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Rush Limbaugh Larry Sinclair Obama sex drug incident, November 4, 2011, Limbaugh compares Sinclair treatment to Herman Cains

Rush Limbaugh Larry Sinclair Obama sex drug incident, November 4, 2011, Limbaugh compares Sinclair treatment to Herman Cains

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From the transcripts of the Rush Limbaugh show November 4,  2011.

“Caller on the Double Standard for Black Conservatives”


RUSH: Cheryl, the Upper East Side of Manhattan, great to have you on the EIB Network.  Hi.

CALLER:  Hi, Rush.  It’s an honor to speak with you.

RUSH:  Thank you very much.  Great to have you with us.

CALLER:  Listen, I’m a black conservative, and I just want to make one thing abundantly clear: The media can attempt to paint you any way they want to, but there are no bigger racists in this country than white Democratic liberals.  They are and they will forever be the biggest racists in this nation because they seek to determine how black people should think and who black people should support, and the reason for their contempt against Herman Cain is that he has simply said, “I’m an independent thinker.  I don’t need to stay on the Democratic plantation in order to succeed.”

RUSH:  It really is… Folks, it is no more complicated than that.  She’s exactly right, and because of that he represents a great threat to them.

CALLER:  But let me give you an example of how Cain would have been treated if he had been a good and docile Negro and stayed on the Democratic plantation. 

Jesse Jackson, presently, has pending against him in Cook County court in Illinois a sexual harassment lawsuit filed against him by one Mr. Tommy Bennett, a former male PUSH employee who had sued Jesse Jackson and the push organization for sexual discrimination and Jackson specifically for sexual harassment.

RUSH:  Yeah.

CALLER:  There has not been one story about this on Politico. Not one.

RUSH:  Why do you think that is?

CALLER:  Excuse me?

RUSH:  Why do you think that is?

CALLER: (chuckles) Please, Rush.  As I said, Jesse Jackson has remained on the plantation.

RUSH:  Exactly right.

CALLER:  So of course he gets special treatment.

CALLER:  Yep, that’s exactly right.

RUSH:  But I have to make one more point.  The other example of how there is a distinct difference in treatment is that during the 2008 campaign, Mr. Obama was accused of a sex and drug-related incident by a man, a Mr. Larry Sinclair.  To this day — (static flare)

RUSH:  Did we lose hear?

CALLER:  — the press has reported it.  Now, it could be well, you know, it’s not substantiated. (static) We don’t have facts.  Well, there’s no substantiation. (static)

RUSH:  She’s having problem on a cell.  But I remember the Larry Sinclair thing, and what I remember about it was that the media told us this guy was an absolute weird nutcase, insane lunatic; should have been in asylum or some such thing. Remember that?  That was how the accuser was characterized.  I remember that.  Larry Sinclair.  I’m gonna have to Google the name or have one of my vast array of researchers (ahem) Google the name and remind me who Larry Sinclair was.  But I remember that the media set out to destroy this guy.

CALLER: (silence)

RUSH: Darn it, we’ve lost her out there! She was on a cell phone calling from the Upper East Side of Manhattan.  She’s right — and, by the way, the plantation she’s talking about, the liberal plantation — and there are many black conservatives who, of course, abandoned the liberal black plantation, don’t want any part of it. It’s not just they’ve attacked it because they are considered a threat; it is a form of punishment as well.  They go after Herman Cain not just because he represents a threat; he shows other blacks what you can accomplish independently from the Democrat Party and the Jesse Jacksons and all of the prescriptions — liberal affirmative action and all that — but there’s also a punishment, because the message by going after Herman Cain, the message is to other blacks, “You stay right where you are or this will happen to you.  You stay on this side of the aisle or we try to destroy you, too.”

(interruption) Yeah, Larry Sinclair had a shady background, convicted felon, reportedly crimes for forgery, bad checks, theft by check; but he did level an accusation against Obama, and it was never treated with any seriousness or sincerity.  That’s a good get.  I had forgotten that.  This is… (interruption)

Oh, The Politico did?  Okay, here it is.  June 18th, 2008. (singing) Summertime and the livin’ is easy.  My favorite version of Summertime is by Billy Stewart.  Yeah, I think 1964, 1965.  Mike, see if we’ve got that in the system. What’s the name of our system? I keep forgetting. (interruption) Yeah, the Proffit System. (Two F’s in there, folks. We’re not talking about money here.)  My all-time favorite version of Summertime.  Anyway, this is Obama, or Politico reporting on that story in June of 2008.

