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Blagojevich trial, Update, May 15, 2010, witnesses lining up, John Harris, Jesse Jackson Jr, Rezko Levine et al waiting in wings, Pagano Ladd Rezko Blagojevich, Illinois Health Facilities Planning Board linked to Obama

Blagojevich trial, Update, May 15, 2010, witnesses lining up

We are going to need a very elaborate score card soon. Witnesses are being lined up. A legion of Blagojevich and Rezko corruption buddies are waiting in the wings. The connections to dead corruption figures keep piling up. Where will this lead? Eventually to Obama.

From the Chicago Tribune May 14, 2010.
“Congressman Jackson says he will testify after receiving subpoena from Blagojevich
Congressman Jesse L. Jackson Jr. says he has been subpoenaed to testify at ousted Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich’s upcoming corruption trial.

In a statement issued Friday in Washington, Jackson said he will testify if necessary.

Blagojevich faces federal charges including allegations he schemed to sell a U.S. Senate seat once filled by President Barack Obama.

According to a criminal complaint, Blagojevich tried to shop the seat to Jackson. The Democrat’s supporters allegedly were willing to raise $1.5 million for Blagojevich if he him.”

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From the Chicago Tribune May 14, 2010.
“Harris agrees – again – to testify against former boss
In the fall of 2008, John Harris was chief of staff to the governor of Illinois, a lawyer at the peak of his career offering advice to the state’s top executive.

But that governor was Rod Blagojevich, and Harris on Friday admitted that some of that advice dealt with how Blagojevich might enrich himself by appointing a successor to the U.S. Senate seat vacated by President Barack Obama.

Since prosecutors recently filed a new indictment in the case, Harris pleaded guilty for a second time and again agreed to testify for the government against his former boss. His attorney, Terry Ekl, said Harris has surrendered his law license and is trying to support his family by learning to work on electrical towers as a 48-year-old apprentice.”
“In exchange for Harris’ testimony at the trial, set to begin June 3, the government will recommend that he be sentenced to just under three years in prison.”

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From the Chicago Tribune May 14, 2010.
“Metra: Pagano cashed in on unchecked power
Metra’s longtime executive director, Phil Pagano, amassed so much unchallenged power that he felt confident enough to forge the signature of the agency’s chairwoman as part of a scheme to improperly give himself nearly half a million dollars in vacation pay, an investigation disclosed Friday.

The allegations were contained in the executive summary of a report released one week after Pagano — the subject of a rapidly expanding inquiry into financial irregularities — stepped in front of a Metra train near his home in Crystal Lake.

Besides outlining the “blatantly illegal” advances Pagano took on vacation pay, the investigation also showed Pagano faced serious financial concerns, borrowing $839,000 against the value of a deferred compensation account and an insurance policy. Those concerns were not spelled out in the report.

“This investigation revealed substantial evidence of financial irregularities and abuses carried out by a person at the highest level of Metra who, as a result of that position, was in the best position to perpetrate these acts,” special counsel James Sotos concluded in his report to Metra’s directors.”

“The report will be turned over to the Illinois attorney general’s office for a possible criminal investigation and to any other agency that requests it, Sotos said, adding that Pagano violated Metra’s rules of conduct and “likely various state and federal criminal laws.”

U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald’s office said Friday it has asked Sotos for the report, some portions of which were not disclosed publicly at Fitzgerald’s request.”

“In his report, Sotos referred to a document which he called the “Ladd certificate,” referring to Metra’s former longtime Chairman Jeffrey Ladd”.

“Ladd, an attorney, did not respond to calls for comment Friday. Neither did Pagano’s attorney, George Jackson III.

Ladd surfaced in the 2008 trial of Antoin “Tony” Rezko, who was a key fundraiser and adviser for former Gov. Rod Blagojevich. Ladd testified under a grant of immunity from prosecution about his dealings in 2004 with the Illinois Health Facilities Planning Board, which Rezko and political insider Stuart Levine controlled.

Ladd, a veteran lobbyist, told the Rezko jury he had been hired by hospital groups to represent them before the board, and testified that his clients paid $80,000 to a Rezko associate to keep Rezko from secretly working against them.”

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There’s that pesky reference to the Illinois Health Facilities Planning Board again.

Let’s see, who else is connected to the rigging of that board aside from Blagojevich, Rezko and Levine……


Obama Helped Supporters Get Millions, ABC News, May 15, 2008, Illinois State Business, Chicago, Illinois corruption

ABC News just reported on more Obama and Illinois corruption. Companies and employees that helped Obama have been rewarded. Even though this article is not indepth or hard hitting, it is at least an effort to question Obama. A recent post on this blog reveals the deeper ties to Chicago and Illinois corruption surrounding Obama. Here are some excerpts from the ABC News article:

“In a speech to the Urban League last July, Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., boasted of his efforts in 2001 to help a handful of African American-owned investment firms in Chicago get a larger share of business with Illinois state pension funds. “And in six months, they got about a half-billion dollars’ worth of business simply on their excellence,” Obama said.

What he did not say in his speech was that the owner of one of the investment firms, John Rogers of Ariel Capital, is a principal campaign fundraiser. Nor did he reveal that employees of the firms he helped have since contributed to or helped to raise more than $765,000 for his campaigns, according to campaign documents. Nor did he mention that two of the firms have allowed him to use their private jets. Nor did he mention that two of the firms have since been dismissed by the state pension fund for “underperformance.” ”

“Now, Rogers is an Illinois finance co-chairman for Obama’s presidential campaign, having raised more than $200,000 for the campaign. Ariel employees have given nearly $70,000 to Obama’s White House effort — for a total of more than $130,000 to Obama’s political career since 2001, when the politician went to bat for the company.”

“Three other minority-run firms — Holland Capital, Loop Capital and Capri Capital Partners — also saw hundreds of millions of assets turned over to them to manage after meeting with Obama and the state pension boards.”

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