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There has been a lot of confusion and misinformation about the limo driver’s name that drove Larry Sinclair and Obama in November 1999 for a drug and sex encounter. I began reporting on the limo driver in March of 2008. I received an anonymous tip about the possible whereabouts of a driver with the last name of Multani. Larry Sinclair responded on my blog with a clarification. Soon after that I began a long series of email and phone conversations as I dug deeper into the Larry Sinclair allegations. I have come to know Larry Sinclair, the person, as well as his story. He has always been consistent and forthcoming with information.

Below is the series of events in regard to my posts and comments regarding the limo driver:

Post March 26, 2008

 Larry Sinclair has made allegations that he had multiple encounters with Barack Obama from November 3 through November 8 1999. One of the encounters was alleged to be in a limousine from 5 Star Limousine Service in Chicago. Sinclair states that the limousine driver’s name is P Multani. Sinclair has also stated that in the past he has helped illegal aliens. There was a Paramjit Singh Multani, from India, in this country illegally and he was in Chicago around the time of the alleged limousine encounter.


Still in US …in Maryland working as taxi driver? // April 3, 2008 at 7:44 pm (edit)

Name:Mr. Paramjit Singh Multani
Exp. Date:01/31/2009
Association:Checker Cab Association, Incorporated

This guy is a professional driver/chauffeur , not totally implausible that he could have driven a limo too?

Post April 7, 2008

Sinclair has stated in the past that he helped illegal aliens. He also stated that the name of the limo driver is P Multani. An illegal alien by the name of Paramjit Singh Multani was in this country illegally and a hearing was set for him in Chicago in 2000. This is near the time of the alleged encounter between Larry Sinclair and Barack Obama. Some one commented on this blog several days ago and pointed out that a Paramjit Singh Multani is a licensed taxi driver in Maryland. They provided a link to the site. Does anyone out there have any more information on this?

Name:Mr. Paramjit Singh Multani
Exp. Date:01/31/2009
Association:Checker Cab Association, Incorporated
** Update **

I have gotten a clarification from Larry Sinclair. Below are my questions to Larry followed by his response:

“Thought you should know I did not state the above was the limo drivers name. That is an assumption that internet warriors for Obama made and claimed.

Thank you,

Larry Sinclair”

Hi Larry.
I am not trying to jeopardize your position.
Can you confirm or deny what this commenter on your blog
posted on Mar 20, 8:14 PM. It was posted by ravin kaur.

“When you were in Florida, you help him, Paramjit Singh Multani, come to the States? Yes? He arrested and ordered deported but did not show? Later he and wife try to get citizenship but her I-130 revoked cause his to fail and again order for him to deport out of Chicago? Final order 2000 Yes? He work for Limo service: was it for Nemcovic or Nastev?”

Citizen Wells

“ADDED BY LARRY:I believe I included a comment that this was an example of people putting other peoples names out there with no facts to back it up. I can state that no I did not help this individual enter the US nor did I ever state he was my limo driver or that he worked for five star. I will tell you flat out this is not the driver.”

Post June 26, 2008

There has been much confusion about the name of the Limo Driver for the alleged Larry Sinclair and Obama encounter in November 1999. The written news conference release, indicated the name was Paramjit Multani. The correct limo driver’s name is Jagir P Multani.

I have spoken to Larry Sinclair about the limo driver on multiple occasions. He has been consistent with the above dialogue throughout the conversations.

Larry Sinclair’s blog site is:


15 responses to “Limo driver, Multani, Larry Sinclair, Five Star Limousine Service, Chicago, drugs, sex, Obama down low, Citizen Wells blog, Sinclair news conference

  1. great work !! keep digging for some thing is already smelling awefully bad about the the lying fraudster and America needs to know before it is too late. the Press is badly in bed with obama .GOD Help and Bless America ….keep America safe from satan and infidels.

  2. I don’t think anyone is going to be finding the limo driver. There have been too many names given, I think even the Press Conference had a couple names given and a typo. Even if a driver did come forward now, their statement would be suspect in lots of people’s eyes.

    There is still tons of information outside of the driver’s name to be sifted thru though, just need some reporters or authority figures willing to dive into it.

  3. ABSOLUTE PROOF OF A FIXED PRIMARY ELECTION !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Important new development uncovered by a Hillary Loyalist Now For McCain.
    In early February Don went on record describing the Democratic Party process and the way the superdelegates roles should be played out. Now he writes a letter demanding we back Obama.
    Read the whole story and watch the video you will become all the more determined to PUMATIZE the NATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Today what was formally known as the Rezko Watch now called The Real Barrack Obama posted what very few MSM reporters are even aware of. It is important so please understand who Obama really is as a person. Who he associates with and who he knows will make all the difference in the world for us Americans. Obama right under the eyes and noses of the reporters has had contact with a wanted man on his big Iraq tour!!!!!!!
    read it for yourself…..

  5. So let me get this right – is Larry saying that he gave the wrong name for the driver in his press club conference?

  6. citizenwells

    I believe that M. Sibley typed the news release. If you listen to the news conference you will hear Larry say the corrected name.

  7. Larry Sinclair

    Neil: Know I am not saying that. If you listen to the Press Conf you will hear me state that the name on the written statement was a typo and then you ill hear me clearly state the drivers name as Jagir P Multani. Problem is no one listened and I even spelled the name for those present .

  8. You are very brave to come forward like you did. Today is the first time I’ve heard your story and I have spent all day reading statements, opinions, and watching videos. I’m a very skeptical individual by nature but I believe you and I hope that people will listen. I will tell as many people as I can about this. Good Luck Larry.

  9. and i will do the same for you. good luck!

  10. JoAnn Bjorkman

    And we all know, if Biden is the chosen VP one, exactly why Biden, Jr. was involved in the arrest of Larry! Paybacks from Obama. Who would have thunk it? Unbelievable to say the least.

  11. that is totally a documentary

  12. sassyassassin

    Justice is truly an expensive one.

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  14. Medicare Backlash

    Limo Divers Protest Medicare Mediciad Reform Cuts, It’s rumored this issue could become part of the Tea Party movement. AmeriChoice Health also rumored to take a position on this issue. Recirculate those tax dollars? Help keep limo drivers working, benefits flowing and overpaid tax dollars remain in abuse. as well as other Federal agency’s encourage you to report any fraudulent activities, yet, the same government agency’s were notified the way this company does business yet did nothing. Three years ago they were reported to these Federal agency’s and as of todays date not only were they allowed to continue doing business but were never charged once. Protected vendor status sure, politics sure, limited government budgets sure, Federal and State officals looking the other way sure, and rather then stop these activities a strong desire not to rock the boat previals. Even with the vast changes in the laws, budgets,a hands off policy remains, you tell me what’s wrong with this picture?

    The Government created this monster and now they don’t know what to do about it, like shooting yourself in your own foot etc. Tons of money to advance their national growth, it’s market positions, tons of money for political donations, tons of money to send 75 millIon back to its home office from New York state alone, tons of money to suppot National TV shows, tons of money to pay hugh State fines, tons of money to hire the very best law firms, tons of money to pay for bribes and kickbacks, tons of money for hugh salary’s and bonuses, all done on the back of the American tax payor, you see this company receives all it’s money from the Federal government. Should your tax dollars be held to a higher standard? Should our government agency’s responsible for there review and be held to that same standard? Should the IRS audit their corruption? Why has this company not been charged? How long can the buck be passed here in more ways then one?

    Hey, it’s your tax dollars don’t complain now.. then don’t complain later on…

    ps… I know times are tough for a lot us, but it would be great to have a free limo to go to the Doctors, Pharmacy, Movies, Grocery shopping, and given free tickets for the movies. Offered soda, pop corn and hotdogs, as well as have them receive free coupons for Grocery items…Kind of makes you wish qualified for Medicare and Mediciad right?

    For three years now, a woman has left her home in Poughkeepsie, New York, five days a week and taken a taxi to visit her child at St. Margaret’s Center, a nursing home for disabled children in Albany, New York. Each night, she rides home by taxi. That costs $300 a day. What dedication by taxpayers. That is right. Taxpayers have shelled out $196,000 over the past three years so that she can make this Poughkeepsie-Albany commute each day. Incredibly, state health officials defended this daily abuse of taxpayers. Could not the woman move to Albany? It would have been cheaper to buy her a Cadillac Escalade and have her drive herself. But under Medicaid’s incomprehensibly illogical rules, taxpayers had to give this woman a whopping $65,000 subsidy. We underpay doctors by 20% or more. But one — likely two — cab drivers have a gravy train going there. For New York state, the bill comes to $98,000 — with federal taxpayers shelling out another $98,000.

    Oh and this happens all over the place. Ambulances in Southern West Virginia became taxis as they shuttled people off to the drug store and the like — and then billed Medicaid. New York state Comptroller Thomas P. DiNapoli said the $196,000 taxi drive was part of at least $169 million in misspent funds. “We found the state Medicaid system is leaking millions of dollars,” DiNapoli told the Albany Times-Union. “Safeguards designed to protect the taxpayers by detecting waste, fraud and abuse keep failing.” Taxpayers finance $196,000 ride By CATHLEEN F. CROWLEY Staff Writer Published: 01:00 a.m., Wednesday, December 23, 2009

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