kaptur protects Holder and Obama

“I’m getting ready to buy a company that makes 250 to 280 thousand dollars a year. Your new tax plan’s going to tax me more, isn’t it?”…Joe The Plumber Wurzelbacher

“If he ends up being our GOP candidate, then I will get behind him. I do believe and want somebody in office other than Barack Obama. President Obama’s ideology is un-American, I say that every day, and I won’t shut up about it.”…Joe The Plumber Wurzelbacher

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it”…Joseph Goebbels

From Joe The Plumber Wurzelbacher.

Barack Obama is doing everything in his power to protect Attorney General Eric Holder right now. And so is my opponent for the U.S. House race in District 9 in Ohio – Marcy Kaptur.Democrat Kaptur has refused to tell Eric Holder to resign in spite of Holder’s obvious knowledge of Operation Fast and Furious.
A brave border patrol agent is dead because of that operation and now the Democrat Party has circled the wagons.Protecting a criminal is not much different than committing the crime itself.It’s time for real change in Washington, D.C., and that change involves getting rid of the obstructionists who are protecting Holder and Obama.Send a contribution to the Joe for Congress 2012 campaign today. It’s time to replace Marcy Kaptur with a common sense conservative. Image of Joe "The Plumber" for Congress 2012
My opponent is towing the Democrat Party line on this one. She accuses the Republicans of engaging in a partisan witch hunt, and says they have to save Eric Holder so he can protect the voting rights of minorities.I think we’ve heard that whole vast right-wing conspiracy accusation before somewhere.
Image of Joe the Plumber's new campaign video I don’t care which party is in power; corruption is corruption, and our federal officials need to be held accountable when they engage in illegal activities.Click here to watch my campaign video about Operation Fast and Furious, and how Marcy Kaptur is helping with the cover-up.
Unfortunately, I am having trouble getting the word out about my campaign because the leftist mainstream media has sided with Marcy Kaptur and the Democrats. I need the help of grassroots patriots such as yourself in order to unseat Kaptur – a lifelong elitist – in November.I realize that times are tough. We’re all hurting because Barack Obama is making good on that promise he made on my front lawn in 2008 – to give your money to people who do NOT deserve it.
He promised to spread the wealth around through his policies, and he’s sure been doing that – some $6 trillion of it.
But we have to draw a line in the sand this year.Every donation to my campaign is an investment in the future of this country. We can either continue down the path of unsustainable debt or chart a new course for America.Please send your donation to Joe for Congress 2012 today, and together we can start rebuilding this great nation.
Donate to Joe for Congress 2012 Button
Marcy Kaptur represents more of the same-old, same-old in Washington, D.C. The national debt has gone up $14 trillion during her 30 years in office, and she’s been a reliable vote for the left that whole time.I think it’s time for a new direction, and I hope you’ll join me in this fight for the future of America.Please send your donation to Joe for Congress 2012 today!Thanks, I appreciate it.


Signature Image of Samuel "Joe the Plumber" Wurzelbacher
Joe “The Plumber” Wurzelbacher
355 Shrewsbury Street
Holland, OH 43528

Joe Wurzelbacher, like Sarah Palin and others has been attacked and maligned by the left. The Orwellian weasels of the left have taken Joe the Plumber’s quotes and misportrayed them.

For example:
“In 1939, Germany established gun control. From 1939 to 1945, six million Jews and seven million others unable to defend themselves were exterminated.”…Joe The Plumber Wurzelbacher

Some responses:

“According to Joe the Plumber, gun control is to blame for the Holocaust.”…MSNBC Blogs

“Samuel ‘Joe The Plumber’ Wurzelbacher, the 2008 campaign microcelebrity and Ohio congressional candidate, has an interesting theory about the Holocaust. Yesterday, Mr. Wurzelbacher released a campaign web video in which he blamed the Holocaust and the Armenian genocide on gun control laws.”…THE HUFFINGTON POST

Perhaps Joe should have phrased his statement differently, but his intent is clear to most rational reasonable folks. Gun control was not the cause of the Holocaust but was one of the major factors that allowed it to happen.




NC State Tea Party, June 3, 2009, Raleigh, North Carolina, Halifax Mall, General Assembly Building, Legislative Office Building, Take Back Our State Tea Party

I just received this in an email about a statewide Tea Party in North Carolina in Raleigh, NC on June 3, 2009. The Take Back Our State Tea Party  will be held from 4:30 – 7:30 PM at the Halifax Mall which is behind the General Assembly Building and beside the Legislative Office Building. Joe “the Plumber” Wurzelbachr will be one of the speakers.

