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I really enjoyed viewing this email that has been sent to many people, including Rush Limbaugh. It is obvious that thousands of people in this country have now realized what the real Barack Obama is all about and they are not happy.


“I regularly blog on several sites as many of you know…..this comment from Michelle at Citizen Wells website is what I am now seeing on a regular basis…..the DemoCRAPS have lost the support of America when the FRAUD has denied all Americans transparency like he promised…..let’s start with his documents…..why can’t we see where he has been???   NO ONE IS BUYING THE “DEATH CARE PLAN” EITHER!!!  Rise up people….let your voice be heard!   The kool aid is wearing off folks now that we Patriots are putting a dent in the propaganda that the Lame Stream Media has regularly brainwashed America with!”

Comment by Michelle on August 9, 2009, at 4:19pm:

“Leah-in one short phone call nailed it for all of us.
I’ll bet she is well dressed too…this is going to backfire on the dems so load their ear drums will rupture…
I’m a Democrat and want nothing to do with with this Nazi/Democrat party. All Americans can think for themselves and arrive at their own conclusions, they hate what they see and making their objections known.
When the DNC selected Obama, could they have found a worse candidate if they tried hard. Cook County, mobbed-up corrupt, scum-bag even by Cook County’s lowest of the low standards. The American people want to see all the records for a very good reasons, to check on all the DNC lies and Obama lies. During the campaign he mentioned his drug use-probably to head off questions, I think he did so much he caused himself some major brain damage, hence the total reliance on blackberry and teleprompter, then again he has difficulty remembering his own name. I think the Dems and Obama believed their own lies from the campaign and Obama’s phony popularity, one example out of many the Berlin speech followed a free rock concert, he didn’t attract those crowds. Today’s Rasmussen poll -8 . This guy is not popular at all, it is up to the DNC to correct the damage they have done if that is possible at this late date or go down with him. It would take them a hundred years of perfect behavior for WE THE PEOPLE to have any confidence in them. This is worse by 1,000 times than Watergate. The quicker they resolve it the better off everyone will be. I want all Americans to feel free to express themselves without fear of retaliation.
All the DNC has to say is we screwed up, we did not check his qualifications we simply took him at his word. We will work very hard to correct our error. People won’t be happy but they can get over an error a lot quicker than a treason cover-up scandal.”


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There has been a lot of confusion and misinformation about the limo driver’s name that drove Larry Sinclair and Obama in November 1999 for a drug and sex encounter. I began reporting on the limo driver in March of 2008. I received an anonymous tip about the possible whereabouts of a driver with the last name of Multani. Larry Sinclair responded on my blog with a clarification. Soon after that I began a long series of email and phone conversations as I dug deeper into the Larry Sinclair allegations. I have come to know Larry Sinclair, the person, as well as his story. He has always been consistent and forthcoming with information.

Below is the series of events in regard to my posts and comments regarding the limo driver:

Post March 26, 2008

 Larry Sinclair has made allegations that he had multiple encounters with Barack Obama from November 3 through November 8 1999. One of the encounters was alleged to be in a limousine from 5 Star Limousine Service in Chicago. Sinclair states that the limousine driver’s name is P Multani. Sinclair has also stated that in the past he has helped illegal aliens. There was a Paramjit Singh Multani, from India, in this country illegally and he was in Chicago around the time of the alleged limousine encounter.



Still in US …in Maryland working as taxi driver? // April 3, 2008 at 7:44 pm (edit)


Name:Mr. Paramjit Singh Multani
Exp. Date:01/31/2009
Association:Checker Cab Association, Incorporated

This guy is a professional driver/chauffeur , not totally implausible that he could have driven a limo too?

Post April 7, 2008

Sinclair has stated in the past that he helped illegal aliens. He also stated that the name of the limo driver is P Multani. An illegal alien by the name of Paramjit Singh Multani was in this country illegally and a hearing was set for him in Chicago in 2000. This is near the time of the alleged encounter between Larry Sinclair and Barack Obama. Some one commented on this blog several days ago and pointed out that a Paramjit Singh Multani is a licensed taxi driver in Maryland. They provided a link to the site. Does anyone out there have any more information on this?

Name:Mr. Paramjit Singh Multani
Exp. Date:01/31/2009
Association:Checker Cab Association, Incorporated
** Update **

I have gotten a clarification from Larry Sinclair. Below are my questions to Larry followed by his response:

“Thought you should know I did not state the above was the limo drivers name. That is an assumption that internet warriors for Obama made and claimed.

Thank you,

Larry Sinclair”

Hi Larry.
I am not trying to jeopardize your position.
Can you confirm or deny what this commenter on your blog
posted on Mar 20, 8:14 PM. It was posted by ravin kaur.

“When you were in Florida, you help him, Paramjit Singh Multani, come to the States? Yes? He arrested and ordered deported but did not show? Later he and wife try to get citizenship but her I-130 revoked cause his to fail and again order for him to deport out of Chicago? Final order 2000 Yes? He work for Limo service: was it for Nemcovic or Nastev?”

Citizen Wells

“ADDED BY LARRY:I believe I included a comment that this was an example of people putting other peoples names out there with no facts to back it up. I can state that no I did not help this individual enter the US nor did I ever state he was my limo driver or that he worked for five star. I will tell you flat out this is not the driver.”


Post June 26, 2008

There has been much confusion about the name of the Limo Driver for the alleged Larry Sinclair and Obama encounter in November 1999. The written news conference release, indicated the name was Paramjit Multani. The correct limo driver’s name is Jagir P Multani.


I have spoken to Larry Sinclair about the limo driver on multiple occasions. He has been consistent with the above dialogue throughout the conversations.

Larry Sinclair’s blog site is: