Bill O’Reilly Obama college records, Typical lame O’Reilly question, Which governments helped Obama and how much?, Justice Dept. Attorneys help Obama hide college records, Taxpayers pay

Bill O’Reilly Obama college records, Typical lame O’Reilly question, Which governments helped Obama and how much?, Justice Dept. Attorneys help Obama hide college records, Taxpayers pay

“Why has Obama, since taking the White House, used Justice Department Attorneys, at taxpayer expense,  to avoid presenting a legitimate birth certificate and college records?”…Citizen Wells

“Khalid Al-Mansour was “raising money” for Obama.”
“Khalid Al-Mansour was trying to help Obama get into Harvard Law School.”…Percy Sutton

“Barack Obama, show me the college loans.”…Citizen Wells

Bill O’Reilly, on Fox News, has asked lame questions about Obama for years and one could certainly make a strong point that he has protected Obama.

Recently O’Reilly once again lamely raised the spectre of Obama’s hidden college records.

“How much the system helped President Obama is unknown, as his college records have been kept private.

To be fair to the president, it would be helpful to know how much the government subsidized his climb to the top.”

College records kept private?

Obama used Robert Bauer of Perkins Coie and other private practice attorneys prior to January 2009 and a long list of US Justice Dept. attorneys, at taxpayer expense, afterwards, to keep his college and other records hidden from the public.

How much the government subsidized him?

Bill O’Reilly, how about which governments helped Obama and how much?

We know that Obama had a full scholarship to Occidental, which was not academic or athletic. This came after a self admitted poor performance in high school.

Who paid for Obama’s free ride at Occidental?



How did Obama pay for Columbia, that is, if he actually attended?

From the St. Petersburg Evening Independent November 6, 1979.


Vernon Jarrett

What about those rumored billions of dollars the oil rich Arab nations are
supposed to unload on American black leaders and minority institutions?
“It’s not just a rumor. Aid will come from some of the Arab states,”
predicted a black San Francisco lawyer who has close ties to officials of
the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC).

“The first indications of Arab help to American blacks may be announced in
December.” said Khalid Abdullah Tariq Al-Mansour, formerly known as Donald
Warden, of the Holmes and Warden law firm.

Al-Mansour is the lawyer who filed a friend-of-the-court brief in support
of OPEC last winter when the International Association of Machinists and
Aerospace Workers (IAM) filed an antitrust suit against the 13 OPEC
countries in U.S. District Court in Los Angeles.”

We know how Obama attended Harvard.

A picture is worth a thousand words.


46 responses to “Bill O’Reilly Obama college records, Typical lame O’Reilly question, Which governments helped Obama and how much?, Justice Dept. Attorneys help Obama hide college records, Taxpayers pay

  1. citizenwells

    Fox News,
    If you are ready to do some real journalism, I, we, and other citizen journalists are available.

  2. Citizenwells,
    I cannot but help to think that the ‘discussion’ of whom has funded the Obama cover-up is just desensitizing people to the upcoming revelations. Fox News has been on the tank of the Obama cover-up since day one. The wouldn’t mention Perkins cole on the air, or money spent to hide his records, unless they were expecting something to be released that goes against the previous narrative. This is ‘hedging a bet’ if I have ever seen it. Something is coming out, or threatening to come out, and the network has a plan to blame others for it’s failure to investigate.

  3. citizenwells

    Pete, et al.
    Given the meetings with the Obama camp in 2008 & the increased Saudi ownership, it comes as no surprise.
    Glenn Beck acknowledges the need and is working on what he calls a real TV media outlet, yet he fails to present the news.
    God help us.

  4. But let’s keep searching grandma!

    INSANE: Homeland Insecurity to Let Saudi Passengers Skip Normal Passport Controls

  5. citizenwells

    Once again.

  6. Good Morning. CW are you watching how the mess in Cyprus is going to work out. Pimco is thinking of getting out of bonds in Spain and Italy. I bet a lot of the big money will be moving money out of EU countries.

  7. citizenwells

    Good morning Zach, et al.

