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***  Update below ***

From Leo C Donofrio, October 19, 2009:

“Last week I published a report which established that Hawaii Attorney General Mark Bennett was invoking “attorney client privilege” as to the opinion issued to Department of Health Director Fukino wherein the AG reviewed and approved the July 27, 2009 press release which stated to the world that President Obama was born in Hawaii and is a “natural-born American citzen”.
Is there no story here?  Attorney client privilege was applied to a public statement?  How is that possible?  The statement was issued in a press release.  No privilege applies.
In part 3 of my UIPA report, I detailed the legal statutes and case law in Hawaii that demand the Attorney General opinion be made public.
Parts 1 and 2 of that same report explained how the Hawaii Uniform Information Practices Act (UIPA) gives “any person” standing to challenge in court the failure of a Hawaii state agency to release records which the public are entitled to.
Furthermore, I also detailed – here and here – how DoH Communications Director Janice Okubo has been running interference by failing to answer proper UIPA requests as is required by OIP administrative rules.
I am preparing a follow up on all of this which illustrates Okubo’s continued failure to answer UIPA requests under OIP administrative rules which has the effect of stopping all research.  Additonally, my appeals to the OIP have gone unanswered.
They are allegedly in possession of a petition with half a million names on it in support of political leaders investigating Obama’s POTUS eligibility.  My question to WND is – why don’t you investigate his eligibility by using the very simple devices listed in the UIPA?
All WND must do is write up a copy of the same questions we have asked… email it to Janice Okubo and then follow up with an OIP appeal and a judicial branch appeal (to be expedited to the front of the litigation calendar by statute).
I have always found the WND reporting on eligibility to be very convenient to the Obama administration.  They have chosen to focus on the sensational conspiracy theory aspects of the issue rather than the genuine legal problem he faces in that he was a British citizen at birth.  But if WND want to genuinely establish themselves as true  investigative reporters on the issue of Obama’s eligibility, all they have to do is make an effort to use the public disclosure laws available to “any person”.
I would be happy to write model UIPA requests, model appeals to the OIP and model judicial complaints to be filed in Hawaii Circuit courts for World Net Daily to act upon and to gather information.  Not only is Obama’s COLB available for discovery right now via these laws, but so is the Attorney General opinion which guided Fukino’s infamous July 27th press release as well as the original vital records she viewed which allowed her to state that Obama was born in Hawaii.
There’s no reason to be groping around in the dark looking for these documents in federal court rooms by people who have no chance of garnering standing.  Standing is granted to “any person” in Hawaii.  WND and all the other attorneys involved in POTUS eligibility should be using the UIPA laws in Hawaii, along with the OIP administrative rules and judicial precedent to get the information necessary for the country to have closure on Obama’s place of birth.
If Okubo tries to stonewall WND the way she stonewalls the rest of the public, then she can see her face and her replies spread over the front pages of WND.  And WND certainly has the resources to take this fight to the judicial branch in Hawaii.
Hawaii officials appear unwilling to work with me under their laws.  I will be filing law suits.  But I don’t see why WND and other interested attorneys continue to ignore the UIPA, OIP and judicial branch in Hawaii where standing is not an obstacle.  If your fight is to see the Obama birth records, then these laws make that possible.
I see a pattern emerging where the UIPA is ignored and the federal Quo Warranto statute is not followed properly.  It feels like a big attempt to keep public eyes away from true legal solutions while impossible exotic suits are brought in federal courts which have no subject matter jurisdiction for plaintiffs with undeniable standing issues.”

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*** Leo C Donofrio update at October 19, 2009, 2:45 PM **

Point Made…

I’ve deleted my prior post so that the journal mentioned might reverse course now that I’ve made my point: that information is available from Hawaii for those who will call Hawaii to follow their own public disclosure laws.

No news journal can talk about this issue and deserve any respect if they aren’t willing to use the law available to them for research.  Research is to the media just as a hammer is to a carpenter – a necessary tool.  We shall now see if they are interested in doing their job or if they will continue to dodge that chore.”


