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Yesterday, Thursday, December 11, 2008 the Citizen Wells blog posted
an article that ended with:

“Since Barack Obama is attempting to sneak through the election
process with a great many legal questions clouding his past and
since the American public needs and depends on the Judicial Branch
of government to protect it from criminals and imposters, I
Citizen Wells, on behalf of the American public, ask that Mr.
Patrick Fitzgerald or any authorized employee of the US Justice
Department, present Mr. Barack H. Obama with an indictment and/or
Criminal Complaint at the earliest possible moment, with time being
of the essence. The Electoral College meets next week and it is
imperative that we do all that is in our power to prevent a
constitutional crisis in this country.”

Citizen Wells plea to Patrick Fitzgerald and US Justice Dept.

I just got off the phone. I attempted to contact the US Department
of Justice Office of Patrick Fitzgerald in Chicago, IL. I informed
the last person I was connected to that I had posted an article
yesterday on the Citizen Wells blog requesting that the USDOJ indict
and/or arrest Barack Obama. I also indicated that I would fax the
article today. Both people I talked to were a bit short with me, however,
they are getting bombarded with phone calls.

I then called the number for the press office and reached the same lady.

I will provide updates on this important story as I get them.