Obama is not eligible to be POTUS, Electoral College Electors, US Senators, US Representatives, US Supreme Court, Philip J Berg lawsuit appeal, Obama not elected yet

I tried to reach Philip J Berg yesterday and will try again. I have tried
to not bother him more than is necessary. Mr. Berg has spent countless
hours in a just cause to defend and uphold the US Constitution.
The rule of law and the US Constitution must be upheld. Period. This means that no matter who is running for the office of president, mo matter what color their skin is or anything else about them, they must be eligible to be president and must, if challenged, prove their eligibility. Barack Obama is not eligible to be president. He garnered more votes in the general election due to the following reasons:

  • A well orchestrated campaign that was based on preemptive news releases designed to disarm debate, control of information in the MSM and the internet, racism, personal attacks, illegal campaign contributions and voter fraud. Obama mentioning his drug use when he was young and the Fight the Smears site are good examples.
  • Obama stole the Democrat party nomination from Hillary Clinton with the help of Nancy Pelosi, Howard Dean and well documented voter fraud.
  • In one of the most well documented manifestations of racism that I have experienced in my lifetime, 95% of blacks voted for Obama. This, I believe, along with Obama camp tacttics, will set back race relations in this country 20 years.
  • The gullible youth of this country, already influenced by the far left
    wing media and college professors, fell under the spell of this Hitler
    like speaker.
  • No one was allowed to question the “messiah’, Obama. Anyone questioning Obama was viciously attacked. Good examples are the actor Jon Voight and his family and Joe the Plumber.
  • The Obama camp spent record amounts of money to buy this election. Large amounts of contributions are being investigated and we know that Obama has been backed by the likes of George Soros, Chicago and Illinois corruption money and dubious connections in the Middle East and other foreign countries.
  • Obama, the Obama Campaign and the Obama camp, have based their strategies on diversions, lies and deceit. The basis for this can be traced back to the strategies of Saul Alinsky, who cautioned not to alienate groups. Tell people anything you have to to get elected. That is exactly what Obama has done.
  • Focusing on change and using the Bush Administration as a scapegoat were repeated over and over as a brainwashing technique and rallying point. This comes straight from the playbook of Nazi Germany where a glorious new Germany (change) was promised and the Jews (scapegoats) were the cause of  all of Germany’s problems.
  • Threats of racial tensions and race riots were threatened by the Obama camp and supporters. This comes straight from the election strategy playbook of Obama’s cousin Raila Odinga and his ODM party. From the ODM election strategy:

“Ethnic Tensions/Violence as a last Resort”

“Use ODM agents on the ground to engineer ethnic tensions in target areas”

    Even with all of the chicanery above, Obama won just over one fourth of the nation’s counties. Hardly a mandate and a troubling matter for the founding fathers.
    Many people are frustrated that Barack Obama was not vetted, was given
    a free ride by the MSM and is progressing through the 2008 election cycle
    without having to prove his eligibility. The Philip J Berg lawsuit appeal
    is still before the US Supreme Court, awaiting a response from Obama and
    the DNC. Sadly it is still at the mercy of our legal system and the well
    structured requirements for legal standing and burden of proof. However,
    I maintain, that the US Constitution must be upheld and that all
    candidates must be eligible. That includes the swearing in of the new president by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court at the inauguration.

    The Citizen Wells blog has been providing articles for many weeks on the
    election process and the federal and state laws that control the process.
    Citizen Wells has notified the states by email and in some cases telephone
    conversations of their obligation to uphold the Constitution. This includes
    state officers such as Secretary of State, Attorney General, board of
    elections and most definitely Electoral College Electors. Citizen Wells
    has contacted officials in NC by email and telephone on multiple occasions.
    The states have varying election laws and NC even has a provision for
    qualifying candidates.

    So what can you as a concerned citizen do? Many people have asked what
    evidence they can present to their state Electoral College Electors.
    Citizen Wells will be presenting a series of articles that hopefully
    will help put the issue and evidence into focus. In the meantime, you
    can obtain a list of your states’ Electors by doing an internet search.

    I have listened to several in the media, that I used to respect, make
    comments that are disheartening. It was brought to my attention that Glenn
    Beck, when asked by a listener to respond to the birth certificate issue,
    told the listener to forget about it. How can we just forget about the
    US Constitution!!! Glenn, if you read this, please explain.

    From Jeff Screiber, legal writer for AmericasRight.com:

    “Some, like myself, are conflicted. On one hand, Obama received 63 million votes on Tuesday but, on the other hand, if Berg is correct he shouldn’t have been there in the first place. On one hand, the time for Berg’s line of thinking to be pursued should have been before November 4th so as to avoid mass voter disenfranchisement but, on the other hand, since when have the courts been concerned about voter disenfranchisement? On one hand, the United States Constitution says that Barack Hussein Obama is now president-elect of the United States of America and should be treated as such but, on the other hand, the same document also says that, should Berg be correct, he cannot serve in the position he’s slated to attain in January because he is not a natural-born citizen of the United States.”