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Leo C Donofrio’s latest statement on Obama, eligibility, US Legal system and the military obeying orders:


Posted in Uncategorized on February 1, 2009 by naturalborncitizen


I have seen some really sick comments posted recently which encouraged the military to disobey orders.   That is wrong.  I strongly suggest that all active military step back and refrain in any way from taking advice over the Internet on a matter of this importance.  Consult with your family attorney or a JAG advocate.  This is my final statement on the matter.  I pass on having anything to do with military suing over POTUS eligibility.  I don’t have the resources to guide such a litigation, nor do I see that any court would ever provide true justice after what I’ve experienced with my case and Cort’s.  I have absolutely NO faith in the US legal system.  None.  Nada.  Zilch. Zippo.  So I don’t see the point of subjecting our troops to legal harm for a case they will NEVER win in the cult’s courts.  The military can deal with any situation in their own court system.

As for Obama and the cult,  I have made myself known to you and given you enough to chew on for now.  The truth should be starting to sink in.  Please don’t show up at my chess matches anymore unless you are entering the tournament.

I will now go on to display power via chess, poker, golf, film, art and music.  The power I represent through my art is the boss.  There is no other.  God is champion of the universe.  God is accurate, precise, all knowing, all powerful and prepared to prove that to you with a kiss.

You cannot change it. So Repent.

Take the power you have usurped and do some good with it.  Everybody on this planet has a chance to redeem themselves.

I am now going to step away from the POTUS eligibility issue and move on with my life.


On Nov. 3, 2008, I went to SCOTUS to file my application for an emergency stay of the national election.  I took a Greyhound bus from Baltimore to Washington, D.C. because I was afraid to use Amtrak where I would have had to present ID for a ticket.  I took that bus to the Greyhound station in Washington DC and walked from there to Union Station.

I felt that my life was in danger because I knew that if I could get my case filed before 4:30PM, there was a chance, a remote but genuine chance, that if the SCOTUS rules were followed, my case could stop the general election.  As you all know, the SCOTUS rules were not followed when a clerk tried to overrule the SCOTUS precedent from McCarthy v. Briscoe.

I had previoulsy felt the evil operate against my case in the NJ Appellate Division where I experienced sabotage I never thought possible.  I felt the full force and power of the cult as it tried to stop my case from having proper procedural ground to move on to SCOTUS.

In the days leading up to Nov. 3, 2008… my cell phone and that of a family member were subjected to treachery that only somebody with serious power could have accomplished.  Because of the dual attacks upon my sanity, I came to Washington D.C. with fear in my heart, but I was not about to stop.  Nothing short of a bullet was going to stop me from filing that application on Nov. 3, 2008.

On the Greyhound bus to DC, I had made a plan to pay for a tourist trolley ticket to take me one stop from Union Station to SCOTUS.  I figured I would be safer blending in with tourists rather than being alone.

Before leaving for DC the night before, I died my hair blond, shaved, put on rock and roll clothes and stuffed the copies of my application in a hole through the pockets of my jacket which hid the documents in my back.

I looked nothing like the attorney who had been in the Hughes Justice complex all week in New Jersey.

But I made one mistake.

I had my electronic passport in my sneaker.  I walked into Union Station to purchase a $35 trolley ticket and probably set off an RFID tracker.

I waited outside of Union Station for the trolley.  At approximately 2:45 PM, just after I had purchased my ticket inside the station, I was sitting next to a white homeless man with a grey beard in his 50’s.  He had two shopping carts full of clothes, food, radio etc., apparently his life possessions. We were the only two people sitting on this stone circle just outside the station.  Suddenly, the homeless man starts gibbering some kind of weird code.  He sounded like this,

“Echo one four two seven, target is in the building, repeat target is in the building…”

Then he paused and I looked up and a big SUV had pulled up right next to us, and two BIG mofos in yellow gold shirts got out of the SUV, opened the back door and started putting on body armor and packing mega heat… all the while they are scouring the area for the “target”.