Americans for Prosperity and the Take Back Our State Coalition encourages you to make your voice heard at the

Take Back Our State Tea Party

A Protest Against the Billion Dollar State Tax Increase

Wednesday, June 3
4:30-7:30 pm
Halifax Mall
Raleigh, NC

Halifax Mall is the large lawn behind the General Assembly Building and beside the Legislative Office Building. Halifax Mall is on Lane Street between North Salisbury and North Wilmington Streets.

On June 3rd, Let’s tell our Legislators we are Taxed Enough Already!

In these difficult economic times, our State Representatives are considering over a billion dollars in new taxes. North Carolina taxpayers are losing their jobs and their homes.

Come to Raleigh to tell them Not Another Dime!


The Take Back Our State Tea Party Speakers will Include

Joe “the Plumber” Wurzelbachr

We are planning to bring buses from the following cities: Asheville, Charlotte, Goldsboro, Greensboro, Jacksonville, New Bern, Pinehurst, Sanford, Statesville, Wilmington, and Winston-Salem. Departure times and locations to be announced.

Schedule of Events
2:00 Registration begins
2:30 Buses arrive/register
2:00-4:15 Legislative visits/briefing
4:30 Tea Party begins
7:30 Buses depart



Food Vendors!

Exhibitor Tables!

Live Beach Music-The Craig Woolard Band!

Casual Attire!

Rain or Shine!


No charge for Take Back Our State Tea Party. Food available for purchase onsite. Donations welcome. For more information, visit, call 919.839.1011, or e-mail


Americans for Prosperity (AFP) is the nation’s premier grassroots organization committed to advancing every individual’s right to economic freedom and opportunity. AFP believes reducing the size and scope of government is the best safeguard to ensuring individual productivity and prosperity for all Americans. AFP educates and engages citizens in support of restraining state and federal government growth, and returning government to its constitutional limits.

For more information, visit


Obama thugs, Obama camp threats, First Amendment violations, Internet hackers, Death threats, Personal attacks, Nazi Brownshirts, FBI, USDOJ, American public demands protection, Don’t Tread on me

Over the 2008 election year and continuing to the present,
Americans of all walks of life have been threatened for
one reason, questioning the “messiah”, Obama, Barack Obama
and his cult of alleged change has become a fanatical
religion to many young people and wackos of the far left.
To ask any question about Obama’s credentials or his
dubious past was to appear to his cult followers as a
crazed infidel. Of course, not all of those attacking inncocent
Americans were just overzealous Obama worshippers. Many
were paid internet specialists and hackers paid by the Obama
campaign or the larger Obama camp. The Obama camp includes
those in this country and abroad that pull the puppet strings
controlling Obama.

The list of those receiving personal attacks and
death threats is long but includes the following:

Larry Sinclair

Jerome Corsi

Jon Voight

Joe the Plumber

Philip J Berg

Dr. orly Taitz

Dr. Ila Peterson

Numerous bloggers and internet sites

Thousands of average Americans seeking answers

The legion of evil performing these disgusting acts has believed
it would be untouched for a variety of reasons. Many believed
that the Nazi Brownshirt component of the Obama camp would gain
sufficient power after the inauguration to make them invulnerable.

This is a message from the American people. We are not going to
tolerate these attacks. We will hold these low lifes and the law
enforcement agencies set in place to protect the public, accountable.
I have it on authority that there are efforts underway to begin
rounding up these criminals.

The hunters

will now


The Hunted


Obama is not eligible to be POTUS, Electoral College Electors, US Senators, US Representatives, US Supreme Court, Philip J Berg lawsuit appeal, Obama not elected yet

I tried to reach Philip J Berg yesterday and will try again. I have tried
to not bother him more than is necessary. Mr. Berg has spent countless
hours in a just cause to defend and uphold the US Constitution.
The rule of law and the US Constitution must be upheld. Period. This means that no matter who is running for the office of president, mo matter what color their skin is or anything else about them, they must be eligible to be president and must, if challenged, prove their eligibility. Barack Obama is not eligible to be president. He garnered more votes in the general election due to the following reasons:

  • A well orchestrated campaign that was based on preemptive news releases designed to disarm debate, control of information in the MSM and the internet, racism, personal attacks, illegal campaign contributions and voter fraud. Obama mentioning his drug use when he was young and the Fight the Smears site are good examples.
  • Obama stole the Democrat party nomination from Hillary Clinton with the help of Nancy Pelosi, Howard Dean and well documented voter fraud.
  • In one of the most well documented manifestations of racism that I have experienced in my lifetime, 95% of blacks voted for Obama. This, I believe, along with Obama camp tacttics, will set back race relations in this country 20 years.
  • The gullible youth of this country, already influenced by the far left
    wing media and college professors, fell under the spell of this Hitler
    like speaker.
  • No one was allowed to question the “messiah’, Obama. Anyone questioning Obama was viciously attacked. Good examples are the actor Jon Voight and his family and Joe the Plumber.
  • The Obama camp spent record amounts of money to buy this election. Large amounts of contributions are being investigated and we know that Obama has been backed by the likes of George Soros, Chicago and Illinois corruption money and dubious connections in the Middle East and other foreign countries.
  • Obama, the Obama Campaign and the Obama camp, have based their strategies on diversions, lies and deceit. The basis for this can be traced back to the strategies of Saul Alinsky, who cautioned not to alienate groups. Tell people anything you have to to get elected. That is exactly what Obama has done.
  • Focusing on change and using the Bush Administration as a scapegoat were repeated over and over as a brainwashing technique and rallying point. This comes straight from the playbook of Nazi Germany where a glorious new Germany (change) was promised and the Jews (scapegoats) were the cause of  all of Germany’s problems.
  • Threats of racial tensions and race riots were threatened by the Obama camp and supporters. This comes straight from the election strategy playbook of Obama’s cousin Raila Odinga and his ODM party. From the ODM election strategy:

“Ethnic Tensions/Violence as a last Resort”

“Use ODM agents on the ground to engineer ethnic tensions in target areas”

    Even with all of the chicanery above, Obama won just over one fourth of the nation’s counties. Hardly a mandate and a troubling matter for the founding fathers.
    Many people are frustrated that Barack Obama was not vetted, was given
    a free ride by the MSM and is progressing through the 2008 election cycle
    without having to prove his eligibility. The Philip J Berg lawsuit appeal
    is still before the US Supreme Court, awaiting a response from Obama and
    the DNC. Sadly it is still at the mercy of our legal system and the well
    structured requirements for legal standing and burden of proof. However,
    I maintain, that the US Constitution must be upheld and that all
    candidates must be eligible. That includes the swearing in of the new president by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court at the inauguration.

    The Citizen Wells blog has been providing articles for many weeks on the
    election process and the federal and state laws that control the process.
    Citizen Wells has notified the states by email and in some cases telephone
    conversations of their obligation to uphold the Constitution. This includes
    state officers such as Secretary of State, Attorney General, board of
    elections and most definitely Electoral College Electors. Citizen Wells
    has contacted officials in NC by email and telephone on multiple occasions.
    The states have varying election laws and NC even has a provision for
    qualifying candidates.

    So what can you as a concerned citizen do? Many people have asked what
    evidence they can present to their state Electoral College Electors.
    Citizen Wells will be presenting a series of articles that hopefully
    will help put the issue and evidence into focus. In the meantime, you
    can obtain a list of your states’ Electors by doing an internet search.

    I have listened to several in the media, that I used to respect, make
    comments that are disheartening. It was brought to my attention that Glenn
    Beck, when asked by a listener to respond to the birth certificate issue,
    told the listener to forget about it. How can we just forget about the
    US Constitution!!! Glenn, if you read this, please explain.

    From Jeff Screiber, legal writer for

    “Some, like myself, are conflicted. On one hand, Obama received 63 million votes on Tuesday but, on the other hand, if Berg is correct he shouldn’t have been there in the first place. On one hand, the time for Berg’s line of thinking to be pursued should have been before November 4th so as to avoid mass voter disenfranchisement but, on the other hand, since when have the courts been concerned about voter disenfranchisement? On one hand, the United States Constitution says that Barack Hussein Obama is now president-elect of the United States of America and should be treated as such but, on the other hand, the same document also says that, should Berg be correct, he cannot serve in the position he’s slated to attain in January because he is not a natural-born citizen of the United States.”