    “Still, to me, the question presented by Berg is warranted and absolutely essential. Barack Obama should present, for independent examination, the “vault” copy of his birth certificate if for no other reason than to put this matter to rest. His failure to provide it does make me believe that he doesn’t have it, or that it doesn’t say what it should. The best way to receive closure, perhaps, is the most unlikely one — that the U.S. Supreme Court grant certiorari in this matter. Unfortunately, as the Court doesn’t like to get involved in political questions such as this, as the Court would be hesitant under any circumstances to countermand the will of 63 million Americans (give or take a few hundred thousand for ACORN), I don’t think it will happen. What we have now, unfortunately, is a widely-accepted “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy and, with regard to the presidency, that’s unacceptable.”

    We must not let threats of racial tensions and race riots deter us from
    upholding the Constitution. If we cave in to pressure, we will be one step closer to being a third world country, such as Kenya, controlled by the likes of Raila Odinga, Obama’s cousin, with constant internal battles. We must uphold the US Constitution and the rule of law for all Americans, regardless of race or religion.

    I am asking fellow bloggers and concerned citizens to help defend the
    US Constitution. Contact your state Electoral College Electors and state
    Senators and Representatives. Make sure they are aware of Obama’s
    ineligibility to be president and remind them of the oath they swear to
    uphold the Constitution. Also help spread the word to your fellow citizens.
    All Barack Obama has to do, is follow the lead of John McCain and
    prove he is eligible.

    Stay tuned for more information.

    Help Philip J Berg uphold the Constitution:


    14 responses to “Obama is not eligible to be POTUS, Electoral College Electors, US Senators, US Representatives, US Supreme Court, Philip J Berg lawsuit appeal, Obama not elected yet

    1. Hi CW, I agree with you 100%. The electors for Indiana have not yet been chosen, but as soon as they are, I will be getting in touch with them. I will also be in touch with the Senators and Representatives from Indiana. CW please tell me what else I can do. I am telling everyone I know that he is not eligible. You cannot believe the looks on their faces. They BELIEVE ME.

      Also I read something on a website yesterday that the Treasury had a meeting to discuss the Sharia way of finance. Can you check this out and let me know? Thanks. bkw

    2. This is a video on worldnetdaily.com showing a peaceful young man arrested because he was wearing a MCCAIN/PALIN tee shirt at Obama’s park party.
      Article headed:
      McCain T-shirt gets man cuffed, stuffed

      HAS ANYONE A SCREEN SHOT OF OBAMA’S website showing his COLB? Might need that before it is scrubbed.

    3. CW: I try to tell people at work and they just say that I’m a sore loser to get over it .I tell them if he would have won it fairly no one would say anything.but he didn’t play fair. If he is eligible then whats the big deal about not showing his bc and get it over with,that what the people can’t understand.I’ll call my Senators and Representives, but I know they will not do anything.I haven’t tried my Electors yet because I don’t know who they are,but I’m going to look them up.I’m in Oregon.

    4. “The Constitution is a written instrument. As such its meaning does not alter. That which is meant when adopted, it means now.”
      South Carolina v. United States, 26 S.Ct. 110, 111 (1905).

      The above is a US Supreme Court Case cite.

    5. BO & campaign PURPOSELY ignored this entire issue, publicly. They had specific intent NOT to give us the most basic information about BO.

      It is good that Berg and others can PROVE they have been asking for this document, before the primary.

      Everyone is to blame that he is elected – especially the biased media – keeping their captive audience in the dark.

      I believe if 1/2 this stuff (about BO life and corruption) had been reported on each network, he would not have been elected.

      As far as our Constitution goes, I can hear it now – lawyers and BO, trying to defend his deceit regarding his citizenship, “this is a small technicality that no longer makes sense in this global position”… this will be their defense.

    6. I strongly agree that Obama must be produce proof of his eligiblility for POTUS. Regarding Phil Berg’s “letter to Obama” anticipated to be printed in USA Todaynext week, I am curious why he came up with the date of Aug 17 for response ….I am aware that Andy Martin’s case in Honolulu is Aug 18 .

    7. Mistake,,,,NOT AUG 17 /18….I meant Nov 17 / 18!!!!

    8. If anyone is interested in contacting their electorial college electors, here is a list of 2008 Presidential Electors. Note, not all states list individual names.


    9. I live in California, gay protesters are lining the streets because they are unhappy with the vote outcome on prop 8. It is all over the media so why are they not saying a word about
      Phil Bergs suit…. How can our constitution mean so little to so many….???? OR is it that so many do not know because the media has shaped the information they recieve to the point of brain warshing.

    10. great we may in our midst have a usurper in high office.

    11. Hello everyone,

      Check out this website.


      They need help in finding and contacting the electors in some states yet. Maybe you could help with your state.

      Make sure to contact Dr. Doug Schell
      poppop_schell@hotmail.com first please, so he can put you in his database.

      This all needs to be done now and before December 15, 2008 when the electors vote him in. The gameplan is on the website. Just make sure to contact Dr. Schell first and he can give you further information.


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