The homeless man is talking to them through a device in his battered shirtsleeve,

“No point in wasting time, I want to get paid for this, target is in the building… Ok, but I thought you might want to just get the target, repeat — target is in the building, target is in the building. Stop wasting time out here.”

He was mixing in code talk with things I could understand.

Finally, these Blackwater types in yellow who had no badges or official insignia head into Union Station carrying full weapons.

I’m having a heart attack. They looked straight at me at least twice but I looked like such a clown.  If they were looking for the brown haired bearded intellectual looking lawyer guy who was in court that week there’s no way they would recognize me with shocking platinum hair in my face, a dayglo blue jacket, flared jeans and trainers.

I am a chameleon.


I also had no visible paperwork with me.  It was in the back of my jacket and my back was pressed against the stone circle.

When they entered Union Station, the homeless guy turns towards me and hits a button on his cell device and suddenly he’s on speakerphone.  The conversation is between him and some woman wherein he’s trying to get confirmation that his payment has been credited to his account.  He gives me a sly look, and with that my trolley comes.

I get on the trolley and open my tourist brochure to cover my face.  Then I have to sit there for five excrutiating minutes while various people discuss with the dirver whether they should take the tour tonight or tomorrow.  Honestly folks, I thought right then and there, “Your life aint worth shit, Leo.  You are a walking dead man.”

When I finally got to the steps of SCOTUS, I was prepared to have my head blown off walking up those steps.  I was a fucking mess.  Seriously.  The paranoia was so intense. I even asked for official protection.

I don’t know if they were just trying to scare me, really meant to take me down, or if it was all a coincidence.  I’m sure there’s a video tape of it somehwhere.  This is 100% true.

After the case was filed, I was followed for weeks.  I had choppers over my home every night for hours.  It was the typical black helicopter story in spades.  But my whole family witnessed the choppers night after night.

The cult knew my case was strong.  And it eventually got on every major news network and brought the one issue they had kept silent to the forefront of the nation — the fact that Obama was a dual citizen at birth.

OK, so now he’s POTUS.  Many people voted for him.  The messiah vibe is an archetype people are prone to fall for.  But Obama is not the Messiah.  (And if they try to make him one, the “Obama Has A Twin” song will be a number 1 hit througout the land.  Just kidding.)

There’s not going to be a one world religion.

It will never be allowed by the one true God.  He doesn’t mind the diversity of truly pious people.  He loves us all.

I worship Jesus, but I don’t believe Jesus will condemn those who don’t worship him as long as they are pious good people who follow the number one teaching.  Love one another.  Love your enemies.

Good luck, Obama.  If you’re going to change something, then change the cult.  You aint “the One”, but try to be a good President.  The standard for being a good President isn’t very high.

Word Up.

Beware of charlatans.

Much love to all.  And I mean all.

Leo C. Donofrio, Esq.  Currently admitted to practice law in New Jersey and in Federal District Court”

Leo C Donofrio’s website:


Leo C. Donofrio, Obama not eligible, US Supreme Court, New Jersey lawsuit, Secretary of State, Nina Mitchell Wells, Constitutional duty, Justice Souter, Justice Thomas

Leo C. Donofrio, a retired attorney in New Jersey, has an appeal before the US Supreme Court. The appeal is the result of a lawsuit filed against the New Jersey Secretary of State, Nina Mitchell Wells. The lawsuit states that Ms. Wells did not adequately perform her statutory duty to ensure the integrity of ballots and the electoral process for the November 4th, 2008 election. Mr. Donofrio presented the facts regarding the case on Tuesday, November 12, 2008. Below is an exerpt that reveals the experience Mr. Donofrio had with the US Supreme Court:

“On Sunday evening, I left New Jersey in order to be in DC to file the application before the court closed at 4:30 PM. This would assure that the Supreme Court had a chance to stay the popular vote in the National Election before election day polls opened.

26. The Application For Emergency Stay was filed by me on Monday November 3rd, 2008, at 3:33 PM. A few minutes later, while still in the Supreme Court, I phoned the Stay Clerk, Mr. Danny Bickell, and we spoke for 7:00 minutes (according to my phone log). I told Mr. Bickell the whole story insisting that the Court Rule required the Application to be delivered promptly to Justice Souter. Mr. Bickell assured me that Justice Souter would have the case on his desk that evening if my papers were in order, which they were.

It was very important that the Court Rules be followed since I didn’t expect Justice Souter to grant the application, but I was ready to resubmit it to Justice Clarence Thomas with along with a letter to His Honor and ten copies of the original application shoulld he pass it on to the entire Court.

27. I arrived at the SCOTUS on Monday Nov 3rd, got the case filed and stamped at 3:30PM, then went back inside and pleaded with the stay clerk for 7 minutes (as shown by my phone log) to please follow the rules and get this on Justice Souter’s desk as was required by Rule 22(1):

“1. An application addressed to an individual Justice shall be filed with the Clerk, who will transmit it promptly to the Justice concerned if an individual Justice has authority to grant the sought relief.” (Emphasis added.)

Mr. Bickell agreed that if my papers were in order, Justice Souter would receive the case that night, sometime after 4:30 pm.

“Rule 22(6). The Clerk will advise all parties concerned, by appropriately speedy means, of the disposition made of an application.”

It’s important that the disposition be delivered by “speedy means” because the denial of a stay sets the trigger for resubmission to a Justice of your choice under Rule 22(4).

28. The next day, election day, I received no message from the Court. I went back to the SCOTUS on Election Day with my sister who is also retired from the practice of law (she was an Assistant DA in Detroit for many years), and was told Mr. Bickell wasn’t available to speak with me. And he was not picking up his phone.

29. On Thursday, I finally got through to Mr. Bickell and was informed by him that the case was never passed on to Justice Souter because Mr. Bickell didn’t think it was an appropriate Application. I was absolutely astounded. He made a substantive law judgment thereby effectively impersonating a Supreme Court Justice.  Mr. Bickell told me that I should have made a full Petition for Writ of Certiorari and since I didn’t then my stay application was defective.  And that’s not only illegal for him to make such a decision, but this decision itself is not grounded in law or precedent, but rather the exact opposite.  And I told him he was flat out wrong, because :

– I followed the Court Rules perfectly

– he and I spoke all about this on Monday in a seven minute phone conversation wherein he agreed to forward the Application

– the case was properly before the court from the Supreme Court of NJ

– the precedent was Bush v. Gore where no Petition was necessary since the court decided to treat the Stay application as a full Petition for Writ of Certiorari.

It’s not the Clerk’s job job to play Supreme Court Justice. The stay clerk’s job is to collect the papers and pass them onto the Justices, but as to this action Mr. Bickell basically made a substantive judgment of law and denied my application on his own. That must be criminal in some way, perhaps impersonating a US Supreme Court Justice, or subordination of Judicial intent? It’s just wrong and Mr. Bickell needs to be called on it.Either he did this on his own volition or somebody pressured him to do it. After explaining the precedent in Bush v. Gore, where the Supreme Court treated the Stay application as a Petition for Cert. and then granted that virtual Petition, he blinked and agreed to Docket the case.[See Bush v. Gore, page 1, http://www.law.cornell.edu/supct/html/00-949.ZPC.html ]

Mr. Bickell also stated that, “Justice Souter will deny it and so will Justice Thomas”, but I wouldn’t let it go and finally he agreed to Docket the case.