“Obama Accuser Has Long Rap Sheet — Larry Sinclair is wanted in Colorado, but you can catch him today at the National Press Club.  Sinclair is familiar to political junkies and reporters as the source of outlandish allegations about Senator Barack Obama, tales that began with sex and drugs and moved on to murder.  The Duluth, Minn., resident is the sort of figure who appears at the margins of every presidential campaign, and both Presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton had their own obscure accusers with dramatic allegations. But as the old media ignores him, Sinclair has taken full advantage of the Internet, and a video in which he makes his claims that have been viewed more than 900,000 times on YouTube.

“This afternoon, he’s reserved the Holeman Lounge at downtown Washington’s National Press Club to try to lend his story the legitimacy that comes with national media attention.  Sinclair’s biography, though, may get in the way of that pitch: Public records and court filings…” See, this guy’s not an Ivy Leaguer.  Bernie Goldberg is right.  If Larry Stewart had gone to the Ivy League, the media might have believed him. (Hardy-har-har.)  “Sinclair’s biography, though, may get in the way of that pitch: Public records and court filings reveal that he has a 27-year criminal record, with a specialty in crimes involving deceit.” So that’s how they handled the Obama accuser at The Politico in June of 2008.  Did you find a version of the song, by the way? (interruption) It’s being loaded now.  We’ve got everything in the Proffit System! Gosh, when I was a deejay I wish it was this easy.  We never had the records.  Never had ’em.

I remember at my first job I’d volunteering out to the local store and buy the records.  The owner was too cheap.  Record companies didn’t service small little Podunk radio stations like the one I worked at.



***  Update  ***

Larry Sinclair:

Submitted on 2011/11/04 at 5:50 pm

“CW: the below portion of the transcript is mistakenly labeled as RUSH speaking when it was the caller. Just an FYI

“RUSH: But I have to make one more point. The other example of how there is a distinct difference in treatment is that during the 2008 campaign, Mr. Obama was accused of a sex and drug-related incident by a man, a Mr. Larry Sinclair. To this day — (static flare)”

The caller has posted a comment over on the website, she is the editor of BlackConservative.com.”


New Congress action plan, Work together, Create job creation environment, Fix health care, Citizen Wells open thread, November 4, 2010

New Congress action plan, Work together, Create job creation environment, Fix health care

As many of you know, I am not in love with either political party or party politics. Choosing to vote for the Republican Party candidates in 2010 was clearly the lesser of evils, a real no brainer. That being said, any candidate involved in the recent elections should realize that the American public is fed up with status quo from both sides. Come the next election cycle, any candidate, Republican or Democrat who has not listened to their constituents, who has not done the right things for America, who has not upheld the US Constitution, will be booted out of office.

Here is a simple emergency action plan, not a complete agenda.

  • Restore confidence in the business world. Define as soon as possible what the taxes will be and assure business that there will be no hidden health care surprises. This will begin to allow them to consider hiring and expansion.
  • Assure the country that the Tax & Spend Bill, aka Health Care Bill that was rammed down the throats of Americans will be deactivated or disarmed in it’s current state. It has too many negative connotations.
  • At the same time assure the country and reach out to the Democrat Party to achieve real health care reform. Maintain our present quality and then adjust the system beginning with a few goals such as portability and opening up health insurance across state lines.
  • Begin phasing in a series of incentives to small businesses in energy technology and practical residential applications such as passive solar and small scale wind energy. I happen to be knowledgeable in this area.
  • Restore confidence in Congress and our institutions. Begin acting more like statesmen and less like politicians.
  • Lastly, and I believe most important, acknowledge and pledge a new allegiance to the US Constitution as the supreme law of the land.

Obviously I have more to say, but will reserve those comments for the appropriate time.

We have put a bandaid on this country, now is the time to heal it.

God bless and preserve America.

Philip J Berg, November 4, 2008, Don’t forget to vote, Uphold Constitution, Berg lawsuit, Supreme Court, Barack Hussein Obama hid behind the technicality, Obama, not respect us, US Constitution, Laws of our Country

From Philip J Berg today, election day, November 4, 2008:

“Election Day – Tuesday November 4th
by Obama Crimes on Mon 03 Nov 2008 07:45 PM EST
Don’t forget to vote. It’s important.
Remember everything that has transpired in this election, but especially during the past 10 1/2 weeks when you go to cast your vote. Remember the techniques used by each of the candidates in their  campaigning strategies. The campaign tactics are EXACTLY what you can  expect, and more, once the candidate is elected.  Generally they never get  better, but just imagine if they obfuscate now, how bad will the secrecy  get when they are in office.
Be sure to ask yourself, did the candidate use tactics  which violated any of your rights?  First Amendment, Free Speech, Civil  Liberties, Freedom of Information, etc.?
Does the Candidate uphold our United States  Constitution?  Do you know if the candidate is eligible to serve  as President of the United States pursuant to our United States  Constittution?
Has the candidate you are interested in voting  for answered all your questions? Resolved all your doubts?  Put all  your concerns to rest?  Provide documentation to satisfy your  curiosity?
If a Presidential candidate would rather litigate and use  legal technicalities to obfuscate, instead of answering and providing the  proof of a very simple question, “are you QUALIFIED and/or ELIGIBLE pursuant to  the United States Constitution to serve as President of the United States”, WHY  WOULD YOU VOTE FOR HIM, when he and his party says you have absolutely NO  right and NO STANDING to question him/them.

Barack Hussein Obama refused to answer the simple question and  instead hid behind the technicality of standing claiming none of us “United  States Citizens and Registered Voters” have STANDING to raise the issue and/or  ask questions. Vote as if it is your last opportunity ever.   Obama has proven he does not respect any of us, our United  States Constitution and/or  Laws of our Country.”

Help Philip J Berg uphold the Constitution:


Voter fraud, November 4, 2008, Election, Fox News, Government officials, Voting rights, Acorn voter fraud, PA, FL, VA, NM, NC, CO, MO, OH, Justice Department, Fair Elections Legal Network, Government Officials, Watchdog Groups on Alert

Fox News is covering election fraud and election problems. Here are some exerpts from a new article:

“Expected High Voter Turnout Has Government Officials, Watchdog Groups on Alert
The Justice Department and voting rights watchdog groups expect record voter turnout to lead to potential problems at the polls. 


Monday, November 03, 2008
Government officials and voting rights watchdog groups will be keeping close watch of the polls around the country Tuesday, trying to keep lines of voters moving and to make sure that everyone can cast a ballot in what’s anticipated to be a record election turnout.

Groups like the nonpartisan Fair Elections Legal Network are keeping a particularly watchful eye on battleground states like Ohio and Virginia.

“The main thing that we all know is that there’s going to be a huge turnout. There are going to be long lines, and any problems that occur will exacerbate because of those lines,” said Robert M. Brandon, president of the Fair Elections Legal Network.

“We always worry about whether there are an adequate number of resources, particularly voting machines,” Brandon said.

On Monday, a federal judge rejected a motion filed by the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People to extend voting hours and to get more voting machines sent to minority polling stations in Virginia, where 13 electoral votes are up for grabs. Fair Elections has been trying to have paper ballots sent to Virginia polling places where they fear voting machines could break down.

“There’s a notion that if the machines all break down, they’ll call up and try to get some ballots delivered,” Brandon said. But that leads to voters walking away from long lines that aren’t moving, he said.

The group is also concerned about high turnout and the availability of paper ballots in Ohio and Pennsylvania.

“In general we’re looking at the states that have a lot of activity close to the elections: New Mexico, Colorado, Missouri, Ohio, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Florida,” Brandon said. “Those are the ones that we’re particularly focused on. There are other states like Nevada that will be close, but I haven’t heard of any potential problems there.””

Read more here:


Help Philip J Berg uphold the Constitution:


Read the Petition to Impeach, expel Senator Obama:


Barack Obama, Vote NO, November 4, 2008, Election day, Zach Jones article, Eulogy or Epiphany for America

Zach Jones, a great American, who has done his best to reveal the truth about Obama and has helped the Citizen Wells blog in a big way, has presented an article that is a must read:

“Eulogy or Epiphany for America

America’s Eulogy Could Begin to Take Shape on Election Day

Well it seems the election is upon us. It’s time to decide the direction of the United States of America for the future. Much of the world has voiced their preference and the American media has long demonstrated its preference. The first exit polls are in from Israel and they were a bit of a surprise. Reason as opposed to faith in the iconoclast seems to have ruled the day in Israel, going against the wisdom of prior polls. However, it’s too early to cheer for a possible epiphany occurring widely in the electorate.

Nevertheless, I have high hopes that an epiphany in working America’s psyche IS taking place. What else can I do, given the alternative that a eulogy for America and her Constitution will be coming in the not too distant future? Therefore, I choose to have HOPE that a majority of Americans will search their heart of hearts and say, NO, I’m not going to put America’s future at risk with someone who in so inexperienced and unknown.

I have hope that a majority of American’s will say, NO, I’m not going to be told who to vote for just because 90 percent of the media is in love with their fictionalized portrayal of Sen. Obama. I have hope that a majority of America’s will say, NO, I’m not going to vote for someone just because my spouse or kids may be infatuated with the illusory idea of the “One” who can solve all America’s problems – I will rely on reason as opposed to faith. I have enormous hope that a majority of Americans will say, NO, I am not racist just because I oppose Sen. Obama, there a hundreds of valid reasons to oppose the Senator.

I have high hopes that a majority will say NO, I don’t want America to go down the path of becoming a socialist nation because there has never been a successful socialist nation that didn’t trample individual freedoms. I have hope that a majority of Americans will say, NO, redistribution of wealth by the government clearly puts us on the path of socialism.

I have high hopes that a majority of Americans will say, NO, it is really important not to forget what we learned from 9/11; that there is a patient deadly enemy of America who is set on our destruction and imposing Islamic law worldwide. I have hope that Americans will say, NO, Sen. Obama’s inclination towards appeasement will not work to protect us from such dangerous, determined foes. I have hope that a majority of Americans will say, NO, remembering the lessons of Chamberlain’s appeasement before the start of WWII. I have hope that Americans will think about Sen. Obama’s recent possible violations the Logan Act regarding Iraq and Kenya.

I have hopes that a majority of Americans will say, NO, we don’t know enough about who Sen. Obama is and we refuse to be sold a bill of goods without facts to back his narrative up. I have hopes that Americans will not suspend their common sense when analyzing Sen. Obama’s connection to ACORN and their connections to voter fraud.

I have hope that a majority of Americans will say, NO, I’m not completely convinced that Sen. Obama has played by all the rules in this election. Why would numerous lawsuits spring up that challenge Sen. Obama’s eligibility to hold the Office of the President? The lawsuit Berg v. Obama being the most prominent is now filing motions in the Supreme Court. I have high hopes that a majority of Americans will say, NO, I’m not going to vote for Sen. Obama unless he steps away from his instinctual role of legal tactician and provides credible evidence to refute the allegations raised in Berg v. Obama. I have hope that Americans will say, NO, we do not want a Constitutional Crisis being the focus of our attention for the coming months.

I have hope that a majority of Americans will say, NO, one’s past close associations do matter in judging a candidate’s judgment, beliefs, predispositions, and goals. I have hope that a majority of Americans will say, NO, the media has not been a purveyor of sufficient or completely accurate information regarding Sen. Obama’s past associations.

We need to know more about Sen. Obama’s past associations. We need to know much more about Rev. Wright and black theology, William Ayers and Socialism, Frank Davis and Communism, Bernadine Dorn, Rashid Khalidi, Tony Rezko, ACORN and voter fraud, Farrakhan, Father Pfleger, Larry Sinclair and sex/drugs, Robert Blackwell, Jr., Nadhmi Auchi, and many, many more. I have hope that Americans will say, NO, because they want to know who will be sleeping in the Lincoln Bedroom.

I have a determined hope that a majority of American’s will say, NO, it really is OK to be patriotic and be proud to be Americans.

It continues to amaze me that the media has managed to accomplish their goal of having Sen. Obama on the verge of taking (not winning, since that implies playing fair) the Presidency.

In an America where the schools are not focused on teaching American history and its system of laws and justice, why should I expect people not to be easily misled? I suppose in an America where everyone is working so hard to make ends meet, there is not enough time to teach and learn the traditions and history that have brought us this far as a people; and has guided our decisions about governance. In an America where many focus so much time on You Tube, I-Pods, the Internet, Video Games and MTV; it must be hard for people to acquire a personal awareness of American principals and understandings; those set forth in the Declaration of Independence and our Constitution.

I worry that many today see life as a big American game show with few real consequences concerning each person’s individual participation. It’s a game and each wants to be the Obama avatar created by the media as cool, hip, and inspiring; or one of his devotees. Unfortunately, it’s not a game. Each voter must look closely at their choices and realize that the consequences of making an uninformed decision cannot be undone by pushing the replay button.

Today, the meaning of America seems to have been lost from our common lexicon. We must get it back if America is to have a long and prosperous future. Don’t get me wrong, many of us do know America; however, our numbers appear to be dwindling. A McCain Presidency will buy time to get America on the right track for all of us by bringing ethics, honesty, courage, and experience to Washington. I know the America I love and I will hold fast to my belief that America’s journey has been a noble one, not a perfect one, but a truly noble one. I’m not ready to write her eulogy and that’s why I’m voting for McCain/Palin.

In the privacy of the voting booth exists the time and space to have an epiphany and make a sound choice for America’s future. Here’s hoping you all have a grand epiphany soon!

Even if you are a minority of one, the truth is the truth.
Mohandas Gandhi”