    “Still, to me, the question presented by Berg is warranted and absolutely essential. Barack Obama should present, for independent examination, the “vault” copy of his birth certificate if for no other reason than to put this matter to rest. His failure to provide it does make me believe that he doesn’t have it, or that it doesn’t say what it should. The best way to receive closure, perhaps, is the most unlikely one — that the U.S. Supreme Court grant certiorari in this matter. Unfortunately, as the Court doesn’t like to get involved in political questions such as this, as the Court would be hesitant under any circumstances to countermand the will of 63 million Americans (give or take a few hundred thousand for ACORN), I don’t think it will happen. What we have now, unfortunately, is a widely-accepted “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy and, with regard to the presidency, that’s unacceptable.”

    We must not let threats of racial tensions and race riots deter us from
    upholding the Constitution. If we cave in to pressure, we will be one step closer to being a third world country, such as Kenya, controlled by the likes of Raila Odinga, Obama’s cousin, with constant internal battles. We must uphold the US Constitution and the rule of law for all Americans, regardless of race or religion.

    I am asking fellow bloggers and concerned citizens to help defend the
    US Constitution. Contact your state Electoral College Electors and state
    Senators and Representatives. Make sure they are aware of Obama’s
    ineligibility to be president and remind them of the oath they swear to
    uphold the Constitution. Also help spread the word to your fellow citizens.
    All Barack Obama has to do, is follow the lead of John McCain and
    prove he is eligible.

    Stay tuned for more information.

    Help Philip J Berg uphold the Constitution:

    Obama video, Redistribution of Wealth, Socialism, Race Baiting Interview, October 23, 2008, Rush Limbaugh, African American community, Africa, Bosnia, White executive, Don’t want their taxes to help black children

    There is a new YouTube video of a 1995 Barack Obama interview. Here is the description of the video:

    “1995 Obama Bizarre, Race Baiting Interview Found. A MUST SEE!!
    Obama admits his Redistribution of Wealth is to SAVE the African American community SO HE CAN ENSURE HIS OWN SALVATION! (and Our Countries Salvation) He compares the plight of African Americas to the ethic genocide’s of Bosnia and Africa. He blames all of African American’s problems on “ONE GROUP” who suppresses them. And He says WHITE people don’t want their taxes to help black children.”

    Joe the plumber tax lien, Acorn tax lien, Obama attacks, Obama tax plan, Obama thugs personal attacks, Obama lied about Acorn

    From a blog that has letters that must stand for
    Daily Kind Of Stupid

    This blog that is pro Obama, and known for publishing lies, has
    attacked Joe The Plumber and pointed out a possible tax lien in his
    name. Of course, you would have to be more than kind of stupid to promote Obama. Here is the lien they published:


    MONETARY AMOUNT: $1,182.98


    Defendant 1:
    TOLEDO, OH  43615

    One of the better blogs, NoQuarter USA, a blog devoted to presenting
    facts and exposing the real Obama, presented the following tax lien
    associated with Obama’s buddies, Acorn:
    When it comes to TAX Liens ACORN is King
    By Larry Johnson on October 18, 2008

    Why is Barack Obama giving ACORN $832,000 when it is a tax dead beat? (Hat tip to an intrepid NoQuarter reader.) Before Obama and Biden cast any more stones at poor Joe the Plumber for a $1200 tax lien, they might want to insist that their buddies at ACORN pony up the HALF-MILLION DOLLARS they owe the Federal Government. That’s right boys and girls, according to Louisiana State financial records, ACORN is a mega deadbeat:

    INITIAL AMOUNT: $547,312
    INITIAL DOCKET #: 424212708
    AMOUNT: $547,312
    FILING DATE: 03/10/2008
    INITIAL DATE: 03/10/2008
    UPDATE DATE: 05/07/2008
    Name SSN/EIN Address
    NEW ORLEANS, LA 70117

    Of course, this raises some even more interesting questions.

    Did Barrack’s $832,000 payment to Citizen Services, Inc., a subsidiary of ACORN, earlier this year have anything to do with helping ACORN pay off its debt?”

    When it comes to tax liens Acorn is king

    In case you are confused about Obama’s involvement with Acorn or you
    believe the lies he has told, Citizen Wells recently revealed the extent
    of Obama’s involvement with Acorn:

    Obama lied about Acorn

    So once again, Obama and the Obama camp reveal their true nature:

    • Anyone questioning Obama, the messiah, is attacked.
    • Obama lied about his connections to Acorn.
    • Obama and his thugs criticize others for what they are guilty of.
      Tax Liens, causing the mortgage crisis, negative campaigns, etc.

    Impeach, expel Senator Obama