30. The next day, I checked the Supreme Court Docket and the case had finally been docketed but in a completely incorrect manner. Mr. Bickell docketed the case incorrectly as follows (this is from my recording of the original Docket):

~~~Date~~~ ~~~~~~~Proceedings and Orders~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Nov 6 2008 Application (08A407) for injunction pending the filing and disposition of a petition for a writ of certiorari, submitted to Justice Souter.

Three glaring errors:

– The case was actually filed and stamped received on November 3rd, not November 6th as Mr. Bickell had listed above.

– My application was for a “Stay” not an “injunction”. Filing for an injunction does not bring expedited review, while a Stay is entitled to the most expedited review the SCOTUS has to offer. The distinction is very important.

– I never submitted a full Petition nor did I submit a letter stating any such intention to do so. The Stay Clerk just took this out of thin air. He made it up out of the blue. Nothing in my Application indicates I intended to file a full Petition for Write of Certiorari. There was no time for that. The proper procedural tool was a Stay application as per the precedent set in Bush v. Gore.

31. I then called Mr. Bickell and left three loud and direct messages to the effect of, “Fix my docket or I’m going to suggest criminal charges against you as well as a civil suit against the Clerk’s office.” I also told Mr. Bickell that I suspected he was being pressured from within, and that he should inform whoever was pressuring him that I’d kept solid phone records and that my pleadings were stamped, “Nov. 3rd.”

32. Later than morning, I checked the US Supreme Court docket search engine again, and saw that Mr. Bickell had corrected the Docket to reflect that the case had been filed on November 3rd and he also now had it listed as a “Stay” application.

However, this second Docket listing was equally bizarre. Whereas the first Docket listing discussed a pending application for injunction, the new Docket reflected that Justice Souter had already denied the Stay application a day earlier on Nov. 6th, which is very confusing since this was now Friday November 7th and the first Docket listed no such disposition. 

Here is the Docket as it appeared one hour after the first Docket listing. And this is also how it appears today, Nov. 11th:

~~~Date~~~ ~~~~~~~Proceedings and Orders~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Nov 3 2008 Application (08A407) for stay pending the filing and disposition of a petition for a writ of certiorari, submitted to Justice Souter.

Nov 6 2008 Application (08A407) denied by Justice Souter.

None of this makes any sense. Calling this activity “unorthodox” is to be very kind.  It’s Judicial misconduct and perhaps it’s even worse. 
The reference to a “pending” Petition is incorrect and should be removed because it effects the favor-ability of review available to the case as resubmissions for Stay applications are not looked on favorably if the Stay denial is “without prejudice”.  If I were actually in the process of submitting a full Petition for Cert., which I’m not, then the denial might be considered “without prejudice”, and in that case, Mr. Bickell might , once again, decide not to pass on the Stay Application to Justice Clarence Thomas.

Seeing as how the Electoral College is just one month away, this is still an emergency, and Bush v. Gore is still precedent. I have made no submission of a full Petition, so the Docket is still incorrect as I intend to resubmit the “Stay Application” this week and the case will live or die on the resubmission.

These Court Rules are no joke. They have a purpose. On Monday November 3rd, Mr. Bickell disposed of my Application acting as if he were a United States Supreme Court Justice. That’s certainly bad enough, if not criminal, but then he did nothing between then and Thursday November 6th to notify me, certainly not by “speedy means”, of the disposition of my Stay Application. This is Judicial misconduct.

Mr. Bickell took my cell number on Monday Nov. 3rd, and had I been notified properly, by a phone call, that my Stay Application was not going to be forwarded to Justice Souter, then I could have corrected Mr. Bickell as I did on Thursday Nov. 6th.

This case was stopped in its tracks starting in the Appellate Division and leading right to the US Supreme Court.  The shame of the delay lies in the fact that the case was bi-partisan and should have been decided before the election when nobody knew what the outcome would be.  Now, once Obama is disqualified, which I believe will be the final disposition of this case, it’s going to cause so much more pain to the country.  

The law and the facts of this case have the ability to strip Obama of the Presidency just as the law and the facts of this case would have had the power to also strip McCain of the Presidency if he had won. I argued the same law as to McCain and Roger Colera as well as Obama.

This is NOT the way the US Supreme Court usually does business. And the citizens of this country should be angry that this institution has slipped to this level.

“I hereby certify that the foregoing statements made by me are true.  I am aware that if any of the foregoing statements made by me are willfully false, I am subject to punishment.”

Leo C. Donofrio, Pro Se”

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