  8. August 6, 2012

    “Obama Classmate: Obama Attended Columbia and Occidental as Foreign Exchange Student”
    Wayne Allyn Root @ The Blaze

    “Here’s my gut belief: Obama got a leg up by being admitted to both Occidental and Columbia as a foreign exchange student. He was raised as a young boy in Indonesia. But did his mother ever change him back to a U.S. citizen? When he returned to live with his grandparents in Hawaii or as he neared college-age preparing to apply to schools, did he ever change his citizenship back? I’m betting not.” – Wayne Allyn Root

    Wayne Allyn Root is a former Libertarian vice presidential nominee and the author of “The Conscience of a Libertarian.” He now serves as Chairman of the Libertarian National Campaign Committee….”

  9. citizenwells

    I agree.
    I have thought so for quite a while.

  10. First, you go slappin’ my heroine Orly Taitz around. Now this. 🙂

    This video is 3 hours long, but if you are like me and have nothing better to do with your time, it is well worth watching.

    The Hidden Faith of The Founding Fathers 2010

  11. Aug 19, 2008

    “Obama calls himself a desi”

    “”Not only do I think I’m a desi , but I’m a desi ,” the San Francisco Chronicle quoted Obama as telling a mirthful crowd. “I’m a homeboy.” Obama then went on to recall how when he first went to Occidental College, his first roommate was Pakistani. And in his dorm, he said with a laugh, “Indians and Pakistanis came together under one roof … to cause havoc in the university.” To applause, he said he became an expert at cooking dal and other ethnic dishes, though “somebody else made the naan.”

    Obama also roomed with Pakistan and Indian collegemates, one of whom, Vinai Thummapally, …”
    At “The Obama File”:


    “… Obama entered Occidental College in California in 1979, where his freshman roommate was Imad Husain, a Pakistani, who’s now a Boston banker. Also, as a freshman, he quickly became friends with Mohammed Hasan Chandoo and Wahid Hamid, two wealthy Pakistanis.”

    Occidental Friends:

    “… He becomes friends with Pakistani Muslims Mohammed Hasan Chandoo (perhaps spelled Chandio) and Wahid Hamid, and Indian Vinai Thummalapally. … Fellow student Thummalapally lives with Obama in the summer of 1980. Obama’s freshman year roommate at Occidental is Imad Husain, a Pakistani.

    You will notice that Obama’s roommates were foreign students from South Asia. This is a pretty good indicator that Obama was enrolled as a foreign student from that part of the world.”

  12. citizenwells

    Thanks GORDO.

  13. Notice how all those Obama says “have to go” are Shiites….Syria’s leader/gov. and Iran? He’s got his orders from the Saudis to get rid of Shiites and Israel so the Sunni control can flourish. All of Zero’s hand picked dept. heads are of the same mind and assisting him in the “grand plan”. They’re getting arms to the “correct” rebel groups! Putin will have to change his support pretty soon.

  14. P.S. Problem for the Saudis is….they are likely to be the next pillar to fall to the radical Muslim Brotherhood…perhaps after Jordan.

  15. Mr. Bill(ms. helga)

    Did anyone else see this yesterday? I knew it the minute he did it. He’s been using this tactic for years.

    “President Obama Flips Off NBC Reporter Chuck Todd in Israel?”

  16. The Charlotte Observer reporting this morning that Obama is considering:

    ANTONEY FOXX, mayor of Charlotte for his new SECRETARY OF TRANSPORTATION…….what a joke !!!

    Foxx can’t walk and chew bubble gum at the same time…has ABSOLUTLELY NO EXPERIENCE IN GOVERNMENT…other than his current tour as mayor of Charlotte….(as mayor, he make no decisions, that’s done by the city manager).

    I don’t think our federal government can take much more of this good ole boy’s club crap……..

  17. Obama Compares Israeli-Palestinian Conflict To Disagreements Between U.S. And Canada…
    Hmm, I’m having problems recalling the last time Canada fired rockets at America.

  18. I think our friend OldSalior sums all this up well. UP is DOWN for the media and politicians alike.

  19. William…………re……12:32 PM
    ……….and I hasten to add………..there are PATHETICALLY few individuals ….politicians or MSM who have the ability to recognise the difference,and even if they could they don’t really give a damn anyway.

  20. Air Force Brat!

    Re Cyprus, the EU, et al. — what the hell was wrong with the old system in the first place? Sovereign nations, each with its own currency, customs and culture, existed just fine for several thousand years.

    I say bring it back. Screw the EU.

  21. William………….
    It is plain to see that we have lost nearly a generation of young people to the notion that UP IS DOWN, and EVERYTHING IS C-O-O-L MAN! Even the young Israelis were giving Soetoro standing ovations when they should have been telling him to get the hell out of Israel,or feel the pain of a hell of a lot of shoes hitting him. I have a huge problem with the behavior of the young Israeli college kids. I get the feeling that they are not even bothered by what is going on in the world……..even when it could mean death to all of them. What the hell is wrong with their minds?

  22. Regarding the Saudis, I urge you, beg you, to read The Big Bamboozle by Philipp Marshall (found dead not long ago along with his 2 kids and dog) concerning Sept 11, 2001. He was a commercial pilot who also at one point worked in the Iran- Contra sandal and misdeeds flying Barry Seals around when Reagan was Pres and that man called GHW Bush VP. He contends that the Saudis and the willing complicity of the Bushes, Cheney, Rice are the masterminds behind 9-11. The so called hijackers were trained in the desert west under Saudi direction with a fleet of Boeings that sit there! Read it.

  23. OK, you’ve got my interest up. What do I do next?

  24. Sorry, I was looking for a linkadee. Says to self, Dumb@ss.

  25. William…………. I was listening to the radio (Dennis Miller) this afternoon regarding Obama’s speech and one of the guests was saying that Obama and his people searched far and wide to “recriut” far left thinking liberals for his speech in Israel – just like he does at home – ship them in and fool everyone into thinking that it’s the general public loving Obama.

  26. recruit – sorry

  27. Is JOEPAC, 6501 E Greenway Pkwy Phoenix, AZ 85003. (480) 344-3980 legit? I got an email that Sheriff Joe is in trouble and needs donations.

    Would like to help if this is for real.

  28. Never mind………..pretty sure it is.

  29. there’s a donate button on the right side of:

  30. Ok………….

    I’m a bit confused. The email says Arpaio is facing a recall campaign because of his stand on illegal immigration. And this sight is collecting funds for that purpose.

    The Give us Liberty sight is collecting funds for the cold case posse which is also a great cause………..but different.

  31. The Big Bamboozle is a book, so no link, sorry. I bought mine from Amazon after I read he had been found dead and I wondered what was in his books that it would be so worthwhile to remove this guy now…he had talked about doing another book soon…

  32. Not content to divide and pit one against each other in the USA, Obama travels to Israel to speak to young leftists of college age to pit them against their own parents, against their own country, and against their own future survival. Pure Evil.

  33. Obama Quotes Saul Alinksy In Speech To Young Israelis…
    Old habits die hard, ‘eh Barack?

    JERUSALEM – In his address in Jerusalem today, President Obama channeled Saul Alinsky, citing the radical community organizer’s defining mantra as he urged young Israelis to “create change” to nudge their leadership to act.

    Obama told a crowd of college students at Jerusalem’s main convention center that Israel “has the wisdom to see the world as it is, but also the courage to see the world as it should be.”

    One of Alinsky’s major themes was working with the world as it “is” to turn it into the world as “it should be.”

    In his defining work, “Rules for Radicals,” which he dedicated to “the first rebel,” Lucifer, Alinsky used those words to lay out his main agenda. He asserted radical change must be brought about by working within a system instead of attacking it from the outside.

    “It is necessary to begin where the world is if we are going to change it to what we think it should be. That means working in the system,” wrote Alinsky.

  34. More horror stories related from the Philly abortionist trial:

    Abortionist Joked: ‘This Baby Is Big Enough to Walk Around With Me or Walk Me to the Bus Stop’

    [Editor’s note: This story includes graphic photos.]

  35. Bachmann: Repeal Obamacare “Before It Literally Kills Women, Kills Children, Kills Senior Citizens”

    REP. MICHELE BACHMANN (R-MN): The American people, especially vulnerable women, vulnerable children, vulnerable senior citizens, now get to pay more and get less. That’s why we’re here because we’re saying let’s repeal this failure before it literally kills women, kills children, kills senior citizens. Let’s not do that! Let’s love people, let’s care about people. Let’s repeal it now while we can.


    As people of faith, I’m a born again believe in Jesus Christ. And I believe, as part of my duty as a believer in Christ and what he has done for me, that we should do for the least of those who are in our midst. That’s my personal belief and my personal conviction. And that’s why I want our government to create the space so that we can help people, because I’ll guarantee you one thing, Mr. Speaker, this doesn’t help people. (House floor, March 21, 2013)

  36. Does everybody remember the stinking liberal ODOR when they tried to recall Walker in Wisconsin, well you only need to sniff the air it is the same stinking body odor we smelled then that is now permeating the air in Maricopa County.

  37. Sueq………….
    Guess what……….the Israeli students gave him standing ovations. Talk about UP being DOWN,and so blind you can’t see it anyway.

  38. Observer………… 6:12 PM
    I hasten to add that it will kill a lot of people,in EVERY WAY CONCEIVEABLE………including FINANCIALLY, and it is the exempted SLIMEY TAKERS who will be ASSISTING the killing. That is to say those who are getting all of the FREEBIES…………and we all know who that is. The do nothing drug heads, and the lay around porn watchers. Many of them have never in their SLIMEY LIVES ever paid even a nickel into the system,and it wasn’t because they COULDN’T. So we see them receiving sometimes a better level of healthcare….FREE than those of us who played the game according to the rules,and received very damn little, at very high prices. I pray that Bachmann is able to wangle something,or at least make a few of the politicians feel like the backsides they have become. Or are they above it all!?

  39. It could be very interesting to see Soetoro’s IRS tax returns for 1980 through the next 6 years thereafter. He had to be receiving an income,and he was of age to have to file a return for that income……even if it was student assistance. If it was foreign student assistance it still had to be declared upon his tax return. But better still it would show the name and SS number he was using, if he even had a number yet. If he was a legal resident of Hawaii he would have had to file a return.

  40. Big Sis Refuses To Answer Congress On Bullet Purchases

    Steve Watson
    Mar 21, 2013

    Speaking at CPAC with Infowars and We Are Change reporter, Luke Rudkowski, Congressman Timothy Huelscamp revealed this week that the Department of Homeland Security has refused to answer questions from “multiple” members of Congress regarding its recent purchase of huge amounts of weapons and ammunition.

    “They have no answer for that question. They refuse to answer to answer that,” Huelscamp said.

    “I’ve got a list of various questions of agencies about multiple things. Far from being the most transparent administration in the world, they are the most closed and opaque,” the Congressman added.

    “They refuse to let us know what is going on, so I don’t really have an answer for that. Multiple members of Congress are asking those questions,” he added.

    “It comes down to during the budget process, during the appropriations process, are we willing to hold DHS’s feet to the fire?”

    “We’re going to find out… I say we don’t fund them ’til we get an answer. Those type of things really challenge Americans. They are worried about this administration,” Huelscamp urged.

  41. Rosemary Woodhouse

    @Air Force Brat! | March 21, 2013 at 1:28 pm |

    The couldn’t have had the final version of the Holy Roman Empire without having a unified Europe.

  42. Rosemary Woodhouse

    edit: they not the


    March 26, 2013 by Tim Powers

    “As history is about to repeat itself for those who are paying attention, a major storm is coming. We have our Communist/Muslim Brotherhood plant, Barack Hussein Obama, running around now stating that he isn’t a dictator. Anyone who has paid attention over the past five years knows that whatever he says is always the exact opposite of what he does.

    He promised us back in 2008 that he would build a civilian army that was to be as well equipped and as well funded as the US military. Have you happened to notice the amount of ammunition, guns, and military equipment that the Department of Homeland Security has purchased lately? At the same time, our military is being cut back due to the sequester that Obama himself ordered! Our top Generals are being weeded out at an alarming rate. Does this bother you at all?

    Even with sequester cuts, Obama and his minions are still giving US Taxpayer dollars to Egypt, Syria, Jordan, and the Muslim Brotherhood. Does this not bother you? According to the talking heads in the media, Obama was re-elected by just over fifty percent of this country. My question is this: are those who elected him willing to die for him? Just as they did for Hitler, Stalin, or Mao?

    Our founders went to war for much less than We the People are enduring now; and with only three percent of the population standing for Freedom, THEY WON!

    The time is coming soon where we MUST once again stand for Freedom and Liberty. Unfortunately, fellow Americans on both sides of Obama will lose their lives.

    Our founders left us the blueprints in the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution for what to do when our government is no longer “by the people and for the people”.

    This one will not be for those who sit on the fence. The red lines are being drawn as we speak. Whom are you willing to die for? Our Founding Fathers or the Muslim Brotherhood and Russia? As always, fellow Patriots, stay safe and be aware of your surroundings.”

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